Der Chef-Faktor

Author: Robert I. Sutton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783446423282


Page: 256

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Good Boss, Bad Boss

How to Be the Best... and Learn from the Worst

Author: Robert I. Sutton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0446558478

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Now with a new chapter that focuses on what great bosses really do. Sutton adds revelatory thoughts about such legendary bosses as Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs, A.G. Lafley, and many more, and how you can implement their techniques. If you are a boss who wants to do great work, what can you do about it? Good Boss, Bad Boss is devoted to answering that question. Stanford Professor Robert Sutton weaves together the best psychological and management research with compelling stories and cases to reveal the mindset and moves of the best (and worst) bosses. This book was inspired by the deluge of emails, research, phone calls, and conversations that Dr. Sutton experienced after publishing his blockbuster bestseller The No Asshole Rule. He realized that most of these stories and studies swirled around a central figure in every workplace: THE BOSS. These heart-breaking, inspiring, and sometimes funny stories taught Sutton that most bosses - and their followers - wanted a lot more than just a jerk-free workplace. They aspired to become (or work for) an all-around great boss, somebody with the skill and grit to inspire superior work, commitment, and dignity among their charges. As Dr. Sutton digs into the nitty-gritty of what the best (and worst) bosses do, a theme runs throughout Good Boss, Bad Boss - which brings together the diverse lessons and is a hallmark of great bosses: They work doggedly to "stay in tune" with how their followers (and superiors, peers, and customers too) react to what they say and do. The best bosses are acutely aware that their success depends on having the self-awareness to control their moods and moves, to accurately interpret their impact on others, and to make adjustments on the fly that continuously spark effort, dignity, and pride among their people.

Überleben unter Arschlöchern

Wie Sie mit Leuten klarkommen, die andere wie Dreck behandeln

Author: Robert I. Sutton

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492977189

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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Wer kennt sie nicht: den Kollegen, der sich mit fremden Federn schmückt, den cholerischen Chef, der seine Mitarbeiter anbrüllt, oder die intrigante Nachbarin, die liebend gern Gerüchte in die Welt setzt. Egal, ob in Beruf, Freundeskreis oder Familie – Arschlöcher lauern überall. Der erfahrene Management-Professor Robert Sutton gibt in diesem Handbuch Antworten auf die brennenden Fragen, die ihm seit Erscheinen seines internationalen Bestsellers „Der Arschloch-Faktor“ am häufigsten gestellt wurden. Dabei bezieht er aktuelle Studien und Management-Techniken mit ein und liefert, abhängig vom jeweiligen Arschloch-Typus, zahlreiche praktische Tipps und Strategien zum Umgang mit schwierigen Zeitgenossen.

SuperSTAR Leadership Model

Good Boss, Bad Boss: Which One Are You

Author: Rick Conlow,Doug Watsabaugh

Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises

ISBN: 9781613463734

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 316

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When looking at managers and those in leadership, you encounter the good, the bad, and the inept. There are even those rare souls who are excellent bosses, who achieve great results while retaining their staff's loyalty and affection. Who are these gods among men—these SuperSTAR leaders? And how can you become one? SuperSTAR Leadership identifies key habits of both good bosses and bad bosses. This thirty-day workbook uses nine key performance drivers to evaluate and help leaders more quickly increase results and sustain them. With the expert navigation of Rick Conlow and Doug Watsbaugh, you will identify your weaknesses, strengths, and path to improvement. Each evaluation and activity within this manager's bible distills your leadership skills, perfecting you into a SuperSTAR leader. Do you want to earn more money for your company? Do you want to electrify your department? Do you want to increase customer loyalty, sales, and productivity while simultaneously decreasing turnover, improving innovation, and having fun? It is not impossible. You can have these results and be a SuperSTAR Leader with the nine strategies of The SuperSTAR Leadership Model.



Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780446558877


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If the reader is a boss who wants to do great work, what can do about it? 'Good Boss, Bad Boss' is devoted to answering that question. Stanford Professor Robert Sutton weaves together psychological and management research with compelling stories and cases to show the mindset and moves of the best (and worst) bosses. This book was inspired by emails, research, phone calls, and conversations that Dr. Sutton experienced.

Mad Business

Was in den Führungsetagen der Konzerne wirklich abgeht

Author: Joerg Bartussek,Oliver Weyergraf

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593501244

Category: Political Science

Page: 237

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Treffen Sie Paul Hecht, eine Figur, erschaffen aus den authentischen Stimmen Dutzender Topmanager, und erleben Sie eine Woche Businesswahnsinn an seiner Seite. Begegnen Sie den glamourösen und dunklen Seiten der Macht, Kampfrhetorik und Topliftgesprächen, U-Boot-Projekten und Silodenken, Prozesspolizisten und der Frage: Was macht die Hand des Chefs auf meinem Knie? Unterhaltsames Porträt eines typischen Überfliegers trifft auf anonymisierte Zitate aus den Führungsetagen der Großkonzerne, in unzähligen Interviews gesammelt von zwei Insidern. Bitte anschnallen!

Der Arschloch-Faktor

vom geschickten Umgang mit Aufschneidern, Intriganten und Despoten im Unternehmen

Author: Robert I. Sutton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783453600607


Page: 192

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Good Bosses Gone Bad

How to Survive the Workplace When Your Boss Sucks!

Author: April Boyd-Noronha, MBA

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1468539612

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 68

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In these 10 scenarios, you'll discover practical plans of action while exploring 1) the mindset of a “good boss gone bad”, 2) today's unwritten rules of workplace relations, 3) everyday opportunities to exploit when reporting to a bad boss, 4) strategic alternatives to aid in your survival in the workplace, and 5) benefits and lessons learned while under the leadership of a bad boss. Good Bosses Gone Bad encourages you to proactively embrace this time in your life realizing that even with ineffective leadership at the office, you can still design your own rewarding career, discover new levels of workplace relations, while developing untapped survival skills within yourself. You must remember that every decision you make today - regardless of your current predicament at the workplace - will directly impact your career for tomorrow and years to come.

Fearless Leadership

Unlock success using the secrets of the brain

Author: Richard M Varey

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1788031563

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

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Fearless Leadership is a book about improving leadership and personal effectiveness in any workplace. It promotes a model called 'The Fearless Approach' that argues for leaders to create a fear-free culture and atmosphere within their organisations in which individuals can flourish.

Managing the Unmanageable

Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams

Author: Mickey W. Mantle,Ron Lichty

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

ISBN: 0132981254

Category: Computers

Page: 464

View: 5069

“Mantle and Lichty have assembled a guide that will help you hire, motivate, and mentor a software development team that functions at the highest level. Their rules of thumb and coaching advice are great blueprints for new and experienced software engineering managers alike.” —Tom Conrad, CTO, Pandora “I wish I’d had this material available years ago. I see lots and lots of ‘meat’ in here that I’ll use over and over again as I try to become a better manager. The writing style is right on, and I love the personal anecdotes.” —Steve Johnson, VP, Custom Solutions, DigitalFish All too often, software development is deemed unmanageable. The news is filled with stories of projects that have run catastrophically over schedule and budget. Although adding some formal discipline to the development process has improved the situation, it has by no means solved the problem. How can it be, with so much time and money spent to get software development under control, that it remains so unmanageable? In Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams , Mickey W. Mantle and Ron Lichty answer that persistent question with a simple observation: You first must make programmers and software teams manageable. That is, you need to begin by understanding your people—how to hire them, motivate them, and lead them to develop and deliver great products. Drawing on their combined seventy years of software development and management experience, and highlighting the insights and wisdom of other successful managers, Mantle and Lichty provide the guidance you need to manage people and teams in order to deliver software successfully. Whether you are new to software management, or have already been working in that role, you will appreciate the real-world knowledge and practical tools packed into this guide.

The Art of the Start 2.0

The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything

Author: Guy Kawasaki

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698193636

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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Fully revised and expanded for the first time in a decade, this is Guy Kawasaki's classic, bestselling guide to launching and making your new product, service, or idea a success. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, small-business owner, intrapreneur, or not-for-profit leader, there's no shortage of advice on topics such as innovating, recruiting, fund raising, and branding. In fact, there are so many books, articles, websites, blogs, webinars, and conferences that many startups get paralyzed, or they focus on the wrong priorities and go broke before they succeed. The Art of the Start 2.0 solves that problem by distilling Guy Kawasaki's decades of experience as one of the most hardworking and irreverent strategists in the business world. Guy has totally overhauled this iconic, essential guide for anyone starting anything. It’s 64 percent longer than version 1.0 and features his latest insights and practical advice about social media, crowdfunding, cloud computing, and many other topics. Guy understands the seismic changes in business over the last decade: Once-invulnerable market leaders are struggling. Many of the basics of getting established have become easier, cheaper, and more democratic. Business plans are no longer necessary. Social media has replaced PR and advertising as the key method of promotion. Crowdfunding is now a viable alternative to investors. The cloud makes basic infrastructure affordable for almost any new venture. The Art of the Start 2.0 will show you how to effectively deploy all these new tools. And it will help you master the fundamental challenges that have not changed: building a strong team, creating an awesome product or service, and facing down your competition. As Guy likes to say, “Entrepreneur is a state of mind, not a job title.” His book will help you make your crazy ideas stick, through an adventure that's more art than science – the art of the start.

Counseling Boys and Young Men

Author: Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, LMHC-IN, LPC-NC, NCC,Bonnie Colon, LMHC, NCC, NCSC

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826109195

Category: Psychology

Page: 456

View: 8402

"Counseling Boys and Young Men provides a plethora of information and counseling techniques essential to the continued development of young men....The text serves as a noteworthy manual addressing the myriad of issues affecting young males in todayís society."--The Professional Counselor Journal This comprehensive guide to the unique challenges faced by boys and young men encompasses todayís most critical issues and presents effective, evidence-based strategies for treating them. Recognizing the specific needs of diverse young males, this text covers such contemporary issues as bullying and harassment, anger management, online gaming, addiction, pornography, and gang membership. The differences between the developmental issues of males and females are addressed, along with the emotional, intellectual, and physical changes boys experience as they move into adolescence. The difficulties counselors face in their efforts to access emotional expression in boys are discussed along with strategies to overcome these barriers. Each chapter includes a comprehensive case scenario that highlights the presenting issue, how the issue affects functioning, and how effective treatment is best implemented. Additional resources for more in-depth study are also included throughout the book. Key Features: Provides guidance to the unique psychological issues of boys and young men along with innovative, evidence-based treatment strategies Addresses such current topics as bullying/harassment, risk-taking behaviors, pornography addiction, gambling, single-parent families, and more Includes vivid case studies Explores such social issues as gang membership with a focus on helping young males revise their self-image and social networks

General Management for Operational Managers

Author: Rudolf Hartong

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1481796798

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 86

View: 4530

General Management for Operational Managers is a book based on the personal experiences of Rudolf Hartong. It describes situations he encountered during his eighteen years’ experience as a general manager and answers a lot of questions. The book begins with the basic and fundamental questioning of the general manager himself or herself. He confronts the general manager with the question Who am I? Putting in long hours is good and appreciated, but that does not automatically make you a good general manager. Creativity and skills are the main elements that you need to survive. This is a hands-on book to be used as a reference. It describes situations and decisions which you may be confronted with in your daily work of which you may or may not be aware. Leadership elements in your work as general manager are essential such as, vision, drive and passion. The writer believes that this will make you successful in operating as a general manager. Many questions and answers are based on situations the writer experienced. Cultural aspects, the uniqueness of local companies, development of a strategy, alcohol and drug abuse and managing departments are just a few of the subjects in which he shares his experiences. Rudolf Hartong has also published Human Resources in Crisis, which you can purchase via, and he is working on a new book entitled What Changed Our Lives. It is the story of an expatriate family with five children. It will give suggestions and advises for new and existing expatriate families.

Darksiders 02. Die Kammer der Macht

Author: Ari Marmell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783833225307


Page: 347

View: 8930

Die Reiter der Apokalypse im Kampf gegen eine Verschwörung, die die ganze Welt ins Chaos stürzen könnte! Einige Jahrtausende vor den Geschehnissen von Darksiders und Darksiders II, wurden zwei der gefürchteten Reiter der Apokalypse, Tod und Krieg, damit beauftragt, eine Gruppe Abtrünniger zu stoppen, die die Kammer der Macht ausfindig machen wollen: Einen Ort, an dem Waffen von unvorstellbarer Macht und Grausamkeit verborgen liegen. Damit wäre der brüchige Waffenstillstand zwischen Himmel und Hölle zum Scheitern verurteilt ... Darksiders: Kammer der Macht entstand in enger Zusammenarbeit mit den Teams von Darksiders II, Vigil und THQ. Dieser Roman gibt einen aufregenden Einblick in die Geschichte und die Welt der Reiter und beleuchtet auf neue Weise die unzerstörbare Bindung zwischen Krieg und Tod. An dieser Stelle würde Ihnen Ari Marmell nun gerne alles über die vielen esoterischen Jobs erzählen, die er bereits absolviert hat und über die spannenden Abenteuer berichten, die er auf dem Weg zum Schriftsteller bestehen musste. Unglücklicherweise ist das Aufregendste, was er bislang geleistet hat, seine Arbeit für Dungeons Dragons und andere Rollenspiele. Und natürlich das Bücherschreiben. Von ihm stammen sowohl Der Dämon des Kriegers und Die Tochter des Kriegers als auch eine ganze Reihe weiterer Geschichten, wie z. B. Die Horde: Die Schlacht von Morthûl, Agents of Artifice (Magic: The Gathering) und Thief's Covenant: A Widdershins Adventure. Marmell lebt derzeit in einem Apartment, das beinahe so chaotisch ist wie sein Unterbewusstsein. Er teilt selbiges (die Wohnung, nicht das Unterbewusstsein, auch wenn es manchmal anders scheinen mag) mit seiner Frau George und zwei Katzen, denen man vielleicht mal einen Lautstärkeregler einbauen sollte.

Vom Glück des Strebens

Warum der Weg oft glücklicher macht als das Ziel

Author: Chris Guillebeau

Publisher: books4success

ISBN: 3864702674

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

View: 4786

Und jedem Streben wohnt ein Glück inne ... Zu Fuß quer durch die USA wandern oder so viele Vogelarten wie möglich beobachten - das sind nur zwei Beispiele für ungewöhnliche Herausforderungen, denen sich ganz gewöhnliche Menschen gestellt haben. Chris Guillebeau beschreibt, wie das Streben nach selbst gesteckten Zielen Sinn und Glück in das eigene Leben bringt. Chris Guillebeau hat sein Projekt, alle Länder dieser Erde zu bereisen, umgesetzt. Und er hat erkannt: Nicht das Ziel an sich ist am wichtigsten, sondern der Weg dorthin. Nach etwas streben, planen, äußere und innere Hürden überwinden - all dies macht uns oft glücklicher und lässt uns innerlich mehr wachsen als das Erreichen des Ziels selbst. Zahlreiche inspirierende Beispiele sowie praktische Ratschläge weisen dem Leser den Weg: So findet er seine ganz persönliche Herausforderung, so geht er sie an und verleiht damit seinem Leben mehr Bedeutung.

Die Gabe


Author: Naomi Alderman

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 364121985X

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 6465

Es sind scheinbar gewöhnliche Alltagsszenen: ein nigerianisches Mädchen am Pool. Die Tochter einer Londoner Gangsterfamilie. Eine US-amerikanische Politikerin. Doch sie alle verbindet ein Geheimnis: Von heute auf morgen haben Frauen weltweit die Gabe – sie können mit ihren Händen starke elektrische Stromstöße aussenden. Ein Ereignis, das die Machtverhältnisse und das Zusammenleben aller Menschen unaufhaltsam, unwiederbringlich und auf schmerzvolle Weise verändern wird.

Military Review

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Military art and science

Page: N.A

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Her Bad, Bad Boss

Author: Nicola Marsh

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459201873

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 4690

When glittering socialite Jade Beacham's life falls apart, she's determined to make a completely fresh start. Packing away her designer wardrobe, she heads out to the arctic splendor of Alaska to become deliciously dangerous Rhys Cartwright's newest—and feistiest—employee…. Expecting a high-maintenance princess, Rhys finds Jade's enthusiasm and natural beauty surprising…and outrageously enticing! If working together is wicked torture, then giving in to temptation is worse—as their blistering night together plays havoc with Rhys's strict "one night only" rule….