Chance und Schaden

zur Dienstleisterhaftung bei unaufklärbaren Kausalverläufen

Author: Gerald Mäsch

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161483646

Category: Law

Page: 468

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English summary: The victim of professional malpractice may recover damages only if the link of causation between the breach of duty and the damages suffered is established to the actual certainty of the court. Yet, in many cases, this is not easy - Would the attorney's client have won the law suit but for the attorney's omission to file an appeal in time? Would the patient have survived but for the physician's failure to diagnose cancer at an earlier stage? In cases where the answer is not a clear yes or no, German courts follow the traditional all-or-nothing-approach: The client's claim for damages will succeed in full or be dismissed entirely, depending on the Court's decision to leave the burden of proof with the client or to shift it to the service provider. Against the background of a detailed evaluation of the experiences in foreign legal systems Gerald Masch examines the conditions for integrating a loss of a chance approach in German law and its scope of application. German description: Macht ein Dienstleister im Rahmen der ihm ubertragenen Aufgabe einen Fehler, ist nicht selten unaufklarbar, ob ein in der Folge von seinem Vertragspartner erlittener Schaden ursachlich mit diesem verknupft ist - vielleicht ware der Prozess oder der Kampf gegen die Krankheit auch ohne den Fehler des Anwalts oder Arztes verloren gewesen. Verlangt der Vertragspartner Schadenersatz, kommt es nach jetziger Praxis in Deutschland immer zu einer Alles-oder-nichts-Losung: Er gewinnt oder verliert voll, je nachdem, ob die Beweislast fur die Kausalitat ihm oder seinem Gegner aufgeburdet wird. Wahrend sich die Rechtsprechung im Rahmen der Arzthaftung die Freiheit nimmt, die Beweislast nach sehr differenzierten, gleichwohl nicht uberzeugenden Kriterien zwischen Arzt und Patient zu verteilen, belasst sie es ansonsten bei der Grundregel, dass der Anspruchsteller abzuweisen ist, wenn ihm der Beweis der Kausalitat nicht gelingt, nicht ohne freilich in der Anwaltshaftung fur forensische Fehler einen weiteren Irrweg zu beschreiten und die Schadenskausalitat zugunsten der eigenen richtigenEntscheidung des Regressgerichts ganz aus der Betrachtung auszuscheiden. Unter Berucksichtigung der Diskussion in anderen europaischen und aussereuropaischen Landern entwickelt Gerald Masch ein einheitliches materielles Gegenkonzept der Haftung bereits fur den Verlust der Chance (des Prozessgewinns, der Heilung etc.) und entfaltet es in seinen Einzelheiten.

Construction Law

Author: Julian Bailey

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1317912659

Category: Law

Page: 2770

View: 2046

Construction Law by Julian Bailey provides a detailed treatment of the major issues arising out of construction and engineering projects, with extensive references to case law, statutes and regulations, standard forms of contract and legal commentary. It is a “one stop shop” for busy practitioners with construction law issues as it presents a comprehensive view of the subject matter of construction law in England, Wales, Australia and internationally. Construction Law provides: Detailed treatment of the major issues arising out of construction and engineering projects, with extensive references to case law, statutes and regulations, standard forms of contract and legal commentary. A three-volume work, giving a comprehensive view of the subject matter of construction law in England, Wales, Australia and internationally. A “one stop shop” for all your construction law issues.

Proprietary Interests in Commercial Transactions

Author: Sarah Worthington

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198262756

Category: Law

Page: 270

View: 779

One of the most pressing problems now facing commercial lawyers is to explain the principles which determine when a remedy is proprietary and when it is not. This book provides a broad overview of the subject. It examines representative business transactions which commonly give rise to legal or equitable interests in personal property. Its aim is to distil the fundamental principles understanding the relevant legal analyses. The result is to provide a more theoretically rigorous analytical framework for proprietary interests in personal property. The practical advantages of this are potentially twofold: new commercial transactions can be more effectively structured; in addtion, disputes between contracting parties can be more reliably resolved. Two features of the analysis are significant. The first is the elastic nature of proprietary interests in personal property. Although proprietary interests can be broadly classified as ownership or security interests, these are relativeconcepts which may be affected significantly by impinging contractual arrangements. The second feature is the necessary and intimate integration of law and equity. Equitable proprietary interests are remarkabldy prevalent; this prevalence is directly related to the apparent ease with which equity is able to convert particular personal obligations into proprietary interests.

A Complete List of British and Colonial Law Reports and Legal Periodicals

With a Check List of Canadian Statutes : Arranged in Alphabetical and in Chronological Order with Bibliographical Notes

Author: William Harold Maxwell,Charles Raynor Brown

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 1886363110

Category: Law

Page: 200

View: 2347

Maxwell, W. Harold and C.R. Brown. A Complete List of British and Colonial Law Reports and Legal Periodicals. Arranged in Alphabetical and in Chronological Order with Bibliographical Notes. [With]: Check List of Canadian and Newfoundland Statutes.[Third Edition]. Toronto: The Carswell Company, Limited, 1937. viii, 141, 49 pp. Reprinted 1995 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 96-14504. ISBN 1-886363-11-0. Cloth. $95. * This comprehensive guide includes every known edition of every British or Colonial law report (except American reprints). This edition also includes a list of the various territories in the British Empire which had issued printed legislation. Librarians and scholars will find this a particularly useful checklist, with notes that supplement Soule's earlier Lawyer's Reference Manual.

Handbuch des internationalen und ausländischen Baurechts

Author: Götz-Sebastian Hök

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642130003

Category: Law

Page: 1714

View: 9111

Das Handbuch macht das internationale und ausländische Bau- und Bauvertragsrechts verständlich. Erläutert wird, wie das jeweils anwendbare Recht ermittelt und vereinbart wird. Vertragstypen werden eingehend besprochen und international übliche Vertragsklauseln erläutert. Länderberichte erschließen das ausländische Baurecht. Die 2., vollständig überarbeitete Auflage wurde um Abschnitte zur Abwicklung von Bauablaufstörungen und Hinweise zum Claim Management sowie um weitere Länderberichte (Indien, Qatar, Rumänien und Südafrika) ergänzt.

The treaty-making power in the Commonwealth of Australia

Author: Günther Doeker

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9401195609

Category: Law

Page: 279

View: 8470

In the relation of states, treaties are a matter of great importance. The law of treaties and the study of treaty-making procedures in municipal law systems have become both from a theoretical and practical point of view, subjects of increasing interest. The United Nations Legal Committee as well as the International Law Commission have published studies concerned with the relationship of international law and municipal law, emphasizing national practices concerning the conclusion of treaties. In the case of some countries, such as Great Britain and the United States, numerous studies of treaty making problems have been made, but much less has been published in the case of many other countries such as Australia, Canada or India. In the case of Australia, research on treaty-making has resulted in comparatively few published articles in scholarly and legal journals and only a few comments in general legal treatises. But no comprehen sive legal analysis of the subject has as yet appeared. This study aims to present a comprehensive survey and analysis of actual treaty making procedures and practices in Australia against the setting of the relevant constitutional and other legal norms of the Australian political system. The analysis of treaty-making will consider both normative and empirical legal aspects. Basic constitutional norms, legal principles derived from common and constitutional law and statutes will be discussed, as well as the actual practices and procedures used in the exercise of the treaty-making power.

Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice

Author: Laetitia Hattingh,John S. Low,Kim Forrester

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729581438

Category: Medical

Page: 312

View: 9646

A new edition of this excellent pharmacy law text, fully updated and unique to the Australian marketplace. Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice 2nd edition is the key law and ethics resource for pharmacists and students. Fully revised and updated, this new edition provides an introduction to contemporary pharmacy practice in Australia, looking at the various laws, policies and standards that govern the profession. Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice 2nd edition features excerpts of the relevant legislation, addressing all the pharmacy laws and regulations Australia’s pharmacists need to know. This updated pharmacy law text also includes a wealth of new content, such as pharmacy-specific case scenarios. Plus, all chapters are clearly mapped to the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists 2010, which cover aspects of medicine regulation and pharmacy practice. An essential resource in the ever-changing area of pharmacy practice, this new edition of Australian Pharmacy Law and Practice is ideal for both pharmacy students wanting to understand the legal and regulatory implications of pharmacy practice and practicing pharmacists seeking clarification of their position in relation to the state and national legislation and regulation under which they practice. End-of-chapter questions and activities Further reading lists in every chapter State-specific and up-to-date legislation Clear, easy-to-follow layout Additional case study resources on Elsevier’s Evolve portal Case scenarios incorporated throughout chapters. Listing of National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists 2010 covered in each chapter.

The Interaction of Contract Law and Tort and Property Law in Europe

A Comparative Study

Author: Christian von Bar,Ulrich Drobnig

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 386653731X

Category: Law

Page: 573

View: 5667

Against the background of the creation of an EU-wide frame of reference for private law relevant to the Common Market, this study, which was requested by the EU Commission, analyses the dovetailing between contract and tort law on the one hand, and between contract and property law on the other. The study examines the legal orders of almost all the Member States of the EU, illustrates the differences between contractual and non-contractual liability and evaluates the different systems of the transfer of property, of movable and immovable securities as well as trust law. The study comes to the conclusion that the intensive considerations on the creation of a model-law in the area of European private law do not allow these thoughts to be limited to contract law. Such a limitation to the scope of the regarding of this area would probably cause more problems than it would solve, or at any rate not do justice to the needs of the Common Market.

Minority Rights in the Pacific Region

A Comparative Analysis

Author: Joshua Castellino,David Keane

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199574820

Category: Law

Page: 281

View: 5720

Countries in the Pacific face unique challenges of survival and progress in establishing themselves and participating fully in international society. Their geographic isolation from the rest of global society is compounded by complex layers of often competing national and indigenous identities among their populations built through wave upon wave of migration. This has created rich diversity, competing regimes and real challenges in terms of state-building, ethnic identity, social policy cohesion and development in post-colonial settings. The issues studied here would be of interest to scholars from a range of different disciplines such as Law, Politics, Sociology and Anthropology. By examining the theory and practice of minority rights law in states such as Fiji and Papua New Guinea, alongside their more familiar neighbours Australia and New Zealand, this book makes a unique contribution in a region often ignored in the literature.

Markesinis and Deakin's Tort Law

Author: Simon F. Deakin,Angus Johnston,B. S. Markesinis

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199591989

Category: Law

Page: 907

View: 5411

Fully updated to cover developments including the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, the Human Rights Act, Regina vs. Ireland, and Regina vs. Burstow, this book provides comprehensive commentary on tort law. The authors provide a variety of comparative and economic perspectives upon the area.

National Corporate Law in a Globalised Market

The UK Experience in Perspective

Author: David Milman

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1849802254

Category: Law

Page: 240

View: 1459

This is an ambitious, original, fascinating and eminently readable study of UK company law in its European and international context. As well as doctrinal company law (whether purely domestic or European), it touches on theory and other laws, especially insolvency, fiscal and private international law affecting the corporate form. It provides insights that will be of interest and use to academic company lawyers across the world and should be on the reading list for any postgraduate course on company law. John Birds, University of Manchester, UK In this book, David Milman explains the significant impact and effect of global trends on the regulation and implementation of UK corporate law, exposing both the historical and future advancement of the global convergence (and divergence) of corporate principles in jurisdictions across the world. The treatment of the subject area is unique, informative and a compelling read. The exposition of the subject matter is thought provoking. The book is comprehensively crafted, exhibiting the author s enviable ability to import detailed and complex issues into a most readable text. Stephen Griffin, University of Wolverhampton, UK In this timely book, David Milman considers how UK corporate law has been affected by the forces of globalisation, arguing that this is not a new development, but rather is part of an historical continuum. He examines corporate law regulatory strategy in general, treatment of foreign shareholders and multinational groups, aspects of private international law and issues connected with cross border insolvency. The substantive chapters cover a full range of issues, from the harmonisation of corporate law, and the common denominators in corporate law principles, to the regulation of overseas companies and foreign stakeholders and transnational cooperation. The book concludes with a consideration of the wider issue of convergence in corporate law and examines whether total convergence is a realistic possibility. National Corporate Law in a Globalised Market is set against the backdrop of the progressive implementation of the Companies Act 2006 and the turmoil of the current world financial crisis. With a scholarly review of current theoretical and policy issues in corporate law this book will be an invaluable resource tool for academics and advanced students as well as practitioners.

Das Volkerrechtliche Demokratiegebot

Eine Untersuchung Zur Schwindenden Wertneutralitat Des Volkerrechts Gegenuber Den Staatlichen Binnenstrukturen

Author: Frithjof Ehm

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161520396

Category: Law

Page: 359

View: 4420

English summary: Democracy has been spreading around the world in the past decades. It was this development which prompted Frithjof Ehm to show that international law now demands a democratic state structure from the individual governments. In his study, the author makes an important contribution to the transition in international law towards an international legal system based on values. German description: Internationale Studien belegen, dass sich die Staats- und Regierungsform der Demokratie in den letzten Jahren weltweit zunehmend verbreiten konnte. Diese Entwicklung hat Frithjof Ehm zum Anlass genommen, eine kaum noch zu uberschauende Anzahl an Vertragen, Erklarungen und vielen weiteren einschlagigen Dokumenten mit Bezug zur demokratischen Verfasstheit von Staaten zu untersuchen. Dabei kommt er zu dem Ergebnis, dass sowohl dem Volkervertragsrecht als auch dem Volkergewohnheitsrecht ein an die Staaten gerichtetes Demokratiegebot entnommen werden kann. Der Autor beschrankt diesen neuen volkerrechtlichen Rechtssatz jedoch auf elementare Kernelemente und macht ihn damit praktikabel. Anschliessend beschaftigt er sich mit der Frage, welche volkerrechtliche Bedeutung das Demokratiegebot fur den Staat und auch das Volkerrecht selbst besitzt. Mit dieser Arbeit leistet Frithjof Ehm einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Wandel des Volkerrechts hin zu einer immer mehr wertgebundenen internationalen Rechtsordnung.

Contractual Obligations in Ghana and Nigeria

Author: U. U. Uche

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135157049

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 408

View: 5656

First Published in 1971. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Concise Legal Research

Author: Robert Watt,Francis Johns

Publisher: Federation Press

ISBN: 9781862877238

Category: Law

Page: 323

View: 7192

Concise Legal Research details the technical aspects of a huge number of legal sources and explains how to research law with confidence and in good time. This new edition focuses on the impact of online access and the need for the researcher to move seamlessly between traditional and electronic resources. All strategies that have been created to incorporate hard copy researching techniques have been updated with alternate electronic methods. Particular attention has been paid to the chapter on secondary sources, and with the maintenance of a structured approach to research, recognises that online research âe" with its many inherent pitfalls âe" must carefully fit within rules of research required by the discipline.

A Factual Assessment of the Draft Common Frame of Reference

Author: Luisa Anatoniolli,Francesca Fiorentini

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3866538693

Category: Law

Page: 494

View: 3745

This book contains a case-based assessment of the Draft Common Frame of Reference carried out by the Common Core Evaluating Group, which gathers a number of well-established and younger scholars coming from Eastern and Western countries of the European Union using the working method of the research project "The Common Core of European Private Law" ( The aim of the assessment is to test how the Draft Common Frame of Reference could work when applied in different national legal systems. To this end, a number of factual situations, i.e. hypothetical cases, have been drafted by the authors and solved through the application of both national rules and rules of the DCFR. Thereby, similarities and differences in the outcome of the cases have been analysed, together with difficulties - if any - in the application of the "Principles of European Law". The Common Core assessment has been carried out as part of the "Joint Network of European Private Law" Project (CoPECL), financed by the EU Commission.

Accountability for Human Rights Atrocities in International Law

Beyond the Nuremberg Legacy

Author: Steven R. Ratner,Jason S. Abrams,James L. Bischoff

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191018678

Category: Political Science

Page: 536

View: 1297

This book explores the promises and limitations of holding individuals accountable for violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. It analyses the principal crimes under international law, such as genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, and appraises both prosecutorial and other key mechanisms developed to bring individuals to justice. After applying their conclusions in a detailed case study, the authors offer a series of compelling conclusions on the prospects for accountability. This fully updated new edition contains expanded coverage of national trials under universal jurisdiction, international criminal tribunals including the International Criminal Court, new hybrid tribunals in Cambodia and elsewhere, truth commissions, and lustration. It also explores individual accountability for terrorist acts and for abuses committed in the name of counter-terrorism policy.