You are an Acceptable Level of Threat and If You Were Not You Would Know about it

Author: Gary Shove,Banksy,Patrick Potter

Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture

ISBN: 9781908211309

Category: Art

Page: 240

View: 4156

This title collects the works of one of the most succesful and well-known street artists ever, Banksy.

Art in the Streets

Author: Jeffrey Deitch,Roger Gastman,Aaron Rose

Publisher: Skira

ISBN: 0847836177

Category: Art

Page: 319

View: 6753

A catalog of an exhibition that surveys the history of international graffiti and street art.


The Man Behind the Wall

Author: Will Ellsworth-Jones

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250025745

Category: Art

Page: 336

View: 4413

While hiding from the limelight, Banksy has made himself into one of the world's best-known living artists. His pieces have fetched millions of dollars at prestigious auction houses. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his film Exit Through the Gift Shop. Once viewed as vandalism, his work is now venerated; fans have gone so far as to dismantle the walls that he has painted on for collection and sale. But as famous as Banksy is, he is also utterly unknown—he conceals his real name, hides his face, distorts his voice, and reveals his identity to only a select few. Who is this man that has captivated millions? How did a graffiti artist from Bristol, England, find himself at the center of an artistic movement? How has someone who goes to such great lengths to keep himself hidden achieved such great notoriety? And is his anonymity a necessity to continue his vandalism—or a marketing tool to make him ever more famous? Now, in the first ever full-scale investigation of the artist, reporter Will Ellsworth-Jones pieces together the story of Banksy, building up a picture of the man and the world in which he operates. He talks to his friends and enemies, those who knew him in his early, unnoticed days, and those who have watched him try to come to terms with his newfound fame and success. And he explores the contradictions of a champion of renegade art going to greater and greater lengths to control his image and his work. Banksy offers a revealing glimpse at an enigmatic figure and a riveting account of how a self-professed vandal became an international icon—and turned the art world upside down in the process.

Pictures of Walls

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780955194603

Category: Graffiti

Page: 80

View: 6607

Seven Years with Banksy

Author: Robert Clarke

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

ISBN: 1843178931

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 4020

Seven Years with Banksy is an illuminating memoir of the world's most celebrated graffiti artist, offering an insight into his life and work through the experiences that he and the author Robert Clarke shared together during Banksy's formative years. Clarke takes us through his first encounters with Banksy, which took place in a hotel in New York in the 1990s, and candidly describes how his friendship with this young English artist developed. Along the way, readers will discover more about the ever-mysterious Banksy - what makes him tick, why he does what he does, and why he ultimately rejects fame in favour of anonymity, setting him apart from many other popular artists of our time. This is the perfect read for any Banksy or modern-art fan.

Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall

Author: Banksy

Publisher: Last Gasp of San Francisco

ISBN: 9780954170400

Category: Anarchism

Page: 48

View: 4711

The first incendiary collection of stencils and graffiti from Banksy, presented and bound in a handy pocket sized high quality format. Rarely have art and politics been put to such fine, and overtly public, use. Mix the irony and juxtaposition of John Yates with the beauty of the finest aerosol art, and you'll have some idea of how good this really is. The reproductions are interspersed with an excellent array of quotes, statements, letters and a beginners guide to painting with stencils. Very, very good.

Where's B**ksy?

Author: Xavier Tapies

Publisher: Gingko Press

ISBN: 9781584236467

Category: Graffiti

Page: 224

View: 1414

Where s Banksy? fully captures the artist s exploits around the world with clever chronologically-arranged maps. The only survey that looks at Banksy s entire street art career, from his earliest works in 2002 through Dismaland and to the present, with photos and in-depth analysis of the history and meaning of each work. Banksy s public persona has grown to mythic proportions, making his actual identity irrelevant. And yet, he can be found in his art - stylized social commentary for the masses. This book is the ultimate introduction to the work of this brilliant artist and social pioneer.

Banksy Locations & Tours

A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs in London, England

Author: Martin Bull

Publisher: PM Press

ISBN: 1604862386

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 956

When it comes to art, London is best known for its galleries, not its graffiti. However, not if photographer Martin Bull has anything to say about it. While newspapers and magazines the world over send their critics to review the latest Damien Hirst show at the Tate Modern, Bull, in turn, is out taking photos of the latest street installations by guerilla art icon Banksy. In three guided tours, Martin Bull documents sixty-five London sites where one can see some of the most important works by the legendary political artist. Boasting over 100 color photos, Banksy: Locations and Tours also includes graffiti by many of Banksy's peers, including Eine, Faile, El Chivo, Arofish, Cept, Space Invader, Blek Le Rat, D*face, and Shepherd Fairey. This edition has updated locations and 25 additional photos.

Banksy in New York

Author: Ray Mock

Publisher: Carnage

ISBN: 9780990643715

Category: Art

Page: 120

View: 8696

"The city is in play. How did we end up here? What were we thinking? We spent hours refreshing news feeds, trading rumors and locations, calling in sick at work and wandering through every part of New York. For the entire month of October, 2013, our days were bookended by the urgent desire to leave our houses in order to rediscover our city from different angles and the desperate knowledge that this was all ephemeral, that we could blink and miss it. What was the point of it all? and what's that thing over there by the wall? Is that a Banksy? Ah, no, nevermind. Couldn't help noticing it though. Banksy in New York features many such questions and few answers. You will be no wiser for reading this book. But perhaps you will want to go outside and explore a bit."--P. [4] of cover.

Graffiti L.A.

street styles and art

Author: Steve Grody

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.


Category: Art

Page: 303

View: 1746

An examination of Los Angeles street art begins with the stylized writing used by Latino gangs in the 1930s and includes hundreds of color photographs and commentary from the artists and their "crews."

Covert to Overt

The Under/overground Art of Shepard Fairey

Author: Shepard Fairey

Publisher: Rizzoli Publications

ISBN: 0847846210

Category: Art

Page: 255

View: 6241

Includes texts by Shepard Fairey, Russell Brand [and five others].

The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Author: Rafael Schacter,John Fekner

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300199422

Category: Art

Page: 399

View: 6928

DIVAn authoritative guide to the most significant artists, schools, and styles of street art and graffiti around the world/div

The Art of Spray Paint

Inspirations and Techniques from Masters of Aerosol

Author: Lori Zimmer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1631591460

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 1951

Discover the totally unexpected, beautiful and intricate art created using the easily accessible medium. The Art of Spray Paint showcases the grand and imaginative scale of spray paint art and design. Inside, you'll find jaw-dropping spray paint creations from around the world! You'll discover the process of each art form, as well as tricks of the trade, from small clever projects to huge art installations. Much more than a book about "cool" spray paint designs, Lori Zimmer guides you through amazing large-scale art production, immersive environments, working from intuition, collaboration, the artist's role in society, alternative creative economies, contemporary mythology, storytelling, DIY projects and more. With such a readily available medium, what will you create? Contributors include: CRASH, PichiAvo, BR163, Logan Hicks, Joe Iurato, Nick Walker, Caroline Caldwell, Casey Gray, Tristan Eaton, Matt Eaton, Hueman, Elle, Tatiana Suarez, Conor Harrington, Remi Rough, Will Hutnick, Rubin415, Rebecca Paul, Zac Braun, Ian Kuali’i, Ele Pack, Dana Oldfather

Kurt Vonnegut Drawings

Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Publisher: RosettaBooks

ISBN: 0795342578

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 1322

Those who know Kurt Vonnegut as one of America's most beloved and influential writers will be surprised and delighted to discover that he was also a gifted graphic artist. This book brings together the finest examples of his funny, strange, and moving drawings in an inexpensive, beautifully produced gift volume for every Vonnegut fan. Kurt Vonnegut's daughter Nanette introduces this volume of his never before published drawings with an intimate remembrance of her father. Vonnegut always drew, and many of his novels contain sketches. Breakfast of Champions (1973) included many felt-tip pen drawings, and he had a show in 1983 of his drawings at New York's Margo Feiden Gallery, but really got going in the early 1990s when he became acquainted with the screenprinter Joe Petro III, who became his partner in making his colorful drawings available as silkscreens. With a touch of cubism, mixed with a Paul Klee gift for caricature, a Calder-like ability to balance color and line, and more than a touch of sixties psychedelic sensibility, Vonnegut's aesthetic is as idiosyncratic and defiant of tradition as his books. While writing came to be more onerous in his later years, making art became his joyful primary activity, and he made drawings up until his death in 2007. This volume, and a planned touring exhibition of the drawings, will introduce Vonnegut's legion of fans to an entirely new side of his irrepressible creative personality.


The Art & Technique of Graffiti

Author: Scape Martinez

Publisher: IMPACT

ISBN: 9781600610714

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 6263

Once viewed as merely a blemish on the urban landscape, graffiti today has evolved into a legitimate art form in its own right, influencing entertainment, advertising, fashion and other creative industries worldwide. In this unprecedented book, master graffiti artist Scape Martinez shows how he does his thing, offering streetwise advice to help other "writers" create maximum-impact, legally sanctioned work. Step by step, he lays out the philosophies and realities of the genre. From picking a "tag" and developing letterforms, to the logistics of prepping a wall and working a spray can in a painterly fashion, Graff will help you find your style and leave your mark—large and loud. A breakdown of the fundamental elements of graffiti-style—letters, character, backgrounds—and how they work together and intermingle with arrows, symbols, quotes and tags From paper to wall, a start-to-finish approach for creating graffiti in various styles 5 on-site step-by-step demonstrations show the creation of various types of compositions, from throw ups to full-blown pieces Complete with a glossary and a timeline tracing graffiti history, Graff is the bible for street artists looking to elevate their work, graphic designers wanting to expand their vocabulary, and anyone interested in giving their work an edgy, urban look.

JR: Can Art Change the World?

Author: Nato Thompson,Joseph Remnant

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714869490

Category: Art

Page: 296

View: 1425

The first major and in-depth retrospective monograph on JR, the enigmatic and anonymous Parisian photographer/street artist/activist behind some of the world's most provocative large-scale public photography projects. Created in close collaboration with JR, this book includes all bodies of his work, his collaborations with other artists and institutions such as the New York Ballet and previously unpublished behind-the-scenes documentation of his studios in Paris and New York, where he and his creative collaborators live and work. Introducing JR 's story is a specially commissioned graphic novel by comic artist Joseph Remnant, which charts his rise from graffiti roots and his decision to become a full-time artist. Features a survey essay by Nato Thompson, Chief Curator of Creative Time, New York.

Generation Roe

Inside the Future of the Pro-Choice Movement

Author: Sarah Erdreich

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 1609804597

Category: Social Science

Page: 131

View: 6662

Strong support among women was key to Obama’s reelection. At the start of his second term, it is time for Barack Obama, forty years after Roe v. Wade, to finally help lead us to demystify abortion. One-third of all American women will have an abortion by the time they are 45, and most of those women are already mothers. Yet, the topic remains taboo. In this provocative book on the heels of the Planned Parenthood controversy, Sarah Erdreich presents the antidote to the usual abortion debates. Inextricably connected to issues of autonomy, privacy, and sexuality, the abortion debate remains home base for the culture wars in America. Yet, there is more common ground than meets the eye in favor of choice. Generation Roe delves into phenomena such as "abortion-recovery counseling," "crisis pregnancy centers," and the infamous anti-choice "black children are an endangered species" billboards. It tells the stories of those who risk their lives to pursue careers in this stigmatized field. And it outlines the outrageous legislative battles that are being waged against abortion rights all over the country. With an inspiring spirit and a forward-looking approach, Erdreich holds abortion up, unabashedly, as a moral and fundamental human right. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Banksy: Art Breaks the Rules

Author: Hettie Bingham

Publisher: Wayland

ISBN: 9780750299763

Category: Art

Page: 48

View: 4112

Who is Banksy? One of the most famous street artists in the world, he has kept his identity a secret ever since his work was first noticed in the 1990s. He is known for his subversive, often political, stencil art and dark sense of humor. Today, he is known around the globe, not only for his art, but also for his exhibitions, film work and books. Discover all there is to know about the man behind the pseudonym in this pocket-sized guide to Banksy: his childhood, what inspires him and how he went from local graffiti artist to global fame. See some of his most iconic imagery, and find out how his art provides clues to his personality and political views. Learn all about Dismaland, Banksy's pop-up 'bemusement park' that drew the world's attention to Weston-Super-Mare in 2015, and discover how his art is often a response to global issues such as the refugee crisis, or conflict in the Middle East. Many of Banksy's original artworks no longer exist in the places they were created, but here you can see some of his most famous pieces, including Sweep it Under the Carpet; The Mild Mild West and Mobile Lovers. A 'spotters guide' at the back of the book also provides information about where you can spot a real-life Banksy in the wild. Comprehensive, engaging and crammed full of fascinating information, this is the ideal read for Banksy fans of all ages!

Asphalt Renaissance

The Pavement Art and 3-D Illusions of Kurt Wenner

Author: Kurt Wenner,B. Hansen,M. Hospodar

Publisher: Sterling Signature

ISBN: 9781402771262

Category: Art

Page: 304

View: 2422

The author, who revolutionized the ancient art of street painting by creating a technique that produces astounding images in 3-D, discusses his career and work, and showcases his visually stunning paintings. Original. 10,000 first printing.