Every Tenant's Legal Guide

Author: Janet Portman,Marcia Stewart

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 141332505X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 456

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Landlord or roommate trouble? Learn your rights, with strategies that work.

Every Tenant's Legal Guide

Author: Janet Portman,Marcia Stewart

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413325068

Category: Law

Page: 440

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The only book of its kind, Every Tenant's Legal Guide find a great home and landlord know your rights when it comes to pets fight improper rent increases and late fees get a landlord to make repairs pronto withhold rent without getting into legal trouble protect your privacy fight illegal discrimination handle roommate problems deal with lead paint, mold, asbestos and bed bugs break a lease with minimum financial liability, and get your security deposit back This 9th edition of Every Tenant's Legal Guide includes the latest state rules and procedures on tenant rights, including how to legally break a lease and fight an eviction.

Every Tenant's Legal Guide

Author: Janet Portman,Marcia Stewart

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413321364

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 440

View: 9854

What every renter needs to know The only book of its kind, Every Tenant’s Legal Guide gives you the legal and practical information (plus dozens of sample letters) you need to: find a great home and landlord know your rights when it comes to pets fight improper rent increases and late fees get a landlord to make repairs pronto withhold rent without getting into legal trouble protect your privacy fight illegal discrimination handle roomate problems deal with lead paint, mold, asbestos and bed bugs break a lease with minimum financial liability get your security deposit back The 8th edition of Every Tenant’s Legal Guide includes the latest laws of your state—from security deposit rules to termination notice requirements, and a new section on tenant rights to use Airbnb and similar services.

Renters' Rights

Author: Janet Portman,Marcia Stewart

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324835

Category: Law

Page: 296

View: 6509

Handle problems with landlords and roommates! The landlord ignores your repair requests. Your roommate is always late with his share of the rent. Your upstairs neighbors party all the time. The landlord won't return your security deposit. How can you deal with these problems--and others--and prevent them from happening again? Turn to Renters' Rights: The Basics for answers! Written in plain English, this fully updated bestseller covers: leases and rental agreements credit reports and references roommates sublets and short-term vacation rentals privacy discrimination and retaliation security deposits repairs and maintenance getting out of a lease, and and more. This 9th edition, featuring easy-to-use summaries of each state's laws, is completely updated and revised to reflect the key landlord-tenant laws of your state.

The California Landlord's Law Book

Rights & Responsibilities

Author: David Brown,Janet Portman,Scott Freedman,Nils Rosenquest

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323634

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 512

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No resource, in print or online, gives such detailed and practical information to California landlords and property managers, who are subject to a large number of detailed state, local, and federal laws and regulations. The 40+ forms are designed for every common situation, from tenancy terminations to notices to enter to required disclosures—all of which are subject to legal requirements.

Leases & Rental Agreements

Author: Marcia Stewart,Ralph Warner,Janet Portman

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324509

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 2498

Anyone who owns or manages residential real estate, anywhere in the U.S., should buy this book, as it provides a solid lease, that can be tailored to the laws of a specific state, and the key rental documents needed to start a tenancy.

The Landlord's Legal Guide in Texas

Author: Traci Truly

Publisher: SphinxLegal

ISBN: 1572483555

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 199

View: 5592

This book is essential for every Texas landlord. To be a successful (profitable) landlord, you must be prepared to deal with common problems that may arise during and after each tenancy. The Landlord's Legal Guide in Texas discusses how to avoid issues that may strain this relationship, including security deposits, general maintenance, and collecting unpaid rent. Written by an accomplished attorney, this legal guide will ease the stress and reduce the time needed to perform these duties by explaining the landlord's rights in easy-to-understand language.

Every Landlord's Tax Deduction Guide

Author: Janet Portman,Marcia Stewart

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 141331452X

Category: Law

Page: 464

View: 7378

Rent smart with the definitive all-in-one book for every tenant! Every Tenant's Legal Guide gives you the legal and practical information you need to deal with your landlord and other tenants, and protect your rights when things go wrong. Written in plain English, it shows you how to: inspect a place before you move in negotiate a lease or rental agreement put roommate relationships on a sound legal footing understand key rules on rent increases and rent control get needed repairs and maintenance protect your privacy fight illegal discrimination break a lease with minimum financial liability get your security deposit back understand and prepare for eviction proceedings The 6th edition of Every Tenant's Legal Guide comes complete with tear-out forms, as well as charts that help you find and understand the latest laws of your state. Plus, get timely information about bedbugs, what to do if you're caught in foreclosure, and new protections for victims of domestic violence.

First-Time Landlord

Your Guide to Renting out a Single-Family Home

Author: Janet Portman,Ilona Bray,Marcia Stewart

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324452

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

View: 5315

Whether you're ready for a new entrepreneurial opportunity or considering renting out a home instead of selling, you'll need to learn the basics of being a landlord. Let First-Time Landlord show you how to start your landlording business and maintain it in your spare time. Get the concise information you need to start making money with a single-family home, written for property owners with little business savvy -- and even less time and patience. Learn how to rent out your property lawfully and safely with valuable information on: how to determine whether the property will turn a profit landlord business basics finding the right tenants preparing and signing the lease handling repairs complying with your state's rental laws dealing with problem tenants, and preparing for sale of the property. From timely tips to true stories from successful landlords, First-Time Landlord is an indispensable book for property owners who want to rent out a single-family home without the hassle -- quickly, efficiently and legally.

Every Landlord's Legal Guide

Author: Marcia Stewart,Janet Portman

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413325181

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 496

View: 4040

Every Landlord's Legal Guide gives landlords and property managers the legal and practical solutions they need to rent residential property right. From move-in to move-out, this book covers a wide range of issues, including fair housing, repairs, sublets, screening for good tenants, environmental hazards such as mold and bedbugs, and evictions. Handy 50-state charts list specific laws for each state. Nolo's bestselling Every Landlord's Legal Guide helps landlords and managers: screen and choose tenants prepare leases and rental agreements make security deposit deductions avoid discrimination charges keep up with repairs and maintenance hire a property manager minimize liability for personal injury lawsuits, handle broken leases and terminations, and deal with problem tenants. This book provides over 30 forms landlords and managers need, including state-specific leases and rental agreements. This (14th) edition is completely revised with the latest in federal and state laws, including updated rules on evictions and terminations.

Landlord's Legal Guide in New York

Author: Brette McWhorter Sember,Mark Warda

Publisher: Sphinx Pub

ISBN: 9781572485914

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 289

View: 5353

Explains New York's landlord and tenant laws in simple language

The Landlord’s Guide to Minnesota Law

Author: HOME Line,Michael Vraa, Esq.,Samuel Spaid, Esq.

Publisher: HOME Line

ISBN: 069250561X

Category: Law

Page: 307

View: 702

The Landlord’s Guide to Minnesota Law addresses every landlord-tenant legal issue that is likely to arise over the course of a lease. From how to find a tenant to what to do once they leave, it is a practical and thorough legal analysis of what Minnesota landlords need to know about complying with the relevant federal, state and local laws. At the end of each chapter you’ll find “Tips from a Tenant Attorney.” These tips offer more creative advice on how landlords can solve difficult legal situations or prevent them from ever occurring. Also included is our exclusive line-by-line analysis of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Model Residential Lease. Instead of guessing what your lease terms mean, this guide tells you why each term exists and how it applies to your situation. This book was written by practicing attorneys in Minnesota who work exclusively in landlord-tenant law. There are dozens of legal guides available online for landlords, but none of them focus on Minnesota statutes and regulations, and when it comes to landlord-tenant legal issues, state law is key. Both authors are currently practicing attorneys with over 25 years of experience in tenant landlord law, advising over 39,000 renters on HOME Line’s tenant hotline. They also train a wide variety of audiences in tenant landlord law, including over 100 trainings to landlord groups throughout Minnesota.

Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business

Author: Janet Portman,Fred S. Steingold

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324185

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

View: 2758

When it comes to business, there is no standard lease! Ready to haggle for the best deal possible? Turn to Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business -- you’ll find the information, advice and strategies you need when negotiating with an experienced landlord. This practical handbook explains how to analyze space needs, find the ideal location and then get the best possible terms. Learn how to: determine the real cost of renting keep future rent at manageable levels get the most out of your broker and attorney suggest alternatives to hefty security deposits allocate responsibility and cost of fixing up your space negotiate flexibility to expand, renew or leave early ensure costs are shared fairly among tenants avoid dealing with costly code compliance and clean-ups save your lease if you can't live up to it now and then This edition provides new strategies and advice throughout, plus new checklists that will help you at every step of your negotiation. Comprehensive and written in plain English, Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business is essential for entrepreneurs on the hunt for a fair and workable lease.

State by State

A Panoramic Portrait of America

Author: Matt Weiland,Sean Wilsey

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062043579

Category: Social Science

Page: 608

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See America with 50 of Our Finest, Funniest, and Foremost Writers Anthony Bourdain chases the fumigation truck in Bergen County, New Jersey Dave Eggers tells it straight: Illinois is Number 1 Louise Erdrich loses her bikini top in North Dakota Jonathan Franzen gets waylaid by New York's publicist...and personal attorney...and historian...and geologist John Hodgman explains why there is no such thing as a "Massachusettsean" Edward P. Jones makes the case: D.C. should be a state! Jhumpa Lahiri declares her reckless love for the Rhode Island coast Rick Moody explores the dark heart of Connecticut's Merritt Parkway, exit by exit Ann Patchett makes a pilgrimage to the Civil War site at Shiloh, Tennessee William T. Vollmann visits a San Francisco S&M club and Many More!

Every Landlord's Guide to Managing Property

Best Practices, From Move-In to Move-Out

Author: Michael Boyer

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324223

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 464

View: 9148

The ultimate property management guide for the do-it-yourself landlord! Written for the millions of landlords who own a single-family home, condo, or small (less than four unit) multiplex, Every Landlord’s Guide to Managing Property helps them learn how to keep their day job and manage their properties (and tenants) on the side. It provides the best practical and legal compliance advice for small-time landlords who want to manage and grow a successful rental property business with a personalized approach and minimal hassle and cost. Every Landlord’s Guide to Managing Property focuses on everyday skills the do-it-yourself landlord needs, including property oversight and maintenance, effective communication with tenants, and general management. It covers a wide range of topics, such as how to: market and differentiate your rental units from the competition handle nitty-gritty maintenance—from snow removal to toilet clogs to painting screen and deal with tenant issues like late rent payments, pet problems, clutter, unauthorized occupants, and other conflicts track income and expenses for filing taxes and completing Schedule E hire and work with outside contractors, lawyers, and other help, and much more.

The Florida Landlord's Manual

Author: Thomas J. Lucier

Publisher: Special Report Publications, LLC

ISBN: 9780945343110

Category: Landlords

Page: 160

View: 5429

All of the need-to-know information, nitty-gritty details, step-by-step checklists, ready-to-use agreements, forms, notices and letters and practical advice that Florida's do-it-yourself residential landlords and property management professionals need to know about in order to run a profitable rental housing business.

Every Landlord's Guide to Finding Great Tenants

Author: Janet Portman

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323871

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 472

View: 5465

No rental property can survive the ravages of a determined, bad tenant. Owners need to scrupulously screen applicants to make sure that their investment will be well-used and that the rent will be paid. Learn how to avoid poor risks, while avoiding fair housing claims.

The Lease Manual

A Practical Guide to Negotiating Office, Retail, and Industrial Leases

Author: Rodney J. Dillman

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590317266

Category: Law

Page: 359

View: 9142

Do you ever wonder if there's something you're missing in negotiating a lease? This book is your answer, providing effective guidance from negotiation to execution for office, retail and industrial lease transactions. It examines the concerns landlord, tenant, and lender to help facilitate and complete lease negotiations. Each lease paragraph is given a risk rating along with a brief summary of the clause and scope. Includes text and ancillary materials on CD-ROM.

Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home

Author: Ilona Bray,Alayna Schroeder,Marcia Stewart

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413323456

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 448

View: 7394

Get insights from real estate professionals to help you determine when is the best time for you to buy a house. The authors show you how to research the market, decide what you want-- and what you can afford-- and ways to protect yourself with inspections and insurance.