Art Record Covers

Author: Francesco Spampinato

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836540292

Category: Design

Page: 448

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An anthology of artists' record covers from the 1950s to the present day. Includes interviews with Tauba Auerbach, Shepard Fairey, Kim Gordon, Christian Marclay, Albert Oehlen, and Raymond Pettibon.


U.S. and Canadian APPLE RECORDS Price and Reference Guide

Author: Jeffery Levy

Publisher: Jeffery Levy

ISBN: 0969433204

Category: Music

Page: 398

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Applelog 5th Edition is the only complete resource for collectors of U.S. and Canadian Apple recordings and related material, including: • Albums • Singles • E.P.'s • Compact Disc's • 4-Tracks • 8-Tracks • Cassettes • Reel-to-reels • Apple reissues • Apple Advertisements • Apple Studios • Details on unreleased items • Apple Memorabilia • Foreign Apple Records • Special Interest Items, and more!

Silverwood: The Door: The Complete Season 1

Author: Brian Keene,Richard Chizmar,Stephen Kozeniewski,Michelle Garza,Melissa Lason

Publisher: Serial Box

ISBN: 168210558X

Category: Fiction

Page: 577

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In the forest of Silverwood you won't just lose your way, you'll lose your mind. Deep within the forest of Silverwood, California, a crack between dimensions has appeared. A dark force that lurks among the trees is growing stronger, determined to return home if it can only gather the strength to open the door—bad news for a Cub Scout troop and the employees of Hirsch Capital on a company retreat nearby. As their darkest fears and impulses power the mysterious force, their bonding exercises take a deadly turn. Will anyone be able to keep their minds long enough to close the door before our world is torn apart? Silverwood: The Door was written by a team of bestselling horror authors. Brian Keene is the host of the popular podcast The Horror Show with Brian Keene, award-winning author of The Rising, Ghoul, The Naughty List, The Ties That Bind, and Fast Zombies Suck. Richard Chizmar is a New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Amazon, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author, the co-author—with Stephen King—of the bestselling novella, Gwendy’s Button Box and the founder/publisher of Cemetery Dance magazine and the Cemetery Dance Publications book imprint. Stephen Kozeniewski is the author of The Hematophages, Every Kingdom Divided, The Ghoul Archipelago, Hunter of the Dead. The Sisters of Slaughter, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason are the authors of Mayan Blue. The novel is based on Silverwood by director Tony E. Valenzuela (award winning writer/director and creator of BlackBoxTV, the #1 most-subscribed & watched sci-fi/horror channel on YouTube.) Praise for Silverwood and the authors: "This guy is gold." —Stephen King, praise for Richard Chizmar

The Greatest Performance

Author: Elias Miguel Munoz

Publisher: Arte Publico Press

ISBN: 9781611921571


Page: N.A

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Andy Warhol


Author: Andy Warhol,Zdenek Felix,Tilman Osterwold,Kenneth E. Silver,Württembergischer Kunstverein

Publisher: Distributed Art Pub Inc


Category: Art

Page: 213

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Mark Rothko

1903 - 1970 ; Bilder als Dramen

Author: Jacob Baal-Teshuva

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836512824


Page: 96

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Sound Unbound

Sampling Digital Music and Culture

Author: Paul D. Miller

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262266468

Category: Music

Page: 432

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If Rhythm Science was about the flow of things, Sound Unbound is about the remix -- how music, art, and literature have blurred the lines between what an artist can do and what a composer can create. In Sound Unbound, Rhythm Science author Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid asks artists to describe their work and compositional strategies in their own words. These are reports from the front lines on the role of sound and digital media in an information-based society. The topics are as diverse as the contributors: composer Steve Reich offers a memoir of his life with technology, from tape loops to video opera; Miller himself considers sampling and civilization; novelist Jonathan Lethem writes about appropriation and plagiarism; science fiction writer Bruce Sterling looks at dead media; Ron Eglash examines racial signifiers in electrical engineering; media activist Naeem Mohaiemen explores the influence of Islam on hip hop; rapper Chuck D contributes "Three Pieces"; musician Brian Eno explores the sound and history of bells; Hans Ulrich Obrist and Philippe Parreno interview composer-conductor Pierre Boulez; and much more. "Press 'play,'" Miller writes, "and this anthology says 'here goes.'" The groundbreaking music that accompanies the book features Nam Jun Paik, the Dada Movement, John Cage, Sonic Youth, and many other examples of avant-garde music. Most of this content comes from the archives of Sub Rosa, a legendary record label that has been the benchmark for archival sounds since the beginnings of electronic music. To receive these free music files, readers may send an email to the address listed in the book.ContributorsDavid Allenby, Pierre Boulez, Catherine Corman, Chuck D, Erik Davis, Scott De Lahunta, Manuel DeLanda, Cory Doctorow, Eveline Domnitch, Frances Dyson, Ron Eglash, Brian Eno, Dmitry Gelfand, Dick Hebdige, Lee Hirsch, Vijay Iyer, Ken Jordan, Douglas Kahn, Daphne Keller, Beryl Korot, Jaron Lanier, Joseph Lanza, Jonathan Lethem, Carlo McCormick, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, Moby, Naeem Mohaiemen, Alondra Nelson, Keith and Mendi Obadike, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Pauline Oliveros, Philippe Parreno, Ibrahim Quaraishi, Steve Reich, Simon Reynolds, Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud, Nadine Robinson, Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), Alex Steinweiss, Bruce Sterling, Lucy Walker, Saul Williams, Jeff E. Winner.

The Art Record

A Monthly Illustrated Review of the Arts and Crafts

Author: Arthur F. Phillips

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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Art and Laughter

Author: Sheri Klein

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857732773

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 6117

This is the first book to take seriously - though not too seriously - the surprisingly neglected role of humour in art. 'Art and Laughter' looks back to comic masters such as Hogarth and Daumier and to Dada, Surrealism and Pop Art, asking what makes us laugh and why. It explores the use of comedy in art from satire and irony to pun, parody and black and bawdy humour. Encouraging laughter in the hallowed space of the gallery, Sheri Klein praises the contemporary artist as ‘clown’ - often overlooked in favour of the role of artist as ‘serious’ commentator - and takes us on a tour of the comic work of Red Grooms, Cary Leibowitz, ‘The Hairy Who’, Richard Prince, Bruce Nauman, Jeff Koons, William Wegman, Vik Muniz and many more. She seeks out those rare smiles in art - from the Mona Lisa onwards - and highlights too the pleasures of the cute, the camp and the downright kitsch.

Rumour and Radiation

Sound in Video Art

Author: Paul Hegarty

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1623566681

Category: Music

Page: 216

View: 7359

This is a book about video art, and about sound art. The thesis is that sound first entered the gallery via the video art of the 1960s and in so doing, created an unexpected noise. The early part of the book looks at this formative period and the key figures within it - then jumps to the mid-1990s, when video art has become such a major part of contemporary art production, it no longer seems an autonomous form. Paul Hegarty considers the work of a range of artists (including Steve McQueen, Christian Marclay, Ryan Trecartin, and Jane and Louise Wilson), proposing different theories according to the particular strategy of the artist under discussion. Connecting them all are the twinned ideas of intermedia and synaesthesia. Hegarty offers close readings of video works, as influenced by their sound, while also considering the institutional and material contexts. Applying contemporary sound theory to the world of video art, Paul Hegarty offers an entirely fresh perspective on the interactions between sound, sound art, and the visual.

Rock art

the golden age of record album covers

Author: Dennis Saleh

Publisher: N.A


Category: Music

Page: 135

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Menschen in New York

Gesichter einer Stadt

Author: Brandon Stanton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783866904279

Category: Travel

Page: 304

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1000 Record Covers

Author: Michael Ochs

Publisher: Taschen America Llc

ISBN: 9783836550581

Category: Art

Page: 574

View: 5515

L'art d'illustrer les pochettes de disques. Les pochettes de disques sont le témoin d'une époque. Tout comme la musique qu'elles viennent illustrer, elles évoquent l'amour, la vie, la mort, l'air du temps, comme la révolte. Pour les passionnés de musique, les pochettes de disques sont le reflet d'une période précise, d'un moment donné de leur existence. Beaucoup d'entre elles, véritables oeuvres d'art, sont devenues aussi célèbres que la musique qu'elles illustrent, comme la fameuse banane d'Andy Warhol, par exemple, réalisée pour le Velvet Underground. Cette édition présente une sélection des meilleures pochettes d'albums des années 6o aux années 90, choisies dans l'immense collection privée de Michael Ochs, collectionneur de disques, disc-jockey et journaliste, qui a également travaillé dans le service de publicité de plusieurs maisons de disques. Cet ouvrage, qui se lit indifféremment comme un voyage dans le temps ou une étude générale sur l'évolution du "cover art", rend enfin justice à une forme d'expression artistique encore trop sous-estimée.

Tiki Art Now

A Volcanic Eruption of Art

Author: Otto Von Stroheim

Publisher: Last Gasp

ISBN: 9780867196276

Category: Art

Page: 87

View: 3258

At the dawn of the 21st century, the world is at odds with its primitive past and its sophisticated cultural future. Herein lie the signposts to the next major art movement. Enter Tiki, the coming of the new art god! This softbound colour art book features Tiki-themed art from Shag, The Pizz, Lisa Petrucci, Chuck Sperry, Sunny Buick, Mary Fleener, Ragnar, Scott Saw, Marco Almera, Munktiki, Kalyn Campbell, Dave Burke and many more. Foreword by Robert Williams.

The Sixties

Author: Jenny Diski

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1847652506

Category: History

Page: 151

View: 4924

Many books have been written on the Sixties: tributes to music and fashion, sex, drugs and revolution. In The Sixties, Jenny Diski breaks the mould, wryly dismantling the big ideas that dominated the era - liberation, permissiveness and self-invention - to consider what she and her generation were really up to. Was it rude to refuse to have sex with someone? Did they take drugs to get by, or to see the world differently? How responsible were they for the self-interest and greed of the Eighties? With characteristic wit and verve, Diski takes an incisive look at the radical beliefs to which her generation subscribed, little realising they were often old ideas dressed up in new forms, sometimes patterned by BIBA. She considers whether she and her peers were as serious as they thought about changing the world, if the radical sixties were funded by the baby-boomers' parents, and if the big idea shaping the Sixties was that it really felt as if it meant something to be young.

The Cover Art of Blue Note Records

The Collection

Author: Graham Marsh,Glyn Callingham

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781843405993

Category: Design

Page: 240

View: 3994

A best-selling anthology of over 400 covers from one of the most acclaimed record labels of all time. Complete compliation of the original Blue Note volumes A timeless collector’s piece for all music fans The Cover Art of Blue Note Records is Graham Marsh and Glyn Callingham's classic collection of the finest record sleeves produced by the celebrated Blue Note record label. This new edition is the complete compilation of the original volumes published nearly two decades ago. Including every cover, essay and photo that appeared in the original volumes, this collection is bound to appeal. Iconic covers of artists such as Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and Art Blakey, make this anthology an evocative piece of Jazz history. With over 400 of the best covers in the record label's history and a selection of short essays, this is a comprehensive guide for all Jazz fans and anyone interested in classic design.

Naked Vinyl

Bachelor Album Cover Art

Author: Tim O'Brien,Mike Savage

Publisher: Universe Pub

ISBN: 9780789308627

Category: Art

Page: 256

View: 4841

Fun, contemporary and visually stunning, Naked Vinyl is guaranteed to act as a conversation piece, it lovingly brings together more than one hundred of the best album covers from that unique sub-genre of the music industry-the bachelor album. The collection focuses on the development of the "vinyl nude" from the adult-oriented eroticism of the fifties to the brash exhibitionism of the seventies. Listings of artists, musicians, producers, lyricists and photographers accompany the cover art to create a sexy, stylish and contemporary collection of beautiful, sometimes tawdry, vinyl nudes. The genre of record cover art holds a visual interest all its own. It holds appeal for record collectors and music enthusiasts, design and photography enthusiasts, and anyone with an eye for color, style, or beauty. Naked Vinyl features classic album cover art that brings together music, art and eroticism, displaying their playful character shamelessly to the world.

Blown Covers

New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to See

Author: Françoise Mouly

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1613123213

Category: Humor

Page: 128

View: 6225

DIVFrançoise Mouly takes us behind the scenes at the New Yorker and reveals how the magazine creates its signature covers commenting on the most urgent political and cultural events of the day. She shows the shocking and hilarious sketches that didn’t make the cut and explains how these are essential stages in the evolution of a cover that stands the test of time but retains its edge. Her book captures contemporary history—from the farce of Monica Lewinsky to the adventures of Michelle and Barack to nuclear meltdown in Japan—in images that are as acute as they are outrageous. More than that, it shows how the magazine that exemplifies journalistic excellence in America also dares to cultivate a sense of humor when grappling with complex moral and political issues. Praise for Blown Covers: “Interesting failures are the driving force behind BLOWN COVERS: New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to See (Abrams, $24.95), by Françoise Mouly. Mouly is the art editor of The New Yorker, and paging through this book is like standing in the corner of her office as she pins up rejected covers on the wall. Mouly has dozens of tales about images that failed for one reason or another. Now, presumably with the approval of her bosses at Condé Nast, she has created a tell-all (or tell-most) that even non–illustrators and designers will find enlightening.” —New York Times Book Review “Yes, Blown Covers sometimes offends—and that’s the audacious joy of it.” — “[New Yorker] art editor Mouly offers some true delights.” —Sacramento Bee /div