Global Modernity and Social Contestation

Author: Breno M. Bringel,Jose Mauricio Domingues

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473905648

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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"A new generation of truly global sociology, grappling with the contemporary world through the lenses of critique, contestation, and social movements. A significant contribution." - Göran Therborn, University of Cambridge "This is a truly global and politically challenging book, bringing together top level researchers and sharply tackling its themes. People from every corner of the planet and from all walks in the social sciences will surely profit from reading it." - Carolina Mera, University of Buenos Aires How can we link contemporary social processes – which have typically been theorized in terms of the concept of modernity – with contemporary social movements, conflicts, and mobilizations which aim at social change? This text: links the social theory of modernity to critical theory and to recent class and citizenship politics as well as to identity politics uses concrete social processes to illustrate theoretical discussion with relevant empirical studies and applies theoretical analysis to different interactions, tensions and possibilities to provide an integrated understanding of global modernity and social contestation includes contributions from distinguished international scholars working in sociological theory and modernity, as well as social movement studies and political contestation, with a strong emphasis on global issues This is a key resource for research in both social theory and the sociology of modernity, as well as social movements and social contestation, and readers interested in globalization and global studies.

Praxeological Political Analysis

Author: Michael Jonas,Beate Littig

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317241134

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 9163

With the interest in practice theory and praxeology on the rise, praxeology can be considered an emerging new methodological as well as theoretical paradigm which successfully overcomes epistemological dichotomies of conventional approaches. The articles in this volume serve as starting points for rendering contemporary practice theory approaches useful for the analysis of political events and processes, without reducing the political aspect a priori to the formal policy sphere. In this context, Praxeological Political Analysis demonstrates that praxeological research is now increasingly addressing issues which are considered virulent in, for instance, the consumer, sustainability or political spheres. Following on from this key focus on political analysis, this title also seeks to expand the current status of primarily political science adaptions of practice theory approaches to the analysis of predominantly narrowly defined political practices. Written with an explicit focus on diverse political aspects and dimensions in the performative enactment of social practices, this title will appeal to post-graduate students and scholars interested in sociology of politics, social and public policy, development in social theory and political research methods.

Globalization and education

integration and contestation across cultures

Author: Nelly P. Stromquist,Karen Monkman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc


Category: Education

Page: 363

View: 3285

The effects of globalization have long been dealt with in terms of economic and technological consequences, but what about the influence on education? Though still not a precise concept, what we understand as globalization is bringing forth numerous and profound changes in the economic, cultural, and political life of nations. With increased opportunities for interaction and learning, education around the world is rapidly becoming transformed. The essays contained in this comprehensive yet readable book, strive to provide a thorough examination of the impact these changes are having on how education is defined, whom it serves, and how it is assessed around the world.

Tourism in the Middle East

Continuity, Change, And Transformation

Author: Rami Daher

Publisher: Channel View Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 325

View: 6067

Re-examines the discourse of tourism within geopolitical contemporary regional realities, and re-conceptualizes tourism as a discourse linked to heritage and identity construction, and national and global economies. This volume on tourism in the Middle East embodies a multi-discursive approach to the study of tourism in the region. This edited volume on tourism in the Middle East embodies a multi-discursive approach to the study of tourism in the region offering not only different perspectives, but also qualifying local knowledge and realities. The book re-examines the discourse of tourism within geopolitical contemporary regional realities. The book re-conceptualizes tourism as a discourse linked to heritage and identity construction, national and global economies, and development of local communities. Alternatively, a new discursive approach to the understanding of tourism emerges out of invigorating and stimulating latent regional realities and the social histories of various towns, villages, and cultural landscapes within the contested and politically-charged region of the Middle East. The book investigates issues of national identity, authenticity, definition of heritage, representation of cultures and regions, community and tourism development, urban tourism, heritage conservation and tourism, and tourism related investments through a new vision for the region that transcends current geopolitics or national and formal historiographies.

Global Humanitarianism

NGOs and the Crafting of Community

Author: Daniel Robert DeChaine

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739112427

Category: Political Science

Page: 187

View: 2101

In Global Humanitarianism Daniel Robert Dechaine undertakes an historical-cultural analysis of humanitarian NGO rhetoric and politics. He focuses his study specifically on MZdecins Sans Fronti_res and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. This book, besides being the first of its kind, offers to the disciplines of political science, cultural studies, and sociology a model with which to consider the political and social roles of NGOs in the ever-changing global community.

Digital Anthropology

Author: Heather A. Horst,Daniel Miller

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0857852930

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 3543

Anthropology has two main tasks: to understand what it is to be human and to examine how humanity is manifested differently in the diversity of culture. These tasks have gained new impetus from the extraordinary rise of the digital. This book brings together several key anthropologists working with digital culture to demonstrate just how productive an anthropological approach to the digital has already become. Through a range of case studies from Facebook to Second Life to Google Earth, Digital Anthropology explores how human and digital can be defined in relation to one another, from avatars and disability; cultural differences in how we use social networking sites or practise religion; the practical consequences of the digital for politics, museums, design, space and development to new online world and gaming communities. The book also explores the moral universe of the digital, from new anxieties to open-source ideals. Digital Anthropology reveals how only the intense scrutiny of ethnography can overturn assumptions about the impact of digital culture and reveal its profound consequences for everyday life. Combining the clarity of a textbook with an engaging style which conveys a passion for these new frontiers of enquiry, this book is essential reading for students and scholars of anthropology, media studies, communication studies, cultural studies and sociology.

Islam in the West

Key Issues in Multiculturalism

Author: Max Farrar,Yasmin Valli

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137025069

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

View: 4621

This book contributes to understanding of the contemporary relationship between Muslims and the Western societies in which they live, focusing particularly on the UK. Chapters reflect on the nature of multiculturalism, as well as a wide range of specific aspects of daily life, including religious dialogue, gender, freedom of speech and politics.

Globalization and Social Policy

Author: Nicola Yeates

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 195

View: 5494

Written in a clear and accessible style Globalization and Social Policy critically evaluates the relevance and implications of globalization in relation to both the academic study of social policy and social welfare provision. The book examines the implications of globalization; analyses the extent to which social policies contribute to and shape globalizing stratergies; explores the degree to which globalization gives rise to systematic changes in the funding, regulation and provision of welfare; traces the changing nature of social policy as a consequence of globalization; and examines how `globalization' undermines national autonomy in social policy

Challenging knowledge

the university in the knowledge society

Author: Gerard Delanty

Publisher: Open Univ Pr

ISBN: 9780335205790

Category: Education

Page: 175

View: 4599

The famous philosophical conceptions of the Open University from the Enlightenment to postmodern thought are discussed in this book along with the major writings in modern social theory on the university, such as those of Weber, Parsons, Habermas, Gadamer, Lyotard and Bourdieu. In this far reaching contribution to the sociology of knowledge, Delanty views the university as a key institution of modernity and as the site where knowledge, culture and society interconnect. He assesses the question of the crisis of the university with respect to issues such as globalization, the information age, the nation state, academic capitalism, cultural politics and changing relationships between research and teaching. Arguing against the notion of the demise of the university, his argument is that in the knowledge society of today a new identity for the university is emerging based on communication and new conceptions of citizenship. It should appeal to those interested in changing relationships between modernity, knowledge, higher education and the future of the university.

Transnational South Asians

The Making of a Neo-diaspora

Author: Susan Koshy,Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195695892

Category: Social Science

Page: 378

View: 1550

This volume examines the interrelationship between South Asian diaspora and globalization. It shows how the international division of labor has been redrawn by labor migrations from South Asia, how paradigms of the 'brain drain' have been supplemented by new models of the 'brain circuit', and how the construction of new transnational public spheres has altered cultural flows between the developed and the developing world. The volume highlights how South Asian diaspora is of pivotal importance because the migration it encompasses spans the rise of global modernity. The essays look at the practices of political organization, civic participation, social networking, religious activity, cultural production and consumption, commemoration, celebration, marriage, sexual relationships, family organization, and economic activity through which displaced communities reconstruct themselves in displacement. They focus on diasporic subjects who have been overlooked, forgotten, misrepresented, or marginalized in the scholarship on the South Asian diaspora, such as slaves, women migrants, queer desis.

Contemporary Sociology

An International Journal of Reviews

Author: American sociological association

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

View: 3988

Kursbuch 179

Freiheit, Gleichheit, Ausbeutung

Author: Armin Nassehi

Publisher: Murmann Publishers GmbH

ISBN: 3867743991

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

View: 9378

Ausbeutung, Exploitation meint nach seinem marxistischen Ursprung des Begriffs den Teil der Arbeit, den der Arbeiter nicht für sich, sondern für den Kapitalisten arbeitet. Ausbeutung ist Fremdbestimmung, Fremdbestimmung ist Ausbeutung, solange es nicht zu einem Ausgleich zwischen Herr und Knecht kommt – in Form von Geld, von Anerkennung oder von Gerechtigkeit. Inzwischen leben wir in Zeiten, in denen Ausbeutung in Selbstbestimmung umgedeutet wird – du musst an dir arbeiten, Baby, heißt es nicht nur auf Laufstegen, sondern überall. Aber ist Ausbeutung, also das Mehr im Verhältnis zur notwendigen Arbeit, nicht auch von zivilisatorischer Bedeutung? Ist Ausbeutung nicht auch ein Garant für Weiterentwicklung, für Innovation, sogar für Befreiung? Ist das Mehr im Verhältnis zum Notwendigen womöglich auch eine Befreiung aus der Notwendigkeit? Es scheint keine einfachen Antworten zu geben – deshalb gibt es ein "Kursbuch" dazu. Mit Beiträgen von Sudhir Venkatesh, Georg von Wallwitz, Hansjörg Küster, Erich Weede, Regina Schmeken, Elma Altvater, Dirk Baecker, Armin Nassehi, Gerhard Klas, Elísio Macamo, Dorthe Nors und Thomas Palzer.

Differenz und Herrschaft in den Amerikas

Repräsentationen des Anderen in Geschichte und Gegenwart

Author: Anne Ebert,Maria Lidola,Karoline Bahrs,Karoline Noack

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839410630

Category: History

Page: 318

View: 7582

Gegenwart und Geschichte der Amerikas sind durchzogen von Herrschaftsverhältnissen, in denen alte und neue Ideen, Darstellungen und Wirklichkeiten permanent verhandelt werden. Innerhalb eines breiten historischen und räumlichen Kontexts fragt dieses Buch, wie Ideen soziale und kulturelle Bedeutung erlangen. Über welche Darstellungsformen werden sie kommuniziert? Wie werden über Ideen und Darstellungen Wirklichkeiten geschaffen? Die Beiträge betrachten symbolische Repräsentationen des Anderen in sozialen Ordnungen in den Amerikas: Sie gehen auf die vor-, koloniale und postkoloniale Zeit ein und beziehen sich vor allem auf den lateinamerikanischen Raum. Im Vordergrund stehen die kulturell konnotierte Vorstellung und symbolische Darstellung von Differenz im Kontext machtpolitischer Auseinandersetzungen und deren unterschiedlich erfahrene Wirklichkeiten.

Erleben, Erleiden, Erfahren

Die Konstitution sozialen Sinns jenseits instrumenteller Vernunft

Author: Kay Junge,Daniel Suber,Gerold Gerber

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839408296

Category: Social Science

Page: 514

View: 3526

Dieses Buch macht in zahlreichen Beiträgen auf Dimensionen des Handelns aufmerksam, die in der Geschichte der Sozialwissenschaften bisher eher ein Schattendasein führten. »Erleben«, »Erleiden«, »Erfahren« stehen dabei für drei Kategorien, die zwar schon auf eine philosophische Karriere zurückblicken können, in der Soziologie aber noch kaum etabliert sind. Der prominent besetzte Band leistet im Anschluss an diverse Theorietraditionen erste Übersetzungsversuche. Darüber hinaus werden in empirischen Zugriffen unterschiedliche Modalitäten und Eigenschaften ungeplanter Ereignisse herausgestellt und auf ihre identitätskonstitutive Funktion hin beleuchtet. Mit Beiträgen von Jeffrey C. Alexander, Aleida Assmann, Jan Assmann, Zygmunt Bauman, Heinz Bude, Helmut Dubiel, Klaus Eder, Shmuel N. Eisenstadt, Gerold Gerber, Alois Hahn, Kay Junge, Albrecht Koschorke, Claus Leggewie, Stephan Moebius, Richard Münch, Günter Oesterle, Andreas Reckwitz, Karl-Siegbert Rehberg, Michael Schmid, Wolfgang Ludwig Schneider, Wolfgang Seibel, Daniel Suber, Arpad Szakolczai und Johannes Weiß.

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sociology

Page: N.A

View: 840

CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.