The Sid Tillsley Chronicles - Book Three

Author: M. J. Jackman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780990565567

Category: Humor

Page: 294

View: 1799

For Sid Tillsley, the end is near... When Sid Tillsley, the most prolific and lethal vampire hunter the world has ever known, cancels his subscription to "Tits" magazine, Middlesbrough locals know that something isn't right in the world. And that's an understatement... The vampire nation is ready to launch an assault on society. The Coalition, a council of vampires and humans whose purpose is to hide the existence of the creatures of the night, are almost powerless to stop them. They have one hope, not a person, but a molecule: Haemo, a drug that suppresses the vampire's need to feed. If Haemo doesn't work and the vampires take to the streets, life will never be the same again, and a new barbaric, violent age will devour mankind. Unfortunately, Sid cannot be called upon, for Sid has landed himself a legitimate job, is paying taxes, has stopped smoking and drinking, and hasn't had a kebab in over a month! But why? How? What could possibly change a Northern man so set in his ways? Vampires could never be so cruel. Such devilry, such wickedness, can only be the work of...womenfolk. ""Not even the most teeth-sharpened vampire aficionado will be able to guess how this one ends. I commend this book to all readers of both humour and vampire genres. Enjoy."" -Geoff Nelder, Cafe Doom 2nd Edition - the series has been revised and rewritten as of Sept 2014

The Great Right Hope

The Sid Tillsley Chronicles - Book One

Author: M. J. Jackman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780957472693

Category: Humor

Page: 254

View: 5963

Sometimes, even the best vampires can earn themselves a good smack... Sid Tillsley, forty-six, is an alcoholic benefit fraudster from Middlesbrough. He's sexist, homophobic, overweight, extremely lazy, and a dogger. However, "one" thing sets him apart from the rest of his fellow Northerners... He can kill vampires with a single punch. Meanwhile, in Northeast England, a monster has arisen, one that doesn't subscribe to "Tits" magazine. A vampire beast stalks the Yorkshire moors, mutilating and destroying everything in its path. The vampire elders fear the Firmamentum has reappeared-a phenomenon that occurs every few millennia when a human and a vampire are born, ultimately powerful and destined to oppose each other. The Coalition, a council of vampires and humans mandated to hide the existence of the creatures of the night, believe Sid to be the Bellator, the chosen one destined to fight the vampire beast. Sid finds himself the centre of human and vampire attention, but he's more concerned about drinking down the pub with his mates and trying to end his two year drought with the ladies. Besides, Sid has more important things to worry about. The Benefit Office is on to him, and if they see him fighting immortal vampire monsters from Hell, they may take away his disability benefits. ""Sid is hilarious, entertaining and, strangely enough, charming. Maybe charming is too strong a word..."" -Bitten by Books 2nd Edition - the series has been revised and rewritten as of Sept 2014.

Open To Doubt

Author: Marcus Achison

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1788032322

Category: Humor

Page: 200

View: 7036

Open To Doubt is a collection of short humorous stories, adventure tales and spoof advertisements covering a wide variety of topics such as heroic behaviour, travel, monkey oil, the diary of Clovis Pumly and buttock maintenance, to name but a few.

The Sphinx Without a Secret

Author: Oscar Wilde

Publisher: Sovereign via PublishDrive

ISBN: 1911144839

Category: Fiction

Page: 30

View: 5175

Lord Murchison recounts to his old friend a strange tale of a woman he had loved and intended to marry, but was now dead. She had always been very secretive and mysterious, and he one day followed her to see where she went, discovering her stealthfully going to a boarding house. He suspected there was another man, and confronted her the next day. She confessed to having been there, but said nothing happened. He did not believe her and left; she died some time later.

The Zone of Interest

A novel

Author: Martin Amis

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 0385353502

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 1063

Once upon a time there was a king, and the king commissioned his favorite wizard to create a magic mirror. This mirror didn’t show you your reflection. It showed you your soul—it showed you who you really were. The wizard couldn’t look at it without turning away. The king couldn’t look at it. The courtiers couldn’t look at it. A chestful of treasure was offered to anyone who could look at it for sixty seconds without turning away. And no one could. The Zone of Interest is a love story with a violently unromantic setting. Can love survive the mirror? Can we even meet each other’s eye, after we have seen who we really are? Powered by both wit and compassion, and in characteristically vivid prose, Martin Amis’s unforgettable new novel excavates the depths and contradictions of the human soul. From the Hardcover edition.

Shadow of the Badger

Author: Mark Jackman,Simon Jackman

Publisher: Exposure Publishing

ISBN: 9781846854934

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

View: 9843


Author: Jeff Lemire

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

ISBN: 1603091467

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: N.A

View: 7539

Pressure. As an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack Joseph is used to the immense pressures of deep-sea work. Nothing, however, could prepare him for the pressures of impending fatherhood. As Jack dives deeper and deeper, he seems to pull further and further away from his young wife, and their unborn son. But then, something happens deep on the ocean floor. Jack has a strange and mind-bending encounter that will change the course of his life forever. ... Equal parts blue-collar character study and mind-bending science fiction epic, The Underwater Welder is a 250-page graphic novel that explores fathers and sons, birth and death, memory and truth, and treasures we all bury deep down inside.


Book III of the Sid Tillsley Chronicles

Author: Mark Jackman

Publisher: LL-Publications

ISBN: 9781905091935

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

View: 453

The end is near... When the most prolific and lethal vampire hunter the world has ever known cancels his subscription to "Tits," Middlesbrough locals know that something isn't right. And that's an understatement... The vampire nation is ready to launch an assault on mankind. The Coalition, a council of vampires and humans formed to hide the existence of the vampire, are almost powerless to stop them. They have one hope, not a person, but a molecule: Haemo, a drug that quells the vampire's need to feed. If Haemo doesn't work and the vampires take to the streets life will never be the same again. Unfortunately, Sid Tillsley cannot be called upon, and it wasn't even the vampires who cancelled his subscription to his all-time favourite periodical. Sid has got a job, is paying taxes, has stopped smoking and drinking, and hasn't had a kebab in over a month! But why? Vampires would never be so cruel. Such devilry can only be the work of womenfolk... Join Sid and the lads from Middlesbrough in the exciting and hilarious conclusion about the reluctant vampire hunter...who only ever wanted a shag.

Camp Scoundrel

Doing what it Takes to Survive Paradise

Author: David Luddington

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781912601042

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 8757

When ex-SAS soldier, Michael Purdy, comes in front of the judge for hacking the bank account of the Minister for Invalidity Benefits and wiping out his wealth, he braces himself for a prison sentence. What Michael doesn't expect, is to be put in charge of a group of offenders and sent to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to teach them survival skills.

The Mary Celeste Papers

Author: Paul Gallimore

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781480129801

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

View: 3193

The Mary Celeste Papers is a laugh-out-loud, mystery novel, which bubbles up and explodes out of the grit and grime of a dead-end railroad depot in England. Follow the fates of a group of ultra-ordinary railwaymen as one of them happens across a mysterious ship's log and thereafter falls victim to a major crime. Scooped up by a tide of events way beyond their control, the unlikely band of heroes become the focus of a full-blown, worldwide, media whirlwind and all the while unanswered questions are piling up around them. Paul Gallimore's first novel is a hugely original fusion of ideas, where raw humour transmutes into whodunit, and science fiction blurs with cold fact. What is it that this delightful assortment of misfits has accidentally dragged out into the open? Did the US Navy really conduct a top secret experiment into invisibility in 1943? Just what did happen to the Mary Celeste? And will the truth finally lie somewhere in the ocean between Fulham and Philadelphia? The Mary Celeste Papers is an intelligent, well written, thought provoking funny book; filled to the brim with fully-formed, larger than life characters whose fortunes will grab your attention and hold it in a vice-like grip until the final page has been turned. The Mary Celeste Papers is a people book; about little guys on a big stage and you absolutely deserve to read it.


Author: Kim Newman

Publisher: Titan Books (US, CA)

ISBN: 1781165750

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 2437

CAN’T ELIMINATE THE IMPOSSIBLE? Send for the man from the Diogenes Club! The debonair psychic investigator Richard Jeperson is the Most Valued Member of the Diogenes Club, the least-known and most essential branch of British Intelligence. While foiling the plot of many a maniacal mastermind, he is chased by sentient snowmen and Nazi zombies, investigates an unearthly murderer stalking the sex shops of 1970s Soho, and battles a poltergeist to prevent it triggering nuclear Armageddon. But as a new century dawns, can he save the ailing Diogenes Club itself from a force more diabolical still? Newman’s ten mischievous tales, with cameos from the much-loved characters of the Anno Dracula universe, will entertain fans and newcomers alike.

The Clown Service

Author: Guy Adams

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448175526

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 1828

Toby Greene has been reassigned. The Department: Section 37 Station Office, Wood Green. The Boss: August Shining, an ex-Cambridge, Cold War-era spy. The Mission: Charged with protecting Great Britain and its interests from paranormal terrorism. The Threat: An old enemy has returned, and with him Operation Black Earth, a Soviet plan to create the ultimate insurgents by re-animating the dead.

Engineering: A Very Short Introduction

Author: David Blockley

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199578699

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 135

View: 1253

Engineering is part of almost everything we do - from the water we drink and the food we eat, to the buildings we live in and the roads and railways we travel on. This book explores the nature and practice of engineering, its history, its scope, and its relationship with art, science and technology.

Derrida: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Simon Glendinning

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191619973

Category: Philosophy

Page: 144

View: 4280

Jacques Derrida, the French philosopher, developed his critical technique known as 'deconstruction'. His work is associated with ideas surrounding both post-structuralism and post-modern philosophy, and he was known to have challenged some of the unquestioned assumptions of our philosophical tradition. In this Very Short Introduction, Simon Glendinning explores both the difficulty and significance of the work of Derrida. He presents Derrida's challenging ideas as making a significant contribution to, and providing a powerful reading of, our philosophical heritage. Defending Derrida against many of the charges that were placed against him, he attempts to show why Derrrida's work causes such extreme reactions. Glendinning explains Derrida's distinctive mode of engagement with our philosophical tradition, and shows that this is not a merely negative thing. By exploring his most famous and influential texts, Glendinning shows how and why Derrida's work of deconstruction is inspired not by a 'critical frenzy', but by a loving respect for philosophy. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Deserts: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Nick Middleton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199564302

Category: Nature

Page: 135

View: 8091

In this Very Short Introduction Nick Middleton tells the story of the desert, demonstrating its beautiful landscapes and remarkable climates. He challenges the common notion that they are dry and barren and uncovers fascinating life-forms, a rich biodiversity, and a long history of human habitation.

Small Animal Radiographic Techniques and Positioning

Author: Susie Ayers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118359917

Category: Medical

Page: 268

View: 8743

Small Animal Radiographic Techniques and Positioning is a practical, clinically applicable manual designed to aid veterinary technicians and nurses in correcting common artifacts in both film and digital radiography and in positioning the small animal patient for clear and consistent radiographs. Detailed positioning techniques are provided for each commonly radiographed body segment, including positioning aids, alternative restraint methods, and examples of the corresponding correct or incorrect radiographs. Species covered include dogs, cats, birds, and common exotics. The book begins with an overview of radiographic technique, darkroom maintenance, digital and film-screen imaging, then offers a section on small animal positioning, including some exotic species positioning techniques, with the final section presenting information on contrast media and special contrast enhanced procedures. A companion website provides the images from the book in PowerPoint and study questions and answers at Highly illustrated, Small Animal Radiographic Techniques and Positioning is a complete resource for any veterinary technician or student to quickly find imaging information and improve the clarity of small animal radiographs.

A Nurse in Action

Author: Evelyn Prentis

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446490939

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 3057

'We were quickly learning to live with war. We became very proficient at moving the patients who could walk quickly to the shelters when the sirens went. We were equally proficient at talking those who couldn't walk into believing that they would be safe where they were. Some believed us, others didn't.' Surprising Matron as well as herself, Evelyn Prentis managed to pass her Finals and become a staff-nurse. Encouraged, she took the brave leap of moving from Nottingham to London - brave not least because war was about to break. Not only did the nurses have to cope with stray bombs and influxes of patients from as far away Dunkirk, but there were also RAF men stationed nearby - which caused considerable entertainment and disappointment, and a good number of marriages ... But despite all the disruption to the hospital routine, Evelyn's warm and compelling account of a nurse in action, shows a nurse's life would always revolve around the comforting discomfort of porridge and rissoles, bandages and bedpans.

Participatory Sportswriting

An Anthology, 1870-1937

Author: Zachary Michael Jack

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078643953X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 254

View: 1571

"Long before George Plimpton donned shoulder pads for Paper Lion, sportswriters were stepping onto the field. This anthology collects 38 essays from the Gilded and Golden Age greats. Charles Dickens, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and more prowled sporti

Frat Boy and Toppy

Author: Anne Tenino

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

ISBN: 193755127X

Category: Fiction

Page: 186

View: 6006

Brad is great at meeting other people's expectations. But his own? Not so much. Take the gay thing. Okay, so yeah. It took a morning meeting with a frat brother's hairy, naked ass for him to admit it, but he knows the truth about himself now. Let the gay life commence. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. He hasn't quite determined how to come out to anyone, even Sebastian, the geeky-hot TA in his history class. Sebastian is everything Brad is not. Intellectual, suave, hairy. Out. And he doesn't seem interested in Brad, even when Brad makes a fool of himself trying to catch his notice. Score one for foolery: Sebastian does more than notice Brad; he takes him to bed. Brad's been with plenty of girls, but with Sebastian, the sex is something else entirely — hot, mind-blowing, affirming, and a little domineering in a way that drives him wild. But when great sex turns into something more — dare he admit the "L" word? — Brad must face the crushing realization that Sebastian doesn't feel the same. Unless, of course, he does. After all, even grad students can be idiots about matters of the heart.

Syzygies and Homotopy Theory

Author: F.E.A. Johnson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781447122944

Category: Mathematics

Page: 296

View: 591

The most important invariant of a topological space is its fundamental group. When this is trivial, the resulting homotopy theory is well researched and familiar. In the general case, however, homotopy theory over nontrivial fundamental groups is much more problematic and far less well understood. Syzygies and Homotopy Theory explores the problem of nonsimply connected homotopy in the first nontrivial cases and presents, for the first time, a systematic rehabilitation of Hilbert's method of syzygies in the context of non-simply connected homotopy theory. The first part of the book is theoretical, formulated to allow a general finitely presented group as a fundamental group. The innovation here is to regard syzygies as stable modules rather than minimal modules. Inevitably this forces a reconsideration of the problems of noncancellation; these are confronted in the second, practical, part of the book. In particular, the second part of the book considers how the theory works out in detail for the specific examples Fn ́F where Fn is a free group of rank n and F is finite. Another innovation is to parametrize the first syzygy in terms of the more familiar class of stably free modules. Furthermore, detailed description of these stably free modules is effected by a suitable modification of the method of Milnor squares. The theory developed within this book has potential applications in various branches of algebra, including homological algebra, ring theory and K-theory. Syzygies and Homotopy Theory will be of interest to researchers and also to graduate students with a background in algebra and algebraic topology.