Dingo Makes Us Human

Life and Land in an Australian Aboriginal Culture

Author: Deborah Bird Rose

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521794848

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

View: 4336

This ethnography explores the culture of the Yarralin people in the Northern Territory.

A Communion of Subjects

Animals in Religion, Science, and Ethics

Author: Paul Waldau,Kimberley Christine Patton

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231509979

Category: Philosophy

Page: 720

View: 9429

A Communion of Subjects is the first comparative and interdisciplinary study of the conceptualization of animals in world religions. Scholars from a wide range of disciplines, including Thomas Berry (cultural history), Wendy Doniger (study of myth), Elizabeth Lawrence (veterinary medicine, ritual studies), Marc Bekoff (cognitive ethology), Marc Hauser (behavioral science), Steven Wise (animals and law), Peter Singer (animals and ethics), and Jane Goodall (primatology) consider how major religious traditions have incorporated animals into their belief systems, myths, rituals, and art. Their findings offer profound insights into humans' relationships with animals and a deeper understanding of the social and ecological web in which we all live. Contributors examine Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Daoism, Confucianism, African religions, traditions from ancient Egypt and early China, and Native American, indigenous Tibetan, and Australian Aboriginal traditions, among others. They explore issues such as animal consciousness, suffering, sacrifice, and stewardship in innovative methodological ways. They also address contemporary challenges relating to law, biotechnology, social justice, and the environment. By grappling with the nature and ideological features of various religious views, the contributors cast religious teachings and practices in a new light. They reveal how we either intentionally or inadvertently marginalize "others," whether they are human or otherwise, reflecting on the ways in which we assign value to living beings. Though it is an ancient concern, the topic of "Religion and Animals" has yet to be systematically studied by modern scholars. This groundbreaking collection takes the first steps toward a meaningful analysis.

Wild Dog Dreaming

Love and Extinction

Author: Deborah Bird Rose

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 081393091X

Category: Nature

Page: 168

View: 1675

Wild Dog Dreaming explores what constitutes an ethical relationship with nonhuman others. Deborah Bird Rose asks whether we, as humans, are capable of loving and caring for the animals and plants that are disappearing in a cascade of extinctions. An inspiration for Roseand a touchstone throughout her bookis the endangered dingo of Australia.

Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing - E-Book

Author: Ruth Elder,Katie Evans,Debra Nizette

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729578771

Category: Medical

Page: 498

View: 3846

The new edition of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing focuses on practice in mental health and psychiatric care integrating theory and the realities of practice. Mental wellness is featured as a concept, and the consideration of a range of psychosocial factors helps students contextualise mental illness and psychiatric disorders. The holistic approach helps the student and the beginning practitioner understand the complex causation of mental illness, its diagnosis, effective interventions and treatments, and the client’s experience of mental illness.

Carnivores of Australia

Past, Present and Future

Author: Alistair Glen,Christopher Dickman


ISBN: 064310318X

Category: Science

Page: 448

View: 4224

The Australian continent provides a unique perspective on the evolution and ecology of carnivorous animals. In earlier ages, Australia provided the arena for a spectacular radiation of marsupial and reptilian predators. The causes of their extinctions are still the subject of debate. Since European settlement, Australia has seen the extinction of one large marsupial predator (the thylacine), another (the Tasmanian devil) is in danger of imminent extinction, and still others have suffered dramatic declines. By contrast, two recently-introduced predators, the fox and cat, have been spectacularly successful, with devastating impacts on the Australian fauna. Carnivores of Australia: Past, Present and Future explores Australia's unique predator communities from pre-historic, historic and current perspectives. It covers mammalian, reptilian and avian carnivores, both native and introduced to Australia. It also examines the debate surrounding how best to manage predators to protect livestock and native biodiversity. Readers will benefit from the most up-to-date synthesis by leading researchers and managers in the field of carnivore biology. By emphasising Australian carnivores as exemplars of flesh-eaters in other parts of the world, this book will be an important reference for researchers, wildlife managers and students worldwide.


Author: Susan McHugh

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861894880

Category: Nature

Page: 232

View: 6758

Dogs are perhaps our most popular pets, and certainly one of the best-loved of all animals. They are not only humanity’s best friend, they are also its oldest: burial sites dating back 12,000 years indicate that dogs moved alongside prehistoric peoples before, during and after both species settled the world. The story of the canine has been fundamentally entwined with that of humanity since the earliest times, and this ancient and fascinating story is told in Susan McHugh’s Dog. This book unravels the debate about whether dogs are descended from wolves, and moves on to deal with canines in mythology, religion and health, dog cults in ancient and medieval civilizations as disparate as Alaska, Greece, Peru and Persia, and traces correspondences between the histories of dogs in the Far East, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Dog also examines the relatively recent phenomenon of dog breeding and the invention of species, as well as the canine’s role in science fact and fiction; from Laika, the first astronaut, and Pavlov’s famous conditioned dogs, through to science fiction novels and cult films such as A Boy and his Dog. Susan McHugh shows how dogs today contribute to human lives in a huge number of ways, not only as pets and guide dogs but also as sources of food in Asia, entertainment workers, and scientific and religious objects. Dog reveals how we have shaped these animals over the millennia, and in turn, how dogs have shaped us.

The Changing Image of the Sciences

Author: Ida H. Stamhuis,Teun Koetsier,Cornelis De Pater,Albert Van Helden

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401005877

Category: History

Page: 226

View: 2906

This volume is written as a reaction to the worldwide decreasing interest in the natural sciences. It addresses many intriguing questions. How is the changing image of the distinct sciences experienced by the general public, by the scientists themselves, or in disciplines in which natural sciences are applied? How can it be connected to the phenomenon of the low number of women in science? It is of interest to researchers, teachers, and students of natural sciences, the history of science, and philosophy.

Der verborgene Fluss


Author: Kate Grenville

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442737253

Category: Convicts

Page: 411

View: 9927

Encyclopedia of Folk Heroes

Author: Graham Seal

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1576072169

Category: Reference

Page: 347

View: 8141

Entries describe the origins and deeds of folk heroes as they have existed in folktales, songs, oral tradition, and other folklore genres.

Westlicher Individualismus versus asiatische Werte

die Bedeutung von Individuum und Kultur für gesellschaftliche Entwicklung

Author: Sebastian Wienges

Publisher: N.A


Category: Collectivism

Page: 165

View: 1191

Seit Weber wurde immer wieder die Frage gestellt, welche Kultur förderlich, welche hinderlich für Entwicklung sei. Individualismus und Kollektivismus werden als Paradigmen von Entwicklungstheorien diskutiert. Dabei stehen die Thesen, die den individualistischen Unternehmer als Akteur im Entwicklungsprozess darstellen, der Erfolgsgeschichte der asiatisch-pazifischen Tigerstaaten gegenüber. Die Fäden dieser Debatte von Entwicklungstheorien und Studien über Bedeutung von Individuum und Kultur greift die Darstellung der Charakteristiken individualistischer Strukturen auf. Vor dem Hintergrund der Beschreibung kollektivistischer Strukturen einer dritten Kulturregion wird untersucht, welchen kulturellen Faktoren die asiatisch-pazifische Region ihren Entwicklungserfolg zu verdanken hat oder welche die Asienkrise eher noch verschärften. Es zeigt sich, dass sowohl Individualismus als auch Kollektivismus im Entwicklungsprozess notwendig und effizient für verschiedene Funktionen sein können.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Toward an Expanded Land Management Ethic

Author: Beverly L. Driver

Publisher: Venture Pub


Category: Nature

Page: 467

View: 6052

This provocative and timely text advocates an expanded ethic oriented toward ecosystem sustainability and focuses on the role of nature in maintaining the human spirit. Diverse views are put forth in 38 chapters by 49 authors who represent all types of users and interests. This text presents a balanced, in-depth perspective on this difficult topic of hard-to-define values. The text encourages a sense of awe about the complexity of natural systems as it redefines the words spirit and spirituality by redirecting the reader from the realms of the sectarian, religious, or mystical toward a nature-based meaning. This perspective encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and economic well-being of people and communities, emphasizing the sameness of humans and land, and it lays the groundwork for an understanding of, and a need for an expanded land management ethic.

The Shape of the Dreaming

The Cultural Significance of Victoria River Rock Art

Author: Darrell Lewis,Deborah Bird Rose

Publisher: N.A


Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 158

View: 2730

Discusses the various types of rock art in the Victoria River district, its significance to its Aboriginal custodians and the importance of joint consultatoon about protection of sites.

Stradbrokes Traumzeit


Author: Oodgeroo Noonuccal

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783861420750

Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 80

View: 7057

Mediating Across Difference

Oceanic and Asian Approaches to Conflict Resolution

Author: Morgan Brigg,Roland Bleiker

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: History

Page: 284

View: 6923

Mediating Across Difference is based on a fundamental premise: to deal adequately with conflict--and particularly with conflict stemming from cultural and other differences--requires genuine openness to different cultural practices and dialogue between different ways of knowing and being. Equally essential is a shift away from understanding cultural difference as an inevitable source of conflict, and the development of a more critical attitude toward previously under-examined Western assumptions about conflict and its resolution. To address the ensuing challenges, this book introduces and explores some of the rich insights into conflict resolution emanating from Asia and Oceania. Although often overlooked, these local traditions offer a range of useful ways of thinking about and dealing with difference and conflict in a globalizing world. To bring these traditions into exchange with mainstream Western conflict resolution, the editors present the results of collaborative work between experienced scholars and culturally knowledgeable practitioners from numerous parts of Asia and Oceania. The result is a series of interventions that challenge conventional Western notions of conflict resolution and provide academics, policy makers, diplomats, mediators, and local conflict workers with new possibilities to approach, prevent, and resolve conflict. Contributors: Roland Bleiker; Volker Boege; Morgan Brigg; Stephen Chan; Frans de Jalong, Sr.; Lorraine Garasu; Mary Graham; Hoang Young-ju; Carwyn Jones; Joy Kere; Debra McDougall; Norifumi Namatame; Chengxin Pan; Oliver Richmond; Deborah Bird Rose; Muhadi Sugiono; Tarja V�yrynen; Polly O. Walker; Jacqueline Wasilewski.


Critical Essays in Human Geography

Author: Kay Anderson,Bruce Braun

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Science

Page: 583

View: 8848

The articles collected together in this volume capture conceptual developments in the field of environmental studies in human geography and illustrate the diversity and remarkable vitality of geographical research on society-environment relations.

At the Risk of Being Heard

Identity, Indigenous Rights, and Postcolonial States

Author: Bartholomew Dean

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 355

View: 399

An analysis of indigenous rights and the challenges confronting indigenous peoples in the twenty-first century


Author: Nathan Hollier,Katherine Wilson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Australian literature

Page: N.A

View: 1980



Author: Bruce Chatwin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783596509508


Page: 541

View: 5925

Englischer Autor (1940-1989). - Arkady Wolschok, ein Australier russischer Herkunft, führt den Erzähler in die mysteriöse Welt der Aborigines ein. Der Kosmopolit mit Universitätsabschluss hat Java, Indien, Afghanistan und große Teile Europas bereist. Nun versucht er im trocken-heißen Nordterritorium Australiens beim Straßen- und Eisenbahnbau oder bei Ölbohrungen zu verhindern, dass die heiligen Stätten der Aborigines zerstört werden. Aufbau: Traumpfade ist Reisebuch, Abenteuergeschichte, Ideenroman und Fortschrittssatire, geistige Autobiografie und romantische Komödie zugleich. Auf seiner Initiationsreise begegnet der Erzähler einem Panoptikum schräger Persönlichkeiten. Militante Ureinwohner verteidigen ihr Land gegen die Einflüsse der Zivilisation wie Fast Food, Alkoholismus und Umweltverschmutzung. Christliche Missionare wachen eifersüchtig über ihre”eingeborenen“Schafe, weiße Siedler breiten sich mit rücksichtsloser Arroganz aus. Bei seiner Wanderung durch das Land, das im 18. Jahrhundert von Sträflingen aus Großbritannien besiedelt wurde, trifft der Erzähler Trunkenbolde, Verrückte, Schurken und Heilige. Den Roman durchziehen Anekdoten und exotische Geschichten, grandiose Landschaftsbeschreibungen und Reflexionen über die menschliche Natur. Mitten im Erzählfluss tauchen Tagebuchnotizen und Interviews auf, u. a. mit dem Verhaltensforscher Konrad R Lorenz. Sagen, Legenden und Zitate von Buddha bis Arthur R Rimbaud, von R Herodot bis Søren R Kierkegaard verdichten das künstlerische Anliegen.

Art from the land

dialogues with the Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Australian Aboriginal art

Author: University of Virginia

Publisher: Univ of Washington Pr


Category: Art

Page: 266

View: 6489

The art of Aboriginal Australia gives tangible expression to a particular way of being in the land. The Kluge-Ruhe Collection, now held by the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, is one of the largest and best-documented collections of Australian Aboriginal art outside Australia. Art from the Land focuses on the desert region and Arnhem Land, drawing on the many fine works in the collection and on the authors' detailed knowledge of the artists and their communities to illustrate the unique and complex nature of Australian Aboriginal artistic expression.

Monster Anthropology in Australasia and Beyond

Author: Y. Musharbash,G. Presterudstuen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137448652

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 1476

Offering a dialogue between anthropology and literature, culture, and media, this book presents fine-grained ethnographic vignettes of monsters dwelling in the contemporary world. These monsters hail from Aboriginal Australia, the Pacific, Asia, and Europe, and their presence is inextricably intertwined with the lives of those they haunt.