Art of the Japanese Sword

The Craft of Swordmaking and its Appreciation

Author: Yoshindo Yoshihara,Leon Kapp,Hiroko Kapp

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462909965

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 256

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In The Art of the Japanese Sword, master swordsmith Yoshindo Yoshihara offers a detailed look at the entire process of Japanese sword making, including the finishing and appreciation of Japanese blades. Japanese sword art stands out in many ways: functionality as a weapon, sophisticated metallurgy and metal smithing, the shape of the blade itself—all contribute to the beauty of these remarkable weapons. The Art of the Japanese Sword conveys to the reader Japanese samurai sword history and Japanese sword care, as well as explaining how to view and appreciate a blade. With 256 full-color pages, this sword book illustrates in meticulous detail how modern craftsmen use traditional methods to prepare their steel, forge the sword and create the unique hardened edge. By gaining a good understanding of how a sword is actually made, the reader will be able to appreciate the samurai sword more fully. Topics include: Appreciating the Japanese sword History of the Japanese sword Traditional Japanese steel making Making the sword Finishing the sword

The Samurai Sword

A Handbook

Author: John M. Yumoto

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9780804805094

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 191

View: 8771

Explores the origins and development of the famous samurai sword as a work of art and a weapon and discusses its identification, evaluation, and care

The Art of Japanese Sword Polishing

Author: Setsuo Takaiwa,Yoshindo Yoshihara,Leon Kapp,Hiroko Kapp

Publisher: Planeta Publishing

ISBN: 9784770024947

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 191

View: 1493

To understand Japanese sword polishing is to understand the sword itself. This book examines in detail the polisher's techniques. It illustrates the methods, materials, and tools used for this process, but its true aim is to enable the reader to appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted Japanese sword. To understand Japanese sword polishing is to understand the sword itself. Through the centuries, the great connoisseurs have been polishers. A swordsmith can spend much time forging a classic sword, but refining and bringing out its final shape, colour and texture so that


Art of the Japanese Sword

Author: David Lowry

Publisher: Black Belt Communications

ISBN: 9780897501040

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 191

View: 9007

Author Dave Lowry of the ancient sword school Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu teaches the basics of Japanese swordsmanship using the bokken, the wooden training sword. Lowry covers stances, body movement, striking, combination techniques and techniques with a partner.

Art of the Samurai

Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156-1868

Author: Morihiro Ogawa,Kazutoshi Harada,Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 1588393453

Category: Art

Page: 344

View: 8710

Overzicht van de wapens en wapenuitrustingen van de Samoerai.

The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords

Author: Kōkan Nagayama

Publisher: Kodansha International

ISBN: 9784770020710

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 348

View: 9723

Connoisseur's Book Japanese Swords is a Kodansha International publication.


Author: Kanzan Sato,Kanzan Satō

Publisher: Kodansha International

ISBN: 9780870115622

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 210

View: 3438

One of the foremost experts on the Japanese sword describes their history and appreciations in this book, with photographs and illustrations. The Japanese sword combines unbreakability, rigidity, and lethal cutting power, and it is in the resolution of these conflicting practical requirements that it emerges as a triumph of the forger's art. The mystique of the sword lingers on in our age of mechanized combat, but the aesthetic qualities for which swords are most valued by collectors today-the liveliness of the metal skin,' the confidence in every aspect of the'

Lethal Elegance

The Art of Samurai Sword Fittings

Author: Joe Earle

Publisher: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

ISBN: 9780878467754

Category: Art

Page: 256

View: 832

As the "soul of the samurai," the sword is famously both the symbol and instrument of Japanese military prowess. Less known, at least in the west, is its role as a fashion accessory or status symbol. More than the weapon itself, it was the sword's metal fittings--from the hand guard to the small decorative plates on the hilt--that reflected the complexities of samurai life. Some fittings were meant to convey the honor and self-control expected of a samurai, while other, more flamboyant fittings reflected the samurai's leisure-time persona as "man about town." Later, when the wearing of swords spread beyond the samurai class, both the decorative function of the fittings and the variety of their designs increased, leading to some of the most accomplished metalwork ever created. Now in paperback for the first time, Lethal Elegancepresents 150 of these remarkable sword fittings, and is one of the few books to focus on their styles and techniques. It discusses the visual effects achieved with different alloys, the evolution of fittings following changes in warfare, symbolism and standards for connoisseurship. Though these objects were created for violent ends, their variety and beauty also reveal them as wonders of self-expression.

The Art of the Japanese Sword

As Taught by the Experts

Author: Kunihira Kawachi,Masao Manabe

Publisher: Floating World Edithions

ISBN: 9781891640414

Category: Art

Page: 156

View: 6720

The more than thousand-year-old art of sword making in Japan is one of the world's most brilliant metalworking traditions. In danger of being lost when sword manufacture was prohibited after the Second World War, today the art is making an astonishing comeback in the hands of a new generation of swordsmiths. In this book master swordsmith Kunihira Kawachi introduces through beautiful color photographs examples of swords that he has created or restored. Questions and answers covering many aspects of sword culture are followed by a thorough chapter teaching how to care for and appreciate Japanese swords, and a discussion of the many legends surrounding the swords of the most famous swordsmen in Japanese history. A central section illustrates the tools and techniques for making Japanese swords with more than 50 color and monochrome photos. Finally, a chapter of essays presenting the lives and opinions of those involved in sword making in Japan today is followed by appendixes listing such useful information as the best museums in which to view fine sword collections around the world. This modest book is packed with information of use to all connoisseurs and collectors of Japanese swords, as well as anyone interested in Japanese metal crafts or martial culture.

Sword Of The Samurai

The Classical Art Of Japanese Swordsmanship

Author: George R. Parulski

Publisher: Paladin Press

ISBN: 9780873643320

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 144

View: 7268

Discover the colorful history of sword making, the ryu of Japan, the samurai code of honor and the Zen tradition of swordsmanship. Parulski covers the uniform and how it's worn, fighting postures, conditioning, training with the suburito and traditional etiquette. Photos and text reveal the kihon--prearranged attacks and defenses--and the kata of drawing one and two swords, with applications to actual attacks.

IAI The Art of Drawing the Sword

Author: Darrell Max Craig

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9780804870238

Category: History

Page: 258

View: 5195

This unique guide unlocks the mysteries of this ancient ritual practice and explains the significance of swords in the samurai culture

The Craft of the Japanese Sword

Author: Leon Kapp,Hiroko Kapp,Yoshindo Yoshihara

Publisher: Kodansha International

ISBN: 9780870117985

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 167

View: 5300

From raw steel to tempered blade, this text presents a visual account of the ancient craft of swordmaking as practiced in modern Japan. Well over a thousand years old, the tradition of swordmaking in Japan is one of the most highly regarded metal crafts in the world. When all sword manufacture was prohibited in Japan for seven years after World War II, the age-old techniques were in danger of being lost forever. Today, in the hands of a new generation of practitioners, the craft is making a startling comeback. Connoisseurs say that the swords being produced

Japanese Sword Fighting

Secrets of the Samurai

Author: Masaaki Hatsumi

Publisher: Kodansha

ISBN: 9781568365923

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

View: 1139

Renowned budo (martial arts) and ninja grandmaster Hatsumi explains how Japanese sword fighting embodies the essence of budo and the spirit of the samurai. For centures, sword masters like Miyamoto Musashi have been revered, and have fascinated and inspired people everywhere. Now, in his definitive work, Masaaki Hatsumi, the world's most famous living budo and ninja grandmaster, shares his vast knowledge of Japanese sword fighting as it's been practiced through the ages: its history, techniques, styles, and core philosophies, along with the deepest secrets of this venerable martial art. Hatsumi covers a variety of classical techniques, including ninja kenpo and two-sword fighting, and also demonstrates applications using the stick, spear, naginata, and kusarigama. He then explores such secret techniques as those involving armor, and the mutodori (no-sword) forms, considered the ultimate samurai skill. Detailed demonstration photos, works of calligraphy by famous samurai artists, historical scrolls, and illustrations enhance the text. Within Hatsumi's technical descriptions and musings on the history of bushido (the way of the warrior) are sections in which he places budo and sword fighting in their cultural context, discusses their practical applications, and conveys his personal philosophy of promoting a world of peace and tolerance.

Mugai Ryu

The Classical Samurai Art of Drawing the Sword

Author: Darrell Max Craig

Publisher: Ymaa Publications

ISBN: 9781886969186

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 314

View: 8751

A fascinating account of Feudal Japan, the development of the Samurai's art of swordsmanship, and their codes of honor.

Legends and Stories Around the Japanese Sword

Author: Markus Sesko

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3842366035


Page: 184

View: 6737

In the last years and decades several publications and translations on the subject of the Japanese Sword have been published in the West. In this way, the historical background, the characteristics of the blades, smiths, and schools, as well as the art of sword forging, and the sword fittings were introduced and explained. The aim of this publication is now to bring the reader closer to the role the Japanese sword " the nihont " played in the warrior class and the Japanese society, namely by the means of legends, stories, and anecdotes on famous swords and their swordsmiths, embedded in an explanation of the background and other relevant facts. In the end, the reader should have an idea about the high value that was placed on this proverbial legendary weapon that span than a thousand years of Japanese history (and even still today as an object of art). The aim was to obtain a balance between easy access for beginners and detailed facts for confirmed enthusiasts.

Drawing the Samurai Sword

The Japanese Art of Swordsmanship; Master the Ancient Art of Iaido

Author: Darrell Max Craig

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9780804850087

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

View: 2620

To the Japanese, the sword is a spiritual weapon. It possesses a particular divinity, reflecting the soul of its maker, owner, and user. Around its mystical powers has grown the centuries-old ritual and practice of Samurai swordsmanship which is still avidly practiced today as is a fascinating and intricate martial art. This unique guide unlocks all the mysteries of the ancient tradition of Iaijutsu—explaining the history and significance of the sword in Samurai culture and documenting the techniques of swordsmanship as found in no other martial arts book. Darrell Max Craig is one of the foremost teachers of Kendo in the West. He spent many years in Japan competing and training at the very highest level. His book, Drawing the Samurai Sword, provides a thorough examination of all aspects of Iaijutsu—including information on sword care and selection, necessary gear, sword and dojo etiquette, and useful drills for practice and demonstration. This book also teaches readers about: How to evaluate your Samurai sword and handle it safely How to wear the traditional Hakama uniform How to perform the Kata forms to hone your technique The brutal history of sword testing, and today's more humane equivalent The classic and exciting story of "The Forty-Seven Ronin" And much more! Featuring a new preface by the author, original color photos and added information about sword testing, this generously-illustrated book is a treasure trove of information for aspiring students and experienced practitioners alike.

Das Buch der fünf Ringe

Klassische Strategien aus dem alten Japan

Author: Miyamoto Musashi

Publisher: Piper Verlag

ISBN: 3492964869

Category: Self-Help

Page: 160

View: 7475

Dieses Grundlagenwerk der Schwertkunst ist eine klassische Anleitung für strategisches Handeln: Entscheidend für eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Miyamoto Musashis Weisheiten ist nicht die Technik, sondern die innere Haltung, geprägt durch Entspannung, Offenheit und Klugheit des Herzens. Musashi zeigt in zahlreichen anschaulichen Beispielen und Geschichten, wie kluges strategisches Handeln auch in der heutigen Berufs- und Arbeitswelt zum Erfolg führt.


Author: 土子民夫

Publisher: Kodansha International

ISBN: 9784770028549

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 255

View: 590

New Generation of Japanese Swordsmiths is a Kodansha International publication.