Grow to Greatness

Smart Growth for Entrepreneurial Businesses

Author: Edward Hess

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804781907

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

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Simply put, most entrepreneurial start-ups fail. Those fortunate enough to succeed then face a second, major challenge: how to grow. This book focuses on the key questions an entrepreneur must answer in order to grow a business. Based on extensive research of more than fifty successful growth companies, Grow to Greatness discusses the top ten growth challenges and how to overcome them. Author Edward D. Hess dispels the myth that businesses must grow or die. Growth can create value. But, too much growth too fast outstrips effective processes, controls, or management capacity. Viewing growth as "recurring change," Grow to Greatness lays out a framework for how to approach business development—and how to manage its risks and pace. The book then takes readers through chapters that explore whether the time is right to grow, how to do it, and how to manage the vital reality that growth requires the right leadership, culture, and people. Uniquely, this book aims to prepare readers for the day-to-day reality of growth, offering up the lived experiences of eleven entrepreneurs. Six workshops to assess where readers stand now and a suite of templates that will prove to be useful over time help bring the book's teachings to life. After reading this book, entrepreneurs will have a real understanding of their readiness to grow and place in the growth cycle, as well as a concrete action plan for where to take their businesses next. Many books address how to start a business, but this is a unique, go-to resource for readers who want to learn how to thrive beyond the start-up phase.

Grow to Greatness

How to Build a World-Class Franchise System Faster

Author: Steve Olson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781475265330

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 254

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The #1 best-seller on franchise development and Amazon #1 best-seller, Grow to Greatness has instantly become the must-read, essential guide on how to build a world-class franchise system faster. This breakthrough book delivers advice and proven, step-by-step systems and processes for emerging and established franchisors, as well as for anyone considering franchising their business. The $29.95 guide has saved existing and potential franchisors thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. -- One hundred+ case examples and checklists reveal how to do it right ... and how not to do it wrong! -- Profit from real "best practices" solutions and proven step-by-step processes -- Endorsed by franchising's top brand executives of KFC, Taco Bell, Dunkin' Donuts, Pinkberry, Molly Maids, Postnet, Checkers, AlphaGraphics, Popeye's, Cartridge World, Express Employment Professionals, the International Franchise Association ... and many more. Each benchmark is described in detail, supported by case studies, industry research and steps taken by franchise leaders from various industries. " Steve's Grow to Greatness is the 'Driver's Ed Manual'. It delivers great lessons for startup franchisors and the most seasoned franchise executives. In the words of Bill Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin' Donuts and the International Franchise Association, 'We can avoid failures, if we study success.' Study Grow to Greatness and you will be rewarded." John Reynolds, CFE President, IFA Educational Foundation

Die Talent-Lüge

warum wir (fast) alles erreichen können

Author: Daniel Coyle


ISBN: 9783431037852

Category: Begabung - Ratgeber

Page: 252

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Growing Greatness

Six Amazing Attitudes of Extraordinary Teachers & Parents

Author: Lynn Stoddard

Publisher: Zephyr PressLearning Materials


Category: Education

Page: 130

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Who Is Getting the Most Out of Online Education and Why

Author: Jeffrey J. Selingo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476783527

Category: Education

Page: 208

View: 3101

Contributing editor to The Chronicle of Higher Education and author of College (Un)Bound, Jeffrey J. Selingo follows in real time the stories of all the stake-holders in University of Virginia business professor Ed Hess's popular Grow to Greatness MOOC to distill for MOOC students (seven million and counting) what works, what doesn't, and what to expect next of the phenomenon that is massive open online courses. When professors at top universities first began offering free online classes to the masses in 2012, the promise was that one day their experiment would revolutionize higher education forever by opening the doors to a first-class education for everyone. Since then, more than seven million students have signed up to take a massive open online course, or MOOC. But so far, MOOCs have failed to live up to the initial promises of their founders, with a vast majority of students failing to complete their courses. Lost in the rising chorus of emboldened MOOC critics are the expectations and experiences of the students who, in ever rising numbers, continue to sign up. What does a great MOOC look like, and why? Which MOOC students benefit the most? How do I get the greatest value out of taking a MOOC? To get answers, Jeffrey J. Selingo, contributing editor to The Chronicle of Higher Education and author of College (Un)Bound, embedded himself in University of Virginia business professor Ed Hess's Grow to Greatness MOOC. The result, MOOC U, is the real-time stories of the major players: students, professor, university, and MOOC provider. Written to answer the most pressing questions that MOOC students are asking, MOOC U chronicles how free online courses are changing how students learn, how professors teach, and how universities are rethinking what constitutes face-to-face education in the 21st Century.

Growing Into Greatness with God

Seven Paths to Greatness for Our Sons and Daughters

Author: Janet Autherine

Publisher: Diaspora Vibes Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9780991200009


Page: 66

View: 9329

Every child is created in the image of God, and every child carries this amazing gift of greatness inside himself or herself. But children hear mixed messages on a daily basis-about life, about the world, and about themselves. In Growing into Greatness with God: Seven Paths to Greatness for Our Sons and Daughters, author and mother of three boys Janet Autherine encourages kids to see themselves as unique and amazing-already blessed with what they need to succeed in life and achieve their dreams. Readers learn how to grow in love, faith, courage, leadership, happiness, gratitude, and confidence through the inspiring stories of Bible heroes such as Abraham, Sarah, David, and Ruth. Each chapter includes a brief summary of two Bible stories, with reflections on each, and concludes with three action-oriented suggestions on how to put the lesson into practice. The book ends with a letter that will inspire and empower readers, and questions for study and self-reflection that can be used by parents and teachers to help their children continue on their journey to greatness. Dreams are essential to life, and kids need to be inspired and encouraged to live life to the fullest. Growing into Greatness with God offers biblical examples of how people have nurtured what God has planted in them and teaches kids how to do the same in their own lives.

Die Magie des Spiels

Und was du brauchst, um deine Träume zu verwirklichen

Author: Mesut Özil


ISBN: 3732540847

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

View: 5240

Mesut Özil ist Fußballweltmeister, Landesmeister, Pokalsieger - und der teuerste deutsche Spieler, der je transferiert wurde. Dass der schmächtige Junge, dessen Familie aus der Türkei stammt, einmal deutscher Leistungs- und Sympathieträger werden sollte, war nicht vorherzusehen. Ungewohnt offen erzählt Mesut Özil in seinem Buch, wie er zu dem geworden ist, der er ist, was für Eigenschaften man braucht, um ganz nach oben zu kommen - und wie wichtig es ist, seine Träume zu Zielen zu machen, an deren Erreichung man mit Leidenschaft arbeitet.

Du bist der Hammer!

Hör endlich auf, an deiner Großartigkeit zu zweifeln, und beginn ein fantastisches Leben

Author: Jen Sincero

Publisher: Ariston

ISBN: 3641190665

Category: Self-Help

Page: 304

View: 3620

Sind Sie zufrieden mit Ihrem Leben, so wie es ist? Oder sagen Sie: Soll’s das wirklich schon gewesen sein? Wenn Sie sich insgeheim denken, dass irgendwo Größeres auf Sie wartet, Ihnen aber noch der letzte Anstoß fehlt, um endlich die verdammte Komfortzone zu verlassen, dann sind Sie hier genau richtig. Denn Jen Sincero wird Sie packen und von der Couch ziehen, damit Sie endlich das Leben leben, auf das Sie selbst neidisch wären. Aber Vorsicht: Nach diesem Buch ist das Leben definitiv anders! Jen Sinceros eigenes Leben war lange Zeit alles andere als berauschend: Sie hangelte sich von einem schlechten Job zum nächsten, hatte nie genug Geld und fuhr ein Auto, das fast auseinanderfiel. Bis sie entschied, dass sie etwas ändern muss. Sie las gefühlt jedes Selbsthilfebuch auf dieser Welt und ging zu Seminaren, bei denen man Leute umarmen oder seine Wut an einem Kissen auslassen musste. Und – es half. Jen Sincero schrieb ihr erstes Buch und schließlich noch ein zweites, das zu einem Bestseller wurde. Sie arbeitete als Coach, gab Seminare, reiste um die Welt und sprach vor großem Publikum. Sie erreichte genau das, wovon sie immer geträumt hatte. Jetzt gibt Jen Sincero ihre Erkenntnisse und ihr Wissen weiter und zeigt, wie man die Fähigkeiten, die in einem schlummern, endlich zum Blühen bringt. Es geht darum, sich glasklar darüber zu werden, was einen glücklich macht und wobei man sich am lebendigsten fühlt, und es dann mutig umzusetzen, statt sich einzureden, man könnte es nicht schaffen. Mit viel Humor und Schlagfertigkeit gibt sie praktische Ratschläge und zeigt Übungen, die dabei helfen die Selbstsabotage zu beenden und das zu erreichen, wovon man träumt.

Furry Farewell Grief Handbook

Life and Pet Loss Coaching Growing from Grief to Greatness

Author: Dan C. Crenshaw

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477114203

Category: Self-Help

Page: 198

View: 3723

The human-animal bond can seem like a magic wand. As a result, the grief from any kind of pet loss can be from mild to monstrous. This book gives you dignity when some other people may think your grief is preposterous. First, through the arduous climb out of the valley of grief, coping muscles can be strengthened. Gradually the strangling, entangled emotions can become unraveled. You can embark upon another chapter of your life without feeling bedeviled. Life coping skills can spawn as your mourning becomes virtually gone. You can gradually move from grief to greatness as your grief subsides and transitions into a song. As a result, this is both a pet loss and life-coaching book. Healing and inspiration can help you integrate pet loss coping skills into your life as a whole. Then your lifestyle can become more creative and bold.

Conquer the Fear of Death

Author: Nancy Williams

Publisher: Epitome Books

ISBN: 9380297300


Page: 200

View: 532

Fear is our worst enemy. If we let it terrify us, life will not be worth living. In fact, fear is nothing more than the expectation that something bad will happen. The opposite of fear is not courage, but simply the expectation that something good will happen. This is what we have to learnt. This book offers some simple ways to manage fears and live life to the full.

Der Mönch, der seinen Ferrari verkaufte

Eine Parabel vom Glück

Author: Robin S. Sharma

Publisher: Knaur MensSana eBook

ISBN: 3426421836

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 3336

Die weltweit bekannte Parabel über das Geheimnis des Glücks vom Bestsellerautor Robin Sharma – über die berührende Geschichte des Mönchs, der seinen Ferrari verkaufte. Mitten in einem dicht besetzten Gerichtssaal brach er zusammen. Er war einer der hervorragendsten Anwälte des Landes. Für die sündhaft teuren italienischen Anzüge, die seinen massigen Körper zierten, war er genauso bekannt wie für seine bemerkenswerte Reihe von Siegen vor Gericht. Und jetzt dieser Zusammenbruch. Der große Julian Mantle war jäh zu einem hilflosen Wesen zusammengesackt, zitterte, bebte, wand sich wie ein kleines Kind am Boden. Nach der schweren Herz-Attacke trennt sich der Star-Anwalt Julian Mantle von seinem hart erarbeiteten Luxus-Leben. Statt nach einer Kur wieder in sein altes Leben zurückzukehren, macht er sich auf die Reise in den Himalaya, um sich in einem Kloster den Grundfragen des Lebens zu stellen. Eine Gruppe von Mönchen lehrt ihn dort das Geheimnis des Glücks: durch Selbstdisziplin den Geist zu kultivieren, seine Träume in die Tat umzusetzen und jeden Tag die Fülle des Lebens auszukosten. Auf so einfache Art und Weise macht Robin Sharma in seinem spirituellen Roman klar, was im Leben wirklich zählt.

Praise Worthy Greatness

Secrets from God's Maximal Greatness

Author: Francis Bestman Isugu

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493142038

Category: Religion

Page: 154

View: 4670

This work "praiseworthy Greatness" exposes you to the secrets of Praiseworthy Greatness. These secrets revealed to you in this discourse are hidden truths about God and you. The hidden truths about why God has always been and remains the greatest are revealed to you as the secrets about why you are less compared to God. But with this discourse, you are challenged to look beyond your present status of being less, in comparison with God's maximal greatness, to begin to aspire and finally to become the greatest like God. Formerly, you were less as every ordinary human person is in comparison with God's maximal greatness, but you become the greatest, like God, after learning and practicing the secrets revealed in this discourse. As a discourse, this work is practically meant to teach you secrets that no one ever told you about: to be the secrets to praiseworthy greatness. You never knew or heard that these are the same principles used by God, not only to be but, to remain the greatest being. You will be proposing a celebration for your glory, after knowing these secrets as they are discussed in relation to the theme "Praiseworthy Greatness: Secrets from God's Maximal Greatness."

Franklin Merrell-Wolff's Experience and Philosophy

A Personal Record of Transformation and a Discussion of Transcendental Consciousness: Containing His Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object and His Pathways Through to Space

Author: Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791419632

Category: Philosophy

Page: 445

View: 1033

Here is an account of the enlightenment experience and its consequences written by a trained philosopher and mathematician who is also a master of English prose. Merrell-Wolff experienced enlightenment, became established in the state, and wrote clearly about the value and nature of the knowledge he attained. This is a record of transformation in consciousness written during the actual process itself, supplying an unusually intimate view. The author faces the epistemological problem directly--the problem of demonstrating the reality and value of knowledge springing from mystical roots. He gives serious attention to the philosophical and psychological criticism, writing with an eye to the pitfalls indicated by such criticism. He did not write only for those who believe easily.

Unleash Your Giant & Step into Your Greatness

Author: jaha Knight

Publisher: Drama Queen Story Studio


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 236

View: 9418

Unleash Your Giant & Step into Your Greatness is designed to help you shake loose your shrinking thinking and uncover the magnificent being you were made to be. We are each presented with a continuous stream of moments in life, in which we exercise choices. The choices we make can either lead to a self-defeating behavior or to a behavior that affirms and honors our lives. Over time, depending on the mix of our choices, we are either headed for breakdowns or breakthroughs. How would you like to create a life where all of your needs are met and all of your real life goals come into clear focus? In this book, you will discover tools to help you tap into the abundance that you've been promised during the course of the miracle that is your life. Rid yourself of the fears that hold you back from doing the things you desire and harness the power of resolution and redemption to become magnificent across all of the categories of your life. Are you ready for this to be your most incredible year yet? Then get ready to develop a growth map that will help you to take control of your life and build your self-confidence to achieve more while uncovering the spiritual side of redefined success.

The Pocket Guide to Selling Greatness

Author: Gerhard Gschwandtner

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071491627

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 180

View: 3183

Want to boost your sales skills and productivity beyond what you ever thought possible? Would you like to close more deals and build enduring relationships with your most valued customers? Here's your chance to achieve greatness in your own career. As founder and publisher of Selling Power, Gerhard Gschwandtner is internationally recognized as the leading expert in sales performance. Now, in The Pocket Guide to Selling Greatness, he shares that knowledge-and the wisdom collected from dozens of others at the top of their profession-with sales professionals who are ready to take their careers to a bold new level of productivity and profits. Find out what top achievers Mary Kay Ash, Roger Staubach, Zig Ziglar, Michael Dell, Donald Trump, and, of course, Gerhard Gschwandtner himself have to say about what it takes to achieve personal and professional excellence, including: Overcoming rejection Using role models Managing your attitude Generating enthusiasm Harnessing the power of ideas Ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the winner's circle? These powerful, inspiring, and action-oriented essays will show you how.


Author: Grant R. Osborne

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310323703

Category: Religion

Page: 1152

View: 6619

Designed for the pastor and Bible teacher, the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament examines the biblical text in its original environment. Notable evangelical scholars carefully attend to grammatical detail, literary context, rhetorical flow, theological nuance, and historical setting in their interpretation. Critical scholarship informs each step, but does not dominate the commentary, allowing readers to concentrate on the biblical author’s message as it unfolds. While primarily designed for those with a basic knowledge of biblical Greek, all who strive to understand and teach the New Testament will find this series beneficial. The general editor for this enterprising series is Clinton E. Arnold The following focused sections help readers understand the text: Literary Context: Explains how each passage functions within the book Main Idea: Summarizes the central message of the passage Translation in Graphic Layout: Presents a translation through a diagram that helps readers visualize the flow of thought within the text Exegetical Outline: Gives the overall structure of the passage Explanation of the Text: Provides interpretive insights into the background and meaning of the text Theology in Application: Discusses how the message of the text fits within the book itself and in a broader biblical-theological context, suggesting applications for the church today

The Promise of Greatness

Author: Sar A. Levitan,Robert Taggart

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674714564

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 7467

In this balances reappraisal of the social programs of the last decade, the authors find much that it positive. They respond to the popular arguments that question the results of government intervention and the need to correct social and economic ills.

Perpetuating American Greatness after the Fiscal Cliff

Jump Starting GDP Growth, Tax Fairness And Improved Government Regulation

Author: Stephen J. Feinberg

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475975929

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 202

View: 9586

The federal government has failed to adequately regulate free market capitalism in the United States. Understanding how we got to this point is the first step in figuring out how to fix the economy. It is still possible to help the forgotten middle class, create jobs, and provide mortgage relief to homeowners. In this guidebook to perpetuating American greatness, Stephen J. Feinberg introduces Jump Start America Bonds to encourage cash-rich businesses and individuals to invest in transportation infrastructure construction projects to create jobs. He proposes a US mortgage court to oversee the restructuring of home mortgages on terms that would give relief to homeowners and end the housing crisis. He also explores other key issues, such as the federal deficit, income and estate tax fairness, and ways to better regulate banks and the securities markets. Throughout his study, Feinberg seeks to help America recover by providing a concrete plan to reverse the economic decline and return the country to economic greatness once again.