Cars: A Complete History

Author: Simon Heptinstall

Publisher: Thunder Bay Press

ISBN: 9781626861541

Category: History

Page: 118

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Gentlemen, turn your pages! When an iconic vehicle zooms along the road, people of all ages stop and turn their heads. Amazing feats of innovation and engineering, these cultural treasures are not just stylish and powerful, they’re irresistible symbols of status, freedom, and progress. Now Cars: A Complete History puts that sense of “engine-uity” back into the collector’s hands by providing fifty press-out models of the world’s most distinguished vehicles, along with an informative and entertaining account of each car’s role in automobile history in a fun and imaginative two-part book. Enjoy photos and illustrations of cars, both classic and modern, along with the celebrities who brought some of them their fame, including Al Capone and the Duesenberg Model J, Sean Connery’s James Bond in the Aston Martin DB5, or Steve McQueen with the Ford Mustang Mark 1 in Bullitt. From social and cultural history to the advancement of technological innovation, you’ll learn everything from who drove the 1959 Austin Mini to which car prompted the introduction of a national speed limit. Cars: A Complete History will have auto enthusiasts young and old racing to assemble models and fuel their minds with information.


A Complete History

Author: Simon Heptinstall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781925081855

Category: Automobiles

Page: 118

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Mille Miglia

1927 - 1957

Author: Leonardo Acerbi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783868527025


Page: 208

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Ferrari All the Cars

a complete guide from 1947 to the present - New updated edition

Author: Leonardo Acerbi

Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore Srl

ISBN: 9788879116084

Category: Transportation

Page: 454

View: 1947

A new edition with updates to spring 2015, FERRARI ALL THE CARS A COMPLETE GUIDE: FROM 1947 TO THE PRESENT includes over 200 designs by illustrator Giorgio Alisi, and covers the history of the Prancing Horse model-by-model, from its origins to the present day, with current production cars. In this 'virtual gallery' the entire production of Ferrari appears in chronological order, sub-divided into grand tourers, sports racers and Formula 1 single-seaters. Each design is supported by a technical specification and text that illustrates the main technical and sporting characteristics. This new, updated edition includes a list of Maranello's cars, enriched by the 458 Italia Speciale and LaFerrari - cars that made their debut in 2013 to be joined by the California T (2014), the car that brought back the turbocharger, just like the F14 T with which Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen are competing for the Formula 1 World Championship.

The Life of the Automobile

A New History of the Motor Car

Author: Steven Parissien

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 1782390219

Category: Transportation

Page: 300

View: 2451

In this book Steven Parissien examines the impact, development and significance of the automobile over its turbulent and colourful 130-year history. He tells the story of the auto, and of its creators, from its earliest appearance in the 1880s - as little more than a powered quadricycle - via the early pioneer carmakers, the advances of the interwar era, the 'Golden Age' of the 1950s and the iconic years of the 1960s to the decades of doubt and uncertainty following the oil crisis of 1973, which culminated in the global mergers of the 1990s and the bailouts of the early twenty-first century. This is not just a story of horsepower and performance. The Life of the Automobile is a tale of people: of intuitive carmakers such as Benz, Agnelli, Royce and Citron; of exceptionally gifted designers such as Issigonis, Lefebvre, Michelotti and Bangle; and of visionary industrialists such as Ford, Tata and Porsche. Above all, The Life of the Automobile demonstrates how the epic story of the car mirrors the history of the modern era, from the brave hopes and soaring ambitions of the early twentieth century to the cynicism and ecological concerns of a century later.

The Car

The History of the Automobile

Author: Jonathan Glancey

Publisher: Carlton Books Limited

ISBN: 9781780974095

Category: Transportation

Page: 256

View: 3872

Once viewed as a plaything of the wealthy and eccentric, cars are now an integral part of modern life. "The Car" provides a snapshot history of the automobile--not just the makes and models, but its role in many spheres of life.

Der unbekannte Kimi Räikkönen

Author: Kari Hotakainen


ISBN: 3732571378

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 1620

Kimi Räikkönen wollte immer nur fahren, und zwar schnell. Bloß nicht lange reden. Der Finne ist berüchtigt für seinen rasanten Stil auf der Rennstrecke und seine Coolness - nicht umsonst wird er "Iceman" genannt. Neugierige Fragen beantwortet er einfach nicht. Bis jetzt: Der Bestsellerautor Kari Hotakainen ist Kimi Räikkönen nicht von der Seite gewichen. Ob im Ferrari-Rennstall, im Kreise der Familie oder beim Jetset, überall war er mit dabei. Herausgekommen ist ein unverwechselbares Porträt, das den Menschen hinter der Fassade des kühlen Rasers und die Gepflogenheiten des Rennsports aufs Lebendigste zeigt.

The Complete Car Guide for Buying and Maintenance

Author: Zomer Publishing

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1326731688

Category: Business & Economics

Page: N.A

View: 6328

You should buy a car before you desperately need one. This gives you time to research different makes and models, as well as allowing you to wait for incentive periods at the dealership. The internet may be an excellent resource for research. If you are buying a new car, or a car from a dealership, it can be good to go car shopping around when the new models are coming into the dealership. The next year’s models often come into the dealership any time between August and November, and dealers will be trying to clear this year’s models.

The Automobile in American History and Culture

A Reference Guide

Author: Michael L. Berger

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313245589

Category: History

Page: 487

View: 3655

Presents a collection of bibliographic essays that describe the history, culture, and impact of the automobile and automobile industry in the United States.

The Complete History of Wheeled Transportation

From Cars and Trucks to Buses and Bikes

Author: Britannica Educational Publishing

Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing

ISBN: 1615307281

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

View: 8885

While the wheel itself has changed little over time, it has immeasurably altered the nature of transportation. This insightful volume examines the various wheeled conveyances that have been instrumental in agriculture and commerce—carts and wagons, for instance—as well as those that have facilitated human travel—coaches, bicycles, cars, and buses, among others. Also explored is the evolution of roads, as they have expanded to accommodate various modes of wheeled transportation.

Jaguar XK

das Original

Author: Philip Porter,Tim Andrew

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783893651979


Page: 96

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Triumph Cars

The Complete Story

Author: Graham Robson,Richard M. Langworth

Publisher: Motorbooks International

ISBN: 9780947981280

Category: Triumph automobile

Page: 352

View: 5815

Triumph Cars: The Complete Story Graham Robson & Richard Langworth Subtitled: From Tri-Car to Acclaim. Ten years after its first publication, the worlds two foremost Triumph experts have again collaborated to completely revise and update this definitive Triumph history. Text details not only the cars and their engineering, but also the distinguished and often controversial people behind the Triumph story. The comprehensive appendices include technical specs, production stats, outside body suppliers, clubs and more. Hdbd., 7 1/2x 1, 352 pgs., 51 ill.

The Buick

A Complete History

Author: Terry B. Dunham,Lawrence R. Gustin

Publisher: Automobile Quarterly


Category: Transportation

Page: 599

View: 4835

From 1904 to the present, The Buick: A Complete History is the authoritative, intimately fascinating story superbly told by two of the most respected automotive historians, each having devoted more than a decade to researching, interviewing, documenting and recording one of the great sagas of our time. Here is a book that has become the most treasured and inexhaustible reference work on this great marque. And now, to commemorate Buick's centennial, the new sixth edition expands to include information through model year 2004. Eight sections of Appendices include chapters on Buick racing cars; the Buick in Hollywood; the custom-bodied Buick; the Royal Buicks; heraldry and mascots of the marque; Buick around the world, with new information on ventures into China. There can be no finer Buick book for the office, the showroom, or home library. For the Buick builder, the enthusiast, the collector, the dealer, the owner, it will be the bible on Buick.


Author: Patrick Foster

Publisher: MotorBooks International

ISBN: 9781616730185


Page: N.A

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Elcar and Pratt Automobiles

The Complete History

Author: William S. Locke

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786432543

Category: Transportation

Page: 346

View: 8816

A surprisingly little-known marque today, Elcar once ranked among the finest vehicles on American roads. Built to exacting standards in Elkhart, Indiana, an Elcar could compete head-to-head on the basis of performance, quality, or price with the products of much larger manufacturers. Ultimately done in by weak distribution and the ravages of the Depression, Elcar today stands as an example of an ambitious company that transformed itself, successfully if temporarily, from a maker of buggies and harnesses into a respected car manufacturer in the early days of the automotive age. This remarkably exhaustive history, researched over several decades from all available sources, including interviews with former Elcar employees, details every Elcar model and the Pratt vehicles that preceded them, as well as the personalities behind the cars. Extensive appendices provide a complete model history, with specifications; a full corporate chronology; an illustrated accounting of all Elcars and Pratts known to survive whole or in part today; a roster of company employees; a descriptive list of all ads and brochures ever produced by the company; and a wealth of other data that can be found nowhere else. Lavishly illustrated and surpassingly thorough, this book is a well of information on a significant but forgotten line of automobiles.

The Cars of Harley Earl

Author: David W Temple

Publisher: CarTech Inc

ISBN: 161325234X

Category: Transportation

Page: 192

View: 6877

At 6-foot, 3-inches tall, Harley Earl was an imposing figure, but his true stature lies in his towering talent for automotive design and styling. Over his 50-year career, he created as well as collaborated on the most innovative, bold, technologically advanced cars made by General Motors. As a titan of American auto design, the cars he helped create are still celebrated today. And as an enduring legacy, he inspired a generation of engineers, designers, and stylists. Veteran automotive historian David W. Temple has researched and unearthed the complete story of Harley Earl’s cars, his notable design achievements, and many accolades. Working as a coachbuilder at his father's Earl Automotive Works in Hollywood, California, the young Earl learned his trade. After styling the 1927 LaSalle for GM president Alfred P. Sloan, Earl rose to prominence and ran the newly created department of Art and Color. Automobile design stagnated during the Depression and World War II, but the number of his contributions to the automotive world in the 1950s is staggering. When the jet age hit, he fully embraced aviation design and infused it into GM cars. The Buick Y-Job and GM Le Sabre featured many firsts in automotive design and hardware. The Y-Job's fender extensions trailing over the doors, disappearing headlamps, flush door handles, a metal cover over the convertible top were a few innovations. When General Motors needed to show off its cars and technology, Harley Earl-designed cars were the stars of the Motorama show that toured the country from 1949 to 1961. He led the team that created the 1953 Corvette, and this iconic American sports car is still going strong today. He was involved in the creation of the 1955-1957 Chevy Bel Air, otherwise known as the Tri-Five Chevy. Harley Earl's drive toward bold and innovative design spurred American car design during the mid-twentieth century. His distinctive designs defined the 1950s finned cars and set American automotive design on the path it has followed into the modern era. With this in-depth examination, you learn the inside story of these remarkable cars and the man behind them. It’s an essential addition to any automotive library.

American Muscle Cars

A Full-Throttle History

Author: Darwin Holmstrom

Publisher: Motorbooks International

ISBN: 0760350132

Category: Transportation

Page: 224

View: 5090

Holmstrom tells these complete story of the classic muscle-car era, from the introduction of Pontiac's GTO in 1964. From the performance cars that preceded the muscle cars to the last Super Duty 455 Firebird rolled off Pontiac's assembly line in 1974, they're all here. And the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger muscle cars are being manufactured today are part of the rebirth of the American muscle supercar history.