Dachshunds - The Owner's Guide From Puppy To Old Age - Choosing, Caring For, Grooming, Health, Training and Understanding Your Standard Or Miniature Dachshund Dog

Author: Alex Seymour

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781910677056

Category: Pets

Page: 222

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Expert dog trainer, Alex Seymour, writes in a fun and entertaining way about Dachshunds while 40 expert breeders were also actively involved. You will literally find this book packed full of advice and tips from the world's top Dachshund breeders. When you buy this book you also get the bonus interviews we conducted with some of these experts.

Miniature Dachshund. Miniature Dachshund Dog Complete Owners Manual. Miniature Dachshund Book for Care, Costs, Feeding, Grooming, Health and Training.

Author: George Hoppendale,Asia Moore

Publisher: Imb Publishing

ISBN: 9781910941300

Category: Pets

Page: 196

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The Miniature Dachshund Complete Owner's Manual has the answers you need when researching this feisty, small purebred with the big bark. Learn about this comical and tenacious tiny hound dog and find out whether or not the Miniature Dachshund will be the best choice for you and your family. Learn everything there is to know, including little known facts and secrets and how to care for every aspect of the Miniature Dachshund's life. This manual contains all the information you need, from birth to the Rainbow Bridge, including transitioning through house breaking, care, feeding, training and end of life, so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether or not this dog is the breed for you. If you already have a Miniature Dachshund, this book will teach you everything you need to know to make your dog a happy dog and to make you a happy dog owner. The author George Hoppendale is an experienced writer and a true animal lover. He enjoys writing animal books and advising others how to take care of their animals to give them a happy home. Co-Author Asia Moore is a professional Dog Whisperer, Cynologist and Author, living on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia, in Canada, who believes that all humans and dogs can live together in harmony. She and her dog whispering team, which includes an 8-year-old Shih Tzu named Boris, teach dog psychology to humans, to help alleviate problem behaviors that arise between humans and their canine counterparts so that everyone can live a happy and stress-free life together. Covered in this book: - Temperament - Pros and Cons - Vital statistics - Before you buy - Choosing the right dog - Finding a breeder - Puppy proofing your home - The first weeks - Health and common health problems - Medical care & safety - Daily care - Feeding - Good treats and snacks - House training - Grooming - Training - Poisonous Foods & Plants - Caring for your aging dog .... and much more.

Dachshunds For Dummies

Author: Eve Adamson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118052433

Category: Pets

Page: 288

View: 3339

Training Your Dachshund

Author: Amy Fernandez

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764139833

Category: Pets

Page: 152

View: 5983

(back cover) BARRON'S Training Your Dog Series Books in this series speak exclusively to the task of dog training, and tell you what you need to know about the distinctive traits of individual breeds. You'll find information on virtually every aspect of training, starting with housebreaking and paper training, then progressing to basic obedience, walking your dog on a leash, teaching obedience through both verbal commands and hand signals, and much more. Special behavior problems are also covered. You'll learn humane methods of eliminating bad canine habits such as begging, jumping on visitors, unnecessary barking, and aggressive behavior. Filled with instructive illustrations and full-color photos Training Your Dachshund Here's practical instruction that will give you a well-trained Dachshund. You'll learn how to establish leadership and understand the ideas behind the training methods as you take the first steps in teaching your dog to obey. The friendly Dachshund readily adapts to the average household environment but he tends to be vocal, and unwanted barking can sometimes pose a problem. Regular exercise is a prerequisite in the care and training of this energetic dog.

Shih Tzu Dogs - The Complete Owners Guide from Puppy to Old Age

Buying, Caring For, Grooming, Health, Training and Understanding Your Shih Tzu.

Author: Alex Seymour

Publisher: Mark Eastwood

ISBN: 9780992784348

Category: Pets

Page: 212

View: 7715

Shih Tzu - The Complete Owners Guide is a must-have book for any responsible owner. Written by an expert dog whisperer, trainer and owner, Alex Seymour, who writes in a fun and entertaining way about Shih Tzu dogs while packing the book full of useful hints and tips. In addition, many top breeders make contributions, including a Westminster dog show best of breed Shih Tzu winner, who writes a special bonus chapter about showing Shih Tzu. Just some of the subjects covered include: origins and history of the Shih Tzu, different types and colors, buying a dog or puppy, male or female, pros and cons, rescue, adoption, breeders, personality, socialization, spaying, neutering, house/potty training, bringing your puppy home, grooming, combing, bathing, shows, health, vaccinations, training, understanding your Shih Tzu, play and toys, what food and nutrition, old age and what to expect, and much more... "Fun, informative and an entertaining read as well as containing plenty of useful facts and tips I didn't know." - Penelope Kenhope "Just what I was looking for when I was looking for my new Shih Tzu puppy. Helped me enormously." - Melanie Schwartzer

The Dachshund Handbook

Author: D. Caroline Coile,Michelle Earle-Bridges

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764126734

Category: Pets

Page: 161

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The Dachshund, originally bred as a hunting dog is found in longhaired, smooth, and wirehaired varieties. They are intelligent animals and make friendly, energetic companions. Titles in the Pet Handbooks series are filled with detailed pet-care advice and feature vivid color photos as well as instructive line art. All Barron's Pet Handbooks are written by experienced breeders, trainers, and veterinarians. They focus on all major aspects of owning and caring for a pet, including acquiring, proper feeding, housing, health care, breeding, and where applicable, training, exercise, and grooming.

Dachshund Care

The Complete Guide to Caring for and Keeping Dachshunds As Pets (Sausage Dog)

Author: Canine Care

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537554426


Page: 78

View: 2122

Dachshund Care: The Complete Guide to Caring for and Keeping Dachshunds as Pets The Dachshund (colloquially known as 'The Sausage Dog') is a breed of short-legged and long-bodied hound dog. The standard size Dachshund was bred to flush out badgers, and other burrow dwelling animals. In fact the word 'Dachs,' in German, means 'Badger.' The miniature Dachshund was bred to hunt smaller animals such as rabbits and prairie dogs. Standard sized Dachshunds weigh between 16 and 32 pounds (7 to 14kg) when fully grown. Miniature Dachshunds weigh 11 pounds (5kg) and under. If a Dachshund weighs between 11 and 16 pounds (5 to 7kg), it is referred to as a Tweenie. The breed has three different types of coat: shorthaired, wirehaired and longhaired. Due to their small size, interesting appearance and lively disposition, the Dachshund has become one of the most popular household dog breeds. Thank you for purchasing our pet care manual on caring for a Dachshund. We hope you have found the information both interesting and informative. We hope that this book has allowed you to make an informed choice on whether owning a Dachshund suits you and if so we hope that the information will help you to provide the best quality care for your Dachshund. We will be publishing multiple other dog care manuals on our author page on Kindle. If you have an interest in learning more about specific dog breeds then we highly suggest you check out our other work. Here at Canine Care we are passionate about providing the best quality information to our customers. We would highly appreciate any feedback, or reviews, you could leave us on our Kindle page to allow us to help create the best possible pet care products available on the market. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Here at Canine Care we are passionate about dog care. As a brand we have a strong idea of what makes up a good pet care book. We consult with multiple experts in each multiple different fields to allow us to create a book filled with cumulative opinions and best practices. The experts we consult range from veterinarians to every day pet keepers who have had years of experience caring for the specific breed each book is on. Our aim, and mission, is to produce the best possible dog care books that are a great value for money. Tags: Dachshund, Dachshund care, Dachshund puppy, Dachshund dog care, Dachshund pet, Dachshund pet care, Dachshund guide, Dachshund care guide, Dachshund manual, Dachshund care manual, Dachshund training, Dachshund breed, Dachshund breeding, Dachshund obedience, Dachshund puppy, Dachshund puppy care, Dachshund puppy guide, Dachshund puppy care guide, Dachshund puppies, Dachshund dog, Dachshund dog training, Dachshund dog care, Dachshund dog pet, Dachshund food, Dachshund purchase, Dachshund online, Dachshund leash, Dachshund toy, Dachshund toys, Dachshund bowl, Dachshund bed, Dachshund dog bed, Dachshund kennel, Dachshund treat, Dachshund family, Dachshund male, Dachshund female, Dachshund adult, Dachshund young, Dachshund baby, Sausage Dog care, Sausage Dog puppy, Sausage Dog dog care, Sausage Dog pet, Sausage Dog pet care, Sausage Dog guide, Sausage Dog care guide, Sausage Dog manual, Sausage Dog care manual, Sausage Dog training, Sausage Dog breed, Sausage Dog breeding, Sausage Dog obedience, Sausage Dog puppy, Sausage Dog puppy care, Sausage Dog puppy guide, Sausage Dog puppy care guide, Sausage Dog puppies, Sausage Dog dog, Sausage Dog dog training, Sausage Dog dog care, Sausage Dog dog pet, Sausage Dog food, Sausage Dog purchase, Sausage Dog online, Sausage Dog leash, Sausage Dog toy, Sausage Dog toys, Sausage Dog bowl, Sausage Dog bed, Sausage Dog dog bed, Sausage Dog kennel, Sausage Dog treat, Sausage Dog family, Sausage Dog male, Sausage Dog female, Sausage Dog adult, Sausage Dog young, Sausage Dog baby, Dachshund

Boston Terriers For Dummies

Author: Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118051450

Category: Pets

Page: 292

View: 2687

Has a Boston Terrier stolen your heart? Whether you’re thinking about adding one of these “American Gentlemen” to your home or you already have one, this fun, friendly guide is the key to becoming a responsible and happy puppy parent! Boston Terriers For Dummies gives you all the basics on raising and living with this intelligent, affectionate breed. You’ll learn where and how this dog originated, what it needs, and how to determine if a Boston Terrier is the right dog for you and your family. From feeding and grooming to basic training, you get all the tips any Boston owner needs to make their dog feel welcome, loved, and well-cared for. You’ll discover how to: Understand the breed’s origin and history Choose the right Boston Terrier for you Puppy-proof your home and yard Teach your Boston basic commands Housetrain and socialize your puppy Correct Boston behavior gone bad Handle breed-specific health concerns Enhance your dog’s quality of life Travel with your Boston—or find a reputable sitter Care for the senior dog Complete with sections on nutrition, first aid, and exercise and play, Boston Terriers For Dummies is the only guide you need to raise a happy, healthy dog!

Psychedelic Marine

A Transformational Journey from Afghanistan to the Amazon

Author: Alex Seymour

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1620555808

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 818

A vivid portrait of both the traumas of war and the shamanic healing ceremonies of ayahuasca • Explains how our culture lacks rites of passage and how shamanic ritual can fill this gap • Reveals how ayahuasca frees your consciousness from inherited beliefs, fears, and traumatic experience, allowing healing from PTSD, alcoholism, and addiction • Details the author’s experiences in Afghanistan, sailing on the Amazon river with a shaman, and the many ayahuasca ceremonies he experienced in the jungle After returning from a tour of duty during the war in Afghanistan, Alex Seymour needed a way to cope with the extremes he experienced as a member of the Royal Marine Commandos, losing 7 men in his unit, and having his best friend critically injured by a Taliban bomb. Drawing upon his pre-deployment experiences with DMT and psilocybin mushrooms, Alex knew that entheogens could help him release his fears and traumas. But he also knew that simply taking psychedelics wasn’t enough--he needed ceremony, something sacred to draw meaning from his experiences, to help him reassess not only the war and his role in it, but his entire life. So he set out for the Amazon in search of the hallucinogenic brew known as ayahuasca and a shaman to guide him. The result is a crazy, page-turning adventure where he journeys deep into the jungle and himself. Alex soon finds himself deep within the jungle on an incredible adventure, sailing on the Amazon river with an ayahuasca shaman and his troop of 8 female shamanas, whose ethereal songs help guide participants during the nightly ayahuasca ceremonies. Accompanied by others seeking wisdom and a redemptive experience from their First World professional lives, Alex finds his core beliefs fundamentally challenged, replaced by the power of direct experience of the sacred, which allows him to release his fears from the war and set an inspiring path for the future. Painting a vivid portrait of both the anguish of war and the transcendent world of shamanic ritual, the author shows how young people often enlist in the military to satisfy our human need for a rite of passage into adulthood, a ritual sorely missing in our culture. He explores how ayahuasca can offer a way to help soldiers prepare for war and help combat veterans heal from war and overcome PTSD--as well as alcoholism and addiction. From Afghanistan to the Amazon, the author shows how ayahuasca frees your consciousness from inherited beliefs and fears, offering a truly transformative rite of passage.

From Puppy to Dog

Following the Life Cycle

Author: Suzanne Slade

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1404849289

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 6135

Follows the life cycle of a golden retriever.

The Everything Daschund Book

A Complete Guide To Raising, Training, And Caring For Your Daschund

Author: Joan Hustace Walker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440523134

Category: Pets

Page: 304

View: 9698

Dachshunds are not only one of the most popular breeds in America, but also one of the most lovable. With The Everything Dachshund Book, you'll learn all there is to know about this social, friendly canine. From adopting the perfect addition to your family to keeping your dog in top shape, this all-inclusive guide is packed with the breed-specific information you need to keep your dachshund happy and healthy for years to come. The Everything Dachshund Book covers: Health issues common to your dachshund Essential grooming techniques The rewards of positive discipline Living with a senior canine Creating a sensible diet for your pup and more


The Lowdown on Life from Three Dachshunds

Author: Matt Ziselman

Publisher: Center Street

ISBN: 1455527009

Category: Pets

Page: 288

View: 6120

Living with three strong-willed, highly individual Dachshunds can be equal parts entertaining, frustrating and rewarding. Just ask Matt Ziselman. Armed with a fresh, creative voice that is unabashedly cranky one moment and profoundly poignant the next, Ziselman mixes hilarious canine stories, with heartfelt reminiscences from his own life, the results of which is a memoir of illuminating life lessons, courtesy of the three thoroughly Teutonic Dachshunds that he shares his life (and couch) with: Baxter, Maya and Molly. Seemingly mundane moments, like Baxter's incessant, neuroses inducing staring, Maya's inexplicable refusal to walk through the front door and Molly's obsessive compulsive love for a torn and tattered blanket become, through Ziselman's insightful eyes, a treasure trove of observations that any dog-lover will appreciate. In a market where Americans spend more than $40 billion a year on their pets, this work of razor-sharp wit and quiet tenderness will reach out and grab readers everywhere by the heartstrings and-quite possibly-their leashes. HOUNDED wraps universal insights in hot-dog-shaped packages, providing true dog lovers with many knowing nods, honest belly laughs and an accurate, warts-and-all reflection of the fascination, wonder and love that they have for their dogs. And that Matt Ziselman obviously has for his.

The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet

Learn the Seven Skills Every Dog Should Have

Author: Jolanta Benal

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1429985151

Category: Pets

Page: 288

View: 4883

If you want to raise a happy dog who loves to play and cuddle--but still comes when called and doesn't chew up your favorite shoes--you need Jolanta Benal's The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet. Jolanta's dog-training philosophy is simple: playful, rewards-based training fosters sociable, polite behavior that is the hallmark of a likeable dog. Harsh, outdated prong collars and choke chains do not. Whether you've just welcomed a new puppy into your life, or are facing some struggles with an already beloved family member, Jolanta has sound advice on everything you want to know, including: • How to housetrain your dog for good • How to read your dog's body language • How to avoid common training mistakes and fix the ones you've already made Jolanta's warm, funny tone and encouraging conversational style will teach you to raise the most loving and best-behaved pooch on the block.

Walking with Sausage Dogs

Author: Matt Whyman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444734288

Category: Pets

Page: 336

View: 3145

Keeping pets is a lovely idea. When building a family, they complement the kids. But what happens when things get out of hand? For writer and house husband, Matt Whyman, it's a case of catastrophe management in coping with four children and all the ill-advised animals amassed by his career wife, Emma. Just as Matt gets to grips with managing her two maxed out minipigs, she falls for a miniature Dachshund - the kind of dog he wouldn't be seen dead with. Hercules isn't big or clever, but Emma is determined. She'll do everything, she promises... From the author of Pig in the Middle

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary,Handbook, Debra M. Eldredge, 4th Edition,2007

Dog Owner's

Author: Howell Book House

Publisher: Bukupedia

ISBN: 0470067853

Category: Pets

Page: 658

View: 6997

This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of veterinarians. Readers should regularly consult a veterinarian in matters relating to their dog’s health, and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require medical attention. In writing this book, we have described the signs and symptoms that will lead you to a preliminary idea of what is happening with your dog, so you can weigh the severity of the problem. Knowing when to call your veterinarian is very important. Delays can be dangerous. At the same time, we have sought to provide guidance for the acute or emergency situations that you must handle on your own until you can get your dog to a veterinarian. Life-saving procedures such as artificial respiration and heart massage, and what to do in the event of poisonings, obstetrical problems, and other emergencies are explained step by step. But a veterinary handbook is not a substitute for professional care. Advice from a book can never be as helpful or as safe as actual medical advice. No text can replace the interview and the hands-on examination that enables a veterinarian to make a speedy and accurate diagnosis. However, the knowledge provided in this book will enable you to more effectively cooperate and better understand your interactions with your veterinarian. You’ll be more alert to the signs of health problems and better able to describe them. You’ll know more about basic care for your dog, and you’ll be prepared in an emergency.

Love Is a Sausage Dog

Author: Charlie Ellis

Publisher: Summersdale

ISBN: 9781849539876

Category: Dachshunds

Page: 96

View: 8307

Anything a dog can do, a dachshund can do better . . . With a waddle in their step and eyes that will melt your heart, these mischievous little pups have got us head over heels in love. Whether you've got one, want one or just think they're super cute, this little book dedicated to the sausage-shaped dog will prove that it's not just any old dog who's a man's best friend--it's a dachshund.

The Complete Dog Book

The Photograph, History, and Official Standard of Every Breed Admitted to AKC Registration, and the Selection, Training, Breeding, Care, and Feeding of Pure-bred Dogs

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780876054642

Category: Dog breeds

Page: 724

View: 3132

An official publication of the American Kennel Club discusses different breeds, choosing the right dog, and dog obedience.

Please Understand Me 2

Author: David Keirsey

Publisher: Prometheus Nemesis Book Company

ISBN: 9781885705020

Category: Psychology

Page: 350

View: 9361

For the past twenty years Keirsey has continued to investigate personality differences, to refine his theory of the four temperaments and to define the facets of character that distinguish one from another. His findings form the basis of Please Understand Me II, an updated and greatly expanded edition of the book, far more comprehensive and coherent than the original, and yet with much of the same easy accessibility. One major addition is Keirsey's view of how the temperaments differ in the intelligent roles they are most likely to develop. Each of us, he says, has four kinds of intelligence, tactical, logistical, diplomatic, strategic, though one of the four interests us far more than the others, and thus gets far more practice than the rest. Like four suits in a hand of cards, we each have a long suit and a short suit in what interests us and what we do well, and fortunate indeed are those whose work matches their skills. As in the original book, Please Understand Me II begins with The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, the most used personality inventory in the world. But also included is The Keirsey Four-Types Sorter, a new short questionnaire that identifies one's basic temperament and then ranks one's second, third, and fourth choices. Share this new sorter with friends and family, and get set for a lively and fascinating discussion of personal styles.


Author: D. Caroline Coile

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764196287

Category: Pets

Page: 167

View: 5719

Describes the physical traits, history, and behavior characteristics of dachshunds, along with advice on choosing a puppy, everyday care, grooming and exercise, nutrition and health care, and training. Includes over 100 photographs and bonus DVD.

The Dachshund

Author: Judy Squires,Ian Seath

Publisher: Magnet & Steel

ISBN: 9781906305451

Category: Pets

Page: 148

View: 1426

The Dachshund is one of the most popular breeds of dog, and here at last is a book to do it justice. The 'Best Of Breed' series is a ground-breaking truly breed specific book, from the first page to the last and is perfect for all pet parents. Written by breed experts, this book will enrich your pets life and help you train and care for your dog from day one.