The Son of a Poor Man

Author: Moinnin Dosso

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456887032

Category: Fiction

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An unfortunate baby who became miserable when his mother died when he was just a couple of months old, went through Avery difficult life with a lot of ups and down but he never gave up fighting. He was always positive and full of determination to improve his life. Nothing was an easy ride for him. Life is a struggles we should never throw in the towel no matter what.

Sea Dreams

Sailing the Western Mediterranean

Author: Rob Peterswald,Rosemary Peterswald

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780980780710

Category: Mediterranean Region

Page: 152

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Rob and Rosemary Peterswald, the authors of the best-selling titles "From the Sea" and "Beyond the Shore", explore the Western Mediterranean on their yacht Sea Dreams. The Mediterranean Sea has been the cradle of western civilisation. From the earliest times it has nourished ancient empires, spawned countless legends and has been the scene of epic battles that have changed the course of history. Today it remains a place of beauty and danger, joy and pain, indulgence and austerity, and as much as ever, a crossroads of the world. On their cruise, the Peterswalds visit Sardinia, Corsica, Elba, the Balearics, Sicily and the coasts of France and Italy, capturing the beauty of the 'Middle Sea' and its wondrous coastline. They sail past high rugged mountains protected by ancient fortresses, anchor in enchanting bays and visit mystical cities that date from antiquity. This beautifully photographed book celebrates the joy and vibrancy of life in the Mediterranean, a life that still follows the rhythms of the ocean and the seasons. This book is for anyone who loves the excitement of travel to breathtaking localities stooped in history and culture, fantastic food and stunning photography and just the love of the open sea and sailing.

Living on the Edge

Author: Paul Starling

Publisher: Authors On Line Ltd

ISBN: 9780755210091


Page: 188

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'Operation Retrieve' should have been a simple assignment for Shaun Dalton: gather a ransom demand from the kidnappers of the Head of M.I.6, Sir Miles Booth-Royde. But of course the deadly international organisation responsible for this devious, diabolical scheme - the curiously monikered Araignee Royaume pour Sang Egalite Societe - led by the Dutch master criminal and former one-hit-wonder movie star, Closter vanDoorz, have other plans for Dalton. the banks of London's Thames river with the British Prime Minister, Dalton is thrust into the dangerous world of scheming madmen, fiery femme fatale, grotesque henchfolk and quaking fools, which sees him traveling across the southern costs of France from magnificent Nice - via sabotage, a chance encounter with an old friend, and an explosive car chase - to the picturesque harbour town of Cap d'Agde, where he dodges death by fist, bullet and boat in an adventure full of intrigue and humour which cracks along at a whiplash pace. rampant chaos - the join Shaun Dalton for the rollercoaster ride of his life!


Pieces of My Life So Far

Author: Amy Grant

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

ISBN: 0385524145

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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One of America’s most popular music artists shares beautiful pieces of an unforgettable human mosaic, revealing pieces of a life in progress. With her unmistakable voice and honest lyrics, Amy Grant has captured a unique place in American music. As the bestselling Christian music artist of all time, a crossover pop sensation, and the wife of country music star Vince Gill, Amy has lived much of her life in the spotlight, subject to adulation, speculation, and scrutiny. Now for the first time she bares her heart and soul to reveal thoughts on everything from motherhood and marriage to fame and forgiveness. Whether describing personal moments alone on a moonlit hillside or very public ones performing with the likes of Tony Bennett and James Taylor, Amy presents a captivating collection of beautiful reflections on life, love, and faith. Includes Never Before Published Lyrics to New Songs Rendered with the lyrical insight we see in her music, Amy reflects on the pieces of her life through the years, forming a vivid mosaic of memories rich in color, varied in texture, and united in their heartfelt design. “Thanks to writing and remembering, I’m re-inspired to value both the mundane and magical moments. In trying to capture a few memories as best as I can, I give myself the gift of treasuring what has been so far a very full and meaningful life. I hope you will do the same with yours.” —Amy Grant Amy Grant weaves original lyrics and poetry into a narrative patchwork of timeless candor in Mosaic. The pieces of her life so far provide stunning inspiration for her beloved fans. Mixing lighthearted reminiscences of her Tennessee childhood, poignant scenes from her life as a wife and mother, and down-to-earth insight from her celebrity stardom, Amy invites you into her world and gently leads you to fresh insights about your own. Amy’s winsome personality and joyful authenticity radiate from each page, welcoming you into the satisfying company of a warm and compassionate artist—a woman who sees life through a unique and deeply personal lens. Amy Grant got her start in the music business with a part-time job sweeping up a Nashville music studio, which provided the perfect opportunity to duplicate a tape of her original songs as a gift for her family. A studio executive overheard her recordings—and the rest is music history. Since the surprising success of her debut album thirty years ago, Amy has grown into a music legend, with six Grammy Awards, twenty-six Dove Awards, and six pop chart-topping hits to her credit. An inductee into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame, she also was honored in 2006 with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The World's Your Oyster

Author: N.A

Publisher: Forbidden Angel / ENTWINED



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The Ecology of Transportation: Managing Mobility for the Environment

Author: John Davenport,Julia L. Davenport

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402045042

Category: Science

Page: 393

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This volume reviews the ecological effects of road, rail, marine and air transport. The focus ranges from identification of threats and repair of damaging effects to design of future transport systems that minimize environmental degradation. The scope of coverage extends from small ecosystems to the planet as a whole. Experts from a variety of disciplines address the topic, expressing views across the spectrum from deep pessimism to cautious optimism.

The Other People

The End of the Beginning

Author: Jake Lowell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1483671623

Category: Fiction

Page: 253

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Yacht Charter Worldwide

Introduction to the World of Yacht Charter

Author: Ben Brunet de Rochebrune

Publisher: DCM Druck Center Meckenheim

ISBN: 3927535869

Category: Travel

Page: 108

View: 3744

Chartering a yacht is an ideal way to explore the world’s amazingly beautiful hidden places. Ever more people discover the pleasure to sail or motor in areas other than their home waters but...a yacht charter cruise requires careful preparation. Each trip contains specific challenges for yacht and crew; each area is associated with different cost and weather. How do you calculate cost and how do you reliably book a yacht? Do you choose for bare boat, a yacht with a skipper or should you join a flotilla? ‘Yacht Charter Worldwide’ provides an inside look at what you need to know and what to pay attention to, before chartering a yacht. This guide also takes a critical look at the pros and cons of ’Buy and Charter’-concepts of yacht exploitation along with a detailed financial analysis. This MARINE PLANET guide provides answers for all relevant questions when preparing your vacation aboard a charter yacht. A complete summary of tips and tricks will protect you against unforeseen and unpleasant surprises with possibly serious consequences. It is a reliable and necessary guide for both new and experienced charter sailors. Next editions in the series of ’Yacht Charter Worldwide’ will take you to charter countries around Mediterranean waters and its different cruising areas. Later editions will describe the other beautiful charter areas of the world.

Domination Bid

Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Gold Eagle

ISBN: 1460340914

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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STONY MAN he elite, covert agents of Stony Man Farm, comprising the best cyber techs and military in the world, act under orders of the President. Whether it's stopping a terror attack overseas or saving civilians closer to home, the teams fight for freedom and peace. DEADLY SCIENCE A cutting-edge electromagnetic pulse weapon sets off a bidding war, and brokers from countries all over the world can't wait to get their hands on it. But when the Libyan rebel behind the auction squeezes out the U.S., red flags are raised in Washington. Determined to keep the weapon of mass destruction away from hostile powers, Stony Man Farm has two choices: steal it from the rebel's headquarters in Greece—or destroy it. While Phoenix Force deploys overseas, Able Team has its own mission. An American paramilitary contractor also wants the EMP device…and he's willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Black Diamond Destiny

Author: Helen M. Norris

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481772708

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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Involves a West Virginia mountaineer family, father, mother, five sons and daughter. Their complicated rise from abject poverty to become multi-millionaires through their efforts in the coal-mining industry. From a small outcrop of coal on their unproductive farm, they eventually own thirty production mines and become the largest coal corporation in the world, controlling the coal industry in West Virginia for over sixty years. Poverty stricken but ambitious, in the year 1850, Matt Mattison secretly kills Abe, a Jewish itinerant peddler, who visits his home periodically, using Abe’s money to open a small drift mine on his farm. He is assisted in the venture by his five sons who are unaware of their father’s sudden source of funds. (A true story). At the birth of his daughter’s illegitimate son, Matt realized that his daughter, Gem, and Abe had a clandestine love affair, planned to marry and that Abe had impregnated to comely Gem. Matt conscious-stricken becomes psychotic. Gem, suspicious of her father, grieving that the father of her child had given his life for her family’s prosperity, refuses any finances earned from their mining endeavors, leaves home, adverse circumstances impel her to become proprietress of the town’s bawdy house. The plot involves Gem’s life, embarrassing to the family but offers amusing incidents in the bordello that becomes public. Her brothers push the mining business to great success becoming powerful financially and politically. Her bastard son (known later as “A.P.” in the industry), well educated but burdened by his mother’s profession, becomes president of the world’s largest coal corporation. Marries a socialite, interested in breeding show horses, they build pretentious mansion on 365 acres, own private railroad train, ocean-going yacht, lavish apartment in New York City. The novel follows several generations of family, involving many complications, romances, pathos of the five brothers, threatened loss of their mines through bitterly fought union strikes and devastating mine explosions. Much of this story is true and interwoven with fiction. All character names are fictitious. Interesting coal mining facts as they effect the family are included. As well as the complete portrayal of the cruel exploration of the miners as the greedy and often inhumane madness of the coal barons to accumulate excessive wealth. Now that coal is becoming an important factor in our energy crisis, this story is timely. Readers will become educated about the problems in this important industry as the story of this once poverty stricken family unfolds.

Arrive by Dusk

Author: Gabrielle F. Culmer

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480800465

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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Widowed at thirty-four, Mindy Croixe is a highly respected and popular artist. Her landscapes and aquatic portraits reflect all of the places—from New York to Paris—she had visited with her late husband, Lamont. Embarking on a new and important episode in her life, Mindy is participating in another art show, this one in Saint-Tropez on the Mediterranean Sea—a long way from her roots of Crystal Shores. It’s here she runs into Blaine O’Neill, a friend from way back when in Crystal Shores. He’s in Saint-Tropez for the opening of yet another of his luxury hotels. At thirty-five, Blaine has been successful in building his conglomerate, but not his personal life. Mindy is conflicted. She and Blaine were friends, good friends. But her late husband had given her so much, and she is still reeling from their life together and what it should have been. She’s not sure she can consider a relationship, not even for an old friend who knows her well.

Winter's Storm

Author: Patricia Rose

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781468581003

Category: Fiction

Page: 456

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Embroiled in the conflict of World War II, the fledgling OSS enlists the unique talents of 4 exceptional young men to fight behind enemy lines. Trained from infancy in every conceivable form of martial arts and fluent in several languages due to their polyglot upbringing, these 4 extraordinary men excelled first as artists, giving them the means to pursue their dreams. Now caught up in the global conflict, they must battle the Nai threat before those dreams can become reality. Sean Winters studied to be a Veterinarian, but now leads a trained cadre of men deep into Nazi Germany, disrupting supply lines and trains loaded with innocents being transported to concentration camps. After a stint airborne gathering intelligence, Nicolo Amato returns to Italy where he studied to be an architect. In Florence, he thwarts the planned demolition of a building housing priceless works of art. Later, he leads a group escorting the Italian ambassador on his failed mission to seek peace with the British. Dr. Antonio Cadena barely finishes Medical school in time to lead a medical team at Anzio Beach. And Chen Li works feverishlywith other lawyers to free Japanese Americans incarcerated simply because of their heritage.

The Prince She Never Forgot

Author: Scarlet Wilson

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460344723

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 9523

A kiss at midnight… Ten years ago Ruby Wetherspoon shared a stolen New Year's kiss with enigmatic stranger Alex. A kiss she has never forgotten… Now a renowned language therapist, Ruby is stunned when her Alex—Crown Prince Alexander of Euronia to the rest of the world!—shows up to ask for her help. Ruby has never been far from Alex's thoughts, but duty to his country has kept him away. Now he has a chance to make both their dreams come true…