An Introduction to Convex Polytopes

Author: Arne Brondsted

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461211484

Category: Mathematics

Page: 162

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The aim of this book is to introduce the reader to the fascinating world of convex polytopes. The highlights of the book are three main theorems in the combinatorial theory of convex polytopes, known as the Dehn-Sommerville Relations, the Upper Bound Theorem and the Lower Bound Theorem. All the background information on convex sets and convex polytopes which is m~eded to under stand and appreciate these three theorems is developed in detail. This background material also forms a basis for studying other aspects of polytope theory. The Dehn-Sommerville Relations are classical, whereas the proofs of the Upper Bound Theorem and the Lower Bound Theorem are of more recent date: they were found in the early 1970's by P. McMullen and D. Barnette, respectively. A famous conjecture of P. McMullen on the charac terization off-vectors of simplicial or simple polytopes dates from the same period; the book ends with a brief discussion of this conjecture and some of its relations to the Dehn-Sommerville Relations, the Upper Bound Theorem and the Lower Bound Theorem. However, the recent proofs that McMullen's conditions are both sufficient (L. J. Billera and C. W. Lee, 1980) and necessary (R. P. Stanley, 1980) go beyond the scope of the book. Prerequisites for reading the book are modest: standard linear algebra and elementary point set topology in [R1d will suffice.

Ein Jahrhundert Mathematik 1890 – 1990

Festschrift zum Jubiläum der DMV

Author: Gerd Fischer,Friedrich Hirzebruch,Winfried Scharlau,Willi Törnig

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322802655

Category: Mathematics

Page: 830

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Zum Anlass des 100. Geburtstages der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung erscheint diese Festschrift, bestehend aus neunzehn Beiträgen, in denen anerkannte Fachwissenschaftler die Entwicklung ihres jeweiligen mathematischen Fachgebietes beschreiben und dabei auch kritische Rückschau auf die Geschichte der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung seit ihrer Gründung 1890 halten. Insbesondere der erste Beitrag setzt sich intensiv mit der Historie der Mathematik und der Mathematiker im Dritten Reich auseinander."Mit diesem Band wird ein wichtiger Beitrag zur bisher wenig entwickelten Geschichtsschreibung der neueren Mathematik geleistet. (R. Siegmund-Schultze in "Deutsche Literatur-Zeitung" 1,2/1992, Bd. 113)

A Course in Convexity

Author: Alexander Barvinok

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821829688

Category: Mathematics

Page: 366

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Convexity is a simple idea that manifests itself in a surprising variety of places. This fertile field has an immensely rich structure and numerous applications. Barvinok demonstrates that simplicity, intuitive appeal, and the universality of applications make teaching (and learning) convexity a gratifying experience. The book will benefit both teacher and student: It is easy to understand, entertaining to the reader, and includes many exercises that vary in degree of difficulty. Overall, the author demonstrates the power of a few simple unifying principles in a variety of pure and applied problems. The prerequisites are minimal amounts of linear algebra, analysis, and elementary topology, plus basic computational skills. Portions of the book could be used by advanced undergraduates. As a whole, it is designed for graduate students interested in mathematical methods, computer science, electrical engineering, and operations research. The book will also be of interest to research mathematicians, who will find some results that are recent, some that are new, and many known results that are discussed from a new perspective.

Das Kontinuum diskret berechnen

Author: Matthias Beck,Sinai Robins

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3540795960

Category: Mathematics

Page: 242

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Das Gebiet des „Zählens von Gitterpunkten in Polytopen", auch Ehrhart-Theorie genannt, bietet verschiedene Verbindungen: zu elementarer endlicher Fourier-Analysis, zum Münzenproblem von Frobenius, zu Raumwinkeln, magischen Quadraten, Dedekind-Summen und vielem mehr. Dies nutzen die Autoren und knüpfen einen roten Faden, der so die grundlegenden Ideen aus diskreter Geometrie, Kombinatorik und Zahlentheorie verbindet. 250 Aufgaben und offene Probleme sowie der ansprechende Stil der Autoren laden zum Mitdenken ein.

Lectures on Polytopes

Author: Günter M. Ziegler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387943657

Category: Mathematics

Page: 370

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Based on a graduate course at the Technische Universität, Berlin, these lectures present a wealth of material on the modern theory of convex polytopes. The straightforward exposition features many illustrations, and complete proofs for most theorems. With only linear algebra as a prerequisite, it takes the reader quickly from the basics to topics of recent research. The lectures introduce basic facts about polytopes, with an emphasis on methods that yield the results, discuss important examples and elegant constructions, and show the excitement of current work in the field. They will provide interesting and enjoyable reading for researchers as well as students.

Mathematical Developments Arising from Linear Programming

Proceedings of a Joint Summer Research Conference Held at Bowdoin College, June 25-July 1, 1988

Author: Jeffrey C. Lagarias,Michael J. Todd

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821851217

Category: Mathematics

Page: 341

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In recent years, there has been intense work in linear and nonlinear programming, much of it centered on understanding and extending the ideas underlying N. Karmarkar's interior-point linear programming algorithm, which was presented in 1984. This interdisciplinary research was the subject of an AMS Summer Research Conference on Mathematical Developments Arising from Linear Programming, held at Bowdoin College in the summer of 1988, which brought together researchers in mathematics, computer science, and operations research. This volume contains the proceedings from the conference. Among the topics covered in this book are: completely integrable dynamical systems arising in optimization problems, Riemannian geometry and interior-point linear programming methods, concepts of approximate solution of linear programs, average case analysis of the simplex method, and recent results in convex polytopes. Some of the papers extend interior-point methods to quadratic programming, the linear complementarity problem, convex programming, multi-criteria optimization, and integer programming. Other papers study the continuous trajectories underlying interior point methods. This book will be an excellent resource for those interested in the latest developments arising from Karmarkar's linear programming algorithm and in path-following methods for solving differential equations.

Lectures on Discrete Geometry

Author: Ji?í Matoušek

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461300398

Category: Mathematics

Page: 486

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The main topics in this introductory text to discrete geometry include basics on convex sets, convex polytopes and hyperplane arrangements, combinatorial complexity of geometric configurations, intersection patterns and transversals of convex sets, geometric Ramsey-type results, and embeddings of finite metric spaces into normed spaces. In each area, the text explains several key results and methods.

Algebraic Topology

A First Course

Author: William Fulton

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461241804

Category: Mathematics

Page: 430

View: 638

To the Teacher. This book is designed to introduce a student to some of the important ideas of algebraic topology by emphasizing the re lations of these ideas with other areas of mathematics. Rather than choosing one point of view of modem topology (homotopy theory, simplicial complexes, singular theory, axiomatic homology, differ ential topology, etc.), we concentrate our attention on concrete prob lems in low dimensions, introducing only as much algebraic machin ery as necessary for the problems we meet. This makes it possible to see a wider variety of important features of the subject than is usual in a beginning text. The book is designed for students of mathematics or science who are not aiming to become practicing algebraic topol ogists-without, we hope, discouraging budding topologists. We also feel that this approach is in better harmony with the historical devel opment of the subject. What would we like a student to know after a first course in to pology (assuming we reject the answer: half of what one would like the student to know after a second course in topology)? Our answers to this have guided the choice of material, which includes: under standing the relation between homology and integration, first on plane domains, later on Riemann surfaces and in higher dimensions; wind ing numbers and degrees of mappings, fixed-point theorems; appli cations such as the Jordan curve theorem, invariance of domain; in dices of vector fields and Euler characteristics; fundamental groups


Operations research

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International journal devoted to pure and applied research on the use of scientific methods and information processing in business and industry. Articles may be in English or French.

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