Capturing the Moment

Die Essenz der Fotografie

Author: Michael Freeman

Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 3958457649

Category: Photography

Page: 208

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- Lernen Sie durch Vorher-Nachher-Aufnahmen, wie sich ein Moment entwickelt und was die optimalen Bedingungen sind, um ihn einzufangen - Folgen Sie einem Experten und seiner mal bewussten, mal intuitiven Systematik von Augenblicken, so dass Sie diese erkennen und entsprechend darauf reagieren können - Blicken Sie anhand der anschaulichen Grafiken und Rückbauten auf die verschiedenen Komponenten eines Bildes, um zu begreifen, wie die Komposition eines Fotos auf den Betrachter wirkt - Profitieren Sie von den langjährigen Erfahrungen, die einer der renommiertesten Fotografie-Autoren weltweit mit Ihnen teilt Die Fotografie pickt einen einzigen Moment aus dem Strom des Lebens und hält ihn für immer fest. Michael Freeman zeigt in diesem Buch, wie Sie den richtigen Zeitpunkt zum Auslösen finden und welche Anstrengungen des Fotografen dafür erforderlich sind. Dabei geht es weniger um die technischen Erfordernisse, sondern ganz praktisch um die Planung, den richtigen Standpunkt, den perfekten Bildausschnitt und die Abwägung, welches Motiv und welche Elemente einer Szene das Besondere eines Augenblicks und damit eines Fotos ausmachen. Michael Freeman gibt Ihnen wertvolle Einblicke, wie seine Fotografien entstanden sind. Jedes Bild erhält eine unterschiedliche Kategorisierung hinsichtlich Dringlichkeit, Präzision und Geschwindigkeit bei der Aufnahme, so dass Ihr analytischer Blick für vielversprechende Situationen und – nicht zuletzt – machbare Szenen geschult wird. Die Bildanalyse von Fotos innerhalb einer Fotoreihe, die Michael Freeman nicht hundertprozentig zusagen, und schließlich das herausragendste Bild davon, helfen Ihnen, den optimalen Moment für Ihr Foto einzufangen. Aus dem Inhalt: • Die Geschichte des Moments • Dringlichkeit, Präzision, Geschwindigkeit • Körperhaltung • Ausdruck • Ein erwarteter Moment • Eingerahmter Moment • Ein symmetrischer Moment • Momente kombinieren • Ein blinder Moment • Ein knapper Moment • Stillstand • Ein ausdruckvoller Moment • Ein Moment im Moment • Ein künstlerischer Moment • Ein Schattenmoment • Ein Slo-Mo-Moment • u.v.m.

Capturing the Moment

The Sports Photography of Barton Silverman

Author: Barton Silverman

Publisher: Penguin USA


Category: Photography

Page: 192

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The Sports Photography of Barton Silverman

Capturing the Moment in Oils

Author: David Curtis,Robin Capon

Publisher: Pavilion Books

ISBN: 1849943222

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 1225

One of the attractions of painting outdoors is the challenge of capturing the spirit of a place - changing light, weather and transient conditions demand particular painting skills if they are to be interpreted effectively. Leading painter David Curtis works on location, in all weathers, observing and capturing the subtle effects of light and mood. Oil paint is as good for painting on site as it is for large-scale painting in the studio; it is remarkably responsive; can be applied in many different ways; and it allows time to assess and modify work in progress. In this fascinating book, David Curtis shows how he achieves such expressive and original results using drawings, paintings and stage-by-stage examples. He gives detailed explanations of his two main working methods - for plein-air paintings and for studio compositions - as well as plenty of helpful guidance and advice on choosing materials, exploring techniques, selecting ideas, composition, colour and tone and associated topics. Drawing skills and interpreting the qualities of light are other key issues that he deals with, while his wonderfully evocative landscapes, coastal scenes, interiors and figure compositions provide much inspiration.

Capturing the Moment

Author: Delilah Night

Publisher: Total-e-bound

ISBN: 1786510200

Category: Fiction

Page: 81

View: 2803

You never forget your first love... Meg and RJ were passionately in love. But that was six years and a broken engagement ago. Meg has only one day in Siem Reap, Cambodia, before she must leave for her sister’s wedding in Bali. She fulfills her dream of taking a photograph of the sun rising behind Angkor Wat, one of the oldest temples in the world. But her joy is short-lived when she turns around to see RJ standing behind her. RJ threw himself into work after Meg ended their relationship. He’s built a successful business, but it’s a hollow victory. He’s come to Siem Reap to win back the woman he’s never stopped loving. But first he has to convince her to spend the day with him. Meg is as physically attracted to RJ as she ever was. Maybe the secret to finally getting over him is a one day only, no strings attached fling. Can RJ win Meg back, or will she love him and leave him?

The Beginner's Guide to Photography

Capturing the Moment Every Time, Whatever Camera You Have

Author: Haje Jan Kamps

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1781575746

Category: Computers

Page: 176

View: 427

Photography is a big part of our lives, and we all take photos all the time. By understanding just a few basics of how your camera - or your phone - works, you'll find yourself able to take more exciting, stand-out photos. Within a few pages you'll be able to speak with confidence to photographers about exposure settings, decide what lighting or lenses will lift a scene, or what tactics you can use to make your subject look more interesting. The book also covers the basics of managing, editing & sharing your collection of digital images so you're not at the mercy of the software that was bundled with your phone.

Capturing the Moment

Single Session Therapy and Walk-in Services

Author: Michael Hoyt,Moshe Talmon

Publisher: Crown House Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781845908935

Category: Psychology

Page: 550

View: 2668

Can one session of therapy be enough for some people? The answer is most definitely, yes. This volume brings together the latest information on single-session therapy and walk-in services. It describes what can sometimes be accomplished in one visit, whether client and clinician set out in advance to have a single session therapy (SST) or if the therapy could have gone longer but client and clinician feel the one session was all that was needed. Capturing the Moment: single session therapy and walk-in services, starts with an extensive overview of the field and includes contributions from over twenty international experts who have practiced single session therapy. Contributors include Ernest Rossi, Steve Andreas, Dawson Church, Harvey Ratner, Douglas Flemons, James Gustafson, Rubin Battino, Bradford Keeney, Jeff Young, Arnold Silve, Monte Bobele, Michelle Ritterman, Moshe Talmon, Michael Hoyt and many, many others. The contributors draw on a variety of brief therapy approaches involving a wide range of creative methods. The book describes the history, theory, utility and practice (clinical and administrative) of single-session and walk-in therapy. In keeping with the international scope of SST and walk-in services, the volume contains reports from the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, England, Mexico and China. Each chapter stands alone with its contribution and the reader is able to choose those sections that are the most relevant to their practice.

Capturing the Moment

The Art and Science of Photographing Wild Animals

Author: Kathleen Reeder

Publisher: Sonoran Desert Group

ISBN: 9780991124404


Page: 70

View: 7246

Award-Winning Photographer Kathleen Reeder reveals her secrets to photographing wildlife in this easy-to-understand reference guide. Instead of struggling to figure out camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, the novice photographer can now quickly review optimal settings. Kathleen believes, "Follow the techniques explained in this book and be rewarded with incredible photographs that capture the emotion, beauty and thrill of a special moment with a wild animal."

Capturing the Moment

Author: Andrew Haslen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781904078340

Category: Animals in art

Page: 175

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About Sketching

The Art and Practice of Capturing the Moment

Author: Jasper Salwey,Leonard Squirrell

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486821048

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 2148

Guide by a noted author of art instruction manuals details advantages of many drawing media, from pencil to watercolor, and their application to depictions of interior studies, figures, and landscapes.

Capturing the Beat Moment

Cultural Politics and the Poetics of Presence

Author: Erik Mortenson

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809386135

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

View: 8699

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Examining “the moment” as one of the primary motifs of Beat writing, Erik Mortenson offers the first book to investigate immediacy and its presence and importance in Beat writing. Capturing the Beat Moment: Cultural Politics and the Poetics of Presence places an expanded canon of Beat writers in an early postmodern context that highlights their importance in American poetics and provides an account of Beat practices that reveal how gender and race affect Beat politics of the moment. Mortenson argues that Beat writers focused on action, desire, and spontaneity to establish an authentic connection to the world around them and believed that “living in the moment” was the only way in which they might establish the kind of life that led to good writing. With this in mind, he explores the possibility that, far from being the antithesis of their times, the Beats actually were a product of them. Mortenson outlines the effects of gender and race on Beat writing in the postwar years, as well as the Beats’ attempts to break free of the constrictive notions of time and space prevalent during the 1950s. Mortenson discusses such topics as the importance of personal visionary experiences; the embodiment of sexuality and the moment of ecstasy in Beat writing; how the Beats used photographs to evoke the past; and the ways that Beat culture was designed to offer alternatives to existing political and social structures. Throughout the volume, Mortenson moves beyond the Kerouac-Ginsberg-Burroughs triumvirate commonly associated with Beat literature, discussing women—such as Diane di Prima, Janine Pommy Vega, and Joyce Johnson—and African American writers, including Bob Kaufman and Amiri Baraka. With the inclusion of these authors comes a richer understanding of the Beat writers’ value and influence in American literary history. !--?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /--

The Beautiful Wedding

Photography Techniques for Capturing Authentic Moments

Author: Tracy Dorr

Publisher: Amherst Media

ISBN: 1608957160

Category: Photography

Page: 128

View: 7537

Acclaimed wedding photographer Tracy Dorr shows you how to capture the moments of genuine emotion and spontaneous interaction that make a wedding beautiful. Through careful observation of the events, relationships, and scenes, you’ll learn how to be in the right place at the right time. Or, if the right moment doesn’t present itself organically, how to set the stage for authentic interactions. You’ll learn to shoot fast and shoot smart in challenging lighting conditions and ever-changing scenes for beautiful images that go beyond the expected. Finally, Dorr shows you how to present these images in client-pleasing products—and to transition your wedding-shooting skills into other subject areas for better overall photography of all your clients.

Capturing Light

Author: Michael Freeman

Publisher: mitp Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 3826697278

Category: Photography

Page: 256

View: 4604

Das Herz der Fotografie Aus dem Inhalt: Weiches Sonnenlicht Seitenlicht Reflektiertes Licht Gegenlicht Goldene Stunde Lichter der Stadt Spot Blendenflecke Schlagschatten-Licht Flutlicht Aufhelllicht Umhüllendes Licht Licht mit unvollständigem Spektrum Zeitraffer-Licht u.v.m. Werfen Sie zusammen mit einem Weltklasse-Profi einen Blick hinter die Kulissen und erfahren Sie, wie eindrucksvolle Aufnahmen von der Konzeption bis zur Aufnahme entstehen. Schöpfen Sie die einzigartigen Qualitäten sämtlicher Lichtarten aus – ein regnerischer, grauer Morgen kann mit dem richtigen Ansatz genauso ausdrucksstark sein wie ein goldener Sonnenuntergang. Verbessern Sie Ihre Fähigkeiten und schärfen Sie Ihr Verständnis, um schnell und effektiv mit der richtigen Technik auf den richtigen Licht-Typ zu reagieren. Genießen Sie Seite für Seite voller inspirierender Bilder und Illustrationen – alle untermalt mit praktischen und technischen Informationen sowie professionellen Ratschlägen. Professionelle Fotografen jagen ständig nach Licht, warten, helfen nach und nehmen Bilder auf – zuweilen bis zur Besessenheit. Michael Freeman arbeitet schon seit vier Jahrzehnten mit Licht und zeigt hier einen einfachen, aber praktischen Ansatz, das wichtigste Gut der Fotografie zu interpretieren, darauf zu reagieren und es aufzunehmen. Diese praktischen Ratschläge teilen sich in drei Abschnitte: Warten, Jagen und Nachhelfen. Üben Sie sich zunächst in der Kunst der Geduld und erkennen Sie den unermesslichen Wert, Licht vorhersehen und damit planen zu können, obwohl es den Horizont noch nicht erreicht hat. Lernen Sie, wie Sie flüchtigen, vergänglichen Lichtsituationen begegnen und sie beherrschen, schnell denken und schnell reagieren. Nutzen Sie schließlich die Werkzeuge, die Ihnen zur Verfügung stehen, um das vorhandene Licht zu verstärken und zu manipulieren – von den Optionen vor Ort bis hin zu den technischen Mitteln der Nachbearbeitung. Mit dieser Methode arbeiten Sie wie ein Profi – Sie finden sich in allen Lichtsituationen zurecht, setzen sie um und kennen sich aus –, um die eine Aufnahme in den Kasten zu bekommen. Über den Autor: Michael Freeman ist ein international bekannter Fotograf und Autor, der sich auf Reise, Architektur und asiatische Kunst spezialisiert hat. Er ist zudem bekannt für seine Expertise bezüglich Special Effects. Er arbeitet für renommierte Magazine wie National Geographic und hat bereits mehr als 20 Fotografie-Bücher verfasst. Die Edition ProfiFoto: Die Experten der Redaktion ProfiFoto und aus dem mitp-Verlag bündeln ihr Know-how und publizieren in Zusammenarbeit mit erfahrenen Autoren, die unmittelbar aus der Foto-Praxis kommen, eine einmalige Fachbuchreihe »made for professionals«: Ergänzend und flankierend zum Magazin ProfiFoto bieten die mitp-Bücher der Edition ProfiFoto professionelles Wissen zum richtigen Umgang und zur effizienten Nutzung digitaler Fototechnik und Bildbearbeitung.

The Daily Book of Photography

365 readings that teach, inspire & entertain

Author: Simon Alexander,Grier Cooper,Bill Diller,David Greenberg,Tom Hauck,Melissa LaRose,Matthew Roharik,David Schmidt,Christine Walsh-Newton

Publisher: Walter Foster

ISBN: 1610586077

Category: Photography

Page: 376

View: 4144

Designed for both the photography enthusiast and weekend warrior, this daily reader offers a broad look at life through the camera lens. From brief biographies of world-renowned photographers to techniques in fashion photography and trends, there is something for every reader inside. Packed full of inspiring images and stimulating information, this book is a staple for everyone who loves to point and click. Ten categories of discussion rotate throughout the year: History of Photography, Famous Photographers, Photography 101, Fashion & Beauty, Photojournalism, Nature, Portraits, Social Commentary, Innovations, and Photographic Oddities.

I Married Adventure

Author: Luci Swindoll

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418515833

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 9967

In this fun and creative full-color jewel filled with photos and artistic sketches, Luci Swindoll gives the reader a fascinating journey through a life well lived, one in which she purposefully chose to "marry" adventure. The classic, artful design and intriguing stories highlight Luci's unique insight and perspective that transform otherwise regular days and occurrences to experiences worth living. With the challenge to stop saying "if only" and "why me" and start asking "what if" and "why not," Luci encourages everyone to lead truly adventurous lives that yield countless blessings, lessons and inspiration. Never before has anyone modeled the joy and adventures of the journey with such clarity and insight. Readers will be drawn to I Married Adventure as it is Luci's first full-length book in over 10 years and is a personal tour of her unique approach to squeezing the most out of a life led by Christ.

Defining Moments

Navigating through Business and Organisational Life

Author: P. Shaw

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230303072

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 179

View: 304

Our lives are full of defining moments, but do we recognize them? We often fail to appreciate the significance of these moments. At work the pressure can be relentless and we can fail to enjoy these moments. The author shows how to recognize and appreciate these moments, which in turn helps us to better cope during more difficult times.

Master's Guide to Wedding Photography

Capturing Unforgettable Moments and Lasting Impressions

Author: Marcus Bell

Publisher: Amherst Media

ISBN: 1608951863

Category: Photography

Page: 126

View: 8622

From the history of photography and how to shoot wedding portraits to creating stylish albums and working with digital output, everything a wedding photographer needs to know is included in this all encompassing manual. Photographers are provided with a shooting guide that walks them through the wedding day and offers advice on a variety of topics—including integrating detail, capturing the walk down the aisle, working in and out of doors, and finding and illustrating key relationships. Traditional and “in” methods of wedding photography are depicted in an educational timeline that explores past, present, and future trends in the field; current photo manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop and compatible plugins, are also discussed. Emphasis is placed on client interaction both before and after the big day, transforming prints into fine arts products, and developing and fine tuning a creative shooting style.

Natural Newborn Baby Photography

A Guide to Posing, Shooting, and Business

Author: Robin Long

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 0133366081

Category: Photography

Page: 216

View: 4089

Little toes, pursed lips, and tiny hands—newborn photography is a rapidly growing market and professional photographers are eager to jump in. To work with and pose a 5- to 10-day-old infant demands special skills, keeping the child safe and the new parents comfortable, while capturing the subject’s raw and natural beauty. This guide by pro photographer Robin Long provides the inspiration and instruction, practical tips, and equipment advice you need to get started. You will learn about: Establishing trust with clients and working with newborns and parents Using natural lighting sources and selecting simple wraps and materials Posing styles and transition advice to ensure the session goes smoothly Calming techniques and understanding the physical requirements of newborns Post-processing workflows with Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop to create breathtaking images This beautifully illustrated guide will not only assist you through a complete newborn session, but will help you start your own newborn photography business, including creating a business plan, building a client base, and selling your images to clients.

Capture the Moment

The Modern Photographer's Guide to Finding Beauty in Everyday and Family Life

Author: Sarah Wilkerson

Publisher: Amphoto Books

ISBN: 0770435289

Category: Photography

Page: 256

View: 972

Turn everyday photos into stunning works of art, with this essential guide to photography Featuring gorgeous phographs takn by the members the photography industry’s largest social network of female photographers, Clickin Moms, this accessible and gift-worthy guide provides both the inspiration and skills every photographer needs to capture life's beautiful moments as frameable pieces of art—from breakfasts to birthday parties and first steps to first days of school. With big, bold images paired with short, easy-to-follow tips progressing from elementary to advanced, this book is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike, covering equipment, composition, posing, low light, natural light, black and white, still life, and lifestyle photography. Assignments for experimenting with lighting and shooting locations round out the chapters, and advice based on photographs from over 100 contributors include these priceless suggestions: • Channel the old masters—painters such as Rembrandt and DaVinci are great inspiration • Anticipate emotion—watch for laughter and surprise • Embrace harsh lighting, backlighting, dappled sunlight and shade and use them to your advantage • Emphasize texture and seek out patterns—repetition can be striking and bold • Shoot from unexpected angles—sometimes the best shot is from below, behind, or above Clickin Moms is contributing 100 percent of the royalties from Capture the Moment to the Ronald McDonald House, which provides accommodation for the families of seriously ill or injured children near the facility where a child is hospitalized. From the Hardcover edition.