A Winter Away from Home

William Barents and the North-East Passage

Author: Rayner Unwin

Publisher: Sheridan House, Inc.

ISBN: 9780924486852

Category: History

Page: 263

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The first West Europeans to winter in the high Arctic and survive, Dutch sailing-master William Barents and his 16-member crew battled scurvy, hunger, the assaults of bears, and the intense winter cold, then made a 1,600-mile escape in open boats. Barents died on the way home, but his voyage was meticulously recorded in remarkably vivid detail by one of the survivors.

A Winter Away

Author: Elizabeth Fair

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781911579410

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

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"My last secretary was thirty-five," old M. said gloomily, "and no more sense than a child of ten. Or else she wasn't all there. You all there?" he asked suddenly, giving Maud a searching look. "No banging your head on the table? No throwing the china at me? Hey?" Young Maud has made her escape from an overbearing stepmother and come to stay with her cousin Alice and Alice's companion Miss Conway in the countryside. Alice and "Con" have arranged a job for her as secretary to Mr Feniston, an eccentric and intimidating neighbor who seems to have driven his previous secretary to a nervous breakdown. In between cataloguing Mr Feniston's library, dodging his temper, and encounters, awkward and intriguing in turn, with his son and an alienated nephew, Maud finds herself involved with local eccentricities and dramas, including a "secret" romance which has everyone talking. She may never be the same after this winter away! Furrowed Middlebrow is delighted to make available, for the first time in over half a century, all six of Elizabeth Fair's irresistible comedies of domestic life. These new editions all feature an introduction by Elizabeth Crawford. "Miss Fair's understanding is deeper than Mrs. Thirkell's and her humour is untouched by snobbishness; she is much nearer to Trollope, grand master in these matters."--Stevie Smith "Miss Fair makes writing look very easy, and that is the measure of her creative ability."--Compton Mackenzie

A Winter's Night in Montana

Author: Mick Beacham

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1387442074

Category: Fiction

Page: 36

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Western Montana looked nothing like it's eastern counterpart. Montana was a state known for sweeping plains and low rolling hills. Western Montana was completely different it was a heavily forested area with mountains, lakes and fresh streams. It was winter, Christmas eve in fact and it was cold outside. The wind howled loudly as it roared down the valley. With the howling of the wind came the even more ominous howling of wolves. "Pa, pa I heard wolves" cried out Terry.

FROZEN: A Winter Romance Anthology

Author: Charmaine Pauls,April Marcom,Nancy Pennick,Rhonda Brutt,Nicole Angeleen,Tara Fox Hall,Elena Kane,Marilyn Gardiner

Publisher: Satin Romance


Category: Fiction

Page: 392

View: 3292

The Ice Hotel Wedding Test by Charmaine Pauls Jess and Derrick have been together for twelve years. When Jess finally gives Derrick an ultimatum, tie the knot or set her free, he proposes a bizarre test to decide their destiny. Lord of Ice by April Marcom Jack Frost gave his heart to Lilly the day she was born, making her the perfect leverage for a fire spirit whose heart is set on becoming Lord of Ice. Frozen Moments by Nancy Pennick Drew keeps proposing. Kate keeps saying no. It’s their little game. Can the holiday season change that? Kate has lost her best friend, and Drew does his best to cheer her up in this delightful story of love and memories. Frozen With Possibilities by Rhonda Brutt A resort on the shores of Lake Superior in the middle of December was not exactly what Tiffany had in mind for a mid-winter vacation. But when she agreed to accompany her progressive grandmother on this frozen trip, she discovered that life is filled with possibilities, if you only go after them. Frozen Heart Thawing by Nicole Angeleen In the depths of winter, Thomas Everett grudgingly meets his betrothed, Nila Sarvani, the daughter of a powerful sheikh. The passion they share takes them both by surprise, but the ruthlessness of American business threatens to tear them apart. Nila must decide if her dreams can be realized if she allows herself to fall in love. Frozen Dreams by Elena Kane In a world surrounded by snow and magic, Cara finds herself grossly out of place. Ridiculed by all, she lives her life in terror from perpetual bullies until she runs into a stranger in town. Ben is everything she always wanted, but never expected. Better yet, he sees past her differences. Could Ben be her dream come true? Her Frozen Heart by Tara Fox Hall Alaric has always loved the winter season, second only to his love of spells and sorcery. When his beautiful neighbor Cassandra reveals she’s a natural witch, he’s instantly smitten, even as he despairs of attracting her interest. Is there hope for a magical couple who thrive in different seasons? The Thawing of Holly’s Heart by Marilyn Gardiner What happens when a single mother meets an old friend and, despite the conviction that she will never again open her heart to another man, finds herself falling in love?

The Sea Lions

The Lost Sealers

Author: James Fenimore Cooper

Publisher: The Floating Press

ISBN: 1776595173

Category: Fiction

Page: 479

View: 3877

This whaling adventure from beloved American author James Fenimore Cooper works on two levels. On the surface, it's an exciting maritime action-adventure tale recounting the twin voyages of two different ships seeking bounty and treasure in the waters around Antarctica. On a deeper level, it's a thought-provoking allegory about how adverse circumstances can impact people differently based on their character and spirit.


Folklore and tales from Australia's Aborigine People

Author: Various

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1907256415

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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This first book by K. Langloh Parker is still one of the best available collections of Australian Aboriginal folklore. It was written for a popular audience, but the stories are retold with integrity, and not filtered, as was the case with similar books from this period. That said, the style of this book reflects Victorian sentimentality and, an occasional tinge of racism that was apparent in those times. However, this volume does contain 31 uniquely Australian tales like: The Galah, and Oolah the Lizard, Bahloo the Moon and the Daens, The Origin of the Narran Lake, Gooloo the Magpie, and the Wahroogah and many more tales with distinctly Aboriginal titles. The texts, with their sentient animals and mythic transformations, have a somnambulistic and chaotic narrative that mark them as authentic dreamtime lore. The mere fact that she cared to write down these stories places her far ahead of her contemporaries, who, at the time, barely regarded native Australians as human. However, children will find here the Jungle Book of Australia, but there is no Mowgli, set apart as a man. For man, bird, and beast are all blended in the Aboriginal psyche. All are of one kindred, all shade into each other; all obey the Bush Law. Unlike any European Marchen, these stories do not have the dramatic turns of Western folk-lore. There are no distinctions of wealth and rank, no Cinderella nor a Puss in Boots. The struggle for food and water is the perpetual theme, and no wonder, for the narrators dwell in a dry and thirsty land. Parker has some odd connections with modern popular culture. She was rescued from drowning by an aborigine at an early age. This incident was portrayed in the film 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'. The song "They Call the Wind Mariah" was based on a story from this book and the pop singer Mariah Cary was reputedly named after this song. 33% of the net profit from this book will be donated to schools, charities and special causes. Yesterday's Books for Tomorrow's Educations"

The Golden Bough

A Study in Magic and Religion

Author: James George Frazer

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1596056851

Category: Religion

Page: 732

View: 8477

The notion of a man-god, or of a human being endowed with divine or supernatural powers, belongs essentially to that earlier period of religious history in which gods and men are still viewed as beings of much the same order, and before they are divided by the impassable gulf which, to later thought, opens out between them. Strange, therefore, as may seem to us the idea of a god incarnate in human form, it has nothing very startling for early man, who sees in a man-god or a god-man only a higher degree of the same supernatural powers which he arrogates in perfect good faith to himself. -from "Chapter VII: Incarnate Human Gods" In 1890, James George Frazer began publishing The Golden Bough, his monumental study of myth, ritual, and religion, which would, by 1936, run to 13 volumes and establish him as a pioneer in the study of religion as an aspect of culture. This abridged edition, assembled in 1922, condenses this fundamental work to one readable volume that is still a source for modern anthropology, thanks to its expansive discussions ancient cultish practices and their connections to the rites of modern Christianity. In eloquent prose, Frazer discusses legends of the woods, sympathetic magic, magicians as kings, the worship of trees, the concept of the sacred marriage, the links between priestly and royal power, ritual royal sacrifices, the concept of "eating the god," the myths of Osiris, Adonis, Isis, and other ancient deities, and much more. Lovers of mythology will be enraptured by this book, which draws all of human belief under one unifying umbrella, celebrating myth and ritual as part of the basis of all human culture. Scottish anthropologist SIR JAMES GEORGE FRAZER (1854-1941) also wrote Man, God, and Immortality (1927) and Creation and Evolution in Primitive Cosmogonies (1935).

Out of Winter

Author: N.A

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1257272373


Page: N.A

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A Winter to Remember!

Author: Sandi Lorraine

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479741116

Category: Fiction

Page: 193

View: 8643

When Deputy Tyler Patterson was falsely accused of rape, little did he realize that it was a crooked senator with ties to the mafia that he would have to pursue to clear his name. He had gotten caught up in a tangled web of sex, lies and deceit and now it was up to him to find his way out, or go to prison. His only hope was that Noreen Carpenter, the lawyer that he had been referred to, was as good in the court room as she was sexy and enticing.

Phil Sheridan and His Army

Author: Paul Andrew Hutton

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806150211

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 496

View: 9828

"Paul Hutton’s study of Phil Sheridan in the West is authoritative, readable, and an important contribution to the literature of westward expansion. Although headquartered in Chicago, Sheridan played a crucial role in the opening of the West. His command stretched from the Missouri to the Rockies and from Mexico to Canada, and all the Indian Wars of the Great Plains fell under his direction. Hutton ably narrates and interprets Sheridan’s western career from the perspective of the top command rather than the battlefield leader. His book is good history and good reading."–Robert M. Utley

The Gardener's Pantry - Storing Away Food You Grow for the Winter

Author: Darla Noble,John Davidson

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

ISBN: 1310484759

Category: Cooking

Page: 38

View: 9010

The Gardener’s Pantry - Storing Away Food You Grow for the Winter Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 The Basics of Freezing Fruits & Vegetables Chapter 2 The Basics of Canning Fruits & Vegetables Chapter 3 The Fruits of your Labor Chapter 4: Eat your Veggies Chapter 5: That Little Something Extra Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction There are dozens—okay, hundreds—of books on the market about how to preserve the food you grow in your garden. Each and every one of these books, I am sure, has something to bring to the table (no pun intended) in regards to getting the job done. So why another one? Why are we putting one more book out there for you to choose from? Glad you asked… The purpose of this book is to give you a brief overview of why and how to preserve the food you grow before moving on to actually telling you how to treat different foods to get the best results when it comes to taste and texture of the foods you can or freeze. In other words, what you have before you is a guidebook; one that will take you step by step through the process of canning and freezing food for future use.

Once Upon a Winter's Night

Author: Dennis L. McKiernan

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101119266

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 7500

The bestselling author of the Mithgar novels presents a new version of a fable that fires the imagination and touches the heart... Once upon a winter's night, a poor crofter trades his daughter Camille to wed Prince Alain of the Summerwood in exchange for a lifetime of riches. Though love blossoms between Camille and the prince, he is haunted by sadness and will not allow her to see his unmasked face. Believing she can lift whatever curse has been bestowed upon him, Camille acts on her own—with devastating results, as all she loves is swept away. Now, to regain what she has lost, she must embark on a desperate quest through the hinterlands of Faery, seeking a mysterious place lycing somewhere east of the sun and west of the moon...

Out of Winter

Author: Carol Lee

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444759795

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 9728

OUT OF WINTER is a personal account of how a father's sudden illness affects a family fraught by conflict over many years. It charts the process of grief which follows his death in 2008, and that of Carol Lee's mother only eight weeks later. Her mother's death, so swiftly after her father's, tests the limits of her ability to re-configure herself, to find who and what her mother and father are to her now, and to understand her brother's long flight into silence. In OUT OF WINTER, Carol Lee uncovers the history of people - her parents - whom, at the end, she comes to know and love. OUT OF WINTER confronts the idea of how well do we really know our parents?

Running Away with the Circus (or, "Now is the Winter of our Missing Tent")

Author: Mel Atkey

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0991695712

Category: Circus performers

Page: 204

View: 2627

Running Away With the Circus (or - "Now is the Winter of Our Missing Tent"), an is full of both humour and intrigue, as you will see by its opening sentence: If some clairvoyant had told me that I'd be spending my nights in a shipping container in Taiwan, guarding seven tigers, six Chihuahuas, five bears, four sea lions, three geese, two horses and a "killer dog" named Ludwig, I'd have said "You're supposed to read the tea leaves, not smoke them." This book takes a look at what happens when people of radically different cultures try to work together. Acclaimed television producer (and composer of the musical Anne of Green Gables) Norman Campbell said, "Your lively prose astounds me... It is really great writing and observing... You are a brilliant writer! I mean it!"

Red Cloud's Revenge

Showdown On The Northern Plains, 1867

Author: Terry C. Johnston

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 1466849584

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 1273

Seven month of small reprisals since the Fetterman massacre had passed. Sergeant Seamus Donegan of the Army of the West had witnessed proud leaders--both Indian and White--steel themselves for the withering clashes to come. And on two consecutive summer days, battle erupted--drowning the Dakota Territory in a damburst of bloodshed: the Hay Field Fight and Wagon Box Fight of 1867.

A Winter's Rage

Author: Michael Putzer

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1598585347

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 6902

Jack Larson after loosing his wife of 35 years, hopes to find peace in the remote area of northern Wisconsin, but instead finds himself involved in a conflict with the winter snowmobile recreational tourist industry. He is harassed by a local snowmobile gang; who damage his property and eventually kill his dog. Jack finds he cannot contain his outrage after the death of his dog and sets out on a one man mission to get revenge on the gang and those that are connected with snowmobiling. It becomes a personal war. As he proceeds he comes into conflict with the town's only detective that is out to preserve his way of life and that of the town's. What happens next are a series of events that leads Jack Larson down a path to the final conflict with no way out. What makes matters worse for Jack is that he has fallen in love with someone new and is caught between his love for her and his own personal need for revenge. Michael Putzer is 63 years old and has been married to his wife Donna for 42 years. He has lived his entire life in Wisconsin with the exception of a two years stay in the U.S. Army in the late sixties. Since his retirement in 2002 from the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, they have lived in their home on forty acres of land outside of Hurley, Wisconsin. They have two grown up married children and a Chinese Shar-pei dog named China. During the author's 33 years with Kimberly-Clark he worked in consumer products Research. Much of that time was spent in the international products which resulted in travel to the Far East, Latin America and Europe. A Winter's Rage is his first book. It has always been his ambition to write a novel, but over the years with work there had never been enough time to complete the task. Once retired there was the time available. While the author is not a hunter or a fisherman, he considers himself an environmentalist. Both he and his wife enjoy the outdoors, hiking in the summer and snow shoeing in the winter. They have a great appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors and the land. Their favorite time of the year is winter looking forward to the abundance of snow that this area receives. They do not snowmobile.

Gardening in Eden

The Joys of Planning and Tending a Garden

Author: Arthur T. Vanderbilt II

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416554578

Category: Gardening

Page: 208

View: 8347

"Though an old man," Thomas Jefferson wrote at Monticello, "I am but a young gardener." Every gardener is. In Gardening in Eden, we enter Arthur Vanderbilt's small enchanted world of the garden, where the old wooden trestle tables of a roadside nursery are covered in crazy quilts of spring color, where a catbird comes to eat raisins from one's hand, and a chipmunk demands a daily ration of salted cocktail nuts. We feel the oppressiveness of endless winter days, the magic of an old-fashioned snow day, the heady, healing qualities of wandering through a greenhouse on a frozen February afternoon, the restlessness of a gardener waiting for spring. With a sense of wonder and humor on each page, Arthur Vanderbilt takes us along with him to discover that for those who wait, watch, and labor in the garden, it's all happening right outside our windows.

A Winter Ballad

Author: Barbara Samuel

Publisher: Barbara Samuel

ISBN: 1937688178

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 7701

Winter Ballad Fans of Jo Beverley, Eloisa James, and Stephanie Laurens will love Barbara Samuel's passionate, intelligent romance novels. A FAIR MAIDEN Anya of Winterbourne had suffered nothing but humiliation at the hands of men. And yet when she found a fallen knight in a still winter forest, she could not leave him to die. A NOBLE KNIGHT Weary of battle and pursued by assassins, Christian de Moreerx would have liked nothing more than to stay at Winterbourne and champion the elusive and beleaguered Lady Anya. But his past contained a secret he had to decipher if he was to live, and his presence could only bring more disaster to the manor. A GREAT AND DANGEROUS GAME To thwart their separate enemies, Lady Anya and her broken knight battle virulent forces and face death itself to win the love that would long be sung by troubadours as -- A WINTER BALLAD

A Winter's Night and Other Stories

Author: Premchand

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 8184750692

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 168

View: 2798

Ten classic stories from the master of Hindi literature Nearly a century after they were written, Premchand’s numerous short stories, novels and plays, written both in Hindi and Urdu, continue to be a mirror to Indian society and its traditions. A Winter’s Night and Other Stories brings together, for young readers, some of his most powerful short stories. This is a world inhabited by people like Halku, forced to spend the bitterly cold winter night in the open, without a blanket; Kaki, the old invalid aunt, ill-treated by her own relatives; and Shankar, reduced to being a bonded labour for the sake of a handful of wheat. Premchand describes their plights with unflinching honesty. Yet all is not hopeless in this world. There is also little Hamid, who buys tongs for his old grandmother rather than toys for himself; Ladli, who saves her share of puris for her blind aunt; and Big Brother, trying in vain to remember the strange names of English kings and queens. Greed, dishonesty, cruelty abound in this world, as do kindness, bravery and humour. These ten stories are an ideal introduction to Premchand and his concerns and ideas that remain relevant to this day.

A Winter in North China

Author: T. M. Morris,Richard Glover

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108013821

Category: History

Page: 264

View: 6481

Published in 1892, this fascinating book recounts a journey through China taken by two clergymen in the winter of 1890.