Abstract Heart

Author: J. Iron Word

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781945322037


Page: 240

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Abstract Heart is a labor of love, emerging from the unfiltered mind of poet J. Iron Word, a book that pulls at the strings of our beliefs about the nature of love until they unravel.

Heart Failure

Providing Optimal Care

Author: Mariell Jessup,Kathleen M. McCauley

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405140178

Category: Medical

Page: 280

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The objective of this text is to synthesise the research based clinical treatment strategies that have been found to be most effective in the clinical management of heart failure as a disease. Incorporating recommendations from state of the art guidelines, the text will comprehensively address both in-patient management of acute exacerbations, and out-patient management to improve survival, quality of life, and functional status. The editors are active members of the American Heart Association and influential councils on clinical cardiology and cardiovascular medicine, and have assembled a team of contributors prominent in the field of heart failure and transplantation. They aim, through this publication, to translate the findings of recent research into a practical clinical framework for physicians caring for patients on a daily basis.

Abstract Rhythms of the Heart

Author: Kathryn C. Clay, The Abstract Poet

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491709448

Category: Poetry

Page: 240

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A collection of poems by Kathryn Clay celebrating everyday life with its joys and sorrows.

The Heart of the City

Legacy and Complexity of a Modern Design Idea

Author: Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317029194

Category: Architecture

Page: 212

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The Heart of the City concept, which was introduced at CIAM 8 in 1951, has played an important role in architectural and urban debates. The Heart became the most important of the organic references used in the 1950s for defining a theory of urban form. This book focuses on both the historical and theoretical reinterpretation of this seminal concept. Divided into two main sections, both looking at differing ways in which the Heart has influenced more recent urban thinking, it illustrates the continuity and the complexities of the Heart of the City. In doing so, this book offers a new perspective on the significance of public space and shows how The Heart of the City still resonates closely with contemporary debates about centrality, identity and the design of public space. It would be of interest to architects, academics and students of urban design and planning.

Sudden Cardiac Death

Heart Failure Clinics

Author: Raul Weiss,Emile G. Daoud

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 145570458X

Category: Medical

Page: 152

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Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the number one killer in the United States, claiming the lives of more than 300,000 Americans every year. Thus, it is important for heart failure specialists to be knowledgeable about strategies to prevent, manage risk for, and treat conditions leading to sudden cawrdiac death. These topics and more are covered in this issue.

Sudden Cardiac Death, An Issue of Heart Failure Clinics

Author: Raul Weiss,Emile Daoud

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 145571206X

Category: Medical

Page: 176

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Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the number one killer in the United States, claiming the lives of more than 300,000 Americans every year. Thus, it is important for heart failure specialists to be knowledgeable about strategies to prevent, manage risk for, and treat conditions leading to sudden cardiac death. These topics and more are covered in this issue.

Heart Rate Slowing by IF Current Inhibition

Author: A. John Camm,Micha? Tendera

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3805581602

Category: Medical

Page: 115

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This book unfolds the history of the discovery of the transmembrane channel which is responsible for the 'funny' or If current, the primary modulator of heart rate. Inhibition of this current leads to slowing of the heart rate, which is an important component of the successful management of angina pectoris. Recently, Ivabradine, a specific and selective inhibitor of the If current, has been developed as an antianginal agent which has been shown to be at least as effective as both beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers for the treatment of angina. The development, efficacy and complications of this therapy are discussed in detail in this book. Furthermore, the clinical benefits from heart rate reduction in patients with coronary artery disease and heart failure and in patients after myocardial infarction are examined. Whether a lower heart rate per se will prolong life is not yet known, but it may offer a new and important life-saving strategy. The current data presented in this volume will be appreciated by cardiologists and general physicians interested in the modern management of angina pectoris and by electrophysiologists and physiologists who would like to understand the importance of heart rate and its regulation.

Heart Failure in Adult Congenital Heart Disease, An Issue of Heart Failure Clinics,

Author: Andrew R Opotowsky,Michael Job Landzberg

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323263933

Category: Medical

Page: 790

View: 8140

This issue of Heart Failure Clinics focuses on Heart Failure in Adult Congenital Heart Disease. As more children with congenital heart disease survive into adulthood, their care is becoming an increasingly important aspect of practice for Cardiologists. In this issue, expert authors review the most current information available about the work-up, diagnosis, and treatment of adult congenital heart disease, including medical therapy and percutaneous and surgical options. Keep up-to-the-minute with the latest developments in the management of heart failure in adult congenital heart disease.

Complex Dynamics in Physiological Systems: From Heart to Brain

Author: Syamal K. Dana,Prodyot K. Roy,Jürgen Kurths

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402091435

Category: Medical

Page: 272

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Nonlinear dynamics has become an important field of research in recent years in many areas of the natural sciences. In particular, it has potential applications in biology and medicine; nonlinear data analysis has helped to detect the progress of cardiac disease, physiological disorders, for example episodes of epilepsy, and others. This book focuses on the current trends of research concerning the prediction of sudden cardiac death and the onset of epileptic seizures, using the nonlinear analysis based on ECG and EEG data. Topics covered include the analysis of cardiac models and neural models. The book is a collection of recent research papers by leading physicists, mathematicians, cardiologists and neurobiologists who are actively involved in using the concepts of nonlinear dynamics to explore the functional behaviours of heart and brain under normal and pathological conditions. This collection is intended for students in physics, mathematics and medical sciences, and researchers in interdisciplinary areas of physics and biology.

Heart Failure

Molecules, Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets

Author: Gregory R. Bock,Jamie A. Goode

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470029323

Category: Science

Page: 302

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Heart failure is the main cause of death and disability in the industrialized world. There is a major need for novel therapeutics for prevention and reversal of cardiac pathology associated with heart failure and cardiac enlargement. Over recent years, dramatic progress has been made in unravelling the cellular circuitry involved in cardiac failure, as well as in normal cardiac growth, development and apoptosis. This work has revealed new and unexpected therapeutic targets in the heart. In addition, advances in understanding the role of stem cells in cardiac physiology have suggested strategies for cardiac repair and regeneration once thought impossible. This book describes the work of leading investigators studying the basic mechanisms of cardiac growth, function and dysfunction. There are also exciting contributions from researchers developing novel therapeutic strategies for cardiac disease. The unique feature is the discussions amongst the contributors, which always return to the same basic problem: how can new data from biological studies be used to design novel therapies for the treatment of cardiac dysfunction following myocardial infarction, hypertension and other disorders? With its strong emphasis on translational research, this book will appeal to both scientists and clinicians interested in diminishing the impact of the current epidemic of cardiac diseases.

Thyroid and Heart Failure

From Pathophysiology to Clinics

Author: Giorgio Iervasi,Alessandro Pingitore

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8847011434

Category: Medical

Page: 266

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Both thyroid dysfunction and heart failure show a high prevalence in the adult population. Frequently, in clinical practice, a multidisciplinary approach is useful to optimize the management of patients with these conditions. Although there is no doubt regarding the close link between cardiovascular pathophysiology and thyroid homeostasis, our understanding of this association is far from being exhaustive. Thyroid hormone regulates the expression of cardiac-specific functional contractile and structural proteins and plays a pivotal role in modulating both diastolic and systolic function as well as peripheral vascular resistance. The close relationship between thyroid and heart dysfunction is strongly supported by recent evidence demonstrating that an altered thyroid profile is a negative prognostic predictor in patients with heart failure. The treatment of chronic heart failure, especially in advanced stages of the disease, continues to be an open and challenging field. The potential of novel thyroid hormone therapies that address the molecular biology of thyroid dysfunction and heart failure thus represents an attractive area of multidisciplinary scientific interest. This book is a readable, integrated, and highly up to date presentation of the clinical, pathophysiological, and basic science aspects of thyroid–heart failure interactions. It addresses a complex subject in an approach that targets a large audience of readers.

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: An Established Pacing Therapy for Heart Failure and Mechanical Dyssynchrony

Author: Ignasi Anguera Camòs

Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers

ISBN: 1608050300

Category: Medical

Page: 109

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Annotation In recent decades, the prevalence of heart failure has steadily increased and can be considered a contemporary cardiovascular epidemic. Therefore, treatment of heart failure is a primary focus of cardiovascular disease management strategies. Cardiac resynchronization therapy: an established pacing therapy for heart failure and mechanical dyssynchrony provides basic knowledge about congestive heart failure and also covers the evolution of cardiac resynchronization therapy. State-of-the-art information and future directions of this therapeutic tool are explained. As cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) is a new therapy which still undergoes rapid advancement, it is imperative to provide updates on key issues. These include technological advances, the unique role of imaging to assess mechanical dyssynchrony, troubleshooting, recent key clinical trials, and the incorporation of monitoring capabilities into CRT or CRT plus defibrillation devices. Cardiac resynchronization therapy is an exciting new option for a growing number of heart failure patients, but CRT systems present special challenges to clinicians, even those accustomed to working with pacemakers

Electrophysiological Disorders of the Heart E-Book

Expert Consult

Author: Sanjeev Saksena,A. John Camm

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437709710

Category: Medical

Page: 1488

View: 3870

The new edition of Electrophysiological Disorders of the Heart helps you diagnose and treat a full range of heart rhythm disorders using today’s latest technologies and therapies. It provides practical, hands-on coverage of hot topics such as pediatric EP, imaging, echocardiography-guided EP procedures, regenerative therapies, cardiac pacing, and more. Now available in a new full-color format, the title also includes easy online access at www.expertconsult.com. Discover new ways to treat and manage the full range of heart rhythm disorders with content focused on common clinical features, diagnosis, and management. Review expert management strategies to help you handle complex patient problems. Stay current with the latest molecular and technical advances as well as new treatment options implemented over the last few years. Use the latest technologies and devices to accurately diagnose and manage heart rhythm disorders. Consult new and expanded coverage of regenerative therapies, echo-guided procedures, cardiac pacing, and CRT, as well as a new section on pediatric electrophysiology and imaging. Enjoy improved visual guidance with many new full-color images. Log on to www.expertconsult.com to easily search the complete contents online and access a downloadable image library.

How to Reduce the Chances of a Heart Attack

Author: John Davidson

Publisher: JD-Biz Corp Publishing

ISBN: 131143626X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 55

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How to Reduce the Chances of a Heart Attack - Health Learning Series Table of Contents Introduction. Section one- Heart attack – an overview Heart attack – A crumbling of your heart. Symptoms – When you know it’s coming… Risk factors – The heart breakers! Grave prognosis -- Why you should bother trying to avoid a heart attack. Section Two- Reducing heart attacks Effective prophylaxis – an introduction Medication free strategies – Who needs a doctor? Dietary changes Say no to smoking Regular exercise Put a check on your weight. Stress management Herbal and nutritional supplements Get regular check ups Medicines – Well, sometimes you do (need a doctor) Anticoagulants Antiplatelet agents Statins ACE inhibitors Angiotensin receptor blockers Diuretics Beta blockers Work Plan – monitor your progress Conclusion References Introduction Imagine that you are breezing through life and life seems to be going so smoothly ; you are so full of life that you do not even have the time to look after yourself, much less others. Visit to your doctor can wait, of course, because right now nothing is wrong with you. You are perfectly okay. And then one day you are running to congratulate your son, who has perhaps just graduated from his high school or maybe you are getting late for some appointment and suddenly, an excruciating pain arises in your chest and goes to your shoulder… you want it to subside but the pain keeps gripping you. You feel as if your life is at an end. But you don’t want it to end. There is so much to do. But you can’t stand on your feet anymore. You feel yourself falling, falling, falling and may be you won’t wake up again. The above account describes heart attack in a nutshell. And according the American Heart Association, "About 7,250,000 Americans have a heart attack each year" So, it’s quite common, common enough that someday I and you could encounter this situation too. However, it’s not like we can’t do anything about it. While there’s no vaccine for heart attack, we can, however, significantly reduce the chances of getting a heart attack by making simple changes in our routines. This book will attempt to highlight the fact that you can, by knowing about heart attack and what risks it poses, make subtle changes in your routine and diet that will go a long way towards reducing the risk of heart attack. I must emphasize here, however, that this is no reference book and it can reinforce but cannot replace a good doctor’s advice. So, while I assure you that you will find it very informative and helpful, do not rely solely on this book for curing a heart attack; instead consult a doctor as well. With this caution in mind, let us now first see what this heart attack, which takes away the lives of so many people each year, really is, before diving into what we can do to avoid it.

Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine E-Book

Author: Meir H. Kryger,Thomas Roth,William C. Dement

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437727735

Category: Medical

Page: 1766

View: 1664

Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 5th Edition, by Meir H. Kryger, MD, FRCPC, Thomas Roth, PhD, and William C. Dement, MD, PhD, delivers the comprehensive, dependable guidance you need to effectively diagnose and manage even the most challenging sleep disorders. Updates to genetics and circadian rhythms, occupational health, sleep in older people, memory and sleep, physical examination of the patient, comorbid insomnias, and much more keep you current on the newest areas of the field. A greater emphasis on evidence-based approaches helps you make the most well-informed clinical decisions. And, a new more user-friendly, full-color format, both in print and online, lets you find the answers you need more quickly and easily. Whether you are preparing for the new sleep medicine fellowship examination, or simply want to offer your patients today's best care, this is the one resource to use! Make optimal use of the newest scientific discoveries and clinical approaches that are advancing the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders.

Advances in Clinical Chemistry

Author: Gregory S. Makowski

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780120103409

Category: Medical

Page: 379

View: 6247

Volume forty in the internationally acclaimed Advances in Clinical Chemistry, contains chapters submitted from leading experts from academia and clinical laboratory science. Authors are from a diverse field of clinical chemistry disciplines and diagnostics ranging from basic biochemical exploration to cutting edge microarray technology. In keeping with the tradition of the series, this volume emphasizes novel laboratory advances with application not only to both clinical laboratory diagnostics, but as well as practical basic science studies. This volume of Advances in Clinical Chemistry is an indispensable resource and practical guide for twenty-first century practitioners of clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, pathology, and clinical laboratory sciences in general. *Addresses biomarkers in heart disease and breast cancer *Presents the latest advances in real-time PCR with regard to clinical laboratory diagnostics *Written by international leaders in the field of clinical chemistry

Left Ventricular Assist Devices, An Issue of Cardiology Clinics - E-Book

Author: John A. Elefteriades,Donald M. Botta

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455712043

Category: Medical

Page: 188

View: 5881

A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a surgically implanted pump that helps the left ventricle pump blood to the rest of the body. The purpose of this issue is to let cardiologists know about the latest devices, their complications, and the clinical situations in which they are most beneficial.

Abstract Musings

Author: Judith LaHaie

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1456717103

Category: Poetry

Page: 456

View: 2976

Abstract Musings is a collection of poetical verse where honest feelings are unveiled as disclosed from the imagination of the author. Inspiring works are, offered, inviting open-mindedness as repetitive messages, flow, exposing truth of life where not all is pure and wonderful. Very often rhythmic words combine to form haunting images, revealing belief that everything is mystically possible, yet, sometimes horribly insufferable. Much of this poetry reflects ideals inciting fate as reality on a journey through designated vistas. Many show that, moments of fear obliterate hope, telling we must offer heart-felt prayers to GOD asking to, be shown a new path to our destined eternity. Throughout this book faith is, revealed as uppermost always, testifying to our Creator's power over HIS scientific domain. Existence and illusion intertwined invariably by love or loss are recurring themes explored intuitively in, these writings. Two of Judith's newest poems, "Castles of Sand" and "Crystal Beaches", are examples of the author's passionate cries voicing inequality for mankind, with greed totally violating harmonious guardianship of our Earth. They were, penned mid 2010 after the devastation caused to the world by corrupt governments, big banks, and big corporations (particularly BP) was, realized. Abstract Musings correlates social and moral conscience, deigned through thought and vision by a questing soul, displayed lyrically within the pages of this volume.

Wild-type Food in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

The Columbus Concept

Author: Fabien DeMeester

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781597453301

Category: Science

Page: 574

View: 5461

This book presents a cutting-edge, in-depth investigation into new methods of health promotion. It is one of the first books to focus on the role of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in unhealthy diets. The book also contains reviews of the economic benefits of novel health promotion and disease prevention methods. Leading experts present recent examples and clinical trials.