Fuzzy Logic in Its 50th Year

New Developments, Directions and Challenges

Author: Cengiz Kahraman,Uzay Kaymak,Adnan Yazici

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319310933

Category: Computers

Page: 404

View: 6686

This book offers a multifaceted perspective on fuzzy set theory, discussing its developments over the last 50 years. It reports on all types of fuzzy sets, from ordinary to hesitant fuzzy sets, with each one explained by its own developers, authoritative scientists well known for their previous works. Highlighting recent theorems and proofs, the book also explores how fuzzy set theory has come to be extensively used in almost all branches of science, including the health sciences, decision science, earth science and the social sciences alike. It presents a wealth of real-world sample applications, from routing problem to robotics, and from agriculture to engineering. By offering a comprehensive, timely and detailed portrait of the field, the book represents an excellent reference guide for researchers, lecturers and postgraduate students pursuing research on new fuzzy set extensions.

Recent Developments and the New Direction in Soft-Computing Foundations and Applications

Selected Papers from the 6th World Conference on Soft Computing, May 22-25, 2016, Berkeley, USA

Author: Lotfi A. Zadeh,Ronald R. Yager,Shahnaz N. Shahbazova,Marek Z. Reformat,Vladik Kreinovich

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319754084

Category: Computers

Page: 649

View: 5188

This book is an authoritative collection of contributions in the field of soft-computing. Based on selected works presented at the 6th World Conference on Soft Computing, held on May 22-25, 2016, in Berkeley, USA, it describes new theoretical advances, as well as cutting-edge methods and applications. Theories cover a wealth of topics, such as fuzzy logic, cognitive modeling, Bayesian and probabilistic methods, multi-criteria decision making, utility theory, approximate reasoning, human-centric computing and many others. Applications concerns a number of fields, such as internet and semantic web, social networks and trust, control and robotics, computer vision, medicine and bioinformatics, as well as finance, security and e-Commerce, among others. Dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Fuzzy Logic and to the 95th Birthday Anniversary of Lotfi A. Zadeh, the book not only offers a timely view on the field, yet it also discusses thought-provoking developments and challenges, thus fostering new research directions in the diverse areas of soft computing.

Fuzzy Set Theory—and Its Applications

Author: Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401587027

Category: Mathematics

Page: 435

View: 2728

Fuzzy Set Theory - And Its Applications, Third Edition is a textbook for courses in fuzzy set theory. It can also be used as an introduction to the subject. The character of a textbook is balanced with the dynamic nature of the research in the field by including many useful references to develop a deeper understanding among interested readers. The book updates the research agenda (which has witnessed profound and startling advances since its inception some 30 years ago) with chapters on possibility theory, fuzzy logic and approximate reasoning, expert systems, fuzzy control, fuzzy data analysis, decision making and fuzzy set models in operations research. All chapters have been updated. Exercises are included.

A Tribute to Prof. Dr. Da Ruan

Author: Jie Lu,Etienne Kerre

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642303072

Category: Computers

Page: 264

View: 4065

This volume is a tribute to Professor Dr Da Ruan, who passed away suddenly on July 31, 2011, aged 50. The flood of emails that spread throughout the fuzzy logic research community with the tragic news was testimony to the respect and liking felt for this remarkable man. Da was a hardworking , highly productive scientist who, during his short life, published 35 books and more than 250 research papers in highly ranked journals and conference proceedings. He established two successful conferences, FLINS and ISKE, as well as the international journal, JCIS. This book is a collection of contributions from 88 of Da's academic friends from 47 institutes, presented in 60 chapters and over 70 pictures. A Foreword by Lotfi Zadeh begins Da's story. Section 1 provides an overview of Da's funeral on August 6, 2011. Part II outlines Da’s scientific life, his education, scientific career, publications and keynote talks. Part III presents testimonials by Da's colleagues of academic activities, including guest professorships and his many visits to foreign institutes. Part IV contains thirty contributions from colleagues and friends across the world to describe their collaborative experience with Da. We hope this book will keep the memory of Da alive – great scientist, great friend, great humanitarian. He will remain in our hearts forever.

Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Theory and Applications with Recent Developments

Author: Cengiz Kahraman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387768130

Category: Computers

Page: 590

View: 6343

This work examines all the fuzzy multicriteria methods recently developed, such as fuzzy AHP, fuzzy TOPSIS, interactive fuzzy multiobjective stochastic linear programming, fuzzy multiobjective dynamic programming, grey fuzzy multiobjective optimization, fuzzy multiobjective geometric programming, and more. Each of the 22 chapters includes practical applications along with new developments/results. This book may be used as a textbook in graduate operations research, industrial engineering, and economics courses. It will also be an excellent resource, providing new suggestions and directions for further research, for computer programmers, mathematicians, and scientists in a variety of disciplines where multicriteria decision making is needed.

Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, and Fuzzy Systems

Selected Papers by Lotfi A Zadeh

Author: Lotfi A Zadeh

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814499811

Category: Computers

Page: 840

View: 7884

This book consists of selected papers written by the founder of fuzzy set theory, Lotfi A Zadeh. Since Zadeh is not only the founder of this field, but has also been the principal contributor to its development over the last 30 years, the papers contain virtually all the major ideas in fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic, and fuzzy systems in their historical context. Many of the ideas presented in the papers are still open to further development. The book is thus an important resource for anyone interested in the areas of fuzzy set theory, fuzzy logic, and fuzzy systems, as well as their applications. Moreover, the book is also intended to play a useful role in higher education, as a rich source of supplementary reading in relevant courses and seminars. The book contains a bibliography of all papers published by Zadeh in the period 1949-1995. It also contains an introduction that traces the development of Zadeh's ideas pertaining to fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, and fuzzy systems via his papers. The ideas range from his 1965 seminal idea of the concept of a fuzzy set to ideas reflecting his current interest in computing with words — a computing in which linguistic expressions are used in place of numbers. Places in the papers, where each idea is presented can easily be found by the reader via the Subject Index. Contents:Fuzzy SetsFuzzy Sets and SystemsAbstraction and Pattern ClassificationShadows of Fuzzy SetsFuzzy AlgorithmsNote on Fuzzy LanguagesTowards a Theory of Fuzzy SystemsQuantitative Fuzzy SemanticsA Rationale for Fuzzy ControlOn Fuzzy Algorithmsand other papers Readership: Scientists, mathematicians, engineers and graduate students in various areas. keywords:Fuzzy Set Theory;Fuzzy Logic;Fuzzy Systems;Soft Computing;Information Granularity;Approximate Reasoning;Possibility Theory “Also, I recommend highly this volume to everyone — from the beginner to the most experienced researcher and practitioner — who wishes to learn the philosophy or contribute to this advancing field of fuzzy logic and intelligent systems in the decades to come.” Int'l Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledged-Based Systems “Very nice additions are a bibliography of Zadeh's papers and books, an introduction which puts the selected papers into a broader perspective, and a subject index.” Mathematical Reviews

Soft Computing: State of the Art Theory and Novel Applications

Author: Ronald R Yager,Ali M. Abbasov,Marek Reformat,Shahnaz N. Shahbazova

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642349226

Category: Computers

Page: 318

View: 4657

This book is a tribute to Lotfi A. Zadeh, the father of fuzzy logic, on the occasion of his 90th Birthday. The book gathers original scientific contributions written by top scientists and presenting the latest theories, applications and new trends in the fascinating and challenging field of soft computing.

On Fuzziness

A Homage to Lotfi A. Zadeh –

Author: Rudolf Seising,Enric Trillas,Claudio Moraga,Settimo Termini

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642356419

Category: Computers

Page: 431

View: 1179

The notion of Fuzziness stands as one of the really new concepts that have recently enriched the world of Science. Science grows not only through technical and formal advances on one side and useful applications on the other side, but also as consequence of the introduction and assimilation of new concepts in its corpus. These, in turn, produce new developments and applications. And this is what Fuzziness, one of the few new concepts arisen in the XX Century, has been doing so far. This book aims at paying homage to Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh, the “father of fuzzy logic” and also at giving credit to his exceptional work and personality. In a way, this is reflected in the variety of contributions collected in the book. In some of them the authors chose to speak of personal meetings with Lotfi; in others, they discussed how certain papers of Zadeh were able to open for them a new research horizon. Some contributions documented results obtained from the author/s after taking inspiration from a particular idea of Zadeh, thus implicitly acknowledging him. Finally, there are contributions of several “third generation fuzzysists or softies” who were firstly led into the world of Fuzziness by a disciple of Lotfi Zadeh, who, following his example, took care of opening for them a new road in science. Rudolf Seising is Adjoint Researcher at the European Centre for Soft Computing in Mieres, Asturias (Spain). Enric Trillas and Claudio Moraga are Emeritus Researchers at the European Centre for Soft Computing, Mieres, Asturias (Spain). Settimo Termini is Professor of Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Palermo, Italy and Affiliated Researcher at the European Centre for Soft Computing, Mieres, Asturias (Spain)

Forging New Frontiers: Fuzzy Pioneers I

Author: Masoud Nikravesh,Lofti A. Zadeh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540731822

Category: Mathematics

Page: 460

View: 2382

The chapters of the book are evolved from presentations made by selected participants at the 2005 BISC International Special Event, held at the University of California at Berkely. The papers include reports from the different front of soft computing in various industries and address the problems of different fields of research in fuzzy logic, fuzzy set and soft computing. The book provides a collection of forty-four articles in two volumes.

Soft Computing and its Applications in Business and Economics

Author: Rafik Aziz Aliev,Bijan Fazlollahi,Rashad Rafik Aliev

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540221388

Category: Computers

Page: 446

View: 6146

"Soft Computing and its Applications in Business and Economics," or SC-BE for short, is a work whose importance is hard to exaggerate. Authored by leading contributors to soft computing and its applications, SC-BE is a sequel to an earlier book by Professors R. A. Aliev and R. R. Aliev, "Soft Computing and Its Applications," World Scientific, 200l. SC-BE is a self-contained exposition of the foundations of soft computing, and presents a vast compendium of its applications to business, finance, decision analysis and economics. One cannot but be greatly impressed by the wide variety of applications - applications ranging from use of fuzzy logic in transportation and health case systems, to use of a neuro-fuzzy approach to modeling of credit risk in trading, and application of soft computing to e-commerce. To view the contents of SC-BE in a clearer perspective, a bit of history is in order. In science, as in other realms of human activity, there is a tendency to be nationalistic - to commit oneself to a particular methodology and relegate to a position of inferiority or irrelevance all alternative methodologies. As we move further into the age of machine intelligence and automated reasoning, we run into more and more problems which do not lend themselves to solution through the use of our favorite methodology.

Recent Developments and New Direction in Soft-Computing Foundations and Applications

Selected Papers from the 4th World Conference on Soft Computing, May 25-27, 2014, Berkeley

Author: Lotfi A. Zadeh,Ali M. Abbasov,Ronald R. Yager,Shahnaz N. Shahbazova,Marek Z. Reformat

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331932229X

Category: Computers

Page: 529

View: 3041

This book reports on advanced theories and cutting-edge applications in the field of soft computing. The individual chapters, written by leading researchers, are based on contributions presented during the 4th World Conference on Soft Computing, held May 25-27, 2014, in Berkeley. The book covers a wealth of key topics in soft computing, focusing on both fundamental aspects and applications. The former include fuzzy mathematics, type-2 fuzzy sets, evolutionary-based optimization, aggregation and neural networks, while the latter include soft computing in data analysis, image processing, decision-making, classification, series prediction, economics, control, and modeling. By providing readers with a timely, authoritative view on the field, and by discussing thought-provoking developments and challenges, the book will foster new research directions in the diverse areas of soft computing.

Recent Developments and New Directions in Soft Computing

Author: Lotfi A. Zadeh,Ali M. Abbasov,Ronald R Yager,Shahnaz N. Shahbazova,Marek Z Reformat

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319063235

Category: Computers

Page: 466

View: 9754

The book reports on the latest advances and challenges of soft computing. It gathers original scientific contributions written by top scientists in the field and covering theories, methods and applications in a number of research areas related to soft-computing, such as decision-making, probabilistic reasoning, image processing, control, neural networks and data analysis.

Optical Character Recognition Systems for Different Languages with Soft Computing

Author: Arindam Chaudhuri,Krupa Mandaviya,Pratixa Badelia,Soumya K Ghosh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319502522

Category: Computers

Page: 248

View: 7728

The book offers a comprehensive survey of soft-computing models for optical character recognition systems. The various techniques, including fuzzy and rough sets, artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms, are tested using real texts written in different languages, such as English, French, German, Latin, Hindi and Gujrati, which have been extracted by publicly available datasets. The simulation studies, which are reported in details here, show that soft-computing based modeling of OCR systems performs consistently better than traditional models. Mainly intended as state-of-the-art survey for postgraduates and researchers in pattern recognition, optical character recognition and soft computing, this book will be useful for professionals in computer vision and image processing alike, dealing with different issues related to optical character recognition.

Genetic Fuzzy Systems

Evolutionary Tuning and Learning of Fuzzy Knowledge Bases

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9814494453


Page: N.A

View: 726

Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets, Multisets and Clustering

Author: Vicenç Torra,Anders Dahlbom,Yasuo Narukawa

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319475576

Category: Computers

Page: 347

View: 2157

This book is dedicated to Prof. Sadaaki Miyamoto and presents cutting-edge papers in some of the areas in which he contributed. Bringing together contributions by leading researchers in the field, it concretely addresses clustering, multisets, rough sets and fuzzy sets, as well as their applications in areas such as decision-making. The book is divided in four parts, the first of which focuses on clustering and classification. The second part puts the spotlight on multisets, bags, fuzzy bags and other fuzzy extensions, while the third deals with rough sets. Rounding out the coverage, the last part explores fuzzy sets and decision-making.

Soft Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis in Oil Exploration

Author: M. Nikravesh,L.A. Zadeh,Fred Aminzadeh

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080541327

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 754

View: 1395

This comprehensive book highlights soft computing and geostatistics applications in hydrocarbon exploration and production, combining practical and theoretical aspects. It spans a wide spectrum of applications in the oil industry, crossing many discipline boundaries such as geophysics, geology, petrophysics and reservoir engineering. It is complemented by several tutorial chapters on fuzzy logic, neural networks and genetic algorithms and geostatistics to introduce these concepts to the uninitiated. The application areas include prediction of reservoir properties (porosity, sand thickness, lithology, fluid), seismic processing, seismic and bio stratigraphy, time lapse seismic and core analysis. There is a good balance between introducing soft computing and geostatistics methodologies that are not routinely used in the petroleum industry and various applications areas. The book can be used by many practitioners such as processing geophysicists, seismic interpreters, geologists, reservoir engineers, petrophysicist, geostatistians, asset mangers and technology application professionals. It will also be of interest to academics to assess the importance of, and contribute to, R&D efforts in relevant areas.

Soft Computing Applications for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Author: Cascales, Maria del Socorro García

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466666323

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 408

View: 4844

As the climate and environment continue to fluctuate, researchers are urgently looking for new ways to preserve our limited resources and prevent further environmental degradation. The answer can be found through computer science, a field that is evolving at precisely the time it is needed most. Soft Computing Applications for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency brings together the latest technological research in computational intelligence and fuzzy logic as a way to care for our environment. This reference work highlights current advances and future trends in environmental sustainability using the principles of soft computing, making it an essential resource for students, researchers, engineers, and practitioners in the fields of project engineering and energy science.

A First Course in Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Dynamical Systems, and Biomathematics

Theory and Applications

Author: Laécio Carvalho de Barros,Rodney Carlos Bassanezi,Weldon Alexander Lodwick

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3662533243

Category: Computers

Page: 299

View: 9794

This book provides an essential introduction to the field of dynamical models. Starting from classical theories such as set theory and probability, it allows readers to draw near to the fuzzy case. On one hand, the book equips readers with a fundamental understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of fuzzy sets and fuzzy dynamical systems. On the other, it demonstrates how these theories are used to solve modeling problems in biomathematics, and presents existing derivatives and integrals applied to the context of fuzzy functions. Each of the major topics is accompanied by examples, worked-out exercises, and exercises to be completed. Moreover, many applications to real problems are presented. The book has been developed on the basis of the authors’ lectures to university students and is accordingly primarily intended as a textbook for both upper-level undergraduates and graduates in applied mathematics, statistics, and engineering. It also offers a valuable resource for practitioners such as mathematical consultants and modelers, and for researchers alike, as it may provide both groups with new ideas and inspirations for projects in the fields of fuzzy logic and biomathematics.

Computational Intelligence in Multimedia Processing: Recent Advances

Author: Aboul-Ella Hassanien,Ajith Abraham

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540768262

Category: Computers

Page: 536

View: 9419

In recent decades Multimedia processing has emerged as an important technology to generate content based on images, video, audio, graphics, and text. This book is a compilation of the latest trends and developments in the field of computational intelligence in multimedia processing. The edited book presents a large number of interesting applications to intelligent multimedia processing of various Computational Intelligence techniques including neural networks and fuzzy logic.

Fuzzy Techniques for Decision Making

Author: José Carlos R. Alcantud

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 3038428876

Category: Mathematics

Page: 410

View: 1457

This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Fuzzy Techniques for Decision Making" that was published in Symmetry