Foucault and the Politics of Rights

Author: Ben Golder

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804796491

Category: Political Science

Page: 260

View: 9301

This book proposes an original interpretation of the French philosopher Michel Foucault's late work on rights and human rights and relates this interpretation to current developments in contemporary political theory.

Subjektivität und Wahrheit

Vorlesungen am Collège de France 1980-1981

Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518586860


Page: 400

View: 4402

On the Use and Abuse of Foucault for Politics

Author: Brent Pickett

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739109755

Category: Philosophy

Page: 132

View: 7422

On the Use and Abuse of Foucault for Politics provides an accessible interpretation of Foucault's political philosophy, demonstrating how Foucault is relevant for contemporary democratic theory. Brent Pickett lays out an overview of Foucault's politics, including a comprehensive overview of the reasons for various conflicting interpretations, and then explores how well the different "Foucaults" can be used in progressive politics and democratic theory.

Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights

Author: Ben Golder

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136207953

Category: Law

Page: 264

View: 957

Law, Rights and Power: Re-Reading Foucault is the first collection in English to fully address the relevance of Foucault’s thought for law. Michel Foucault is the best known and most cited of the late twentieth-century’s ‘theory’ academics. His work continues to animate a range of different critical work across intellectual disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences. There has, however, been relatively little examination of the legal implications and applications of Foucault’s work. This book fills that gap, providing an in-depth analysis of Foucault’s thought as it pertains to the crucial questions of law, government and rights. This collection engages with key legal themes as they emerge, both in Foucault’s work and in the contemporary scholarship that surrounds it. These include: the opposition between ‘law’ and ‘the juridical’; legal ways of organising and processing knowledge; sovereignty; punishment; bio-politics and governmentality; security; resistance; and, judgment. Including contributions from acknowledged experts on Foucault’s work, as well as pieces by younger scholars, Law, Rights and Power: Re-Reading Foucault will be of considerable interest across a range of disciplines, including law, sociology, criminology, international relations, political theory, and philosophy.

Sexualität und Wahrheit

Der Gebrauch der Lüste / übers. von Ulrich Raulff und Walter Seitter

Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518283172


Page: 326

View: 5466

Michel Foucault and the Politics of Freedom

Author: Thomas L. Dumm

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742521397

Category: Philosophy

Page: 167

View: 471

What is freedom? In this study, Thomas Dumm challenges the conventions that have governed discussions and debates concerning modern freedom by bringing the work of Michel Foucault into dialogue with contemporary liberal thought. While Foucault has been widely understood to have characterized the modern era as being opposed to the realization of freedom, Dumm shows how this characterization conflates FoucaultOs genealogy of discipline with his overall view of the practices of being free. Dumm demonstrates how FoucaultOs critical genealogy does not shrink from understanding the ways in which modern subjects are constrained and shaped by forces greater than themselves, but how it instead works through these constraints to provide, not simply a vision of liberation, but a joyous wisdom concerned with showing us, in his words, that we Oare much freer than we feel.O Both as an introduction to Foucault and as an intervention in liberal theory, Michel Foucault and the Politics of Freedom is bound to change how we think about the limits and possibilities of freedom in late modernity.

Geschichte der Gouvernementalität

Sicherheit, Territorium, Bevölkerung : Vorlesung am Collège de France 1977 - 1978 / aus dem Franz. von Claudia Brede-Konersmann und Jürgen Schröder

Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518583920

Category: French political philosophy

Page: 600

View: 4455

Wissen im Diskurs

Ein Theorienvergleich von Bourdieu und Foucault

Author: Laura Kajetzke

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531907816

Category: Social Science

Page: 199

View: 2919

In dieser Arbeit werden die theoretischen Perspektiven Pierre Bourdieus und Michel Foucaults einer wissenssoziologischen Lesart unterzogen: Wie verhalten sich Foucaults Konzepte Wissen, Macht, Subjekt, Diskurs und Dispositiv zu Bourdieus Konzepten von Wissen, Habitus, Feld und den Kapitalarten? Die Autorin zeigt anhand einer Analyse der printmedialen PISA-Berichterstattung, wie man mithilfe eines solchen Vergleichs Leitfragen und ein diskursanalytisches Vorgehen entwickeln kann.

The Later Foucault

Politics and Philosophy

Author: Jeremy Moss

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446238127


Page: 224

View: 2440

Why does Foucault's work continue to be of central importance in current debates in sociology, political science and philosophy? Why do we still read him as a guide to contemporary social and cultural life? Foucault's work presents a provocative challenge to orthodox, habitual forms of belief and practice. The Later Foucault," "with an impressive interdisciplinary focus, argues that one of the keys to understanding Foucault is his political thought. It is this which he expressed clearly in his last writings and which pulled together his earlier interests in power, agency and subjectivity. In this volume a distinguished array of Foucauldian scholars and commentators on politics explore the significance of these last writings. They examine such key issues as the question of Foucault and human rights; his relationship to ethical thought, power and freedom; his relationship to feminism; and comparisons of his work with Levinas and Rawls.


Philosophie der Musik ; Fragmente und Texte

Author: Theodor W. Adorno

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518293270

Category: Music

Page: 387

View: 8503

Foucault on the Politics of Parrhesia

Author: T. Dyrberg

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137368357

Category: Political Science

Page: 141

View: 9155

Foucault saw the notion of parrhesia (truth-telling) as the most important factor for how governments could and should communicate with their people and vice versa. This important collection compiles and analyses Foucault's views on parrhesia to shed new light on his ideas on the importance of truth-telling in democracies.

Foucault and Law

Towards a Sociology of Law as Governance

Author: Alan Hunt,Gary Wickham

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745308425

Category: Law

Page: 148

View: 8498

The first work to introduce Foucault's ideas on law to both graduates and undergraduates.

Foucault and Theology

Author: Jonathan Tran

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0567510395

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 7547

Near the end of his life, Michel Foucault turned his attention to the early church Fathers. He did so not for anything like a return to God but rather because he found in those sources alternatives for re-imaging the self. And though Foucault never seriously entertained Christianity beyond theorizing its aesthetic style one might argue that Christian practices like confession or Eucharist share family resemblances to Foucaultian sensibilities. This book will explain how to do theology in light of Foucault, or more precisely, to read Foucault as if God mattered. Therefore, it will seek to articulate practices like confession, prayer, and so on as techniques for the self, situate "the church as politics" within present constellations of power, disclose theological knowledges as modes of critical intervention, or what Foucault called archaeology, and conceptualize Christian existence in time through mnemonic practices of genealogy.

Political Genealogy After Foucault

Savage Identities

Author: Michael Clifford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135956561

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 1838

Combining the most powerful elements of Foucault's theories, Clifford produces a methodology for cultural and political critique called "political genealogy" to explore the genesis of modern political identity. At the core of American identity, Clifford argues, is the ideal of the "Savage Noble," a hybrid that married the Native American "savage" with the "civilized" European male. This complex icon animates modern politics, and has shaped our understandings of rights, freedom, and power.

Selbstkritik der Moderne

Foucault und Habermas im Vergleich

Author: Thomas Biebricher

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 9783593375991

Category: Philosophy, Modern

Page: 403

View: 4421

Wenn wir Toten erwachen (Mit Biografie des Autors)

Author: Henrik Ibsen

Publisher: Musaicum Books

ISBN: 8075836065

Category: Drama

Page: 182

View: 6679

Wenn wir Toten erwachen - Ein dramatischer Epilog ist der Titel eines 3-aktigen Dramas des norwegischen Schriftstellers und Dramatikers Henrik Ibsen. Es ist sein letztes Drama vor seinem Tod 1906. Zur Handlung: Professor Rubek und Frau Maja sitzen im Park eines Badehotels. Sie sind nach vier Jahren in die Heimat zurückgekehrt, fühlen sich dort jedoch nicht mehr wohl. Das Werk, das dem Bildhauer Rubek weltweit zu Ruhm verholfen hat, ist "Die Auferstehung", verkörpert von einer jungen Frau, die aus dem Todesschlaf erwacht. Maja erinnert Rubek an sein Versprechen, sie auf einen Berg mitzunehmen, um ihr die Herrlichkeiten der Welt zu zeigen, was er jedoch nie verwirklicht hat. Der Inspektor kommt hinzu. Rubek erzählt ihm, dass er letzte Nacht eine helle Gestalt gefolgt von einem dunklen Schatten gesehen habe... Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) war ein norwegischer Dramatiker und Lyriker, der gegen die Moral und "Lebenslüge" seiner Zeit zu Felde zog und im "Kampf der Geschlechter" im Gegensatz zu August Strindberg den Standpunkt der Frau vertrat. Seine bürgerlichen Dramen zeigten ethischen Ernst und großes psychologisches Einfühlungsvermögen.

The Politics of Property Rights Institutions in Africa

Author: Ato Kwamena Onoma

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139485024

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

View: 8624

Why do some political leaders create and strengthen institutions like title registries and land tribunals that secure property rights to land while others neglect these institutions or destroy those that already exist? How do these institutions evolve once they have been established? This book answers these questions through spatial and temporal comparison of national and subnational cases from Botswana, Ghana, and Kenya and, to a lesser extent, Zimbabwe. Onoma argues that the level of property rights security that leaders prefer depends on how they use land. However, the extent to which leaders' institutional preferences are translated into actual institutions depends on the level of leaders' capacity. Further, once established, these institutions through their very working can contribute to their own decline over time. This book is unique in revealing the political and economic reasons why some leaders unlike others prefer an environment of insecure rights even as land prices increase.

Aufforderung zum Spiel

Foucault und das Recht

Author: Christian Schauer

Publisher: Böhlau Verlag Köln Weimar

ISBN: 9783412052065


Page: 383

View: 650

Right to Dissent

The Critical Principle in Discourse Ethics and Deliberative Democracy

Author: Øjvind Larsen

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press

ISBN: 8763507692

Category: Law

Page: 380

View: 1530

The right to dissent includes both the right to speak of what is right and wrong and the moral obligation to give good reasons for a particular statement. In a modern democratic society the right to dissent is one of the most fundamental rights. Inherent in the right to dissent, we find the paradoxical morality of modern society, which consists of a critical assessment of what should be deemed right or wrong. The right to dissent has to be secured through the civil rights of participation in political deliberation and the cultivation of these legal rights in the public spheres of a deliberative democracy. The ethics of dissent is developed in this book through a new interpretation of the German philosopher Jürgen Haberman' communicative ethics and his political philosophy. Freedom, the right to dissent, and thoughtful critique is emphasised in the concept of negative discourse ethics. This critical perspective is integrated in a broader interpretation of Haberman' theory of communicative action and related to the classical traditions of political philosophy -- Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, and Rawls. Larsen further develops the philosophical perspective in a sociological discussion of civil society, public spheres, politics, law and a globalising society, considered in relation to the classical tradition of sociology -- Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Bauman, Foucault, and Bourdieu.