A Cross Section of Educational Research

Journal Articles for Discussion and Evaluation

Author: Lawrence S Lyne

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351971840

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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• This collection of research articles emphasizes topics of interest to classroom teachers. • The 38 research articles illustrate: •survey research •quantitative content analysis •correlational research •true experimental research •quasi-experimental research •pre-experimental research •single-subject research/behavior analysis •causal-comparative research •program evaluation •qualitative research •combined qualitative/quantitative research •meta-analysis • The lines in each article are numbered sequentially, making it easy to refer to specific parts of the article during classroom discussions. • The availability of a single source of research articles is convenient and helps you avoid copyright infringement problems. • Factual Questions at the end of each article allow students to check their comprehension. • Questions for discussion stimulate classroom discussions of research methods. • After answering the questions, students rate the quality of each article using 13 basic criteria. More detailed criteria in the Appendix may also be applied. • Ideal for courses in which the primary goal is to learn how to evaluate research. • Twenty-one different journals are represented in the 38 articles in this collection. Students see the diversity of educational research since the journals vary in their standards for publication. • New to this edition: Thirteen new articles keep this popular research reader up-to-date.

Educational and Psychological Research

A Cross-Section of Journal Articles for Analysis and Evaluation

Author: Mildred L Patten

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351970267

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

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• This edition of our popular reader is entirely updated with timely articles that deal with broad issues in education and psychology. (For a research reader with emphasis on classroom issues, see A Cross Section of Educational Research.) • This collection shows students the many inherent weaknesses of empirical methods as well as models of excellence. Unlike research readers that contain made-up articles, this one has both face validity and content validity. Your students will appreciate reading real articles with real results. • The 34 research articles illustrate: •qualitative research •combined qualitative/quantitative research •content/documentary analysis •correlational research •test validity and reliability research •causal-comparative research •true experimental research •quasi-experimental research •pre-experimental research •program evaluation •meta-analysis • The lines are numbered sequentially, making it easy to refer to specific parts of each article during classroom discussions. • This single source of research articles is convenient for you and your students. • Easy to coordinate with any research methods text, this reader is an ideal way to make research methods come alive! Field-tested for student interest and comprehension. • All major methods of research are illustrated with real research articles drawn from a wide variety of journals. (See Table of Contents.) • Your students will become familiar with a wide variety of writing and organizational styles that real researchers use. Despite their variety, all articles in this book are highly comprehensible. • Factual Questions at the end of each article encourage students to read for mythological points they might otherwise overlook. • Questions for Discussion encourage students to address broad issues of research design. An instructor’s answer key will be shipped with your examination copy. • The interesting research topics will make your students look forward to doing their research reading homework.

Understanding Research Methods

An Overview of the Essentials

Author: Mildred L Patten

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1351817388


Page: N.A

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A perennial bestseller since 1997, this updated tenth edition of Understanding Research Methods provides a detailed overview of all the important concepts traditionally covered in a research methods class. It covers the principles of both qualitative and quantitative research, and how to interpret statistics without computations, so is suitable for all students regardless of their math background. The book is organized so that each concept is treated independently and can be used in any order without resulting in gaps in knowledge--allowing it to be easily and precisely adapted to any course. It uses lively examples on contemporary topics to stimulate students' interest, and engages them by showing the relevance of research methods to their everyday lives. Numerous case studies and end-of-section exercises help students master the material and encourage classroom discussion. The text is divided into short, independent topic sections, making it easy for you to adapt the material to your own teaching needs and customize assignments to the aspect of qualitative or quantitative methods under study--helping to improve students' comprehension and retention of difficult concepts. Additional online PowerPoint slides and test bank questions make this a complete resource for introducing students to research methods. ? New to this edition: New topic section on design decisions in research Additional material on production of knowledge and research methods Significant development of material on ethical considerations in research Fresh and contemporary examples from a wide variety of real, published research Topic-specific exercises at the end of each section now include suggestions for further steps researchers can take as they build their research project.

Education in Developing Countries

Rotterdam, 18–20 November 1963

Author: Peter A. Cornelisse,Jan Versluis

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9401528179

Category: Education

Page: 34

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Modeling School Leadership across Europe

in Search of New Frontiers

Author: Petros Pashiardis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400772904

Category: Education

Page: 203

View: 5947

This book deals with effective school leadership and its essential role in improving the efficiency and equity of schooling. It provides school leaders with instruments and processes to examine the big picture of leadership as the key intermediary between the classroom, the individual school and its community, and the educational system as a whole. By doing so, it increases school leaders’ level of awareness with regards to systemic leadership. Furthermore, the book shows how organizational arrangements for schools have changed significantly over time and how school leaders have become involved in matters within and beyond their school’s borders. The book’s comparison of countries makes clear that, while school context and system-level differences have varying implications for the exercise of school leadership across countries, a number of global trends have impacted on schools across many countries around the world. In line with these changes, the roles and responsibilities of school leaders have expanded and intensified. Moreover, through the examination of school leaders’ epistemological beliefs, the book investigates the relationship between these beliefs and the exercise of school leadership.

Generalizing from Educational Research

Beyond Qualitative and Quantitative Polarization

Author: Kadriye Ercikan,Wolff-Michael Roth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135892385

Category: Education

Page: 320

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"This book frames the major challenge facing educational researchers as one of going beyond the mindless qualitative-quantitative divide and addressing the overarching/fundamental challenge of enriching and enlarging educational inquiry. It is a signature contribution to the field." - Clifton F. Conrad, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Tackling one of the most critical issues in education research today - how research methods are related to value and meaningfulness - this frontline volume achieves two purposes. First, it presents an integrated approach to educational inquiry that works toward a continuum instead of a dichotomy of generalizability, and looks at how this continuum might be related to types of research questions asked and how these questions should determine modes of inquiry. Second, it discusses and demonstrates the contributions of different data types and modes of research to generalizability of research findings, and to limitations of research findings that utilize a single approach. International leaders in the field take the discussion of generalizing in education research to a level where claims are supported using multiple types of evidence. The volume pushes the field in a different direction, where the focus is on creating meaningful research findings that are not polarized by qualitative versus quantitative methodologies. The integrative approach allows readers to better understand possibilities and shortcomings of different types of research.

Higher Education and the Reproductive Life Course

A Cross-cultural Study of Women in Karnataka (India) and the Netherlands

Author: Sarbani Banerjee

Publisher: Rozenberg Publishers

ISBN: 9036100356

Category: Education

Page: 364

View: 563

This study examines the impact of higher educational attainment on the changing lives of women, both at the individual and the societal level. The issue is addressed by focusing on the cross-cultural contexts of Karnataka, one of the states in South India, and the Netherlands. The two cultural contexts are both diverse and unique in character. This book explores both the uniqueness as well as the similarities, hence studying the impact of higher education on the changing lives of women as a continuum across cultures and societies. The research was collaborated between Population Research Centre, University of Groningen, and the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute.

The Economics of Education

Human Capital, Family Background and Inequality

Author: Daniele Checchi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139449370

Category: Political Science

Page: 292

View: 2269

In an important contribution to educational policy, Daniele Checchi offers an economic perspective on the demand and supply of education. He explores the reasons why, beyond a certain point, investment in education has not resulted in reductions in social inequalities. Starting with the seminal work of Gary Becker, Checchi provides an extensive survey of the literature on human capital and social capital formation. He draws on individual data on intergenerational transmission of income and education for the USA, Germany and Italy, as well as aggregate data on income and educational inequality for a much wider range of countries. Checchi explores whether resources spent in education are effective in raising students' achievement, as well as analysing alternative ways of financing education. The Economics of Education thus provides the analytical tools necessary to understand the complex relationships between current income inequality, access to education and future inequality.

Cost Effectiveness of Higher Education

A Critical Assessment

Author: M. M. Ansari

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 9788170225409

Category: Education, Higher

Page: 178

View: 3420

Study conducted in fifteen universities in India.

Imagination in Educational Theory and Practice

A Many-sided Vision

Author: Thomas William Nielsen,Robert Fitzgerald

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443822019

Category: Education

Page: 345

View: 5199

Inspired by papers developed for the 6th International Conference on Imagination and Education: Imaginative Practice, Imaginative Inquiry (Canberra, Australia, 2008), this book connects a cross-section of educators, researchers and administrators in a dialogue and exploration of imaginative and creative ways of teaching, learning and conducting educational inquiry. Imagination is a concept that spans traditional disciplinary and professional boundaries. The authors in this book acknowledge diverse theoretical and practical allegiances, but they concur that imagination will play an essential role in the building of new foundations for education in the 21st century. From our conception of human development through our ways of educating teachers to the teaching of mathematics, they argue for the centrality of imagination in the realization of human potential, and for its relevance to the most urgent problems confronting our world. Introduced by a wide-ranging literature review and extensively referenced, this volume makes an important contribution to a rapidly expanding field.

Schoolteachers in the News

A Historical Analysis of Coverage in The West Australian Newspaper

Author: Kathryn Shine,Tom O'Donoghue

Publisher: Cambria Press

ISBN: 1621967972

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

View: 2949

Research examining how schoolteachers have been represented in the news is scarce. This is noteworthy, given the recognition that the news media has an influential agenda-setting function, plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion, and can influence educational policy. Indeed, there is a view amongst some authorities that education policy and news media coverage are irrevocably interconnected. Specifically in relation to newspapers, research indicates that their coverage can be particularly influential in informing and influencing public debate and policy about a variety of educational issues. Research has also been conducted on the reactions of teachers, reporting that they perceive news media coverage as important in shaping public opinion and education policy, as well as affecting their relationships with families, friends, and the community. Teachers in various countries have also expressed frustration at what they have perceived as a negative focus in coverage. Furthermore, news media coverage has been seen to play a role to the decline in the status of teaching that has been documented by researchers from many developed countries over the past three decades. It has been claimed that contemporary news media coverage has led to greater scrutiny and criticism of the teaching profession than ever before, with educators increasingly having to explain and justify their work. In addition to the widespread concern about the decline in the status of teaching, many countries are experiencing ongoing teacher recruitment and retention problems. Despite this, very few studies have considered how schoolteachers and teaching as a profession are depicted in the news media. Particularly scarce are investigations with a historical dimension. This book helps fill the gap by examining the reporting in The West Australian newspaper, one of the oldest newspapers in Australia and a daily publication since 1885. It is offered as a contribution towards rectifying the deficit in the corpus of work on how newspapers have depicted teachers and points the way towards one of a number of avenues of research that other scholars in the field could take for various contexts (including different countries) and time periods. The specific aim of the study is to provide a historical analysis of The West Australiannewspaper’s representation of teachers over two decades. To that end, it examines the portrayal of teachers in its reporting of five major educational developments in the state of Western Australia that were the subject of sustained coverage at various times between 1987 and 2007: ‘unit curriculum’ (1987–1989), ‘industrial dispute’ (1995), ‘standardised testing’ (1997–2001), ‘teacher shortage’ (1997–2007), and ‘outcomes-based education’ (2005–2007). Although the study focused on The West Australian newspaper, the topics chosen reflect the international trends and universal issues in education. Each of the topics in the study is located within the broader context of related developments internationally, and especially in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Three key representations of teachers are identified: negative representations, sympathetic representations, and positive representations. The negative representations refer to coverage which is overtly critical of teachers such as reporting which condemns teachers for taking industrial action, the sympathetic representations relate to reporting which typically presents teachers as stressed, overburdened and powerless; and the positive representations show teachers as valued by the community and devoted to their students and work. The central argument of the study is that The West Australian’s coverage was dominated by both negative and sympathetic representations of schoolteachers, while positive representations were relatively rare. Overall, the coverage presented a less flattering image of teachers than that which emerges from the educational research literature, yet it provided a more balanced presentation of teachers than the extremes of “hero” and “villain” which tend to dominate popular culture. Its portrayal of teachers was generally consistent with that of other news media, with a movement towards a more sympathetic treatment in recent reporting reflecting a trend also identified in contemporary British newspaper coverage. Although the sympathetic coverage did recognize the challenges faced by teachers, it consistently presented teaching as a profession in a negative light. Across the coverage, there was almost a total absence of voices defending teaching or presenting it as an attractive career option. In addition, comments of any type from individual teachers were rare. Overall, the book highlights the need for key media spokespeople in education––politicians, union representatives, bureaucrats and academics––to consider carefully the messages they want to send regarding teachers and teaching. It also points to implications for journalism education and journalism practice. This book should be read by those working in the fields of educational policy, journalism education, media studies, and history of education internationally, particularly those working in these fields in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Handbook of Motivation at School

Author: Kathryn R. Wentzel,David B. Miele

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317681266

Category: Education

Page: 532

View: 8728

The second edition of the Handbook of Motivation at School presents an integrated compilation of theory and research in the field. With chapters by leading experts, this book covers the major theoretical perspectives in the field as well as their application to instruction, learning, and social adjustment at school. Section I focuses on theoretical perspectives and major constructs, Section II on contextual and social influences on motivation, and Section III on new directions in the field. This new edition will have the same popular organizational structure with theories at the beginning. It will also include new chapters that cover motivation as it relates to identity, culture, test anxiety, mindfulness, neuroscience, parenting, metacognition, and regulatory focus.

Educational Research

Contemporary Issues and Practical Approaches

Author: Jerry Wellington

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826449719

Category: Education

Page: 214

View: 826

Anyone embarking on a research project in education is likely to asked (and be asked) the following questions:What is educational research? What are the exisiting approaches? What research has already been done? How should research be conducted? How should it be presented? What is the value of such research?In this no-nonsense, practical and accessible guide, Jerry Wellington provides clear and constructive answers to these questions, complete with detailed advice on interviewing, case studies, surveys, documentary research, the Delphi method and the use of focus groups.