Crafting A Compiler

Author: Charles N. Fischer,Richard J. LeBlanc Jr.,Ron K. Cytron

Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed

ISBN: 0133001571

Category: Computers

Page: 720

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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Crafting a Compiler is a practical yet thorough treatment of compiler construction. It is ideal for undergraduate courses in Compilers or for software engineers, systems analysts, and software architects. Crafting a Compiler is an undergraduate-level text that presents a practical approach to compiler construction with thorough coverage of the material and examples that clearly illustrate the concepts in the book. Unlike other texts on the market, Fischer/Cytron/LeBlanc uses object-oriented design patterns and incorporates an algorithmic exposition with modern software practices. The text and its package of accompanying resources allow any instructor to teach a thorough and compelling course in compiler construction in a single semester. It is an ideal reference and tutorial for students, software engineers, systems analysts, and software architects.

Crafting a Compiler with C

Author: Charles N. Fischer,Richard Joseph LeBlanc

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

ISBN: 9780805321661

Category: Computers

Page: 812

View: 7772

This extremely practical, hands-on approach to building compilers using the C programming language includes numerous examples of working code from a real compiler and covers such advanced topics as code generation, optimization, and real-world parsing. It is an ideal reference and tutorial. 0805321667B04062001

Crafting A Compiler With C

Author: Fischer

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131708132


Page: 832

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Prinzipien, Techniken und Werkzeuge

Author: Alfred V. Aho

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827370976

Category: Compiler

Page: 1253

View: 8263

Engineering a Compiler

Author: Keith Cooper,Linda Torczon

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080916613

Category: Computers

Page: 824

View: 9512

This entirely revised second edition of Engineering a Compiler is full of technical updates and new material covering the latest developments in compiler technology. In this comprehensive text you will learn important techniques for constructing a modern compiler. Leading educators and researchers Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon combine basic principles with pragmatic insights from their experience building state-of-the-art compilers. They will help you fully understand important techniques such as compilation of imperative and object-oriented languages, construction of static single assignment forms, instruction scheduling, and graph-coloring register allocation. In-depth treatment of algorithms and techniques used in the front end of a modern compiler Focus on code optimization and code generation, the primary areas of recent research and development Improvements in presentation including conceptual overviews for each chapter, summaries and review questions for sections, and prominent placement of definitions for new terms Examples drawn from several different programming languages


Prinzipien, Techniken und Werkzeuge

Author: Alfred V. Aho

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827370976

Category: Compiler

Page: 1253

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Compiler Compilers

Third International Workshop, CC `90. Schwerin, FRG, October 22-24, 1990. Proceedings

Author: Dieter Hammer

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540536697

Category: Computers

Page: 227

View: 9024

These proceedings of a workshop on compiler compilers include papers covering a wide spectrum ranging from overviews of new compiler compilers for generating quality compilers to special problems of code generation and optimization.

Elements of Compiler Design

Author: Alexander Meduna

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420063251

Category: Computers

Page: 304

View: 6433

Maintaining a balance between a theoretical and practical approach to this important subject, Elements of Compiler Design serves as an introduction to compiler writing for undergraduate students. From a theoretical viewpoint, it introduces rudimental models, such as automata and grammars, that underlie compilation and its essential phases. Based on these models, the author details the concepts, methods, and techniques employed in compiler design in a clear and easy-to-follow way. From a practical point of view, the book describes how compilation techniques are implemented. In fact, throughout the text, a case study illustrates the design of a new programming language and the construction of its compiler. While discussing various compilation techniques, the author demonstrates their implementation through this case study. In addition, the book presents many detailed examples and computer programs to emphasize the applications of the compiler algorithms. After studying this self-contained textbook, students should understand the compilation process, be able to write a simple real compiler, and easily follow advanced books on the subject.

Compiling with C# and Java

Author: Pat Terry

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780321263605

Category: Computers

Page: 604

View: 3501

A compiler is a special program that processes statements in a particular programming language and turns them into machine code that the computer can understand. Compiling with C# and Java is an introduction to compiler construction using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and .NET Common Language Routine (CLR), both of which provide the interface between compiler, C# or Java code, and hardware. Loaded with exercises, examples and case studies, the text balances theory and practice to provide the reader with a solid working knowledge of the subject.

Design Patterns für die Spieleprogrammierung

Author: Robert Nystrom

Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 395845092X

Category: Computer games

Page: 400

View: 2488

- Die bekannten Design Patterns der Gang of Four im konkreten Einsatz für die Entwicklung von Games - Zahlreiche weitere vom Autor entwickelte Patterns - Sequenzierungs-, Verhaltens-, Entkopplungs- und Optimierungsmuster Für viele Spieleprogrammierer stellt die Finalisierung ihres Spiels die größte Herausforderung dar. Viele Projekte verlaufen im Sande, weil Programmierer der Komplexität des eigenen Codes nicht gewachsen sind. Die im Buch beschriebenen Design Patterns nehmen genau dieses Problem in Angriff. Der Autor blickt auf jahrelange Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von weltweit erfolgreichen Games zurück und stellt erprobte Patterns vor, mit deren Hilfe Sie Ihren Code entwirren und optimieren können. Die Patterns sind in Form unabhängiger Fallbeispiele organisiert, so dass Sie sich nur mit den für Sie relevanten zu befassen brauchen und das Buch auch hervorragend zum Nachschlagen verwenden können. Sie erfahren, wie man eine stabile Game Loop schreibt, wie Spielobjekte mithilfe von Komponenten organisiert werden können und wie man den CPU-Cache nutzt, um die Performance zu verbessern. Außerdem werden Sie sich damit beschäftigen, wie Skript-Engines funktionieren, wie Sie Ihren Code mittels Quadtrees und anderen räumlichen Aufteilungen optimieren und wie sich die klassischen Design Patterns in Spielen einsetzen lassen.


Eine Einführung

Author: N.A

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322895432

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 118

View: 1874

Decompiling Java

Author: Godfrey Nolan

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430207396

Category: Computers

Page: 280

View: 9727

* Includes complete decompiler source * Includes complete obfuscator source * Includes a comprehensive chapter on strategies for protecting your code * Covers the basic theory behind many of the decompilers and obfuscators available on the market



Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 812032725X

Category: Computers

Page: 244

View: 3995

This well-designed text, which is the outcome of the author's many years of study, teaching and research in the field of Compilers, and his constant interaction with students, presents both the theory and design techniques used in Compiler Designing. The book introduces the readers to compilers and their design challenges and describes in detail the different phases of a compiler. The book acquaints the students with the tools available in compiler designing. As the process of compiler designing essentially involves a number of subjects like Automata Theory, Data Structures, Algorithms, Computer Architecture, and Operating System, the contributions of these fields are also emphasized. Various types of parsers are elaborated starting with the simplest ones like recursive descent and LL to the most intricate ones like LR, canonical LR, and LALR, with special emphasis on LR parsers. Designed primarily to serve as a text for a one-semester course in Compiler Designing for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science, this book would also be of considerable benefit to the professionals.

A Compiler Generator for Microcomputers

Author: Peter Rechenberg,Hanspeter Mössenböck

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780131550605

Category: Computers

Page: 378

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Software -- Programming Languages.

A Retargetable C Compiler

Design and Implementation

Author: Christopher W. Fraser

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 9780805316704

Category: Computers

Page: 564

View: 7494

Examining the implementation of lcc, a production-quality, research-oriented retargetable compiler, designed at AT&T Bell Laboratories for the ANSI C programming language, this book is designed for professionals who seek a detailed examination of a real-world compiler. A thorough and accurate picture of the lcc compiler is provided, and a line-by-line explanation of the code demonstrates how the compiler is built. The accompanying disk holds the full source code for the lcc compiler, the three back ends and the code-generator.

Tri-Ada '97

Author: SIGAda,Association for Computing Machinery. Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education,ACM Sigsoft,ACM AdaEurope

Publisher: N.A


Category: Ada (Computer program language)

Page: 312

View: 9154

Crafting a Collection

The Cultural Contexts and Poetic Practice of the Huajian Ji (collection from Among the Flowers)

Author: Anna M. Shields

Publisher: Harvard Univ Council on East Asian


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 398

View: 9116

Compiled in 940 at the court of the kingdom of Shu, the "Huajian ji" is the earliest extant collection of song lyrics by literati poets. In this book, Anna Shields examines the influence of court culture on the creation of the anthology and the significance of imitation and convention in its lyrics. By illuminating the historical and literary contexts of the anthology, the author aims to situate the "Huajian ji" within larger questions of Chinese literary history.

Compiling in Modula-2

A First Introduction to Classical Recursive Descent Compiling

Author: Julian Richard Ullmann

Publisher: Prentice Hall Europe


Category: Computers

Page: 425

View: 6068

Software -- Programming Languages.

Compiler Construction

Principles and Practice

Author: Kenneth C. Louden

Publisher: Course Technology Ptr


Category: Computers

Page: 582

View: 6050

This compiler design and construction text introduces students to the concepts and issues of compiler design, and features a comprehensive, hands-on case study project for constructing an actual, working compiler

Fundamentals of Compilers

An Introduction to Computer Language Translation

Author: Karen A. Lemone

Publisher: CRC PressI Llc

ISBN: 9780849373411

Category: Computers

Page: 184

View: 4612