The Capital of Golden Silla

Author: Sarah Milledge Nelson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317237927

Category: Social Science

Page: 154

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Gyeongju, the capital of the Kingdom of Silla, grew from a loose confederation of villages, called Saro, to become the capital of most of the Korean peninsula. Its relationships with Japan, the Eurasian Steppes, and countries along the Silk Road leading to Europe helped to make the city one of the most prosperous and significant in ancient East Asia. In this seminal new volume, Sarah Milledge Nelson draws on over 30 years’ experience to offer the first complete history of this fascinating city. Gyeongju explores culture, class and rank, industry, international relations, rulers, and socio-cultural issues such as gender, and examines in detail the complex systems of class and rank, Gyeongju’s position as the royal seat of Silla, and the influence and legacy of the ancient city. Excavations in Gyeongju have provided evidence not only of the wealth and power of the monarchy, but also of production and agriculture, and the reach of Gyeongju’s trade routes, making this city a fascinating case study for the region. Augmented with extensive maps and images which illustrate the city’s rich history, this volume is crucial reading for anyone interested in the city, the kingdom of Silla, the history and archaeology of Korea, and early urbanism and state formation in East Asia.

The Road Less Travelled

1,000 amazing places off the tourist trail

Author: DK Travel

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405369698

Category: Travel

Page: 336

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From alternatives to the Carnival in Rio and the beaches of Thailand to substitutes for the most visited national parks and over-rated restaurants; The Road Less Travelled will help you find less crowded, sometimes less expensive and often more spectacular and rewarding places to visit. Presenting 1,000 fascinating alternatives to hundreds of well-known tourist destinations and sights, this compact edition of the bestselling guide brings vibrant cities, enchanting sights, breathtaking natural wonders and unforgettable experiences to life. Written by a team of travel experts and with a foreword by Bill Bryson, The Road Less Travelled is divided by theme to help you find what you're looking for - Ancient and Historical Sights, Festivals and Parties, Great Journeys, Architectural Marvels, Natural Wonders, Beaches, Sports and Activities, Art and Culture, and Cities. And it's packed with informative narrative and stunning photography, plus practical advice on where to stay, where to eat, when to go and useful 'need to Know' facts to ensure that you get the most out of your time away. Escape the everyday and embrace the new with The Road Less Travelled.

World Heritage in Korea

Author: Cultural Heritage Administration (South Korea)

Publisher: 길잡이미디어

ISBN: 8981241775


Page: 80

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World Heritage Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple Tripitaka Depository at Haeinsa Temple The Royal Ancestral Shrine of the Joseon Dynasty Changdeok Palace Hwaseong Fortress Gyreongju Historic Areas Dolmens in Gochang,Hwasun and Ganghwa Ieju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty Historic Villages of Hahoe and Yangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Royal Ancestral Ceremony at Jongmyo The Pansori Epic Chants The Dano Festival of Gangneung Women's Circle Dance MarveIous Feats of the Namsadang Clowns The Rites of Vulture Peak Yeongdeung Rites for the Goddess of Wind The Dance of Cheoyong Slow Lyrical Songs of Poetry The Living Tradition of Falconry Master Carpenter with Superb Expertise Memory of the World Hunmin Jeongeum The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty Anthology of Great Buddhist Priests' Zen Teachings The Diararies of the Royal Secretariat Royal Protocols of the Joseon Dynasty Printing Woodblocks for Tripitaka Koreana and Miscellaneous Buddhist Scriptures Principles and Practices of Eastern Medicine The Records of Daily Reflections(Illsongnok) Human Rights Documentary Heritage 1980 Archives


A History

Author: Nicholas Rockwell

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317218299

Category: History

Page: 178

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Thebes offers a scholarly survey of the history and archaeology of the city, from 1600 BCE – 476 CE. Discussions of major developments in politics, war, society and culture form the basis of a chronological examination of one of Greece’s most powerful and dynamic cities. By taking a broad view, the book’s account speaks to larger trends in the ancient Mediterranean world while also demonstrating how Thebes was unique in its ancient context. It provides an up-to-date examination of all available information: topographic, demographic, numismatic, epigraphic, archaeological and textual discussions provide the most complete, current picture of ancient Thebes and illustrate the value of an interdisciplinary approach.

Handbook of Korea

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Category: Cora (Sur)

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Korean Heritage

Author: N.A

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Category: Cultural property

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Author: Hanʾguk Kukche Kyoryu Chaedan

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Category: International relations and culture

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Korea's Golden Kingdom

Author: Soyoung Lee,Denise Patry Leidy,Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 1588395022

Category: Art, Korean

Page: 219

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"The Silla Kingdom, which flourished in Korea from 57 B.C. to 935 A.D., is known for its intricately crafted ornaments, many in resplendent gold, and for the creation of prominent Buddhist temples. Silla focuses on the striking artistic traditions of the Old and Unified Silla Kingdoms (4th-8th century), and is the first publication in English to explore the artistic and cultural legacy of this ancient realm. Among the topics explored are Korea's position as the eastern culmination of the Silk Road in the first millennium A.D. and the character and evolution of Buddhism, as illuminated by objects from major monuments, temples, and tombs. The book also presents new research about Silla's ancient capital, Gyeongju, which is known for the Gyerim-ro Dagger, as well as the pottery, glass, and beads discovered in tombs located there."--Publisher's description.


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Guide to places of the world

Author: Reader's Digest Association (Great Britain)

Publisher: Readers Digest


Category: Reference

Page: 735

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Includes facts and figures on countries of the world and the peoples who inhabit them, with entries for cities, towns, and resorts, and discusses natural features such as mountains and deserts

Korea Annual

Author: Yŏnhap Tʻongsin (Firm),Shin Ki-sop

Publisher: N.A


Category: Korea

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Facts about Korea

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Eine Geschichte der Welt in 100 Objekten

Author: Neil MacGregor

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406621481

Category: History

Page: 816

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"In diesem Buch machen wir uns auf zu einer Reise zurück in die Vergangenheit und quer über den Globus, um zu erfahren, wie die Menschen in den letzten zwei Millionen Jahren unsere Welt geprägt haben und ihrerseits von ihr geprägt wurden. Diese Geschichte wird ausschließlich erzählt durch Dinge, die Menschen gemacht haben Objekete, die mit großer Sorgfalt hergestellt und dann entweder bewundert und bewahrt oder benutzt, beschädigt und weggeworfen wurden. Ich habe einfach hundert Objekte von verschiedenen Punkten unserer Reise ausgewählt die Bandbreite reicht vom Kochtopf bis zur goldenen Galeone, vom steinzeitlichen Werkzeug bis zur Kreditkarte." Neil MacGregor "Dieses Buch ist so schön, so klug und so richtungweisend, dass es eigentlich in jede Bibliothek gehört." Tim Sommer, art Das Kunstmagazin "MacGregors Geschichte der Welt in 100 Objekten ist eines der wundervollsten Sachbücher der letzten Jahrzehnte." Alexander Cammann, Literaturen "Diese Geschichten sollten nie aufhören." Elisabeth von Thadden, DIE ZEIT "Macht süchtig." Tilman Spreckelsen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung


Tagebuch einer Reise in das Land des Ararat

Author: Moreno Piccolotto,Sarkis Shahinian

Publisher: vdf Hochschulverlag AG

ISBN: 9783728122926

Category: Architecture

Page: 211

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Author: Cornelius Tacitus

Publisher: N.A



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