Malts and Malting

Author: D.E. Briggs

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780412298004

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 796

View: 9308

This book gives a comprehensive overview of malts and malt competitors, how they are made and evaluated. Summary-outlines of the malting process and malt-using processes are followed by consideration of the structures, germinative physiology and biochemistry of cereal grains. Particular attention is paid to barley, but the malting of other cereal is described. The successive stages of malting are then considered. Topics covered include the selection and purchase of grain, its evaluation and how it is handled and stored. The types of equipment used by maltsters are described and experimental malting techniques outlined. A section devoted to the production and characteristics of materials that compete with malts, including industrial enzymes, sugar preparations and mash-tun adjuncts. The principles of malt evaluation are explained, and the effect of altering malting conditions summarized. This book should be of direct value to maltsters, brewers, distillers, foodstuff manufacturers and other malt users as well as being of more general interest to food scientists and technologists in academic research institutions.

Victorian Cities

Author: Asa Briggs

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520079229

Category: Architecture

Page: 411

View: 9004

A comparative study in urban history, Victorian Cities examines the 19th-century history of four developing cities in England in a period of rapid growth, with chapters on London and Melbourne and references to Los Angeles and Chicago as well.

Malting and Brewing Science: Malt and Sweet Wort

Author: D.E. Briggs,J.S. Hough

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780412165801

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 914

View: 2791

These two exceptional volumes, both part of the second edition of a we ll established textbook, explore the biological, biochemical and chemi cal aspects of malting and brewing science. Focusing on the scientific principles behind the selection of raw materials and their processing , these two insightful text include brief descriptions of the equipmen t used.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

A Critical Review and Practical Guide

Author: Rowan Bayne

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748735655

Category: Psychology

Page: 171

View: 8382

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a development of the work of Carl Jung, who suggested the basic personality types of introversion and extraversion and the components of intuition, sensation, thinking and feeling. The indicator provides insights into and offers a framework for use in counselling, education, careers guidance and management.

John Briggs in Maharashtra

A Study of District Administration Under Early British Rule

Author: Arvind M. Deshpande

Publisher: Mittal Publications


Category: Colonial administrators

Page: 238

View: 4040

Study of the administration of John Briggs, 1785-1875, collector and political agent in Khandesh.


Author: Stephen Briggs

Publisher: Crimson Publishing

ISBN: 9780856609923

Category: Addicts

Page: 104

View: 1916

Full of case studies of people who have experienced and come through addiction, this guide contains an honest account of what it's like to experience addiction, explanations of the impact of addiction on education, home and work life and practical tips and honest advice for coping with addiction.

Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

Author: Naomi L. Quenk

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470504188

Category: Psychology

Page: 210

View: 5374

Quickly acquire the knowledge and skills you need to confidently administer, score, and interpret the MBTI In order to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) appropriately and effectively, professionals need an authoritative source of advice and guidance on how to administer, score, and interpret this test. Written by Naomi Quenk—who coauthored the 1998 revision of the MBTI Manual and the MBTI Step II Manual—Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, Second Edition is that source. Like all the volumes in the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series, this book is designed to help busy practitioners, and those in training, to quickly acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make optimal use of major psychological assessment instruments. Each concise chapter features numerous callout boxes highlighting key concepts, bulleted points, and extensive illustrative material, as well as test questions that help you gauge and reinforce your grasp of the information covered. Completely revised and up to date with discussion of new versions of the MBTI, such as MBTI Step II and MBTIComplete, Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, Second Edition provides expert assessment of the instrument's relative strengths and weaknesses, valuable advice on its clinical applications, and several illuminating case reports.


Author: S.F Briggs ll


ISBN: 1312690062

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 68

View: 1050

Traces the descendants of Joseph Briggs arrival in Block Island in the mid 18th century through S.F. Briggs born in Watertown SD. in 1885. There is detailed information about each of the families. The book also includes a brief history of Briggs & Stratton and Outboard Marine Corp.

Mr Briggs' Hat

A Sensational Account of Britain's First Railway Murder

Author: Kate Colquhoun

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748115676

Category: True Crime

Page: 384

View: 1727

In July 1864, Thomas Briggs was travelling home after visiting his niece and her husband for dinner. He entered a First Class carriage on the 9.45pm Hackney service of the North London railway. At Hackney, two bank clerks entered the carriage and discovered blood in the seat cushions; also on the floor, windows and sides of the carriage. A bloodstained hat was found on the seat along with a broken link from a watch chain. The race to identify the killer and catch him as he flees on a boat to America was eagerly followed by citizens both sides of the Atlantic. Kate Colquhoun tells a gripping tale of a crime that shocked the nation.

Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly #4

Author: Patricia Briggs,Rik Hoskin

Publisher: Dynamite


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 34

View: 2247

While Mercy discovers how the fae are connected to the unearthed dead bodies, her stepdaughter Jesse finds herself shunned by her classmates just as news breaks that her class rival Kayla has gone missing. Suddenly, Jesse's the prime suspect in the disappearance. High School never felt crueler!


Science and Practice

Author: D E Briggs,P A Brookes,R Stevens,C A Boulton

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1855739062

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 900

View: 3366

Brewing is one of the oldest and most complex technologies in food and beverage processing. Its success depends on blending a sound understanding of the science involved with an equally clear grasp of the practicalities of production. Brewing: science and practice provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to both of these aspects of the subject. After an initial overview of the brewing process, malts, adjuncts and enzymes are reviewed. A chapter is then devoted to water, effluents and wastes. There follows a group of chapters on the science and technology of mashing, including grist preparation. The next two chapters discuss hops, and are followed by chapters on wort boiling, clarification and aeration. Three chapters are devoted to the important topics of yeast biology, metabolism and growth. Fermentation, fermentation technologies and beer maturation are then reviewed, followed by a consideration of native African beers. After a discussion of brewhouses, the authors consider a number of safety and quality issues, including beer microbiology and the chemical and physical properties of beer, which contribute to qualities such as flavour. A final group of chapters cover packaging, storage, distribution and the retail handling of beer. Based on the authors’ unrivalled experience in the field, Brewing: science and practice is a standard work for the industry. A detailed account of all stages of the brewing process Safety and quality issues are discussed, including the chemical and physical properties of beer and beer microbiology A strong partnership of the science and the practicalities of production ensures this book is a primary reference

Jacqueline Briggs Martin and You

Author: Jacqueline Briggs Martin,Sharron L. McElmeel

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 9781591582571

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 109

View: 4917

Examines the life and work of award-winning picture book author Jacqueline Briggs Martin and describes the research, writing, and illustration of each of her featured books.

20 Pieces from Briggs Banjo Instructor


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

ISBN: 1619112965

Category: Music

Page: 44

View: 7899

Learn fashionable and evocative tunes from 19th-century America! Originally collected for the fretless minstrel banjo, many of these tunes were taught to Tom Briggs in Southern plantations, and are the sound of a new, vibrant America. Mixing early Black banjo music, with European dances, a new popular music was born, which, in the following decades, would to mature into ragtime and jazz.Rob MacKillop arranged these pieces for fingerstyle ukulele. They sound great on either a standard uke or on a banjo ukulele. the CD recording contains performances of all 20 pieces by Rob MacKillop on a banjo ukulele.

Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Homecoming #1

Author: Mercy Thompson,David Lawrence

Publisher: Dynamite


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 24

View: 7896

This prequel to the best-selling novels finds Mercy Thompson, shapeshifter coyote, recent graduate with a degree in history visiting the Tri-Cities to apply for a job as high-school history teacher to be disappointed that the school is more interested in a new PE coach. So she applies for an unorthodox job: she'll be Mercedes, the lady VW mechanic. In this issue she meets Adam Hauptman and Stefan the Vampire as well as Zee and his son Tad for the first time ever.

The Ghost of Captain Briggs

Author: Mary Labatt

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781550746365

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 116

View: 1405