Archaic and Classical Greek Art

Author: Robin Osborne

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780192842640

Category: Art

Page: 270

View: 6954

Explores the art of ancient Greece and its relationship to the world in which it was produced.

The Oxford History of Classical Art

Author: John Boardman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Art

Page: 406

View: 5651

Provides an overview of Greek and Roman art from the 8th century B.C. to the late Roman Empire, examining the different styles, artists, and patrons for each period.

The Oxford History of Greece and the Hellenistic World

Author: John Boardman,Jasper Griffin,Oswyn Murray

Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780192801371

Category: History

Page: 520

View: 7807

'From reviews of The Oxford History of the Classical World: the book is truly excellent the standard of the contributions is extraordinarily high ' -Observer' this book has no equal and would be difficult to better ' -Books and Bookmen

Classical Greece, 500-323 BC

Author: Robin Osborne

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0198731531

Category: History

Page: 271

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The complete Short Oxford History of Europe (series editor: Professor T C W Blanning) will cover the history of Europe from Classical Greece to the present in eleven volumes. In each, experts write to their strengths tackling the key issues, including society, economy, religion, politics, and culture, head-on in chapters that will be at once wide-ranging surveys and searching analyses. Each book is specifically designed with the non-specialist reader in mind; but the authority of the contributors and the vigour of the interpretations will make them necessary and challenging reading for fellow academics across a range of disciplines. Osborne's is the third book to be launched in the series, following on from the publication of Blanning's Eighteenth and Nineteenth century volumes. Robin Osborne provides an analysis which introduces the physical world of the Greek city and the inheritance of the classical city from its archaic past. With specially commissioned chapters, ateam of experts introduce the reader to the economy of the Greek city, its political and religious institutions, the waging of warfare between cities, the nature and ancient analysis of struggles within cities, and the private life of individuals. The focus then moves to diachronic change within the city, tracing the broad narratives of Greek history through the fifth and fourth centuries, and concludes by demonstrating the changing ways in which the Greeks themselves construed individual and civic life. Looking at classical Greece as a whole, the reader is introduced to general issues through use of precise examples and through the words of Greek writers themselves. Maps, a timeline, and a selective bibliography help readers to ground the information that is given and direct their further studies.

The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture

Author: Clemente Marconi

Publisher: Oxford Handbooks

ISBN: 0199783306

Category: Art

Page: 710

View: 5392

This handbook explores key aspects of art and architecture in ancient Greece and Rome. Drawing on the perspectives of scholars of various generations, nationalities, and backgrounds, it discusses Greek and Roman ideas about art and architecture, as expressed in both texts and images, along with the production of art and architecture in the Greek and Roman world.

The Eye of Greece

Studies in the Art of Athens

Author: Donna Kurtz

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521237262

Category: Art

Page: 188

View: 1711

An exploration of the subjects and problems in the art of Archaic and Classical Athens.

Art in China

Author: Craig Clunas,Senior Lecturer in Art History Craig Clunas

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780192842077

Category: Art

Page: 255

View: 1399

Presents an overview of art in China from the Neolithic period to the 1990s

Schiedsrichter, Gesetzgeber und Gesetzgebung im archaischen Griechenland

Author: Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9783515069281

Category: History

Page: 343

View: 2182

Das Auftreten der "grossen Gesetzgeber", die Entstehung schriftlich fixierter Gesetze und die "Kodifikation des Rechts" in der griechischen Welt des 7. und 6. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. gelten als entscheidende Impulse des Wandels der archaischen Polis zum klassischen Stadtstaat. Das Buch bietet eine quellenkritische Aufarbeitung der einschlagigen literarischen Tradition, empirische Analysen zu einzelnen Gesetzgebern und Gesetzen, eine umfassende Auswertung epigraphischer Zeugnisse der fruhen Gesetzgebung und eine strukturgeschichtliche Einordnung der dabei erzielten Ergebnisse. So entsteht das differenzierte Bild eines Prozesses, in dem die Entwicklung von Institutionen und Verfahren der Gesetzgebung die Konsolidierung der besonderen Staatlichkeit der Polis wesentlich vorantrieb. "Holkeskamps Arbeit verdient zu Recht das Pradikat 'grosser Wurf'". Das Historisch-Politische Buch "Das vorliegende Buch ist ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Wurdigung eines zentralen Themas der Geschichte des archaischen Griechenlands, es erschliesst weitverstreutes Material und eroffnet den Zugang zu der fast unuberschaubar gewordenen Fulle wissenschaftlicher Bemuhungen um das Thema." KLIO "acomprehensive and thorough a In sum, HolkeskampAes full study will be indispensable for specialists in archaic Greek history and law." American Historical Review "aH.aes book makes a compelling, thorough and insightful contribution to the study of early Greek law and should not be overlooked by scholars or advanced students in any aspect of the subject." Brynmawr Classical Review "In the areas of archaic arbitration, law-giving and codification, H.Aes book will remain a necessary starting point for many years to come." Scripta Classica Israelica

A World History of Art

Author: Hugh Honour,John Fleming

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

ISBN: 9781856694513

Category: Art

Page: 936

View: 3959

Expanded to include the latest discoveries in prehistoric art as well as the most recent developments in non-Western and modern art, this is an up-to-date and wide ranging history of art.

A Basic History of Art

Author: Anthony F. Janson

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 9780130991355

Category: Art

Page: 695

View: 5224

For undergraduate one-semester courses in Art History, Art Appreciation, and General Humanities. Retaining the intelligence and freshness of H.W. Janson's classic original work, this unsurpassed introductory survey on the history of Western art from the ancient through modern worlds is specifically written and designed to make art history accessible and enjoyable for students. Now with a new Art History CD-ROM containing nearly 400 images in a flash card format, and an exciting new design, the Sixth Edition enhances its narrative with in-margin coverage of historical/terminology notes, drawings, tables on historical events and personages, explanation of artistic processes, and boxes with history of music and theater topics.

A basic history of western art

Author: Horst Woldemar Janson,Anthony F. Janson

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Art

Page: 682

View: 6951

For undergraduate one-semester courses in Art History or Art Appreciation Basic History of Artá provides students and instructors with a beautifully illustrated and masterfully concise introduction to the Western tradition of art history. The Seventh Edit

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome

Author: Michael Gagarin

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195170725

Category: History

Page: 3584

View: 9533

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome is the clearest and most accessible guide to the world of classical antiquity ever produced. This multivolume reference work is a comprehensive overview of the major cultures of the classical Mediterranean world--Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman--from the Bronze Age to the fifth century CE. It also covers the legacy of the classical world and its interpretation and influence in subsequent centuries. The Encyclopedia brings the work of the best classical scholars, archaeologists, and historians together in an easy-to-use format. The articles, written by leading scholars in the field, seek to convey the significance of the people, places, and historical events of classical antiquity, together with its intellectual and material culture. Broad overviews of literature, history, archaeology, art, philosophy, science, and religion are complimented by articles on authors and their works, literary genres and periods, historical figures and events, archaeologists and archaeological sites, artists and artistic themes and materials, philosophers and philosophical schools, scientists and scientific areas, gods, heroes, and myths. Areas covered include: · Greek and Latin Literature · Authors and Their Works · Historical Figures and Events · Religion and Mythology · Art, Artists, Artistic Themes, and Materials · Archaeology, Philosophers, and Philosophical Schools · Science and Technology · Politics, Economics, and Society · Material Culture and Everyday Life

Die römische Kunst

Author: Paul Zanker

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 340669067X

Category: Art

Page: 127

View: 6480

Mit dem Aufstieg Roms zum Zentrum eines riesigen Imperiums nahm auch die römische Kunst ihre spezifischen Züge an. Dieser anregende und allgemeinverständliche Band zeigt, wie die Römer sich ab dem 3. Jahrhundert v. Chr. die griechische Kultur umfassend aneigneten und gleichzeitig eine ganz eigene Bildsprache ausbildeten. Er führt in die Entwicklung der römischen Kunst von der Zeit der Republik bis in die Spätantike ein und erläutert ihre Funktionen im öffentlichen wie im privaten Leben Roms. Zugleich macht er uns die Botschaften, die die Bilder in ihrem historischen Kontext vermittelten, zugänglich.

A Companion to Greek Art

Author: Tyler Jo Smith,Dimitris Plantzos

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118273370

Category: Art

Page: 888

View: 835

A comprehensive, authoritative account of the development Greek Artthrough the 1st millennium BC. An invaluable resource for scholars dealing with the art,material culture and history of the post-classical world Includes voices from such diverse fields as art history,classical studies, and archaeology and offers a diversity of viewsto the topic Features an innovative group of chapters dealing with thereception of Greek art from the Middle Ages to the present Includes chapters on Chronology and Topography, as well asWorkshops and Technology Includes four major sections: Forms, Times and Places; Contactsand Colonies; Images and Meanings; Greek Art: Ancient toAntique

Greek History

Author: Robin Osborne

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415317177

Category: History

Page: 175

View: 8818

Robin Osborne's energetic and lively guidebook is the ideal introduction to the study of ancient Greece, from the end of the Bronze Age (c.1200BC) to the Roman conquest in the second century BC. Covering all the most important topics in the study of the Greek past, it also explores the cultural, political, demographic and economic approaches to Greek history that students will encounter. Professor Osborne sheds light on the full possibilities - and problems - of working with the surviving evidence, by giving examples from archaeological and art historical sources as well as written texts. The book includes a clear and helpful guide to further reading. It is an excellent starting point for those who want to take their studies further.

Greek History: Archaic to Classical Age: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

Author: Oxford University Press

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199802883

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 38

View: 1583

This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of the ancient world find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format they appear from books, chapters, and journal articles to online archives, electronic data sets, and blogs. Written by a leading international authority on the subject, the ebook provides bibliographic information supported by direct recommendations about which sources to consult and editorial commentary to make it clear how the cited sources are interrelated. A reader will discover, for instance, the most reliable introductions and overviews to the topic, and the most important publications on various areas of scholarly interest within this topic. In classics, as in other disciplines, researchers at all levels are drowning in potentially useful scholarly information, and this guide has been created as a tool for cutting through that material to find the exact source you need. This ebook is just one of many articles from Oxford Bibliographies Online: Classics, a continuously updated and growing online resource designed to provide authoritative guidance through the scholarship and other materials relevant to the study of classics. Oxford Bibliographies Online covers most subject disciplines within the social science and humanities, for more information visit