Frobenius Manifolds and Moduli Spaces for Singularities

Author: Claus Hertling

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521812962

Category: Mathematics

Page: 270

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This book presents the theory of Frobenius manifolds, as well as all the necessary tools and several applications.

Frobenius Manifolds

Quantum Cohomology and Singularities

Author: Claus Hertling,Matilde Marcolli

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3322802361

Category: Mathematics

Page: 378

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Quantum cohomology, the theory of Frobenius manifolds and the relations to integrable systems are flourishing areas since the early 90's. An activity was organized at the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, with the purpose of bringing together the main experts in these areas. This volume originates from this activity and presents the state of the art in the subject.

Singularities and Computer Algebra

Author: Christoph Lossen,Gerhard Pfister

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521683098

Category: Computers

Page: 371

View: 4955

A collection of articles giving overviews and open questions in singularities and their computational aspects.

Isomonodromic Deformations and Frobenius Manifolds

An Introduction

Author: Claude Sabbah

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781848000544

Category: Mathematics

Page: 279

View: 7616

Based on a series of graduate lectures, this book provides an introduction to algebraic geometric methods in the theory of complex linear differential equations. Starting from basic notions in complex algebraic geometry, it develops some of the classical problems of linear differential equations. It ends with applications to recent research questions related to mirror symmetry. The fundamental tool used is that of a vector bundle with connection. The book includes complete proofs, and applications to recent research questions. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, the book assumes some familiarity with basic complex algebraic geometry.

Topological Recursion and its Influence in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology

Author: Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu,Motohico Mulase

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 1470435411

Category: Topology

Page: 549

View: 6076

This volume contains the proceedings of the 2016 AMS von Neumann Symposium on Topological Recursion and its Influence in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology, which was held from July 4–8, 2016, at the Hilton Charlotte University Place, Charlotte, North Carolina. The papers contained in the volume present a snapshot of rapid and rich developments in the emerging research field known as topological recursion. It has its origin around 2004 in random matrix theory and also in Mirzakhani's work on the volume of moduli spaces of hyperbolic surfaces. Topological recursion has played a fundamental role in connecting seemingly unrelated areas of mathematics such as matrix models, enumeration of Hurwitz numbers and Grothendieck's dessins d'enfants, Gromov-Witten invariants, the A-polynomials and colored polynomial invariants of knots, WKB analysis, and quantization of Hitchin moduli spaces. In addition to establishing these topics, the volume includes survey papers on the most recent key accomplishments: discovery of the unexpected relation to semi-simple cohomological field theories and a solution to the remodeling conjecture. It also provides a glimpse into the future research direction; for example, connections with the Airy structures, modular functors, Hurwitz-Frobenius manifolds, and ELSV-type formulas.

Encyclopedia of mathematical physics

Author: Sheung Tsun Tsou

Publisher: Academic Pr

ISBN: 9780125126601

Category: Science

Page: 3500

View: 359

The Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics provides a complete resource for researchers, students and lecturers with an interest in mathematical physics. It enables readers to access basic information on topics peripheral to their own areas, to provide a repository of the core information in the area that can be used to refresh the researcher's own memory banks, and aid teachers in directing students to entries relevant to their course-work. The Encyclopedia does contain information that has been distilled, organised and presented as a complete reference tool to the user and a landmark to the body of knowledge that has accumulated in this domain. It also is a stimulus for new researchers working in mathematical physics or in areas using the methods originated from work in mathematical physics by providing them with focused high quality background information. * First comprehensive interdisciplinary coverage * Mathematical Physics explained to stimulate new developments and foster new applications of its methods to other fields * Written by an international group of experts * Contains several undergraduate-level introductory articles to facilitate acquisition of new expertise * Thematic index and extensive cross-referencing to provide easy access and quick search functionality * Also available online with active linking.

Singularités franco-japonaises

Author: Centre national de rencontres mathématiques (France)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mathematics

Page: 460

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Mathematical Reviews

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mathematics

Page: N.A

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The Lévy Laplacian

Author: M. N. Feller

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139447966

Category: Mathematics

Page: N.A

View: 5764

The Lévy Laplacian is an infinite-dimensional generalization of the well-known classical Laplacian. The theory has become well developed in recent years and this book was the first systematic treatment of the Lévy–Laplace operator. The book describes the infinite-dimensional analogues of finite-dimensional results, and more especially those features which appear only in the generalized context. It develops a theory of operators generated by the Lévy Laplacian and the symmetrized Lévy Laplacian, as well as a theory of linear and nonlinear equations involving it. There are many problems leading to equations with Lévy Laplacians and to Lévy–Laplace operators, for example superconductivity theory, the theory of control systems, the Gauss random field theory, and the Yang–Mills equation. The book is complemented by an exhaustive bibliography. The result is a work that will be valued by those working in functional analysis, partial differential equations and probability theory.


Author: Institut Elie Cartan

Publisher: N.A


Category: Singularities (Mathematics)

Page: 137

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Mixed Hodge Structures and Singularities

Author: Valentine S. Kulikov,Valentin Stepanovič Kulikov

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521620604

Category: Mathematics

Page: 186

View: 9257

This vital work is both an introduction to, and a survey of singularity theory, in particular, studying singularities by means of differential forms. Here, some ideas and notions that arose in global algebraic geometry, namely mixed Hodge structures and the theory of period maps, are developed in the local situation to study the case of isolated singularities of holomorphic functions. The author introduces the Gauss-Manin connection on the vanishing cohomology of a singularity, that is on the cohomology fibration associated to the Milnor fibration, and draws on the work of Brieskorn and Steenbrink to calculate this connection, and the limit mixed Hodge structure. This is an excellent resource for all researchers in singularity theory, algebraic or differential geometry.

Analytische Stellenalgebren

Author: Hans Grauert,Reinhold Remmert,Oswald Riemenschneider

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mathematics

Page: 240

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Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Annette A’Campo

Author: Michael Artin

Publisher: Birkhäuser

ISBN: 9783764359386

Category: Mathematics

Page: 705

View: 2222

Important though the general concepts and propositions may be with which the modem and industrious passion for axiomatizing and generalizing has presented us, in algebra perhaps more than anywhere else, nevertheless I am convinced that the special problems in all their complexity constitute the stock and core of mathematics, and that to master their difficulties requires on the whole the harder labor. HERMANN WEYL Die Arbeit an diesem Buch begann vor etwa zwanzig Jahren mit Aufzeichnungen zur Ergänzung meiner Algebravorlesungen. Ich wollte einige konkrete Themen, wie Symmetrie, lineare Gruppen und quadratische Zahlkörper, ausführlicher be­ handeln als dies im vorgesehenen Text der Fall war, und darüberhinaus wollte ich den Schwerpunkt in der Gruppentheorie von den Permutationsgruppen auf Matrixgruppen verlagern. Ein anderes ständig wiederkehrendes Thema, nämlich Gitter, sind spontan aufgetaucht. Ich hoffte, der konkrete Stoff könne das Interesse der Studenten wecken und gleichzeitig die Abstraktionen verständlicher machen, kurz gesagt, sie sollten weiter kommen, indem sie beides gleichzeitig lernten. Das bewährte sich gut. Es dauerte einige Zeit, bis ich entschieden hatte, welche Themen ich behandeln wollte, und allmählich verteilte ich mehr und mehr Aufzeichnungen und ging schließlich dazu über, die ganze Vorlesung mit diesem Skript zu bestrei­ ten. Auf diese Weise ist ein Buch entstanden, das, wie ich meine, etwas anders ist als die existierenden Bücher. Allerdings haben mir die Probleme, die ich damit hatte, die einzelnen Teile des Buches zu einem Ganzen zusammenzufügen, einige Kopfschmerzen bereitet; ich kann also nicht empfehlen, auf diese Art anzufangen, ein Buch zu schreiben.

Gruppen und Kategorien in der Musik

Entwurf einer mathematischen Musiktheorie

Author: Guerino Mazzola

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783885382102

Category: Categories (Mathematics)

Page: 205

View: 2169

Geometrische Methoden in der Invariantentheorie

Author: Hanspeter Kraft

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3663101436

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 308

View: 2558

In dieser Einführung geht es vor allem um die geometrischen Aspekte der Invariantentheorie. Die hauptsächliche Motivation bildet das Studium von Klassifikations- und Normalformenproblemen, die auch historisch der Ausgangspunkt für invariantentheoretische Untersuchungen waren.

Fünf Minuten Mathematik

100 Beiträge der Mathematik-Kolumne der Zeitung Die Welt

Author: Ehrhard Behrends

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 9783834800824


Page: 256

View: 4779