Forensic Psychophysiology Using the Polygraph

Scientific Truth Verification, Lie Detection

Author: James Allan Matté

Publisher: J.A.M. Publications

ISBN: 9780965579407

Category: Political Science

Page: 773

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Carefully and succinctly explores polygraph law, history, and science. For related material, see Hein Item #327060.

The Caul, a Trilogy. Part II, Truth and Deception

Author: James Allan Matte

Publisher: J.A.M. Publications

ISBN: 9781419626739

Category: Fiction

Page: 332

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He is the Truthseeker, and his voice cries justice. In a world suffocating with lies and deception, those rare individuals who unfailingly hear the pleas of justice stand out. Jim Markham is one of those individuals, and he shines as a beacon of truth, allowing the scores of people his life touches to find their way along shadowed paths to a brilliant moral light. Truth and Deception is the riveting sequel to Born with a Mission, the second volume of the epic trilogy, The Caul, wherein Jim Markham becomes a seasoned Agent of both the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Army Criminal Investigations Division, confronting chaos and disorder, and ultimately rises as a Polygraph Scientist invincible to deceit. Fans of James Clavell and Gary Jennings will love this chapter in Matte's story, as Markham travels all over the world, experiencing exotic customs and meeting fascinating people while he faithfully serves the United States Armed Forces. Join Markham on a mission; to reveal spies in the US military selling information to Moscow; to solving the riddle of a murdered girl in South Korea; to subjecting an Arabian Prince to a polygraph examination at Markham's own peril. Witness the love of an honest man, and that love's high price. You're invited to see the truth of James Markham's astounding destiny. A man blessed with the protection of The Caul. But is the Caul enough to protect him from the Father of Deceit?

European Polygraph n. 26, 2013/4

Author: Jan Widacki

Publisher: Oficyna Wydawnicza AFM Krakowskie Towarzystwo Edukacyjne Sp. z o.o.



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Professor Udo Undeutsch (1917–2013) Col. Marian Jóźwiak (5th March 1930 – 21st December 2013) Jan Widacki History of Polygraph Examinations in Poland James Allan Matte fMRI Lie Detection Validity and Admissibility as Evidence in Court and Applicability of the Court’s Ruling to Polygraph Testing view article Book reviews Jan Widacki, Martyna Huszcza, Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques – Third Edition, by Nathan J. Gordon and William L. Fleisher

Handbook of Psychophysiology

Author: John T. Cacioppo,Louis G. Tassinary,Gary Berntson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139461931

Category: Medical

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The Handbook of Psychophysiology, 3rd Edition is an essential reference for students, researchers, and professionals in the behavioral, cognitive, and biological sciences. Psychophysiological methods, paradigms, and theories offer entry to a biological cosmos that does not stop at skin's edge, and this essential reference is designed as a road map for explorers of this cosmos. The scope and coverage in the Handbook have expanded to include both a context for and coverage of the biological bases of cognitive, affective, social, and developmental processes and behavior. In addition to updated coverage of the traditional areas of psychophysiology, coverage of the brain and central nervous system has been expanded to include functional neuroimaging, event related brain potentials, electrophysiological source dipole localization, lesion methods, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. It also includes a section on cellular and humoral systems with attention to the communication across and interactions among cellular, immunological, endocrinological, and neural processes.

Scientific evidence

Author: Paul C. Giannelli,Edward J. Imwinkelried

Publisher: Lexis Law Publishing (Va)


Category: Law

Page: 1751

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The Use of the Polygraph in Assessing, Treating and Supervising Sex Offenders

A Practitioner's Guide

Author: Daniel Wilcox

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Psychology

Page: 332

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The Use of the Polygraph in Assessing, Treating and Supervising Sex Offenders presents an in-depth examination of the contribution that polygraph testing can make to offender treatment programmes, with a particular focus on sexual offenders. Features coverage of a very timely issue – the British Psychological Society has convened a working party to assess the contribution of the polygraph to forensic work Potential for greater book demand with the Home Office's current consideration of research on polygraph testing with a view to increasing its usage Primary focus on sexual offenders

Advances in Psychophysiology

Author: Patrick K. Ackles,J. Richard Jennings,Michael G. H. Coles

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781853020797

Category: Psychophysiology

Page: 245

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Modern scientific evidence


Author: David Laurence Faigman,Michael J. Saks,Joseph Sanders

Publisher: West Group


Category: Law

Page: 747

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This book features the following salient topics: The General Assumptions and Rationale of Forensic Identification; DNA Typing; Parentage Testing; Fingerprint Identification; Handwriting Identification; Firearms and Toolmark Identifications; Bullet Lead Analysis; Identification from Bitemkars; Talker Identification; Polygraph Tests; Fires, Arsons and Explosions; and Alcohol and Drug Testing.

Subject Guide to Books in Print

An Index to the Publishers' Trade List Annual

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Category: American literature

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Elektrodermale Aktivität

Grundlagen, Methoden und Anwendungen

Author: Wolfram Boucsein

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662069687

Category: Psychology

Page: 546

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Die Messung der elektrodermalen Aktivität stellt wohl die mit Abstand am häufigsten verwendete Methode zur Erfassung physiologischer Begleiterscheinungen psychischer Vorgänge dar. Mit dieser Monographie wird erstmals eine Gesamtdarstellung vorgelegt: in ihr sind die anatomischen, physiologischen, physikalischen und psychologischen Grundlagen integriert, die Methodik sowie - einführungsartig - die Verwendung elektrodermaler Meßtechniken in den wichtigsten Anwendungsbereichen der beteiligten Disziplinen beschrieben. Das Buch ist als Standardwerk anzusehen. Es informiert über zentrale und periphere Mechanismen der elektrodermalen Aktivität sowie entsprechenden Modellvorstellungen. Es vermittelt die Grundlagen der Meßtechniken, die Methoden der Erfassung, Registrierung und Weiterverarbeitung elektrodermaler Phänomene. Der Methodenteil ist mit konkreten Anleitungen versehen und wird durch einen Beitrag von E. Thom zur computerunterstützten Auswertung ergänzt. Der umfangreiche Anwendungsteil behandelt schwerpunktmäßig die Gebiete der allgemeinen, differentiellen und klinischen Psychophysiologie, zusätzlich arbeitspsychologische und forensische Anwendungen. Auch auf die Einsatzmöglichkeiten in der Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Dermatologie und inneren Medizin wird eingegangen.

Current Law Index

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Ich weiss, dass du lügst

was Gesichter verraten

Author: Paul Ekman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783499627187


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