The Continuum and Other Types of Serial Order

Author: Edward V. Huntington

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486161072

Category: Mathematics

Page: 96

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Based on the Dedekind-Cantor ordinal theory, this classic presents the best systematic elementary account of modern theory of the continuum as a type of serial order. 119 footnotes. 1917 edition.

Sets and Extensions in the Twentieth Century

Author: N.A

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080930662

Category: Mathematics

Page: 880

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Set theory is an autonomous and sophisticated field of mathematics that is extremely successful at analyzing mathematical propositions and gauging their consistency strength. It is as a field of mathematics that both proceeds with its own internal questions and is capable of contextualizing over a broad range, which makes set theory an intriguing and highly distinctive subject. This handbook covers the rich history of scientific turning points in set theory, providing fresh insights and points of view. Written by leading researchers in the field, both this volume and the Handbook as a whole are definitive reference tools for senior undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in mathematics, the history of philosophy, and any discipline such as computer science, cognitive psychology, and artificial intelligence, for whom the historical background of his or her work is a salient consideration Serves as a singular contribution to the intellectual history of the 20th century Contains the latest scholarly discoveries and interpretative insights

Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics

Second Edition

Author: Raymond L. Wilder,Mathematics

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486488209

Category: Mathematics

Page: 327

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This classic undergraduate text by an eminent educator acquaints students with the fundamental concepts and methods of mathematics. In addition to introducing many noteworthy historical figures from the eighteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries, the book examines the axiomatic method, set theory, infinite sets, the linear continuum and the real number system, and groups. Additional topics include the Frege-Russell thesis, intuitionism, formal systems, mathematical logic, and the cultural setting of mathematics. Students and teachers will find that this elegant treatment covers a vast amount of material in a single reasonably concise and readable volume. Each chapter concludes with a set of problems and a list of suggested readings. An extensive bibliography and helpful indexes conclude the text.

The Dynamics of Particles and of Rigid Plastic, and Fluid Bodies

Being Lectures on Mathematical Physics

Author: Arthur Gordon Webster

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dynamics

Page: 588

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In answer to a need for a comprehensive work on dynamics, this volume is reissued after having been out of print for over thirty-vie years. Physicists, advanced engineers, mathematicians, and teachers will find material in this classic which has been omitted from newer, more narrowly specialized texts. It also serves as an excellent source for the background essential to studies in motion, rocketry, aerodynamics, advanced dynamics, etc. A wide range of topics is covered in unusually great depth, applying the important tools of ordinary and partial differential equations. The author has included a special section on differential equations and the higher analysis which will prove helpful to students wishing to review these subjects.

Summation of series

Author: Leonard Benjamin William Jolley

Publisher: N.A


Category: Series

Page: 251

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