Derrida and Lacan: Another Writing

Another Writing

Author: Michael Lewis

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748636048

Category: Philosophy

Page: 296

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Derrida and Lacan: Another Writing argues that Jacques Derrida's philosophical understanding of language should be supplemented by Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytic approach to the symbolic order. Lacan adopts a non-philosophical, genetic or developmental approach to the question of language and in doing so isolates a dimension that Derrida cannot properly envisage: the imaginary. Michael Lewis argues that the real must be understood not just in relation to the symbolic but also in relation to the imaginary. The existence of an alternative approach to the real that is other than language allows us to identify the idiosyncrasies of Derrida's purely transcendental approach, an approach that addresses language in terms of its conditions of possibility. Lacan shows us that an attention to the genesis of the symbolic order of language and culture should lead us to understand this real other in a different way.This book relates transcendental thought to the insights of non-philosophical thought, and, more specifically, it proposes a way in which philosophy might relate to the insights of the human and natural sciences. By critically juxtaposing Derrida and Lacan, Derrida and Lacan: Another Writing attempts to systematise Slavoj Zizek's presentation of a Lacanian alternative to Derridean deconstruction. This work should be of interest to all readers in continental thought and transcendental philosophy, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, and literary studies.

Zwischen Norm und Chaos: Literatur als Stimme des Rechts

Legendre, Kafka, Hoffmann

Author: Katrin Becker

Publisher: Verlag Wilhelm Fink

ISBN: 3846761656

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 314

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Die Ästhetik fungiert als Stützpfeiler der Normativität, so Pierre Legendre, sie ermöglicht die "Konstruktion der Gegenüberstellung mit der Welt". Vor dem Hintergrund dieses Ansatzes sowie seines Textkonzepts entwickelt Katrin Becker die Hypothese von der rechtlichen Stimme der Literatur. In einer kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit den Thesen Pierre Legendres widmet sie sich anhand beispielhafter Texte von Kafka und Hoffmann der Frage, inwieweit sich die Literatur als reflektierendes, konstruierendes oder modifizierendes Medium der Normativität erweisen könnte.

Die Gegenwart anders denken

Zeit, Raum und Logik nach dem Ende der Philosophie

Author: Arturo Romero Contreras

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3476048209

Category: Philosophy

Page: 724

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In diesem Buch befasst sich Arturo Romero Contreras mit der Frage, wie Philosophie nach ihrem proklamierten Ende möglich ist. Dabei geht der Autor im ersten Teil von der Phänomenologie Husserls und ihrer Rezeption bei Fink, Heidegger und Derrida aus und stellt sich die Aufgabe, Kontext und Begründung der Behauptung, die Philosophie habe ihr Ende erreicht, ans Licht zu bringen. Im zweiten Teil wird gezeigt, dass die Vertreter des Endes der Philosophie in der Tat auf eine andere „Logik“ und „Mathematik“ hinweisen. Die Paradoxie ist ein logischer Begriff, der nur unter gewissen Bedingungen sinnvoll ist. Was sind aber die philosophischen Folgen und der daraus resultierende Denkraum, wenn man neue mathematische Gedanken und nicht-klassische Logiken akzeptiert?

Jep European Journal of Psychoanalysis 32

Author: Lorenzo Chiesa

Publisher: Ipoc Press

ISBN: 8896732867


Page: 338

View: 3473

SPECIAL ISSUE: Lacan and Philosophy: The New Generation Lorenzo Chiesa, Editorial Introduction. Towards a New Philosophical-Psychoanalytic Materialism and Realism Alenka Zupan i, Realism in Psychoanalysis Felix Ensslin, Accesses to the Real: Lacan, Monotheism, and Predestination Adrian Johnston, On Deep History and Lacan Michael Lewis, Structure and Genesis in Derrida and Lacan: Animality and the Empirical Sciences Matteo Bonazzi, Jacques Lacan s Onto-graphy Guillaume Collett, The Subject of Logic: The Object (Lacan with Kant and Frege) Raoul Moati, Metapsychology of Freedom: Symptom and Subjectivity in Lacan Lorenzo Chiesa, Wounds of Testimony and Martyrs of the Unconscious: Lacan and Pasolini contra the Discourse of Freedom Justin Clemens, The Field and Function of the Slave in the Ecrits Oliver Feltham, The School and the Act "

Derrida Vis-à-vis Lacan

Interweaving Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis

Author: Andrea Margaret Hurst

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 0823228754

Category: Philosophy

Page: 469

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Derrida and Lacan have long been viewed as proponents of two opposing schools of thought. This book argues, however, that the logical structure underpinning Lacanian psychoanalytic theory is a complex, paradoxical relationality that corresponds to Derrida's "plural logic of the aporia." Andrea Hurst begins by linking this logic to a strand of thinking (in which Freud plays a part) that unsettles philosophy's transcendental tradition. She then shows that Derrida is just as serious and careful a reader of Freud's texts as Lacan. Interweaving the two thinkers, she argues that the Lacanian Real is another name for Derrida's différance and shows how Derrida's writings on Heidegger and Nietzsche embody an attitude toward sexual difference and feminine sexuality that matches Lacanian insights. Derrida's "plural logic of the aporia," she argues, can serve as a heuristic for addressing prominent themes in Lacanian psychoanalysis: subjectivity, ethics, and language. Finally, she takes up Derrida's prejudicial reading of Lacan's "Seminar on 'The Purloined Letter, '" which was instrumental in the antagonism between Derrideans and Lacanians. Although acknowledging the injustice of Derrida's reading, the author brings out the deep theoretical accord between thinkers that both recognize the power of psychoanalysis to address contemporary political and ethical issues.

Diotima at the Barricades

French Feminists Read Plato

Author: Paul Allen Miller

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199640203

Category: Feminist theory

Page: 336

View: 3301

Diotima at the Barricades argues that the debates that emerged from the burgeoning of feminist intellectual life in post-modern France involved complex, structured, and reciprocal exchanges on the interpretation and position of Plato and other ancient texts in the western philosophical and literary tradition. Paul Allen Miller shows how individual works of Anglo-American figures such as Toril Moi, Judith Butler, and Kaja Silverman, as well as movements such as queer theory, are rooted in feminist theoretical debates that began in the sixties in France and have continued right up to the present day. Miller demonstrates that French philosophy as represented by writers as diverse as Julia Kristeva, Helene Cixous, Sarah Kofman, Jacques Lacan, Jacques Derrida, and Luce Irigaray have had a profound influence on literary, theoretical, and cultural studies in the Anglo-American world. He reveals that in order to understand the intellectual substructure of much of later Anglo-American critical theory, it is crucial to examine the development of post-modern French feminist thought in relation to its dialogue with antiquity. In modern feminism and post-structuralism, the ancient world, and Plato in particular, truly function as our theoretical unconscious.

Religion und Differenz

Derrida, Lacan

Author: Gerhard Burda

Publisher: N.A


Category: Philosophy

Page: 205

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Joyce, Derrida, Lacan and the Trauma of History

Reading, Narrative, and Postcolonialism

Author: Christine van Boheemen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139426510

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: N.A

View: 9465

In Joyce, Derrida, Lacan and the Trauma of History, Christine van Boheemen-Saaf examines the relationship between Joyce's postmodern textuality and the traumatic history of colonialism in Ireland. Joyce's influence on Lacanian psychoanalysis and Derrida's philosophy, Van Boheemen-Saaf suggests, ought to be viewed from a postcolonial perspective. She situates Joyce's writing as a practice of indirect 'witnessing' to a history that remains unspeakable. The loss of a natural relationship to language in Joyce calls for a new ethical dimension in the process of reading. The practice of reading becomes an act of empathy to what the text cannot express in words. In this way, she argues, Joyce's work functions as a material location for the inner voice of Irish cultural memory. This book engages with a wide range of contemporary critical theory and brings Joyce's work into dialogue with thinkers such as Zizek, Adorno, Lyotard, as well as feminism and postcolonial theory.

The Jewish Derrida

Author: Gideon Ofrat

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815606840

Category: Philosophy

Page: 201

View: 5333

This study takes a fresh look at the influential French philosopher, arguing that Jaques Derrida cannot be fully understood without considering the Jewish dimension of his thought, and offering a re-appraisal of his work.

Die Grundbegriffe der Metaphysik

Welt - Endlichkeit - Einsamkeit

Author: Martin Heidegger

Publisher: Vittorio Klostermann

ISBN: 9783465040934

Category: Finite, The

Page: 544

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Author: Jacques Derrida

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783851651522


Page: 461

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Author: Jacques Derrida

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783770541102


Page: 320

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Eine Einführung

Author: Slavoj Žižek

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104904324

Category: Psychology

Page: 176

View: 6719

Der Psychoanalytiker Jacques Lacan gilt als ein so einflussreicher wie schwieriger Denker. Der bekannte Kulturkritiker Slavoj Žižek hat sich daher die Aufgabe gestellt, Lacan einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich zu machen. Dies gelingt ihm, indem er die zentralen Begriffe anschaulich und amüsant mit Hilfe von bekannten Hollywood-Filmen erklärt. Eine Zeittafel sowie eine kommentierte Bibliographie zur weiterführenden Lektüre runden den Band ab.

Die différance

ausgewählte Texte

Author: Jacques Derrida

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783150183380


Page: 362

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A Biography

Author: Benoit Peeters

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0745663028

Category: Philosophy

Page: 700

View: 6502

This biography of Jacques Derrida (1930–2004) tells the story of a Jewish boy from Algiers, excluded from school at the age of twelve, who went on to become the most widely translated French philosopher in the world – a vulnerable, tormented man who, throughout his life, continued to see himself as unwelcome in the French university system. We are plunged into the different worlds in which Derrida lived and worked: pre-independence Algeria, the microcosm of the École Normale Supérieure, the cluster of structuralist thinkers, and the turbulent events of 1968 and after. We meet the remarkable series of leading writers and philosophers with whom Derrida struck up a friendship: Louis Althusser, Emmanuel Levinas, Jean Genet, and Hélène Cixous, among others. We also witness an equally long series of often brutal polemics fought over crucial issues with thinkers such as Michel Foucault, Jacques Lacan, John R. Searle, and Jürgen Habermas, as well as several controversies that went far beyond academia, the best known of which concerned Heidegger and Paul de Man. We follow a series of courageous political commitments in support of Nelson Mandela, illegal immigrants, and gay marriage. And we watch as a concept – deconstruction – takes wing and exerts an extraordinary influence way beyond the philosophical world, on literary studies, architecture, law, theology, feminism, queer theory, and postcolonial studies. In writing this compelling and authoritative biography, Benoît Peeters talked to over a hundred individuals who knew and worked with Derrida. He is also the first person to make use of the huge personal archive built up by Derrida throughout his life and of his extensive correspondence. Peeters’ book gives us a new and deeper understanding of the man who will perhaps be seen as the major philosopher of the second half of the twentieth century.

Meine Lehre

Author: Jacques Lacan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783851326413


Page: 126

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