A Lilac Mind

Author: Bibiane Bisala

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781974286287


Page: 130

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A lilac mind is a collection of poetry, prose and 'stream of consciousness' writing that delves into what it means to be young, reckless, confused, permanently starry eyed and in love with everything as well as everyone. The words within these pages represent the freedom of being neither right nor wrong; the freedom to simply be. Themes of heartbreak, love, youth, freedom, mental health, self actualisation and more... This book belongs on your bedside table, in your tote bag, underneath your pillow, on your lap; open it at any page, anywhere you are and let the words be a home to your beautiful feelings, as they have been to mine. This book is my gift to you. Bibi x

I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree

A Memoir of a Schindler's List Survivor

Author: Laura Hillman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439108021

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 288

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"HANNELORE, YOUR PAPA IS DEAD." In the spring of 1942 Hannelore received a letter from Mama at her school in Berlin, Germany--Papa had been arrested and taken to a concentration camp. Six weeks later he was sent home; ashes in an urn. Soon another letter arrived. "The Gestapo has notified your brothers and me that we are to be deported to the East--whatever that means." Hannelore knew: labor camps, starvation, beatings...How could Mama and her two younger brothers bear that? She made a decision: She would go home and be deported with her family. Despite the horrors she faced in eight labor and concentration camps, Hannelore met and fell in love with a Polish POW named Dick Hillman. Oskar Schindler was their one hope to survive. Schindler had a plan to take eleven hundred Jews to the safety of his new factory in Czechoslovakia. Incredibly both she and Dick were added to his list. But survival was not that simple. Weeks later Hannelore found herself, alone, outside the gates of Auschwitz, pushed toward the smoking crematoria. I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree is the remarkable true story of one young woman's nightmarish coming-of-age. But it is also a story about the surprising possibilities for hope and love in one of history's most brutal times.

The Lilac Fairy

The Shifty Lad and Other Stories

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Mind Melodies

ISBN: 9380302444

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 4023

It is almost impossible to envision what childhood would be like without the enchanting world of fairyland. Princes and princesses, flying dragons, monsters and magicians, giants and dwarfs, ogres and fairies—these are the companions who thrill youngsters of all lands and times. This book contains 19 such tales. Coming from all quarters of the world, including France, England, Germany, Denmark and Romania, the stories provide rich insight into the lives and cultures of different peoples. Narrated in clear, lively and easy to understand language, the tales are enriched with beautiful illustrations.

The Intuitions of the Mind Inductively Investigated

Author: James McCosh

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429018720

Category: History

Page: 472

View: 4650

""With our American Philosophy and Religion series, Applewood reissues many primary sources published throughout American history. Through these books, scholars, interpreters, students, and non-academics alike can see the thoughts and beliefs of Americans who came before us.""

Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp.

Author: Soleilmavis Liu

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1304588297

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 254

View: 1409

Being taken into the USA Embassy in Hong Kong, and her brain was remotely controlled by electromagnetic mind control tech, Soleilmavis' story sounded weird, but it was true. Suffering horrible pain and many other strange symptoms, Soleilmavis Liu, one of many private citizens, discovered that she and many other people were test-subject victims for the study of electromagnetic spectrums mind control weapons and global surveillance equipment. This book tells the true story that during her horrible period in the grave, her soul was waylaid, but God answered her cries, and gave her love and support. Losing her life to find God was a true consolation and brought joy to her soul and gave her the strength to be a soldier rather than a victim. She worked hard to seek justice by exposing these horrible crimes to the public, which - if not exposed and publicized - in the future humanity would no longer know the meaning of physical inviolability and privacy.

The Lilac House

A Novel

Author: Anita Nair

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 142994255X

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 5801

Meera is happily submerged in the role of corporate wife and cookbook writer. Then, one day, her husband fails to come home. Overnight, Meera, disoriented and emotionally fragile, becomes responsible not just for her two children, but also her mother, grandmother and the running of Lilac House, their rambling old family home in Bangalore. A few streets away, Professor J.A. Krishnamurthy or Jak, cyclone studies expert, has recently returned from Florida, to care for his nineteen-year-old daughter, the victim of a tragic accident. What happened on her holiday in a small beachside village? The police will not help, Smriti's friends have vanished, and a wall of silence and fear surrounds the incident. But Jak cannot rest until he gets to the truth. Meera and of Jak's paths intertwine as they uncover the truth about the secrets of their pasts and the promise of the future. The Lilac House is a sweeping story of redemption, forgiveness and second chances.

The Lilac Fairy Book

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 048612018X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 384

View: 2478

33 tales from Portugal, Ireland, Wales, and points East and West, among them "The Brown Bear of Norway," "The Enchanted Deer," "The Story of a Very Bad Boy," and "The Brownie of the Lake." 51 illustrations.

Neuroscience and Philosophy

Brain, Mind, and Language

Author: Maxwell Bennett,Daniel Dennett,Peter Hacker,John Searle

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231511949

Category: Philosophy

Page: 232

View: 5991

In Neuroscience and Philosophy three prominent philosophers and a leading neuroscientist clash over the conceptual presuppositions of cognitive neuroscience. The book begins with an excerpt from Maxwell Bennett and Peter Hacker's Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience (Blackwell, 2003), which questions the conceptual commitments of cognitive neuroscientists. Their position is then criticized by Daniel Dennett and John Searle, two philosophers who have written extensively on the subject, and Bennett and Hacker in turn respond. Their impassioned debate encompasses a wide range of central themes: the nature of consciousness, the bearer and location of psychological attributes, the intelligibility of so-called brain maps and representations, the notion of qualia, the coherence of the notion of an intentional stance, and the relationships between mind, brain, and body. Clearly argued and thoroughly engaging, the authors present fundamentally different conceptions of philosophical method, cognitive-neuroscientific explanation, and human nature, and their exchange will appeal to anyone interested in the relation of mind to brain, of psychology to neuroscience, of causal to rational explanation, and of consciousness to self-consciousness. In his conclusion Daniel Robinson (member of the philosophy faculty at Oxford University and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Georgetown University) explains why this confrontation is so crucial to the understanding of neuroscientific research. The project of cognitive neuroscience, he asserts, depends on the incorporation of human nature into the framework of science itself. In Robinson's estimation, Dennett and Searle fail to support this undertaking; Bennett and Hacker suggest that the project itself might be based on a conceptual mistake. Exciting and challenging, Neuroscience and Philosophy is an exceptional introduction to the philosophical problems raised by cognitive neuroscience.

The Lilac Girl

Author: Ralph Henry Barbour

Publisher: 1st World Publishing

ISBN: 1421815958


Page: 148

View: 1321

Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - - Two men were sitting beside a camp-fire at Saddle Pass, a shallow notch in the lower end of the Sangre de Cristo Range in southern Colorado. Although it was the middle of June and summer had come to the valleys below, up here in the mountains the evenings were still chill, and the warmth of the crackling fire felt grateful to tired bodies. Daylight yet held, although it was fast deepening toward dusk. The sun had been gone some little time behind the purple grandeur of Sierra Blanca, but eastward the snowy tips of the Spanish Peaks were still flushed with the afterglow.

Managing Corporate Brands

A new approach to corporate communication

Author: Marcos Ormeno

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783835095991

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 323

View: 4395

Marcos Ormeño introduces both behavioural science theory and decision analysis into corporate brand management using corporate communication. He develops a managerial decision-making model that outdoes existing approaches for selecting communication tools due to its high degree of formalisation and its strong behavioural basis. An illustrative study supports the author's model and shows the importance of communication in building a corporate brand.

The Illustrated Mind of Mike Reeves

Author: Asa Jones

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1618973436

Category: Fiction

Page: 290

View: 4338

Writer Asa Jones has written a sexy and magical tale; The Illustrated Mind of Mike Reeves delves into the world of divination. Mike Reeves is an ordinary guy living an ordinary existence until his wife is brutally raped. Their lives are forever changed and Mike finds himself alone - emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The old adage idle hands are the devil's workshop takes on a brand new meaning for Mike and he finds himself drawn to the darker arts. He dabbles with the Tarot, the Runes and the I Ching. Two spirits guide Mike: Sean, a benevolent and wise advisor and Debbie, a naughty little minx who satisfies Mike's sexual needs. But with good, the opposite must surface and it does so with Tony, a real-life gangster who's also dabbling in the spiritual world and has more sinister plans in mind for Mike. Mike's physical and spiritual worlds begin to merge and Mike finds himself at odds with everything he's ever believed in and succumbing to temptations that may prove to be more than he can handle. Will Mike have to leave the real world and all he's held dear? What is Tony after in Mike's spiritual realm and how will Mike escape his wrath? Jones' fresh and fascinating novel expertly weaves suspense, the supernatural, love and terror and leaves the reader wanting more even after its stunning climax.


Warum wir uns selbst sabotieren und was wir dagegen tun können

Author: Petra Bock

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 3426410974

Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 9429

"Mindfuck" von Petra Bock ist ein speziell aufbereitetes eBook mit multimedialen Elementen und weiteren Extras: Per Video erklärt Petra Bock das Phänomen Mindfuck sehr eingänglich. Zusätzlich finden Sie exklusiv im eBook einen aus dem Buch verlinkten Überblick über die Arten des Mindfuck wie auch gebündelte Sofortstrategien gegen Mindfuck-Attacken. Mindfuck ist das, was wir täglich tun, wenn wir uns gedanklich selbst sabotieren: wenn wir uns nicht trauen, obwohl wir wollen, wenn wir für andere funktionieren oder in Jobs und Beziehungen verharren, die uns schon lange nicht mehr guttun. Mindfuck ist am Werk, wenn wir uns kein besseres Leben erlauben und immer wieder unter unseren Möglichkeiten bleiben. Dieses Buch eröffnet eine Welt, die bisher niemand so gesehen und besprochen hat: die Parallelwelt in unserem Kopf, die darüber entscheidet, was wir wirklich aus unserem Leben machen. Petra Bock gehört zu den bedeutendsten Coaches in Deutschland und zeichnet in einer virtuosen Reise durch unser Denken ein faszinierendes Psychogramm unserer Zeit. Sie lässt uns verstehen, wie Denkblockaden entstehen, warum wir sie haben, was sie uns über uns verraten und wie wir sie überwinden, um unser wahres Potenzial freizusetzen und unser Leben sofort und nachhaltig zu verbessern. Mit diesem Buch leitet Petra Bock eine neue, zeitgemäße Ära der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung ein.

Natural Flights Of The Human Mind

Author: Clare Morrall

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 184894814X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 2937

In a disused lighthouse on the Devon coast lives Peter Straker, a recluse who, in his dreams, is visited by an oddly disparate group of people from a grandmother to a teenager. But they have all been dead for 24 years -- and Straker thinks he killed them. Many years ago, newly-married Imogen Doody's husband went to work one day and never came back, leaving her angry at life and other people. Now Imogen has inherited a cottage near Straker's lighthouse, a piece of good fortune she badly needs. But the cottage is falling down, and she needs help restoring it...Guilt, emotional bruising and a Tiger Moth plane lie at the heart of this story of two misfits. Related with infectious warmth and wit, it is a testament to the essential goodness and resilience of the human spirit.

Under a Lilac-bleeding Star

Travels and Travelers

Author: Lesley Blanch

Publisher: N.A


Category: Travelers

Page: 208

View: 7308

When My Mind Met My Soul

Author: Dina Biscotti Barnes

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452578265

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 204

View: 4885

When My Mind Met My Soul is a spiritual introduction of your mind to your soul. What is created is a lovely tapestry of spiritual awakenings, interwoven with the messages of great awakened beings. As you re-acquaint with your inner divinity, your soul expands, and your perception is shifted into unity. Be guided toward transcending, soul perception and one love. Find inspiration from great masters and reggae music. Join the soul conversation as our divinity links together as one. As we play spiritual hide-and-seek, learn to be keenly aware of spirit in everything. As we live from within, the life you see in front of your face changes with spiritual sight. When your mind meets your soul and you know all there is to know, you remember your eternal presence essence. As your spiritual roots strengthen and your soul grows, your experience becomes infused with the infinite. This is your re-introduction.

Southern Sun

A Plant Selection Guide

Author: Jo Kellum

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781934110454

Category: Gardening

Page: 141

View: 2190

A colorful resource for Southern gardeners lists and describes general and species of plants that flourish in the sunlight in Southern gardens, and presents plants that thrive in all the differing intensities of light experienced in the region. Simultaneous.

Never Mind the Moon

Author: Jeremy Isaacs

Publisher: N.A


Category: Ballet

Page: 359

View: 4921

Farewell to Fairacre

A Novel

Author: Miss Read

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 0547526423

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

View: 8442

In this small English village, when one door closes, another opens for its favorite schoolteacher. “You’ll relish a visit to Fairacre” (Jan Karon, #1 New York Times–bestselling author). Gradually worsening health forces Miss Read to consider an early retirement from her job as the village school’s headmistress. John Jenkins, a handsome newcomer, competes for her affections with the newly widowed Henry Mawne. However, Miss Read has more on her mind than men. Orphans living in her former house have bolstered the village school's roll, but these new students seem to be having problems with their adoptive family. In the midst of all this turmoil, readers can rest assured that Farewell to Fairacre boasts all the elements they have come to love: eccentric villagers, gentle humor, and a verdant rural landscape teeming with lambs, larks, and blackthorn bushes. “As soothing and warm as a cup of Earl Grey tea, this book will delight fans and newcomers to the series alike.” —Library Journal “Sensible, well read and acutely observant, the delightfully prim Miss Read continues to be very good company indeed.” —Publishers Weekly

The Healing Powder

At What Price a Cure? at What Cost a Miracle?

Author: Lynne Martin

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475923112

Category: Fiction

Page: 454

View: 314

Olga Heinz has two loves-creating recipes and nursing. For thirty years, she clocked countless miles walking on every floor of the University Hospital. She mentored generations of newly graduated nurses and fed hungry staffers with her baked goodies. As she struggles with budget cuts and ever-changing hospital policies, Olga is motivated by a desire to help her patients, no matter what it takes. She encourages her student nurses to strike a balance between offering simple human comfort and applying the latest and greatest breakthroughs in medical science. Then one average day, through a series of accidents, Olga discovers a medical breakthrough-a shocking miracle cure that is deceptively simple, biologically complex ... and morally ambiguous. But she tempers her excitement with clinical, professional reserve. Despite her excitement, she knows that she can't share her findings with her peers, or the love of her life, Dr. Martin Hood, until she can verify her results. Olga reaches out and finds a reluctant partner in Steven Whitters, a young orderly at the hospital. Together, they begin to test the healing powder on the unsuspecting patrons of a local homeless shelter-where forgotten and lonely souls seek the simplest of necessities and some small measure of human comfort. But Olga and Steven are so absorbed in proving their potential miracle, neither realizes the terrible cost the cure will exact. Is it a miracle-or a curse?