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Politik des Wissens und Soziologie der Macht in Afrika

Author: David William Cohen,E. S. Atieno Odhiambo

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825850760

Category: Burial laws (Luo law)

Page: 191

View: 961

Prime-Time Feminism

Television, Media Culture, and the Women's Movement Since 1970

Author: Bonnie J. Dow

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812215540

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 4019

Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title Dow discusses a wide variety of television programming and provides specific case studies of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, One Day at a Time, Designing Women, Murphy Brown, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She juxtaposes analyses of genre, plot, character development, and narrative structure with the larger debates over feminism that took place at the time the programs originally aired. Dow emphasizes the power of the relationships among television entertainment, news media, women's magazines, publicity, and celebrity biographies and interviews in creating a framework through which television viewers "make sense" of both the medium's portrayal of feminism and the nature of feminism itself.

Time in Contemporary Musical Thought

Author: Jonathan D. Kramer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134350864

Category: Music

Page: 256

View: 7319

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Part 1 Media, Industry, Society

Author: John Shepherd,David Horn,Dave Laing,Paul Oliver,Peter Wicke

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 184714473X

Category: Social Science

Page: 832

View: 7779

The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music Volume 1 provides an overview of media, industry, and technology and its relationship to popular music. In 500 entries by 130 contributors from around the world, the volume explores the topic in two parts: Part I: Social and Cultural Dimensions, covers the social phenomena of relevance to the practice of popular music and Part II: The Industry, covers all aspects of the popular music industry, such as copyright, instrumental manufacture, management and marketing, record corporations, studios, companies, and labels. Entries include bibliographies, discographies and filmographies, and an extensive index is provided.

Cultural Studies

Volume 7

Author: Henry A. Grioux,Peter McLaren

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134863632

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 1771

First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Collecting in a Consumer Society

Author: Russell W. Belk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134575998

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 7055

This groundbreaking book examines the relationship between the development of the consumer society and the rise of collecting by individuals and institutions. Rusell Belk considers how and why people collect, as individuals, corporations and museums, and the impact this collecting has on us and our culture. Collecting in a Consumer Society outlines the history of museum collecting from ancient civilizations to the present. It also looks at aspects of consumer culture - advertizing, department stores, mass merchandizing, consumer desires, and how this relates to the activity of collecting. Collecting in a Consumer Society is the first book to focus on collecting as material consumption. This is a provocative and engaging book, essential reading for anyone involved with the process of collecting.


The Meanings of Performing and Listening

Author: Christopher Small

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819572240

Category: Music

Page: 238

View: 2809

Extending the inquiry of his early groundbreaking books, Christopher Small strikes at the heart of traditional studies of Western music by asserting that music is not a thing, but rather an activity. In this new book, Small outlines a theory of what he terms "musicking," a verb that encompasses all musical activity from composing to performing to listening to a Walkman to singing in the shower. Using Gregory Bateson's philosophy of mind and a Geertzian thick description of a typical concert in a typical symphony hall, Small demonstrates how musicking forms a ritual through which all the participants explore and celebrate the relationships that constitute their social identity. This engaging and deftly written trip through the concert hall will have readers rethinking every aspect of their musical worlds.

The Games Black Girls Play

Learning the Ropes from Double-dutch to Hip-hop

Author: Kyra D. Gaunt

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814731192

Category: Games

Page: 221

View: 9477

2007 Alan Merriam Prize presented by the Society for Ethnomusicology 2007 PEN/Beyond Margins Book Award Finalist When we think of African American popular music, our first thought is probably not of double-dutch: girls bouncing between two twirling ropes, keeping time to the tick-tat under their toes. But this book argues that the games black girls play —handclapping songs, cheers, and double-dutch jump rope—both reflect and inspire the principles of black popular musicmaking. The Games Black Girls Play illustrates how black musical styles are incorporated into the earliest games African American girls learn—how, in effect, these games contain the DNA of black music. Drawing on interviews, recordings of handclapping games and cheers, and her own observation and memories of gameplaying, Kyra D. Gaunt argues that black girls' games are connected to long traditions of African and African American musicmaking, and that they teach vital musical and social lessons that are carried into adulthood. In this celebration of playground poetry and childhood choreography, she uncovers the surprisingly rich contributions of girls’ play to black popular culture.

A Companion to Los Angeles

Author: William Deverell,Greg Hise

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444390957

Category: History

Page: 536

View: 4908

This Companion contains 25 original essays by writers and scholars who present an expert assessment of the best and most important work to date on the complex history of Los Angeles. The first Companion providing a historical survey of Los Angeles, incorporating critical, multi-disciplinary themes and innovative scholarship Features essays from a range of disciplines, including history, political science, cultural studies, and geography Photo essays and ‘contemporary voice’ sections combine with traditional historiographic essays to provide a multi-dimensional view of this vibrant and diverse city Essays cover the key topics in the field within a thematic structure, including demography, social unrest, politics, popular culture, architecture, and urban studies


Identities and Communities in a Mediated World

Author: Jonathan Gray,C. Lee Harrington,Cornel Sandvoss

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814732380

Category: Social Science

Page: 412

View: 4228

We are all fans. Whether we log on to Web sites to scrutinize the latest plot turns in Lost, “stalk” our favorite celebrities on Gawker, attend gaming conventions, or simply wait with bated breath for the newest Harry Potter novel—each of us is a fan. Fandom extends beyond television and film to literature, opera, sports, and pop music, and encompasses both high and low culture. Fandom brings together leading scholars to examine fans, their practices, and their favorite texts. This unparalleled selection of original essays examines instances across the spectrum of modern cultural consumption from Karl Marx to Paris Hilton, Buffy the Vampire Slayer to backyard wrestling, Bach fugues to Bollywood cinema ̧ and nineteenth-century concert halls to computer gaming. Contributors examine fans of high cultural texts and genres, the spaces of fandom, fandom around the globe, the impact of new technologies on fandom, and the legal and historical contexts of fan activity. Fandom is key to understanding modern life in our increasingly mediated and globalized world.

Media and Memory

Author: Joanne Garde-Hansen

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748688889

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 1865

Covers the variety of complex ways that media engage with memory.

Changed for Good

A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical

Author: Stacy Wolf

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199831238

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 7653

From Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls" to Nina in "In the Heights" and Elphaba in "Wicked," female characters in Broadway musicals have belted and crooned their way into the American psyche. In this lively book, Stacy Wolf illuminates the women of American musical theatre - performers, creators, and characters -- from the start of the cold war to the present day, creating a new, feminist history of the genre. Moving from decade to decade, Wolf first highlights the assumptions that circulated about gender and sexuality at the time. She then looks at the leading musicals to stress the key aspects of the plays as they relate to women, and often finds overlooked moments of empowerment for female audience members. The musicals discussed here are among the most beloved in the canon--"West Side Story," "Cabaret," "A Chorus Line," "Phantom of the Opera," and many others--with special emphasis on the blockbuster "Wicked." Along the way, Wolf demonstrates how the musical since the mid-1940s has actually been dominated by women--women onstage, women in the wings, and women offstage as spectators and fans.


Internationale Zeitschrift für Kommunikationsforschung

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Communication

Page: N.A

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Reading gossip

Funktionen von Klatsch in Romanen ethnischer amerikanischer Autorinnen

Author: Esther Fritsch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783884766538

Category: American fiction

Page: 221

View: 4418

Klatsch ist nicht nur in aller Munde, sondern hat auch literarischen Wert. Diese Studie betrachtet die alltägliche Diskursform Klatsch als komplexe und multifunktionale kulturelle Praxis und kreatives Phänomen der Alltagskultur, das wesentlich ist für die Etablierung eines kulturellen Gedächtnisses und die Strukturierung der sozialen Welt durch Schaffung und Tradierung nicht autorisierten Wissens. Sie untersucht, wie zeitgenössische ethnische amerikanische Autorinnen Klatsch in ihren Romanen funktionalisieren und berücksichtigt dabei auch die Variante des Medienklatsches, die generell in Untersuchungen zum Thema ausgespart wird. Bei der Funktionalisierung des Diskurses wird die Hybridität und fundamentale Ambivalenz des Klatsches genutzt, der dissoziierend und harmonisierend zugleich wirken kann - wobei die Untersuchung Klatsch mit Konzepten von Dialogizität (Bachtin) und Hybridisierung (Bhabha), von mündlicher Tradition und Tricksterdiskurs vernetzt. Anhand exemplarischer Analysen ausgewählter Romane von Louise Erdrich, Toni Morrison, Gloria Naylor und Jessica Hagedorn hinterfragt diese Arbeit die lang etablierte Differenz zwischen den Feldern der Frauen- oder ethnischen Literatur einerseits und der experimentellen postmodernen Ästhetik andererseits. Es wird gezeigt, daß der Rückgriff auf Klatsch als marginalisierte Form der Kommunikation und seine literarische Instrumentalisierung gerade auch im Hinblick auf die Erfahrungsräume von Frauen neue Akzente setzen kann. Die Untersuchung etabliert Klatsch als zentraleres Element einer Poetik des weiblichen postkolonialen Schreibens, als man angesichts der vermeintlichen 'Banalität' des Klatsches vermuten möchte.

Edinburgh Companion to Shakespeare and the Arts

Author: Mark Thornton Burnett

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748649344

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 588

View: 7872

This authoritative and innovative volume explores the place of Shakespeare in relation to a wide range of artistic practices and activities, past and present.

Populärliteratur Als Kulturelles Gedächtnis

Eine Vergleichende Studie Zu Zeitgenössischen Britischen und Amerikanischen Popular Romances Der Verlagsgruppe Harlequin Mills & Boon

Author: Gabriele Linke

Publisher: Universitaetsverlag Winter


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 382

View: 4183

Die Studie wirbt um ein neues Verstandnis von Popularliteratur, indem sie aufzeigt, wie romances in einen gesellschaftlichen Prozess der Reproduktion kultureller Standardisierungen und des Erinnerns an historische Erfahrungen und Ereignisse eingebunden sind. Da der Erfolg der Serienliebesromane seit den 1970er Jahren mit der Internationalisierung des Buchmarktes einhergeht, erhebt sich die Frage, ob und wie ein standardisiertes und weltweit vermarktetes Genre als nationalkulturelles Gedachtnis fungieren kann. Der Vergleich britischer und nordamerikanischer romances zeigt, wie nationalkulturelle Details das Erzahlschema mit Leben erfullen und wie auf genrespezifische Weise an Geschehnisse der nationalen Vergangenheit wie den Vietnamkrieg oder die britischen Kolonialkriege erinnert wird.