Experience of School Transitions

Policies, Practice and Participants

Author: Stephen Billett,Greer Johnson,Sue Thomas,Cheryl Sim,Stephen Hay,Jill Ryan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400741987

Category: Education

Page: 276

View: 9531

Leaving school, whether to move on to training, work or education, is a fundamental rite of passage the world over. This volume draws on a wealth of international sources and studies in its analysis of the ‘transitions’ young students make as they move on from their secondary schooling. It identifies how these transitions are planned for by policymakers, enacted by school staff and engaged with by students themselves. With data from a range of nations with advanced industrial economies, the book delineates how the policies relating to these transitions need to be conceived and implemented, how the transitions themselves are negotiated by young people, and how they might be shaped to meet the varied needs of the students they are designed to help. The authors argue that the relationship, often complex, between what schools provide in the way of preparation, and the ways in which students take up what is on offer, is the crucial nexus for understanding the experience of transitions by young people, and for enhancing that experience. With a host of case studies of transition policies themselves, as well as evaluative data on how they were received by the school leavers whom they were designed for, this valuable addition to the educational literature deserves to be read by all those with roles in preparing the young for their journey into a complex adult world full of pitfalls as well as opportunity.

The Art of Teaching

Experiences of Schools

Author: Cedric Cullingford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317833201

Category: Education

Page: 156

View: 9115

A central dilemma for teachers is finding ways to deal with the multiple perspectives and demands of pupils, parents, school management, and external forces. The Art of Teaching explores the tension between teaching and learning that all teachers face. Presenting a series of insights into the art of teaching from the perspectives of those individuals most closely involved in the schooling process, the book explores pupil voice in schools, and experiences of teaching and learning from the pupil perspective. Providing an opportunity for self reflection, the book also examines teachers’ relationships with parents, external agencies and their attitudes towards pupils. Subjects covered include: What pupils think of teachers Teacher’s views of themselves and self reflection School hierarchies and the ethos of inspection Using pupil insights to inform learning strategies Essential reading for all teachers and students, this book offers a unique insight into school relationships and structures, giving readers an awareness of what is like to be a teacher. Professor Cedric Cullingford’s many books include "The Causes of Exclusion" (Taylor and Francis) and "How Pupils Cope with School" (Cambridge Scholar’s Press).

Experiences in school education

Author: J. S. Rajput,National Council of Educational Research and Training (India)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

Page: 466

View: 9615

Contributed articles presented on the occasion of fortieth year of National Council of Educational Research and Training; with reference to India.

The Meaning of International Experience for Schools

Author: Angene Hopkins Wilson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275945084

Category: Education

Page: 158

View: 3995

Presents case studies which illustrate how internationally experienced persons contribute to the curriculum in their schools. Wilson examines how school systems, teacher education programmes, and communities can co-operate in efforts to provide social education with a global perspective.

Young Bisexual Women’s Experiences in Secondary Schools

Author: Mary-Anne McAllum

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351796828

Category: Education

Page: 212

View: 1934

Emerging from a case study in secondary schools, this book explores young bisexual women’s notions of bisexuality through their own sense of self-identification and how they express their personal beliefs. McAllum sheds light on the presence and practices of "bisexual misrecognition" and "bi-misogyny" in school settings, and draws out the implications of this bias on bisexual women. Incorporating women’s own spoken and written anecdotes, this book reveals hidden narratives and helps boost awareness about the social and learning needs of young bisexual women.

Experiences of Special Education

Re-evaluating Policy and Practice through Life Stories

Author: Derrick Armstrong

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134501307

Category: Education

Page: 160

View: 3071

Discussion about educational provision for children with learning difficulties has largely ignored the voices of those for whom that provision is intended. Experiences of Special Education argues that these 'insider perspectives' are of central importance for a fuller understanding of special educational needs policy. Bringing a unique focus to the subject of special needs education, Derrick Armstrong reassesses the history of special educational policy through the life-stories of those who have first-hand experience. These stories contest official policy discourses and inform an understanding of the competing political and professional debates in this area, allowing the reader to: * Investigate the social and historical contexts of special educational needs policy * Challenge traditional notions of policy research * Explore alternative policy discourses informed by the voices of the excluded. This thought-provoking book is based on detailed case-study analysis of the experiences of over thirty adults who attended special institutions/schools between 1994 and the present. It provides a fresh perspective on current discussions of special educational provisions for teachers, student teachers, policy makers and academics, involved in special education.

Schooling in Disadvantaged Communities

Playing the Game from the Back of the Field

Author: Carmen Mills,Trevor Gale

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789048133444

Category: Education

Page: 136

View: 7593

Based on a study of one secondary school located in a disadvantaged community in Australia, this book provides a different perspective on what it means to ‘play the game’ of schooling. Drawing on the perspectives of teachers, parents and students, this book is a window through which to explore the possibilities of schooling in disadvantaged communities. The authors contend that teachers, parents and students themselves are all involved in the game of reproducing disadvantage in schooling, but similarly, they can play a part in opening up opportunities for change to enhance learning for marginalised students. Rather than only attempting to transform students, teachers should be also be concerned to transform schooling; to provide educational opportunities that transform the life experiences of and open up opportunities for all young people, especially those disadvantaged by poverty and marginalised by difference. The book is also designed to stimulate understanding of the work of Bourdieu as well as of a Bourdieuian approach to research. Seeing transformative potential in his theoretical constructs, it airs the possibility that schools can be more than mere reproducers of society.

International Handbook of Student Experience in Elementary and Secondary School

Author: D. Thiessen,Alison Cook-Sather

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402033672

Category: Education

Page: 892

View: 5230

This handbook brings together in a single volume the groundbreaking work of scholars who have conducted studies of student experiences of school in Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, England, Ghana, Ireland, Pakistan, and the United States. Drawing extensively on students’ interpretations of their experiences in school as expressed in their own words, chapter authors offer insight into how students conceptualize and approach school. The book examines how students understand and address the ongoing social opportunities for and challenges in working with other students and teachers, and the multiple ways in which students shape and contribute to school improvement.

Education in Contemporary Japan

Inequality and Diversity

Author: Kaori Okano,Motonori Tsuchiya

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521626866

Category: Education

Page: 270

View: 6324

A balanced introduction to and examination of contemporary Japanese education. While the postwar system of schooling has provided valuable ingredients for economic success, it has been accompanied by unfavourable developments such as excessively competitive exams, stifling uniformity, bullying, and an undervaluing of non-Japanese ethnicity. This book offers up-to-date information and new perspectives on schooling in contemporary Japanese society, and uses detailed ethnographic studies and interviews with students and teachers. It examines the main developments of modern schooling in Japan, from the beginning of the Meiji era up to the present, and includes analysis of the most recent reforms. It develops a new picture of the role that schooling plays for individuals and the wider society. Essential reading for students and educators alike.

Gender, 'Race' and Class in Schooling

A New Introduction

Author: Dr Chris Gaine,Chris Gaine,Ms Rosalyn George,Rosalyn George

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135711070

Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 1669

With education and social inequalities under scrutiny, this timely book provides an up-to-date summary of research into the key issues, as well as practical strategies for educators, including strategies for staff development, working with children and school policy. The facts have changed significantly, and much received wisdom cannot be relied upon: girls' performance is rising faster than boys and surpasses them in almost all respects up to the age of 18; unequal opportunity faced by those of different race is becoming more fractured along class, gender, ethnic and religious lines; class divisions are increased with the reintroduction of selection and has become a matter of concern for government and school policy makers. This title makes good the lack of literature on inequality, and brings teachers, and those training to be teachers, the latest information.

Handbook of Motivation at School

Author: Kathryn Wentzel,Allan Wigfield,David Miele

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135592926

Category: Education

Page: 704

View: 6821

The Handbook of Motivation at School presents the first comprehensive and integrated compilation of theory and research on children’s motivation at school. It covers the major theoretical perspectives in the field as well as their application to instruction, learning, and social adjustment at school. Key Features: Comprehensive – no other book provides such a comprehensive overview of theory and research on children’s motivation at school. Theoretical & Applied – the book provides a review of current motivation theories by the developers of those theories as well as attention to the application of motivation theory and research in classrooms and schools. Chapter Structure – chapters within each section follow a similar structure so that there is uniformity across chapters. Commentaries – each section ends with a commentary that provides clear directions for future research.

Many Visions, Many Aims

Volume 2: A Cross-National Investigation of Curricular Intensions in School Science

Author: W.H. Schmidt,S. Raizen,E.D. Britton,Leonard J. Bianchi,Richard G. Wolfe

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306472082

Category: Education

Page: 296

View: 433

PREFACE The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), sponsored by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) and the g- ernments of the participating countries, is acomparative study of education in mathematics and the sciences conducted in approximately 50 educational systems on six continents. The goal of TIMSS is to measure student achievement in mathematics and science in participating countries and to assess some of the curricular and classroom factors that are related to student learning in these subjects. The study is intended to provide educators and policy makers with an unpar- leled and multidimensional perspective on mathematics and science curricula; their implem- tation; the nature of student performance in mathematics and science; and the social, econ- ic, and educational context in which these occur. TIMSS focuses on student learning and achievement in mathematics and science at three different age levels, or populations. • Population 1 is defined as all students enrolled in the two adjacent grades that contain the largest proportion of 9-year-old students; • Population 2 is defined as all students enrolled in the two adjacent grades that contain the largest proportion of 13-year-old students; and • Population 3 is defined as all students in their final year of secondary education, incl- ing students in vocational education programs. In addition, Population 3 has two “specialist” subpopulations: students taking advanced courses in mathematics (mathematics specialists), and students taking advanced courses in physics (physics specialists).

Facetten von Übergängen im Bildungssystem

Nationale und internationale Ergebnisse empirischer Forschung

Author: Anke B. Liegmann,Ingelore Mammes,Kathrin Racherbäumer

Publisher: Waxmann Verlag

ISBN: 3830980639

Category: Education

Page: 274

View: 386

Die Bedeutung von Kontinuität und Diskontinuität für lebenslanges Lernen ist in den letzten Jahren sowohl bildungswissenschaftlich wie bildungspolitisch in den Fokus gerückt. Besonders institutionalisierte Übergänge geraten dabei zunehmend in den Blick. Daher stellt der vorliegende Band Befunde der empirischen Transitionsforschung vor, die entlang eines chronologischen 'Normalverlaufs' Schnittstellen des Bildungssystems fokussieren. Neben dem Blick auf das deutsche Bildungssystem ergänzen internationale Beiträge die Facetten von Übergängen, indem sie die Herausforderungen der Transitionsgestaltung in anderen Ländern vorstellen und damit ermöglichen, das eigene System kritisch zu hinterfragen.

Boys and Their Schooling

The Experience of Becoming Someone Else

Author: John Whelen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136803963

Category: Education

Page: 296

View: 2834

This book presents an ethnographic study of the experiences of teenage boys in an Australian high school. It follows a group of thirteen to fifteen year olds over a period of more than two years, and seeks to understand why so many boys say they hate school yet enjoy being with one another in their daily confrontations with the formal school. The study acknowledges the ongoing significance of the "boys' debate" to policy-makers and the media, and therefore to teachers and parents, but moves it on from issues of gender construction and the panic about achievement to the broader question of what it is to experience being schooled as a boy in the new liberal educational environment.

The Best Years of Their Lives?

Pupil's Experiences of School

Author: Cedric Cullingford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135725438

Category: Education

Page: 222

View: 6639

Based on structured research and interviews with pupils in years 10 and 11 (15 ^DDS 16 years old) about their views of the purpose of school and their own future employment and the way the two connect, this book offers a blistering critique of the purpose of education and its ability to prepare children for the world of work. The issues raised include: the purpose of school, the nature and quality of the curriculum, whether their time was well spent, whether what they learned was relevant, who influenced them, their views of industry and the world outside. Out of the mouths of babes, the truth comes tumbling and the result is a shocking indictment of an educational system that fails to deliver what it sets out to achieve.

Perspectives on the Educational Experiences of African/Caribbean Boys

Author: Nisheet Gosai

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 144383436X

Category: Social Science

Page: 250

View: 8978

This study critically explores contemporary African/Caribbean boys’ (15–16 years old) educational experiences in the UK. It focuses on their lives from both within and outside the school. Various research methods are employed in order to gain a comprehensive picture that includes the accounts of African/Caribbean boys, parents, teachers and youth workers. The study explores both the boys’ positive and negative experiences of school life. At one level, the boys’ narratives suggest ‘a nothing but the same old story’ of racial exclusion and subordination within urban secondary schools. At another level, we hear of the importance of education in their lives. Of particular significance is the evidence of how black supplementary schools and youth organisations are providing an educational space that positively supports them in their transition into adulthood. The study makes recommendations for educationalists and policy makers based on the findings. This includes the need to understand the boys’ experiences of racial exclusion and the complexities around the intersection of race, gender and class for a younger generation at the start of the twenty-first century. In comparing mainstream and supplementary educational spaces, the boys identify the need to build an inclusive mainstream curriculum that represents the historical past and cultural present of their lives. Importantly, the study vividly highlights contrasting teacher-pupil interactions between these two educational spaces, suggesting what the former can learn from the latter.

Perspectives on Transitions in Schooling and Instructional Practice

Author: Susan E. Elliott-Johns,Daniel H. Jarvis

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442667117

Category: Education

Page: 552

View: 4077

Perspectives on Transitions in Schooling and Instructional Practice examines student transitions between major levels of schooling, teacher transitions in instructional practice, and the intersection of these two significant themes in education research. Twenty-six leading international experts offer meaningful insights on current pedagogical practices, obstacles to effective transitions, and proven strategies for stakeholders involved in supporting students in transition. The book is divided into four sections, representing the four main transitions in formal schooling: Early Years (Home, Pre-school, and Kindergarten) to Early Elementary (Grades 1–3); Early Elementary to Late Elementary (Grades 4–8); Late Elementary to Secondary (Grades 9–12); and Secondary to Post-Secondary (College and University). A coda draws together over-arching themes from throughout the text to provide recommendations and a visual model that captures their interactions. Combining theoretical approaches with practical examples of school-based initiatives, this book will appeal to those involved in supporting either the student experience (both academically and emotionally) or teacher professional learning and growth.

Schooling and Difference in Africa

Democratic Challenges in a Contemporary Context

Author: George Jerry Sefa Dei

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802048943

Category: Education

Page: 333

View: 4690

Since the 1950s when most African countries gained political independence, schooling has presented very difficult challenges. In the discussion of these challenges, however, the issue of diversity has received relatively little attention. Schooling and Difference in Africa aims to understand how differences such as ethnicity, class, gender, language, religion, and disability play out in African schools systems, and more specifically in Ghana. Together, George J. Sefa Dei, Alireza Asgharzadeh, Sharon Eblaghie Bahador, and Riyad Ahmed Shahjahan promote 'educational inclusion' in the context of African schooling. The aspects of diversity explored in this study include: minority / majority relations, race, ethnicity, gender, language, class, religion, and physical (dis)ability. The authors build their analyses of these issues around a series of interviews, which project a perspective that policy makers and administrators rarely seek out. By studying the challenges of inclusive education in Ghana and, further, by making comparisons with the Canadian context, this volume seeks to shed light on the ongoing struggle for an empowering school system in Africa and elsewhere.

Black Children and Underachievement in Schools

A Case Study and a Review of the Debate on the Issue of Black Children and Underachievement

Author: Dr. Frances Benskin

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480909122

Category: Education

Page: 204

View: 9423

In the United Kingdom, the reason why so many Black children fail in the educational system is a cause of much debate. Previous research have pointed to a number of causes, such as their home environments, poor family background, deficiency in language, teacher expectation, and black workers position in the job market. The current work by Frances Benskin, on the other hand, seeks to investigate whether or not racism plays a part in the underachievement of Black children in schools. Specifically, the study seeks to address whether Black children have the same opportunity to good learning experiences and resources as their white counterparts, and does the school portray a good ambience in accommodating all children, or do they feel isolated by a system that does not cater for their needs. Through this book, Frances hopes that readers can get a better understanding of the effects of racism and how it can affect people's lives if it is not dealt with effectively, in Britain or elsewhere. The research shows that racism, stereotyping, cultural differences, assumed dialect or language differences played a part in undetermining the capability of black children.

Global Migration and Education

School, Children, and Families

Author: Anna Kirova

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0805858377

Category: Social Science

Page: 349

View: 3768

Global Migration and Education makes a notable contribution to understanding the issues faced by immigrant children, their parents, and educators as they interact in school settings, and to identifying the common challenges to, and successes in, educational institutions worldwide as they cope with these issues. Global in scope, there are chapters from 14 countries. It will help educators and others involved in these complex processes to see beyond the notion of problems created and experienced by recently arrived young children. Rather, this volume provides many concrete suggestions deriving from the success stories and voices of teachers, parents, and students. It also offers evidence that diversity can be a condition for learning that, when understood, embraced, and supported, leads to rich learning opportunities for all involved that would not exist without diversity. All of the authors offer recommendations about educational policy and practices to address and ultimately improve the education of all children, including immigrant children. The book is organized around five themes: *Multiple Global Issues for Immigrant Children and the Schools They Attend; *They Are Here: Newcomers in the Schools; *Views and Voices of Immigrant Children; *Far from Home With Fluctuating Hopes; and *Searching for New Ways to Belong. Intended for researchers, students, school professionals, and educational policymakers and analysts around the world in the fields of multicultural education, child psychology, comparative and international education, educational foundations, educational policy, and cross-cultural studies, this book is highly relevant as a text for courses in these areas.