Beyond the Dark Gate

Epic Fantasy Series the Flow of Power

Author: R V Johnson

Publisher: Lost In New World Publishing

ISBN: 0986165522

Category: Fiction

Page: 518

View: 4071

The Flow of Power Rages On. Faced with a choice that could save or destroy those Crystalyn loves, madness looms at the edge of her broken mind. Jade's aura-reading ability develops, evolving beyond wholesome. Garn's enslavement ends, something far worse taking its place. Determined to destroy the foundation of power on Astura, the hooded man's intrigues wreak havoc on the land. A brilliant Dark robe executes a bold plan that, if successful, will unleash a great malevolence. Enduring in the shadows for millennia, a new influence emerges. Gaining strength from others, its alien cunning has subjugated entire worlds with none the wiser. With peril lurking everywhere, Crystalyn's great and brittle strength becomes ever more imperative to her friends' and families' welfare...but only if she can hold up. The epic saga continues in this action-packed second novel of The Flow of Power series. **

Beyond the Sapphire Gate

'The Flow of Power' Book 1

Author: R.V. Johnson

Publisher: Lost In New World Publishing

ISBN: 0986165506

Category: Fiction

Page: 438

View: 9017

The Dark Gate

Author: Pamela Palmer

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 1426800347

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 5182

Larsen Vale has a secret: she sees things. Terrible things. Deadly things. And her latest vision features a strange albino man…and her own death. Haunted and afraid, she trusts no one, not even the handsome cop who seems fascinated with her. Washington, D.C., detective Jack Hallihan has one mission: find the man who is assaulting young women. But the police have no clues, no leads and no witnesses. And Jack has a deadly secret of his own—a secret Larsen holds the key to. Time is running out. If Larsen and Jack can't learn to trust their attraction to each other, the Gate will be opened—and the world will be forever changed….

World of Warcraft: Jenseits des dunklen Portals

Roman zum Game

Author: Christie Golden,Aaron Rosenberg

Publisher: Panini

ISBN: 3833234083

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 8410

DIE NEUE INVASION DER HORDE! Ner'zhul, der alte Schamane der Orcs, hat die Kontrolle über die Horde erlangt und das Dunkle Portal wieder geöffnet. Seine blutdürstigen Krieger fallen nun erneut über Azeroth her und belagern die Burg Nethergarde. Umzingelt von den wütenden Orcs, setzen der Erzmagier Khadgar und der Allianz-Commander Turalyon alles daran, die neue Invasion zurückzuschlagen. Elfen, Zwerge und Menschen werfen sich der grünen Flut todesmutig entgegen. Neue Abenteuer aus der fantastischen Welt von Blizzards World of Warcraft!

Beyond The Dark Tower

Author: Joseph Vargo

Publisher: Monolith Graphics

ISBN: 0982489927

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

View: 6679

Venture into the gothic realm of Joseph Vargo and discover the passion, mystery and horror that lie in wait deep within the shadows of The Dark Tower. This sequel to the acclaimed anthology Tales From The Dark Tower continues the Gothic saga of the vampire Lord Brom and his battle against the forces that lurk in the citadel of shadows known as The Dark Tower. No one is certain how long The Dark Tower has stood. It is believed to be a place of great evil, haunted by dark angels and spirits of the restless dead. Legends say the Tower was once the ancient fortress of the Dark Queen, Mara, and her infernal legions. Other tales tell of a warrior knight—once a man, but now an immortal creature of darkness—who stands vigil over the fallen queen’s tomb.

Beyond the Desert Gate

Author: Mary Ray

Publisher: Bethlehem Books

ISBN: 188393754X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 167

View: 1685

Palestine, first century A.D.-the Jews have revolted against Roman occupation. The ten Greek cities of Palestine-the Decapolis-want only to continue their peaceful trading existence, but they find themselves caught in the middle of the uprisings. Apollodorus, a merchant of Philadelphia, takes a risk and rescues a man whom a Roman patrol has left to die in the desert. When Apollodorus is killed by robbers, his three sons are left almost penniless and must each find a way for themselves. Philo, the youngest, is befriended by Xenos, the man saved from the desert, who has lost his memory. From him the boy learns the art of the scribe, and together they try to find their identity-one from the past, the other for the future. A serious story of an important time in history. This is the sequel to The Ides of April.

Der Schattenprinz

Die Drenai Saga

Author: David Gemmell

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 3426440156

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

View: 8550

Nach "Die Legende": Der zweite Band der legendären Drenai-Saga von Kultautor David Gemmell Ein Jahrhundert, nachdem sie sich heldenhaft gegen die Nadir verteidigt haben, sieht sich das Volk der Drenai einer neuen Gefahr gegenüber: Ein wahnsinniger Herrscher will das Reich erobern, und bei ihm sind seltsame Krieger mit übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten und geheimnisvolle Priester, die die Dunkelheit heraufbeschwören können. Ein Mann jedoch stellt sich dieser finsteren Armee entgegen: Tenaka Khan, genannt der Schattenprinz. Er verfügt über Mut und Tapferkeit und großes militärisches Geschick – doch die Drenai, für die er kämpft, bringen ihm nichts als Verachtung entgegen, denn Tenaka ist ein halber Nadir ... Seit über 30 Jahren begeistert David Gemmells Meisterwerk die Fans der Heroic Fantasy - jetzt endlich wieder lieferbar in zeitgemäßer Neuausstattung!

Beyond the Gates

Author: Danny Cove

Publisher: Danny Cove


Category: Fiction

Page: 57

View: 709

First there was the darkness, and then the burning sands. A mysterious man wakes up with no memories of who or where he is, and so he sets out to explore the desolate wasteland around him. But amid burning skies and men who manifest the darkest parts of themselves, he finds others like himself, and together they set out to rescue someone he can barely remember. Braving a city of madmen, a valley with monstrous, howling creatures and a river overrun with storms and the souls of the lost, he and his companions ultimately make their way to the most dangerous place imaginable, to the very throne of the devil's kingdom, in an effort to rescue one soul for the sake of an invisible friend they can't even see. Beyond the Gates takes you into the mythology of Heaven, Hell and Earth, exploring all three through the eyes of an amnesiac who struggles to learn what's real and what isn't in a place where even time seems to hold no power. But at the core, it probes the question of whether or not you'd be willing to enter the most dangerous place on God's behalf, to plumb the deepest depths for his sake, to truly and unflinchingly walk Beyond the Gates.

Heir to the Shadows

Author: Anne Bishop

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101212417

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 6932

In the second novel set in the “darkly fascinating world” (SF Site) of Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy, ambitions unfurl as the realm’s dreams of a liberator have finally been made flesh... The Blood have waited centuries for the coming of Witch, the living embodiment of magic. But Jaenelle, the young girl singled out by prophecy, is haunted by the cruel battles fought over her—for not all the Blood await her as their Savior. Some dismiss her as a myth. Some refuse to believe. And still others look forward to using her, making her a pawn to their shadowy devices. Only time and the devotion of her loyal guardians have healed Jaenelle’s physical wounds. But her mind is fragile, barely able to protect her from the horrifying memories of her childhood. Nothing, however, can deflect her from her destiny—and the day of reckoning looms near. When her memories return. When her magic matures. When she is forced to accept her fate. On that day, the dark Realms will know what it means to be ruled by Witch.

The King Beyond The Gate

Author: David Gemmell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1405511990

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 4722

'THE HARD-BITTEN CHAMPION OF BRITISH HEROIC FANTASY' - Joe Abercrombie 'HEROISM AND HEARTBREAK . . . GEMMELL IS ADRENALINE WITH SOUL' - Brent Weeks A century has passed since the heroic defence of Dros Delnoch. But the people of the Drenai face a new terror: a mad emperor kept in power by two forces of unsurpassed evil. The Joinings are werebeasts of awesome power. The Dark Templars are warrior-priests whose fighting skills are without equal. Against them, the Drenai face certain defeat. One man, an outsider hated by the Drenai for his Nadir blood, and despised by the Nadir for his Drenai ancestry, sets out to bring down the emperor. He is one man against the armies of chaos. He is Tenaka Khan - the Prince of Shadows. Novels by David Gemmell The Drenai series Legend The King Beyond the Gate Waylander Quest For Lost Heroes Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend Jon Shannow series Wolf in Shadow The Last Guardian Bloodstone Stones of Power Ghost King Last Sword of Power Hawk Queen series Ironhand's Daughter The Hawk Eternal Ancient Greece novels Lion of Macedon Dark Prince Other novels Knights of Dark Renown Morningstar

Beyond the Prison Gates

Punishment and Welfare in Germany, 1850-1933

Author: Warren Rosenblum

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469606763

Category: Law

Page: 344

View: 8923

Germany today has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the industrialized world, and social welfare principles play an essential role at all levels of the German criminal justice system. Warren Rosenblum examines the roots of this social approach to criminal policy in the reform movements of the Wilhelmine and Weimar periods, when reformers strove to replace state institutions of control and incarceration with private institutions of protective supervision. Reformers believed that private charities and volunteers could diagnose and treat social pathologies in a way that coercive state institutions could not. The expansion of welfare for criminals set the stage for a more economical system of punishment, Rosenblum argues, but it also opened the door to new, more expansive controls over individuals marked as "asocial." With the reformers' success, the issue of who had power over welfare became increasingly controversial and dangerous. Other historians have suggested that the triumph of eugenics in the 1890s was predicated upon the abandonment of liberal and Christian assumptions about human malleability. Rosenblum demonstrates, however, that the turn to "criminal biology" was not a reaction against social reform, but rather an effort to rescue its legitimacy.

Beyond the Abbey Gates

Author: Catherine MacCoun

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 1590303717

Category: Fiction

Page: 337

View: 4987

When Ingrid, a young nun serving in the infirmary at Greyleigh Abbey, discovers by accident that she can work miracles of healing, the world acclaims her as a saint. Ingrid is not so sure. Her secret doubts intensify when Jack, a rowdy, womanizing troubadour, as famous for sin as Ingrid is for sanctity comes under her care. The conflict he awakens between body and soul catapults Ingrid into a world of unimagined pleasures and perils beyond the abbey gates. Beyond the Abbey Gateswas previously published in hardcover under the titleThe Age of Miracles.

Mysteries Beyond the Gate and Other Peculiar Short Stories

Author: Matt L Rawlins

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781928715061

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 2007

Mysteries Beyond The Gate & other peculiar short stories Expect the unexpected in Mysteries Beyond The Gate & other peculiar short stories. Life is not always what it seems as you'll soon discover. These stories reveal that sometimes down is up, black is white and truth may be hidden in folly. Through the delightful art of storytelling, author Matt Rawlins reveals delicious nuggets of truth that you will savor long after you finish reading. Some tales will defy your reality. Others will alter how you see the world around you. But each one will challenge your thinking! oConsider the implications of living in utter darkness, then discovering one day that there is a mysterious something called light. How would you find it? oTake the festering resentment we call a grudge, and raise it to be your constant companion. In the end, it threatens your life. Will you continue feeding it? oWhat would it be like to sing before the greatest audience of all? oWould you change the way you live your life if you knew for sure where a phenomenal treasure was buried? oWhat if you could make a wish - any wish - and it would be granted. Do you know what you would wish for? oHow could the world's greatest coach train us through discipline and then only in our failure, truly teach us? These and Rawlins' other modern-day parables will whet your appetite for the bigger questions of life. Stories have been with us from the creation of time. They have given us some of our most cherished truths about life. They form the framework of much of what we do that gives us hope and encouragement. In Mysteries Beyond The Gate & other peculiar short stories, Rawlins toys with your thinking, like a cat playing with a mouse, then jump-starts your mind and stimulates your belief system.

The Gor eBook Collection

Author: John Norman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 057512248X

Category: Fiction

Page: 800

View: 7669

This collection comprises of the first six titles in John Norman's internationally bestselling Gor series, containing: Tarnsman of Gor Outlaw of Gor Priest-Kings of Gor Nomads of Gor Assassin of Gor Raiders of Gor

World of Warcraft: Jaina Prachtmeer - Gezeiten des Krieges

Author: Christie Golden

Publisher: Panini

ISBN: 3833226900

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 8379

Die Asche des Weltenbebens ruht über den so unterschiedlichen Königreichen Azeroths. Während sich die geschundene Welt langsam von den Folgen der gewaltigen Katastrophe erholt, setzt die berühmte Magierin Lady Jaina Prachtmeer alles daran, die Beziehung zwischen Allianz und Horde wieder zu verbessern. Denn unlängst haben wachsende Spannungen die beiden Fraktionen an den Rand eines neuen Krieges geführt, der den letzten Rest an Stabilität zu zerstören droht in der World of Warcraft. Düstere Nachrichten erreichen Jainas geliebtes Stadt Theramore. Eines der mächtigsten Artefakte des blauen Drachenschwarms - die Fokussierende Iris - wurde gestohlen. Um die mysteriösen Umstände der Tat zu klären, entschließt sich Jaina zu einem ungewöhnlichen Bündnis mit dem ehemaligen blauen Drachenaspekt Kalecgos. Gemeinsam wollen die beiden ruhmreichen Helden dem dreisten Diebstahl auf den Grund gehen. Doch es droht bereits weiteres Unheil am Horizont. Garrosh Höllschrei versammelt die Armeen der Horde zu einer Invasion Theramores. Ungeachtet steigender Unzufriedenheit in den eigenen Reihen, strebt der skrupellose Kriegshäuptling eine neue Ära der Herrschaft der Horde an. Seine unstillbare Gier nach Macht lässt ihn dabei zu den brutalsten Mitteln greifen, um jene mundtot zu machen, die es wagen könnten, seine Position als Anführer in Frage zu stellen. Allianztruppen sammeln sich in Theramore, um den Angriff der Horde abzuwehren. Doch sie rechnen nicht mit dem tatsächlichen Ausmaß der verschlagenen und heimtückischen Strategie des Kriegshäuptlings. Garroshs Angriff wird Jaina unwiderruflich verändern und die Friedenshüterin in eine chaotische, alles verschlingende Macht verwandeln - auch bekannt als: Gezeiten des Krieges.


Author: Thomas H. Cook

Publisher: Overamstel Uitgevers

ISBN: 9049986757

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9636

A brother recalls the magnificent life of his sister, the greatest writer of her age A launch party is underway for a hotly anticipated biography, the life story of Elena Franklin. As a young woman, Elena was one of the most promising literary talents of the 1920s, and over the years her legend grew. Her biographer, Martha Farrell, has combed through all the evidence of Elena’s genius and passion, from her early years in New York to her expatriate life in Paris. The result is a monumental work – but among the party’s crowd is the man who knows the book is an empty shell. Only William, Elena’s brother, knew the truth about the famed author. Martha’s flawed biography spurs his memory, and he recalls how the temperamental baby grew into a legend. He knew Elena’s hidden pain, shared their family secrets, and draws his own portrait of the troubled soul that lay behind her artistic gifts.

Khai of Khem

Author: Brian Lumley

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429913339

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 5530

Considered by many to be among Brian Lumley's greatest works, the exciting Khai of Khem is little-known in the US. This time-traveling adventure story spans centuries and cultures in Lumley's trademark mix of horror and science fiction, much like his internationally-bestselling Necroscope series. Like the Necroscope novels, Khai of Khem is packed with fast-paced action, hair's-breadth escapes, all-consuming love, endless horror, and, in the person of Khai himself, quick wits and bravery in the teeth of danger. Khai begins life in ancient Egypt as the son of Pharaoh Khasathut's chief architect. Believing Pharaoh to be a god, Khai is stunned to learn that the supposedly great and wise leader is a shriveled, ancient fossil of a man whose chief desires are to deflower young virgins and achieve eternal life through the powers of his black magicians. When Khai dares to raise a hand to Pharaoh, he is condemned to be a slave. Escaping, Khai flees to neighboring Kush where he earns the rank of general in the army of Queen Ashtarta . . . and a place in Ashtarta's bed. In the heat of battle against Pharaoh's armies, Khai is betrayed by his best friend and falls victim to the evil spells of Khasathut's magicians, who send his soul winging centuries into the future. In modern America, Khai searches for the reincarnated souls of his love, Ashtarta, and of his betrayer. Khai is amazed by many of the wonders of the modern world-television, air conditioning, and especially guns, bombs, and other weapons. Returning to his own time, Khai uses the technologies he saw in the future to rewrite the past. But will he and Ashtarta be in time to prevent Khasathut from attaining immortality and using newly-gained alien powers to destroy all of Khem and Kush? Originally published in the US in mass market in the early 1980s and unavailable for nearly twenty years, Khai of Khem is one of Brian Lumley's most sought-after novels. Tor Books is pleased to bring it to a new generation of Lumley's readers. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Author: Colleen Douglas

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1782794913

Category: Fiction

Page: 321

View: 1075

Raum Daemon learns that he is destined to be The Reconciler-Demon Earl of Hell; a special demon whose return is foretold. It will be his destiny to unite the feuding demon kings of the Ebon Continent, the underworld of demons and more importantly he must prevent the rise of the Allu, the ancient race of demon Gods, from laying claim to Ebon. If Raum was to fail in this task then the world of men would fall soon after.

Sites Unseen

Architecture, Race, and American Literature

Author: William A. Gleason

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814732488

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

View: 1999

Sites Unseen examines the complex intertwining of race and architecture in nineteenth and early-twentieth century American culture, the period not only in which American architecture came of age professionally in the U.S. but also in which ideas about architecture became a prominent part of broader conversations about American culture, history, politics, and—although we have not yet understood this clearly—race relations. This rich and copiously illustrated interdisciplinary study explores the ways that American writing between roughly 1850 and 1930 concerned itself, often intensely, with the racial implications of architectural space primarily, but not exclusively, through domestic architecture. In addition to identifying an archive of provocative primary materials, Sites Unseen draws significantly on important recent scholarship in multiple fields ranging from literature, history, and material culture to architecture, cultural geography, and urban planning. Together the chapters interrogate a variety of expressive American vernacular forms, including the dialect tale, the novel of empire, letters, and pulp stories, along with the plantation cabin, the West Indian cottage, the Latin American plaza, and the “Oriental” parlor. These are some of the overlooked plots and structures that can and should inform a more comprehensive consideration of the literary and cultural meanings of American architecture. Making sense of the relations between architecture, race, and American writing of the long nineteenth century—in their regional, national, and hemispheric contexts—Sites Unseen provides a clearer view not only of this catalytic era but also more broadly of what architectural historian Dell Upton has aptly termed the social experience of the built environment.

13 Hours

The explosive true story of how six men fought a terror attack and repelled enemy forces

Author: Mitchell Zuckoff

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473527678

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

View: 2035

13 HOURS is the true account of the events of 11 September 2012, when terrorists attacked a US State Compound and a nearby CIA station in Libya, one of the most dangerous corners of the globe. On that fateful day, a team of six American security operators stationed in Benghazi fought to repel mounting enemy forces and escalating firepower, to protect the Americans stationed there, including the US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. Going beyond the call of duty, the team ignored orders to stand down and instead choked back smoke, fought wave after wave of machine-gun fire and retook the Compound, averting tragedy on a much larger scale – although four Americans would not make it out alive. Recounting the 13 hours of the now infamous attack, this personal account is both blistering and compelling, and sets the story straight about what really happened on the ground, in the streets and on the rooftops.