El parasubidas

Author: Concha López Narváez,Carmelo Salmerón

Publisher: Editorial Bruno

ISBN: 9788421696590

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 88

View: 1422

Dani sueña cuando está despierto, imaginando cosas que le parece que son de verdad. Un día soñó que el viento empujaba su paraguas hacia arriba y que él volaba. Su paraguas era ¡un parasubidas! ¡Y qué emoción! Voló sobre la ciudad, sobre el mar y sobre el desierto; se hizo amigo de un niño barquero, y hasta un cocodrilito se subió a su pierna, y allí se durmió. Este libro trata de sueños, de aventuras y de amistad.

Altazor, Or, A Voyage in a Parachute (1919)

A Poem in VII Cantos

Author: Vicente Huidobro

Publisher: Saint Paul, Minn. : Graywolf Press

ISBN: 9781555971069

Category: Poetry

Page: 167

View: 6511

Revised edition of a Latin American classic in a tour-de-force translation.

Intracoronary Diagnostic Techniques

Author: Fernando Alfonso,Javier Botas

Publisher: Cc de la Salud

ISBN: 9788448604868

Category: Medical

Page: 432

View: 2971

The most current coverage of intracoronary techniques! This comprehensive text inlcudes detailed information on how to perform all intracoronary techniques including intracardiac ultrasound, coronary angioscopy, intracoronary magnetic resonance, and more.

Instrumental Reasoning and Systems Methodology

An Epistemology of the Applied and Social Sciences

Author: Richard Mattessich

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401094314

Category: Social Science

Page: 396

View: 5076

This book has been written primarily for the applied and social scientist and student who longs for an integrated picture of the foundations on which his research must ultimately rest; but hopefully the book may also serve philosophers interested in applied disciplines and in systems methodology. If integration was the major motto, the need for a method ology, appropriate to the teleological peculiarities of all applied sciences, was the main impetus behind the conception of the present work. This need I felt a long time ago in my own area of analytical and empirical research in accounting theory and management science; later I had the opportunity to teach, for almost a decade, graduate seminars in Methodology which offered particular insight into the methodological needs of students of such applied disciplines as business administration, education, engineering, infor matics, etc. Out of this effort grew the present book which among other things tries, on one side, to illuminate the difference and relationship between methods of cognition and methods of decision and on the other, to sketch a framework suitable for depicting means-end relationships in a holistic setting. I believe that a systems methodology which incorporates recent endeavours of deontic logic, decision theory, information economics and related areas would be eminently suited to break the ground for such a future framework. Yet systems theory has two major shortcomings which might prevent it from evolving into the desired methodology of applied science.

The Methodology of Maurice Hauriou

Legal, Sociological, Philosophical

Author: Christopher B. Gray

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042030070

Category: Law

Page: 242

View: 9714

This book shows that Hauriou¿s positivist and pragmatic jurisprudence and social theory, as well as their application to the study of institutions, is satisfactorily supported by his idealistic philosophy. The nine chapters first locate Hauriou¿s influences, then situate his disciplinary methodologies within methodology in general. The central chapters concern each of the three methodologies in turn.

Research Methodology

A Project Guide for University Students

Author: John Kuada

Publisher: Samfundslitteratur

ISBN: 9788759315545

Category: Education

Page: 139

View: 1963

Research Methodology is written for university and college students who are looking for guidelines when writing for a research project. It describes some of the most influential methods in social science and speaks directly to students without any prior knowledge of project work. Written in a simple, straight-forward, and a highly engaging style, the book takes the reader through the essential features of the project work process and guides students in making key decisions that will reduce the anxieties they are likely to experience in their research process. The book also introduces students to the nature of their group work process and provides guidelines on how to work with other students in order to produce good projects. It is intended as a supplementary textbook for courses in research methodology, for bachelor and master's degree students. Highlights of the issues discussed include: structure of projects * research design * the role of theories in research projects * paradigms and philosophy of science * qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and techniques * mixed research methods.

Longitudinal Research

Methods and Uses in Behavioral Science

Author: F. Schulsinger,Sarnoff A. Mednick,J. Knop

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400981473

Category: Social Science

Page: 326

View: 9019

This volume is the product of a course on longitudinal prospective re search arranged by the three editors in Arhus, Denmark, in 1978. The course was supported by the Nordisk Kulturfond for young researchers from the Nordic countries, who had planned or had simply involved themselves in longitudinal prospective research projects of various kinds. The twenty-six participants represented a wide range of professions: statisticians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and public health researchers. The teachers came from many countries and represented many disciplines. The course was very successful, especially from the point of view of the quality and investment of the teachers. We felt also that the course met a strong need in this relatively new field of research. Therefore, we asked the teachers to prepare written versions of their lectures so that they could have wider dissemination; they agreed to do so. The present book is composed of these contributions. The first chap ter, after outlining some of the problems with traditional strategies in mental health research, goes on to suggest some of the possible preven tive applications of longitudinal research methods. Included in Parts II and III are papers on design problems and on the tools of long-term research, such as genetics and classification, biological measurements, epidemiological guidelines, statistical models, disease registers, and de velopmental psychology.

The Long Evolution of Brains and Minds

Author: Gerhard Roth

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400762593

Category: Nature

Page: 320

View: 1223

The main topic of the book is a reconstruction of the evolution of nervous systems and brains as well as of mental-cognitive abilities, in short “intelligence” from simplest organisms to humans. It investigates to which extent the two are correlated. One central topic is the alleged uniqueness of the human brain and human intelligence and mind. It is discussed which neural features make certain animals and humans intelligent and creative: Is it absolute or relative brain size or the size of “intelligence centers” inside the brains, the number of nerve cells inside the brain in total or in such “intelligence centers” decisive for the degree of intelligence, of mind and eventually consciousness? And which are the driving forces behind these processes? Finally, it is asked what all this means for the classical problem of mind-brain relationship and for a naturalistic theory of mind.

Mirror images

Author: Carme Riera

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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On the Art of Doing Field Studies

An Experience-based Research Methodology

Author: N.A

Publisher: Handelshojskolens Forlag


Category: Fieldwork (Educational method)

Page: 248

View: 2510

Outside anthropology, this is the first book on field studies within the social sciences. The authors offer methods, based on the experienced fact that social science research cannot be described as a rational process. This book presents the rational features of this seemingly irrational process. The authors have systematized their own extensive experience with field studies, providing advice to future researchers on how to avoid the most mundane and traditional mistakes. The first part of the book describes four real life research stories that are well structured, well written, and simply exciting. The second part is a systematic effort to draw methodological conclusions from the stories. The result is an analytical presentation of the common mode of behaviour observed in the previous stories.


Author: Pere Gimferrer

Publisher: Verba Mundi

ISBN: 9781567925500

Category: Poetry

Page: 272

View: 3993

" Pere Gimferrer] is a great poet and also knows everything."--Robert Bolao Employing the unmatched lyrical inventiveness and range that have made him recognized as Spain's most distinguished poet, Gimferrer has composed a paean to vanished artistic grandeur, suggesting the fragility of the line dividing the real from imagined: Whatever the eye can see dissolves into a tapestry of prose woven of light and shadow.