Englische Grammatik für Dummies

Author: Geraldine Woods

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

ISBN: 9783527705054

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 352

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Sie mussen jetzt englische Grammatik pauken und Ihr Schulenglisch ist schon ein wenig eingerostet. Sie haben Kunden im Ausland? Da sollten die E-Mails verstandlich sein. Sie mussen eine Prasentation auf Englisch halten? Oder bereiten Sie sich auf den TOEFL vor? Englische Grammatik ist nicht wirklich spa?ig. Da hilft nur dieses Buch von Geraldine Woods, die locker, witzig und leicht verstandlich auch die kompliziertesten Regeln der englischen Sprache erklart. Und auf einmal macht Grammatik lernen Spa?.

English Grammar

Author: Richard Hudson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134687729

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 144

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English Grammar: * helps users to understand grammatical concepts * encourages the reader to practise applying newly discovered concepts to everyday texts * teaches students to analyze almost every word in any English text * provides teachers and students with a firm grounding in a system which they can both understand and apply.

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies

Author: Geraldine Woods

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118047347

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 312

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Get some good grammar practice-and start speaking and writing well Good grammar is important, whether you want to advance your career, boost your GPA, or increase your SAT or ACT score. Practice is the key to improving your grammar skills, and that's what this workbook is all about. Honing speaking and writing skills through continued practice translates into everyday situations, such as writing papers, giving presentations, and communicating effectively in the workplace or classroom. In English Grammar Workbook For Dummies you'll find hundreds of fun problems to help build your grammar muscles. Just turn to a topic you need help with-from punctuation and pronouns to possessives and parallel structure-and get out your pencil. With just a little practice every day, you'll be speaking correctly, writing confidently, and getting the recognition you deserve at work or at school. Hundreds of practice exercises and helpful explanations Explanations mirror teaching methods and classroom protocols Focused, modular content presented in step-by-step lessons English Grammar Workbook For Dummies will empower you to structure sentences correctly, make subject and verbs agree, and use tricky punctuation marks such as commas, semicolons, and apostrophes without fear.

English Grammar Workbook for Dummies

Author: Nuala O'Sullivan,Geraldine Woods

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470688300

Category: English language

Page: 324

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English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, UK Edition is grammar First Aid for anyone wanting to perfect their English and develop the practical skills needed to write and speak correctly. Each chapter focuses on key grammatical principles, with easy-to-follow theory and examples as well as practice questions and explanations. From verbs, prepositions and tenses, to style, expressions and tricky word traps, this hands-on workbook is essential for both beginners looking to learn and practise the basics of English grammar, and those who want to brush up skills they already have - quickly, easily, and with confidence. English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, UK Edition covers: Part I: Laying the Groundwork: Grammar Basics Chapter 1: Placing the Proper Verb in the Proper Place Chapter 2: Matchmaker, Make Me a Match: Pairing Subjects and Verbs Correctly Chapter 3: Who Is She, and What Is It? The Lowdown on Pronouns Chapter 4: Finishing What You Start: Writing Complete Sentences Part II: Mastering Mechanics Chapter 5: Exercising Comma Sense Chapter 6: Made You Look! Punctuation Marks That Demand Attention Chapter 7: One Small Mark, a Whole New Meaning: Apostrophes Chapter 8: "Let Me Speak!" Quotation Marks Chapter 9: Hitting the Big Time: Capital Letters Part III: The Pickier Points of Correct Verb and Pronoun Use Chapter 10: The Case of It (And Other Pronouns) Chapter 11: Choosing the Best Pronoun for a Tricky Sentence Chapter 12: Travelling in Time: Tricky Verb-Tense Situations Chapter 13: Are You and Your Verbs in the Right Mood? Part IV: All You Need to Know about Descriptions and Comparisons Chapter 14: Writing Good or Well: Adjectives and Adverbs Chapter 15: Going on Location: Placing Descriptions Correctly Chapter 16: For Better or Worse: Forming Comparisons Chapter 17: Apples and Oranges: Improper Comparisons Part V: Writing with Style Chapter 18: Keeping Your Balance Chapter 19: Spicing Up and Trimming Down Your Sentences Chapter 20: Steering Clear of Tricky Word Traps Part VI: The Part of Tens Chapter 21: Ten Over-corrections Chapter 22: Ten Errors to Avoid at All Cost

English Grammar For Dummies

Author: Geraldine Woods

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119376599

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 408

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Get the last word on English grammar Grasping the intricacies of the English language doesn't need to be tricky, and this down-to-earth guide breaks everything down in ways that make sense—Revealing rules, tips, and tricks to eliminate confusion and gain clarity, English Grammar For Dummies gives you everything you need to communicate with confidence! Good grammar lays the foundation for speaking and writing clearly. This easy-to-follow book will help you become a more articulate, effective communicator. Covering everything from the building blocks of a sentence to those pesky rules of punctuation, it offers the practical guidance you need to communicate in a way that would make any English teacher proud. Improve your speaking skills Clearly compose written communications Get the latest techniques for continuous improvement Write a winning college entrance exam or compelling business presentation Stop worrying about the grammar police and become more confident with your words!

English Grammar Workbook Class - 3

Author: Neha Deshwal

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 72

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This grammar workbook is especially designed keeping in view of the students of class 3. Explanations are precise and easy to understand followed by a great amount of practice exercises. Interiors are kept black and white to give an opportunity to kids to satiate their creative pursuits. This book aims to provide age appropriate knowledge of basic but important topics of grammar to strengthen the base of English language.

Who Said English Grammar Was Boring?

Students’ Workbook

Author: Francis A. Andrew

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490785248

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 254

View: 5218

The world of education is full of grammar books. For most teachers and students of foreign languages, grammar books are generally dry and dusty and only to be consulted on a reference basis. However, Who Said English Grammar Was Boring? is not your conventional grammar book. Its core dynamic is based upon a conversation between the author and an English language instructor colleague. Apart from being an exposition of English grammar, the book also incorporates advice on teaching methodology and practice exercises for students. Apart from focusing on the four key areas of language learningreading, writing, listening, and speakingthe book introduces another concept in the form of a practicum, which asks the students to take turns in giving a lesson to their classmates on what they have learned. It is hoped that this book will serve to take the monotony out of grammar learning.

English & Grammar Workbook, Grade 6

Author: Brighter Child,Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 1483816478

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 80

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Brighter Child English & Grammar for Grade 6 helps students master language arts skills. Practice is included for parts of speech, punctuation, root words, similes and metaphors, and more. School success starts here! Workbooks in the popular Brighter Child series are packed with plenty of fun activities that teach a variety of essential school skills. Students will find help for math, English and grammar, handwriting, and other important subject areas. Each book contains full-color practice pages, easy-to-follow instructions, and an answer key.

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, with Online Practice

Author: Geraldine Woods

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111945543X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 336

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Improve your English grammar You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using proper English language and grammar. The ability to articulate and communicate effectively is a valuable asset in all aspects of life. From writing a research paper to giving a presentation at work or just holding a casual conversation with friends or family, strong verbal and written skills are necessities in everyday communication. English Grammar Workbook For Dummies is the perfect solution for sharpening the tools in your grammar kit, with lessons and plenty of practice opportunities to help reinforce learning. Whether you need to brush up on the finer points of punctuation, need help making sense of those pesky parts of speech—or anything in between—this approachable guide makes it fast and easy. • Find FREE quizzes for every chapter online • Handle pronouns with grace • Master plurals and possessives • Improve your proofreading skills Everyone benefits from using proper grammar and speech, and now you can too!

The Perfect English Grammar Workbook

Simple Rules and Quizzes to Master Today's English

Author: Lisa McLendon

Publisher: Zephyros Press

ISBN: 9781623157968

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 214

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The Easiest-to-Use, Most Up-to-Date Grammar Workbook for Improving Your Daily Communication The English language is expansive and complex. The rules are always changing, and grammar advice from a century or even a few years ago may not apply today. If you want to communicate with clarity and credibility--if you want people to focus on what you're saying, rather than how you're saying it--then you need to use excellent grammar. Editor, linguistic expert, and self-proclaimed "grammar cheerleader" Lisa McLendon has spent her career finding ways to use language effectively and correctly. Lisa knows that the primary reason people are uneasy about writing and public speaking is because they aren't confident in their grammar skills. With The Perfect English Grammar Workbook Lisa has developed a simple, well-organized grammar workbook that demystifies English grammar so you can use it with confidence and accuracy. In The Perfect English Grammar Workbook you'll find: EASY-TO-FOLLOW LESSONS organized by how we naturally learn--simple instructions followed by self-directed quizzes RELEVANT, ENGAGING EXAMPLES that demonstrate grammar rules with wit, humor, and contemporary appeal RECENT, UP-TO-DATE RULES based on the English language we use today A WIDE VARIETY OF EXERCISES that make learning fun HELPFUL FEATURES FOR CLASSROOM USE including standalone answer keys for easy photocopying and color-coded pages for quick navigation Finding the best grammar workbook can be difficult. But The Perfect English Grammar Workbook provides everything you need to master the rules of grammar with ease and enjoyment. The Perfect English Grammar Workbook covers all English grammar rules including: Composition * Parts of Speech * Sentence Structure * Verbs * Determiners * Nouns * Adjectives * Prepositions * Conjunctions * Punctuation * and more.

The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8

125+ Simple Exercises to Improve Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage

Author: Lauralee Moss

Publisher: Zephyros Press

ISBN: 9781641520829

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 268

View: 7276

Teach and reinforce grammatical skills with over 125 simple exercises in The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8. Grammar is an essential part of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade curriculum. With The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8 students will build a strong foundation for understanding the concepts of grammar and using them effectively when reading, writing, or speaking. The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8 offers students the flexibility to learn at their own pace while providing the structure they need to successfully retain essential grammar rules, such as parts of speech, sentence structure, phrases and clauses, active and passive voice, mood, punctuation, writing style, and more. Inside the pages of The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8 you'll find: Lessons that move from basic concepts to more difficult ones allowing students to build their knowledge as they go Consistent review sections that reinforce learning and skill retention after every three lessons Engaging quizzes and separate answer keys to prepare students for real-world grammar usage With its clear organization, single-page lessons, and full-color design, The English Grammar Workbook for Grades 6, 7, and 8 is the ideal companion for teaching the fundamental concepts of grammar in the classroom and at home.

Basic English Grammar For Dummies - UK

Author: Geraldine Woods

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119071151

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 376

View: 6830

Edition statement found in small print at head of cover title.

Basic English Grammar Workbook B

Author: Betty S. Azar,Stacy A. Hagen

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 9780132942256

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 172

View: 8351

Basic English Grammar is a classic developmental skills text for beginning students of English as a second or foreign language. The Workbook consists of self-study exercises, with answers included, providing students with the opportunity to explore and practice grammar independently. It is keyed to the explanatory grammar charts in the Student Book. Volume B of the Workbook includes Chapters 9-15 plus the Appendices. New to this edition: more contextualized exercises micro-practice new readings with targeted grammar practice updated real-world vocabulary

Practice Makes Perfect: English Grammar for ESL Learners

Author: Ed Swick

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071465359

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 192

View: 1123

Continuing the success of the bestselling Practice Makes Perfect series, Practice Makes Perfect English Grammar for ESL Learners features well-organized presentations, skill-building exercises, and a focus on practical conversational skills. Here you will find clear explanations accompanied by highlighted examples and boxed summaries of key points. You also get numerous exercises in a variety of formats, including fill-inthe-blank sentences and passages, translations, multiple-choice questions, sentence rewriting, and creative writing exercises. Answers to all questions are provided in the back of the book.

Intermediate Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook

Author: Jenneke A. Oosterhoff

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135975469

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 224

View: 2591

Intermediate Dutch is designed for learners who have achieved a basic proficiency and wish to refine their knowledge of grammatical structures. This Workbook, along with its companion volume Basic Dutch, provides clear and concise summaries of the essential points of Dutch grammar as well as opportunities to practice using the structures of the language. Building on the lessons of Basic Dutch, each of the twenty-four units presents a grammatical topic with an introduction and overview, followed by contextualized exercises to reinforce learning. Features include: a clear accessible format many useful language examples abundant exercises with a full answer key frequent references to English grammar an appendix on irregular verbs an index of grammatical keywords. Suitable for independent learners and students on taught courses, Intermediate Dutch, together with its sister volume Basic Dutch, forms a structured course in the essentials of Dutch grammar.

Mastering English

A Student's Workbook and Guide

Author: Alex Klinge

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110158182

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 173

View: 1159

This workbook is intended as a source of supplementary reading and exercise material for courses based on Mastering English. Where appropriate, exercises that inquire into the development framework of Mastering English are provided.

Basic English Grammar Workbook

Author: Betty S. Azar,Stacy A. Hagen

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 9780132942270

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 320

View: 6023

Basic English Grammar is a classic developmental skills text for beginning students of English as a second or foreign language. It uses a grammar-based approach integrated with communicative methodologies to prmote the development of all language skills. While keeping the same basic approach and materials as in earlier edtions, the fourth edition continues to build on the foundation of understanding form and meaning by engaging students in meaningful communication about real actions, real things, and their own lives in classroom context. Several of the new features are: Information in the grammar charts highlighting differences between spoken and written English Step-by-step writing activities with models for students to follow Innovative warm-up exercises that precede the grammar charts and introduce points to be taught Newly created exercises to give students more incremental grammar practice Structure-based listening exercises that introduce students to relaxed, reduced speech

The Best English Exercises for Arabic Students: Beginning Workbook One

Author: David Van Ingram

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1435708237

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 116

View: 4239

This is the first in a series of three workbooks for Arabic ESL grammar students. In Workbook One, the beginning ESL student can study, learn, and practice grammar structures one page at a time. Users of this book can study a grammar point, learn it through examples of usage, and practice by completing the accompanying exercises.