Direct Red

A Surgeon's Story

Author: Gabriel Weston

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409075176

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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How does it feel to hold someone's life in your hands? What is it like to cut into someone else's body? What is it like to stand by, powerless, while someone dies because of the incompetence of your seniors? How do you tell a beautiful young man who seems perfectly fit that he has only a few days left to live? Gabriel Weston worked as a surgeon in the big-city hospitals of the twenty-first century; a woman in a world dominated by Alpha males. Her world was one of disease, suffering and extraordinary pressure where a certain moral ambiguity and clinical detachment were necessary tools for survival. Startling and honest, her account combines a fierce sense of human dignity with compassion and insight, illuminating scenes of life and death the rest of us rarely glimpse. Direct Red won the 2010 PEN/ Ackerley Prize and was longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award 2009.

Regulated Chemicals Directory 1995

Author: Petros C. Mavroidis,N. David Palmeter

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401149100

Category: Science

Page: 2008

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The Regulated Chemicals DirectoryTM is meant to be a convenient source of information for everyone who needs to keep up-to-date regarding the regulations and recommendations that pertain to chemical substances. The RCDTM is designed to be the first reference book to consult when beginning compliance efforts. Every regulatory or advisory list used in the RCDTM is keyed to its source, to help readers who need more detailed information on regulations, recommendations, or guidelines readily locate source documents. Some organizations now center their compliance efforts on computerized information stored in cross-referenced databases. A unique feature of the RCDTM is the availability of an electronic version suitable for use on ffiM-compatible personal computers, download onto mainframes and CD-ROM players. Both the print and electronic versions are updated with the same timeliness. For more information on the electronic versions of the Regulated Chemicals DirectoryTM, contact ChemADVISOR®, Inc. directly (750 William Pitt Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, phone 1-800-466-3750). Many companies working on product development need information on what may be regulated in the future. The RCDTM provides selected information on pending regulations and in-progress testing lists, which can provide Ii starting place for tracking future regulatory considerations. Information for the RCvm is continually gathered and updated. Suggestions from readers for information that should be added to the RCvm or for other ways to improve the book are welcomed by Van Nostrand Reinhold. - Patricia L. Dsida, Pres. ChemADVISOR® , Inc. ix Part A. Chemical Lists and Indexes Section 1.

Handbook of Biological Dyes and Stains

Synthesis and Industrial Applications

Author: R. W. Sabnis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470586235

Category: Science

Page: 544

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A complete, up-to-date resource of information on more than 200 dyes and stains Handbook of Biological Dyes and Stains is the most comprehensive volume available on the subject, covering all the available dyes and stains known to date in the literature for use in biology and medicine. Top dye expert Dr. Ram Sabnis organizes the compounds alphabetically by the most commonly used chemical name. He presents an easy-to-use reference complete with novel ideas for breakthrough research in medical, biological, chemical, and related fields. This is the first book to give the CAS registry number, chemical structure, Chemical Abstracts index name, all other chemical names, Merck Index number, chemical/dye class, molecular formula, molecular weight, physical form, solubility, melting point, boiling point, pH range, color change at pH, pKa, absorption, and emission maxima of dyes and stains, as well as to provide access to synthesis procedures (lab scale and industrial scale) of dyes and stains. This user-friendly handbook also features references on safety, toxicity, and adverse effects of dyes and stains on humans, animals, and the environment, including: acute/chronic toxicity aquatic toxicity carcinogenicity cytotoxicity ecotoxicity genotoxicity hepatotoxicity marine toxicity mutagenicity nephrotoxicity neurotoxicity oral toxicity phototoxicity phytotoxicity The use of biological dyes and stains has extremely high potential in today's business environment. This makes Handbook of Biological Dyes and Stains a convenient, must-have reference. Its staining, biological, and industrial applications make it a vital resource for industrial and academic researchers; the book also serves as a valuable desktop reference for medical professionals, biologists, chemists, chemical/optical engineers, physicists, materials scientists, intellectual property professionals, students, and professors.

The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

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Category: Administrative law

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The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.


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Category: Tariff

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Textile Dyeing and Coloration

Author: J. Richard Aspland

Publisher: AATCC

ISBN: 9780961335014

Category: Color in the textile industries

Page: 410

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Wir Halbgötter

Bekenntnisse einer Chirurgin

Author: Gabriel Weston

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 364446751X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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Im OP geht es um Leben und Tod – und alles andere, was zum Menschsein gehört: Wie ist es, als Chirurgin für das Leben eines anderen Menschen verantwortlich zu sein? Wie fühlt es sich an, einen Körper aufzuschneiden? Wie sagt man einem gutaussehenden jungen Mann, dass er nur noch ein paar Tage zu leben hat? Gabriel Weston erzählt scharf beobachtete Episoden aus ihren ersten Berufsjahren als Chirurgin in einem Krankenhaus. Eine starke Frauenstimme und ein berührendes Buch über das Kranksein, die Schönheit und die Flüchtigkeit des Lebens. «Was für ein grandioses Buch. Gabriel Westons Sprache ist so verführerisch, ihre Weisheit so frisch und ungetrübt von Sentimentalität, und trotzdem spürt man hinter jedem wohlformulierten Satz ihre Empathie - und ihre funkelnde Aufrichtigkeit.» (Nicholas Shakespeare)

Clinical Pharmacology

Author: Morris J. Brown,Pankaj Sharma,Peter N. Bennett

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702051136

Category: Medical

Page: 640

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A thorough knowledge of pharmacological and therapeutic principles is vital if drugs are to be used safely and effectively for increasingly informed patients. Those who clearly understand how drugs get into the body, how they produce their effects, what happens to them in the body, and how evidence of their therapeutic effect is assessed, will choose drugs more skilfully, and use them more safely and successfully than those who do not. Now in a fully revised 11th edition, Clinical Pharmacology is essential reading for undergraduate medical students, junior doctors and anyone concerned with evidence-based drug therapy. Introductory first three sections cover general principle of clinical pharmacology; five subsequent sections cover drug treatment of disease organised by body system. Retains approachable style set by the original author, Professor Laurence. Emphasis throughout is on evidence-based and safe drug prescribing. Indian Advisory Board will ensure content reflects the needs of the devloping world.

Artificial Dyestuffs Used in the United States

Quantity and Value of Foreign Imports and of Domestic Production During the Fiscal Year 1913-14

Author: Thomas Herbert Norton

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dyes and dyeing

Page: 254

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Protocols for High-Risk Pregnancies

An Evidence-Based Approach

Author: John T. Queenan,John C. Hobbins,Catherine Y. Spong

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444390353

Category: Medical

Page: 680

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Experience and evidence fused for best-practice management of high-risk pregnancies High-risk pregnancies present life-threatening challenges to two of your patients: the mother and her fetus. The direct, exemplary guidance in Protocols for High-Risk Pregnancy enables you to: better understand your patients' conditions devise optimum management strategies maximize the outcome and minimize the complications for both the mother and her fetus To enhance clinical relevance, each protocol is written as if the patient were present. Evidence to support an intervention is given where it exists. The authors' experience provides additional wise counsel. Key references provide the springboard for a deeper understanding of a topic. All protocols have been updated. New protocols follow the successful formula of previous editions. Watch an interview with Dr John T. Queenan and Dr Catherine Y. Spong here:

Microbiological Research In Agroecosystem Management

Author: Rajesh Kannan Velu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8132210875

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 326

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Agroecosystem is an ideal dynamic functional system with a set of chemical and biological interaction taking place in plant surface either below or above the ground levels. These levels of interaction activities fundamentally with microorganism-plant-soil systems are extended upto the level of entire agricultural economy. Greatly simplified, the agroecosystems control the various range of energy flux, resources exchange, organic and inorganic nutrient budgets and population dynamics. The main aim of this edited volume is to provide a broad spectrum of agroecosystems structure, function and maintenance involved in microbial research. This book consists of 20 full length research articles focusing on the emerging problems in the field and the positive findings are identified on key areas of research such as biodiversity, ecosystem service, environmental cleaning in agroecology, etc. These articles are arranged progressively linking themselves thematically with photographs, figures and tables. Focused field articles are included which prove a valuable contribution to the field of agroecosystem management by microbial facilitations. The editor hopes that these articles would prompt the budding scholars to further their research which in turn would certainly help the agriculturists.

Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual

Generator Set, Gas Turbine Engine, 45 KW, AC, 120/208, 240/416 V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire, Skid Mounted, Winterized (Airesearch Model GTGE 70-6-1), FSN 6115-075-1639

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Category: Electric generators

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Chromic Phenomena

Technological Applications of Colour Chemistry

Author: P. Bamfield

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN: 9780854044740

Category: Science

Page: 374

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Providing an entry point both for new researchers and for established ones, this book develops and investigates new applications for colour chemistry.