Color Me Grateful

Nearly 100 Coloring Templates for Appreciating the Little Things in Life

Author: Lacy Mucklow

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1631063227

Category: Art

Page: 208

View: 8364

Take time to appreciate the little things in life with Color Me Grateful! Put down your cell phone. Shut off the TV. And color your way to gratitude for the little things in life! Color Me Grateful is the newest entry in the Zen Coloring Book series, with nearly 100 coloring templates featuring images and shapes designed to remind you of the little things in life. Coloring templates focus on appreciating simple things, like nature, animals, food, health and wellness, peace, and companionship. Instead of turning to a screen, color yourself grateful with this soothing, relaxing pastime. Don't forget to try Color Me Calm, Color Me Happy, Color Me Stress-Free, Color Me Fearless, and Color Me to Sleep!

Mom and Me: An Art Journal to Share

Create and Connect Side by Side

Author: Lacy Mucklow,Bethany Robertson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1631063340

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 5463

A book that draws mother and child closer together. Mom and Me: An Art Journal to Share is a full-color art journal for moms and kids to color and draw together. Designed to be a sharing experience, mom and child can write each other letters, draw what scares them, imagine what they want to be when they are grown up, color a scene using only one favorite color, and more. The journal is filled with fun hand-lettering and artwork from Bethany Robertson along with creative prompts from licensed art therapist Lacy Mucklow. It is intended to maximize quality time and conversation between mom and child - a way to communicate without interrogation, prodding, or all the other ineffective methods for learning about your child. It's for those moms who want to hear more about a child's day, what happened, how they felt, their thoughts, etc. Lacy Mucklow will offer up the best ways to communicate with a child through creating together: how to start an open conversation with your child, questions you can ask that will help generate thoughtful responses, and how to tailor the quality time so it's still fun and engaging for your child. This art journal has 50 full-color spreads to color, fill in, draw, and more. Each spread has a creative prompt or another exercise for mom and child to fill out together.

I Journey to Peace

Author: Patricia West-Jones

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146534800X

Category: Poetry

Page: 106

View: 865

Local poet and singer Patricia West-Jones has been composing poetry since 1998. Originally from New York, but born in Atlantic City, West-Jones father died when she was seven years old. The years following were troubled times. She remembers sitting for hours sucking her fingers, something she continued to do for many years, seeking comfort. Now she finds peace and comfort writing poetry and short stories. A wife and mother of two daughters and a son, Pat works for the Pleasantville School District in the Counseling Department. West Jones says that for her life is like the following: One day she was working out on a track that went round and old house that sits on the bay. She is walking bent over because the breeze off the water had picked up and was pressing her back; it was very difficult to go forward. When she rounded the bend, the wind was now at her back pushing her forward. So for Pat, life at times presses her back but with prayer and determination she presses her way as her writing moves her ever closer to peace. Patricia West-Jones poems will appeal to a diverse audience: Women, mothers, and Christians, as well as those who have struggled to find themselves on their life journey

Royally Wed Collection

4 Royally Romantic Comedies

Author: Pamela DuMond

Publisher: Pamela DuMond


Category: Fiction

Page: 700

View: 2157

ROYALLY WED COLLECTION: 4 Romantic Comedies about the escapades of an American Commoner and a hot prince! PART-TIME PRINCESS #1 I waitress at MadDog biker bar but when I pour a pitcher of margaritas on a loser harassing my BFF -- I’m fired. I scour want-ads until I find one that doesn’t make me want to hurl. "PERSONAL ASSISTANT WANTED: Twenties. Fab people skills. Celebrities don’t intimidate you. If actress -- you can NEVER use this on your resume." Sounds dicey as hell. I apply immediately. Lady Lizzie Billingsley– who if you get drunk and squint could be my impeccably polished twin -- is entering into a marriage of convenience with playboy Prince Cristoph. She doesn’t really want a PA…she's hiring me to impersonate her, keep Cristoph's wandering eye in check while she clears up a few loose ends. What could possibly go wrong? ROYALLY WED #2 I’m ditching my cocktail waitress gig at MadDog’s biker bar because I’m marrying Prince Nicholas of Fredonia -- he of the black hair, blue eyes, and the remarkable royal jewels. But Nick steps out seconds before our wedding and doesn’t come back. A case of cold feet? More sinister motives at play? Can I get my job back cocktailing at MadDog? PART-TIME POSER #3 Our wedding was performed by a poser priest. If the paparazzi gets ahold of this they’ll rip the royal family’s reputation to shreds. We/re traveling to Venice, Italy to track down the poser and shut this problem down now. What could possibly go wrong? ROYALLY KNOCKED UP #4 How the hell did I end up married to Prince Nick's brother? Has Cristoph carried a torch for me ever since I left him high and dry at the cathedral’s altar? Did Cristoph sabotage my marriage to Nick? Did the stick really turn blue? PRAISE: "It's My Fair Lady meets Ms. Congeniality..." ~ Sara Steven at Chick Lit Central Blog “AHHHHH I LOVELOVELOVE this Book!” ~ Maryam Dinzly “If you love rom-com’s and drama-dies you’re gonna love this book… ” Jenny James One click four hilarious Royally Wed Romantic Comedies now!

Part-time Poser

Author: Pamela DuMond

Publisher: Pamela DuMond


Category: Fiction

Page: 170

View: 1177

I used to be a cocktail waitress but then I married Prince Nicholas of Fredonia -- he of the abs so ripped I mend them with my tongue every night. Now my life’s practically a party filled with hot romance, glitter and glam, and, and… What do you mean Nick and I aren’t legally wed? The Archbishop claims our wedding was performed by a charlatan, a poser priest. If the paparazzi gets ahold of this they’ll rip the royal family’s reputation to shreds. Nick’s got obligatory guard duty so I’m traveling to Venice, Italy with Prince Cristoph and my party-hard Ladies-in-Waiting to track down the poser and shut this problem down now. What could possibly go wrong? PRAISE: "It made me giggle and ooh and ahh at the steamy scenes." ~ Candice L. Kelly "I absolutely LOVED this book!!!" ~ Carey “Pamela's books are like potato chips, you cannot read just one…”~ Jenny James The Poser is also available in print. One-click this LOL royal romantic comedy!

Color Me Couture

Imagine, Create and Sketch Your Own Fashion Designs

Author: Catherine Mong

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 1612431313

Category: Design

Page: 192

View: 5227

THE WORLD OF FASHION IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Are you ready to design? Color Me Couture turns the last one hundred years of high fashion into your own personal design studio. Learn about the cuts, patterns and fabrics of the world’s finest couture dresses and gowns from the most famous fashion designers...and then entirely reinvent them on your own. On one page of each spread in the book, you’ll find an elegantly finished garment inspired by fashion’s greatest icons, complete with its season, style and design notes. On the opposite page, it’s your turn to shine. Take inspiration from the original work and craft your own gorgeous couture design, complete with color and accessories. By the time you finish this book, you’ll be a fashion expert and a couture designer.

Lifeline sampler

Author: N.A

Publisher: Overeaters Anonymous

ISBN: 9780960989829

Category: Psychology

Page: 434

View: 6278

Color Me Crazy

Author: Jennifer Pick


ISBN: 1483415902


Page: 42

View: 9500

This book tells the history of my illness and recovery from total organ failure. I took up digital painting when the whole ordeal was over, and my inspirations came from my life and my experiences in the healing process. It wasn't all-together unpleasant to feel mentally euphoric, until I began to see the chaos this little incident was causing. The whole event still makes the bottom of my stomach drop to the back of my throat....I know it should rise, but it drops and drops with a thud.

Color Me English

Migration and Belonging Before and After 9/11

Author: Caryl Phillips

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 1595586903

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 352

View: 1972

The bestselling author Caryl Phillips has for years written about and explored the experience of migration through his spellbinding and award-winning novels, plays, and essays. In this fascinating collection he looks at the notion of belonging prior to and following 9/11, beginning with a reflection on his own experience as one of the only black boys in his school in the UK alongside his first interaction with a British Muslim boy who joined the school. Phillips turns to his years of living and teaching in the United States—including a riveting chronicle of the day the two towers fell—as well as historical and literary reflections with James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and other writers who grappled with notions of migration and belonging in their own day.

The Colors of His Love

Author: Dee Brestin,Kathy Troccoli

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 9780849917288

Category: Religion

Page: 194

View: 5553

Counsels women on how to develop a deeper relationship with Christ as based on the first letter of John, in a volume that uses art and color as a literary theme.

Cutting Along the Color Line

Black Barbers and Barber Shops in America

Author: Quincy T. Mills

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 081220865X

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 1699

Today, black-owned barber shops play a central role in African American public life. The intimacy of commercial grooming encourages both confidentiality and camaraderie, which make the barber shop an important gathering place for African American men to talk freely. But for many years preceding and even after the Civil War, black barbers endured a measure of social stigma for perpetuating inequality: though the profession offered economic mobility to black entrepreneurs, black barbers were obliged by custom to serve an exclusively white clientele. Quincy T. Mills traces the lineage from these nineteenth-century barbers to the bustling enterprises of today, demonstrating that the livelihood offered by the service economy was crucial to the development of a black commercial sphere and the barber shop as a democratic social space. Cutting Along the Color Line chronicles the cultural history of black barber shops as businesses and civic institutions. Through several generations of barbers, Mills examines the transition from slavery to freedom in the nineteenth century, the early twentieth-century expansion of black consumerism, and the challenges of professionalization, licensing laws, and competition from white barbers. He finds that the profession played a significant though complicated role in twentieth-century racial politics: while the services of shaving and grooming were instrumental in the creation of socially acceptable black masculinity, barbering permitted the financial independence to maintain public spaces that fostered civil rights politics. This sweeping, engaging history of an iconic cultural establishment shows that black entrepreneurship was intimately linked to the struggle for equality.

The Color of the Land

Race, Nation, and the Politics of Landownership in Oklahoma, 1832-1929

Author: David A. Chang

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807895764

Category: History

Page: 312

View: 9480

The Color of the Land brings the histories of Creek Indians, African Americans, and whites in Oklahoma together into one story that explores the way races and nations were made and remade in conflicts over who would own land, who would farm it, and who would rule it. This story disrupts expected narratives of the American past, revealing how identities--race, nation, and class--took new forms in struggles over the creation of different systems of property. Conflicts were unleashed by a series of sweeping changes: the forced "removal" of the Creeks from their homeland to Oklahoma in the 1830s, the transformation of the Creeks' enslaved black population into landed black Creek citizens after the Civil War, the imposition of statehood and private landownership at the turn of the twentieth century, and the entrenchment of a sharecropping economy and white supremacy in the following decades. In struggles over land, wealth, and power, Oklahomans actively defined and redefined what it meant to be Native American, African American, or white. By telling this story, David Chang contributes to the history of racial construction and nationalism as well as to southern, western, and Native American history.

Musical Landscapes in Color

Conversations with Black American Composers

Author: Bill Banfield

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0585464162

Category: Music

Page: 400

View: 2496

A sequel to the award-winning The Black Composer Speaks (Scarecrow Press, 1978), this exploration of the creative world of African American composers traces the lives and careers of 40 talented individuals and, in their own words, provides perspectives on a world that has been slow to recognize their remarkable contributions to classical music. The discussion places the music of these composers within the greater context of Western art music, but analyzes it through the lenses of sociology, Western concepts of art and taste, and vernacular musical forms, including spirituals, blues, jazz, and contemporary popular music. Each chapter is devoted to an individual composer, who discusses his or her musical training, compositional techniques and style, and the composer's personal philosophy as reflected in his or her music. A selected list of compositions for each composer is included, as well as a photo and sample of the composer's "hand." Banfield offers unprecedented insight into the history and influence of the African American composer with this documentary, which will appeal to everyone from the music scholar to the general reader.

Faith in Their Own Color

Black Episcopalians in Antebellum New York City

Author: Craig D. Townsend

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231508883

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 4696

On a September afternoon in 1853, three African American men from St. Philip's Church walked into the Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and took their seats among five hundred wealthy and powerful white church leaders. Ultimately, and with great reluctance, the Convention had acceded to the men's request: official recognition for St. Philip's, the first African American Episcopal church in New York City. In Faith in Their Own Color, Craig D. Townsend tells the remarkable story of St. Philip's and its struggle to create an autonomous and independent church. His work unearths a forgotten chapter in the history of New York City and African Americans and sheds new light on the ways religious faith can both reinforce and overcome racial boundaries. Founded in 1809, St. Philip's had endured a fire; a riot by anti-abolitionists that nearly destroyed the church; and more than forty years of discrimination by the Episcopalian hierarchy. In contrast to the majority of African Americans, who were flocking to evangelical denominations, the congregation of St. Philip's sought to define itself within an overwhelmingly white hierarchical structure. Their efforts reflected the tension between their desire for self-determination, on the one hand, and acceptance by a white denomination, on the other. The history of St. Philip's Church also illustrates the racism and extraordinary difficulties African Americans confronted in antebellum New York City, where full abolition did not occur until 1827. Townsend describes the constant and complex negotiation of the divide between black and white New Yorkers. He also recounts the fascinating stories of historically overlooked individuals who built and fought for St. Philip's, including Rev. Peter Williams, the second African American ordained in the Episcopal Church; Dr. James McCune Smith, the first African American to earn an M.D.; pickling magnate Henry Scott; the combative priest Alexander Crummell; and John Jay II, the grandson of the first chief justice of the Supreme Court and an ardent abolitionist, who helped secure acceptance of St. Philip's.

Why Do Grown-Ups Color Me Bad?

Author: Carlos JamesDouglas,Erica James-DeLora

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780533130672

Category: Social Science

Page: 119

View: 5001