Author: Anshul Pattoo

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1312069066


Page: N.A

View: 2254

Sunshine on Personal Digital Security: Prepare to be Hacked!

Author: Natalie "Sunny" Wear

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1483525325

Category: Education

Page: 70

View: 4011

This book provides information on hacks and security threats and how they impact every consumer. Explanations are provided on various hacker ploys and the security implications of getting trapped; this book provides recommendations on your course of action including preventative steps as well as what you should do if you are hacked.

The Hacked World Order

How Nations Fight, Trade, Maneuver, and Manipulate in the Digital Age

Author: Adam Segal

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 161039416X

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 7405

In this updated edition of The Hacked World Order, cybersecurity expert Adam Segal offers unmatched insight into the new, opaque global conflict that is transforming geopolitics. For more than three hundred years, the world wrestled with conflicts between nation-states, which wielded military force, financial pressure, and diplomatic persuasion to create "world order." But in 2012, the involvement of the US and Israeli governments in Operation "Olympic Games," a mission aimed at disrupting the Iranian nuclear program through cyberattacks, was revealed; Russia and China conducted massive cyber-espionage operations; and the world split over the governance of the Internet. Cyberspace became a battlefield. Cyber warfare demands that the rules of engagement be completely reworked and all the old niceties of diplomacy be recast. Many of the critical resources of statecraft are now in the hands of the private sector, giant technology companies in particular. In this new world order, Segal reveals, power has been well and truly hacked.

Everybody's Hacked Off

Why We Don't Have the Press we Deserve and What to Do About It

Author: Brian Cathcart,Hugh Grant

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241965551

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 100

View: 2252

A brilliantly written, concise and accessible summary of the Leveson inquiry and a convincing argument for why we need press reform from an expert on the subject, with an introduction by Hugh Grant, a Hacked Off campaigner, recent witness at the Leveson inquiry and presenter of the Channel 4 documentary Taking on the Tabloids. When most of the British press conspired to cover up the phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World, what did that tell us? That it wasn't just the News of the World that had something to hide. And when the Leveson Inquiry lifted the lid on their activities we saw what it was: illegal practices, dishonesty, a disregard for the rights of ordinary people and an arrogant assumption of unaccountability. Now the battle is on to decide whether anything will change and the editors and proprietors, with their vast propaganda power, are determined to ensure nothing will. This book, by a long-time journalist who is a founder of the Hacked Off campaign, paints a damning picture of press corruption and makes a passionate case for journalism that doesn't bully and lie - journalism that is truly answerable to the public while remaining free from government interference. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get this right, and we must not allow powerful media corporations to snatch that chance from us. Brian Cathcart has been a journalist for more than thirty years, working for Reuters, the Independent, the Independent on Sunday (where he was deputy editor) and the New Statesman (assistant editor and media columnist). He is the author of several books, including Were You Still Up for Portillo? and the award-winning The Case of Stephen Lawrence. As a journalist he has campaigned for justice for Barry George, who was wrongly convicted of killing Jill Dando, and for the families of the young soldiers killed at Deepcut army barracks. In 2008-10 he was specialist adviser to the Commons media select committee and he has since written about the hacking crisis and media reform for Index on Censorship, Hacked Off, the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Independent, the Daily Beast, CNN, Inforrm and others. He has been professor of journalism at Kingston University London since 2005.

Hacked, Attacked & Abused

Digital Crime Exposed

Author: Peter Lilley

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749438746

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 290

View: 5930

Did you know that... * In 2001 a gambling Web site was hacked so that in a few hours 140 gamblers won a total of $1.9 million? * The Love Bug virus cost $8.7 billion globally in lost productivity and clean-up costs? * Numerous corporations have suffered severe reputational and financial consequences due to false information about them being e-mailed to thousands of recipients? * Major websites are being rendered inaccessible by denial of service attacks? * In 1986 there was only one recorded computer virus; now there are over 50,000 and that number is still growing? * A Texas professor began to receive death threats because someone had ""stolen"" his e-mail address and sent 20,000 racist messages from it? * Innumerable corporate and national networks have been hacked into, including Microsoft, NASA, and the Korean Atomic Research Institute? * Thousands of innocent individuals have had their identities ""stolen"" online and used fraudulently? Digital crime has grown quickly as business has become more reliant on digital media. ""Hacker attacks"" and Internet viruses proliferate. Yet many businesses remain unaware of just what the risks are. Here is an investigation into all these risk areas accompanied by a non-technical evaluation of the overall problem. Lilley illustrates his account with real life examples of electronic crime and also delivers specific, practical advice on how to identify and prevent it. Risks discussed include: organized digital crime; cyber laundering; fraudulent Internet Web sites; hacking and cracking; viruses; website defacement; unauthorized disclosure of confidential information; the fraudulent aspects of electronic cash; identity theft; information warfare; denialof service attacks where systems are inaccessible to legitimate users; invasion of digital privacy.

Lights, Camera, Cassidy: Hacked

Author: Linda Gerber

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101572027

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 9620

Cassidy Barnett is not your average twelve- (almost thirteen!-) year -old. While most other girls her age are worries about school and clothes and boys, Cass has spent most of her life traveling the world with her travel TV-show-host parents. She gets to visit fabulous places and loves connecting with people via her popular blog. But when the producers of the show decide that they want to feature Cass on camera, all of that starts to change. Now she's got to think about what she says, how she looks, and what the world is saying about her. Because like it or not, it's LIGHTS, CAMERA, CASSIDY! In this third episode, Cassidy is thrilled when the time comes for her and Logan to start filming publicity spots for their parents' TV show in Costa Rica. But there's a damper on her sunshiny outlook when she realizes that Logan is less than thrilled at being in front of the camera. Even worse, she soon discovers that someone has hacked into her blog and is posting some pretty negative things--jeopardizing her whole role on the show. Can Cassidy enlist Logan's help and figure out what's going on--before it's lights out for Lights, Camera, Cassidy?

The Day Time Was Hacked

Author: Carel Mackenbach

Publisher: Carel Mackenbach

ISBN: 1439227853

Category: Fiction

Page: 476

View: 2711

Separated by time and space, a Catholic priest, a Neuroscientist, and his fourteen-year-old son fight a Brahmin double agent and struggle to return the past, present, and future to their proper order.

Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked

From the novel: The Survival Guide For The One Percent

Author: David Murray

Publisher: David Murray


Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 4137

Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked From the novel: The Survival Guide For The One Percent Episode One can be found for free, on the novels website of www.opnovel.com All who have purchased Episode One have gone on to purchase all subsequent episodes. It looks like a good bet that if I provide potential readers an easy path to the series, I will keep you as a reader. This is important for a customer to know about the promotion..!! When you order a download of this episode, the system Google employs will still ask for a method of payment, and it will "TEMPORARILY" charge your card, or PayPal account $1.00. Their system will put the $1.00 back into your account later. My email address is posted on my bio page. If you have any trouble, please let me know. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you go to the novels website, there is an easier method for a free download. There is an improved quality sample for Episode One on the front page of the website for the novel: http://www.opnovel.com Episode One frames the how, and where everything begins to occur. The development of an ultra wealthy One Percent began, because a combined NASA/NOAA program enlightens a limited number of people to a new twist in the laws of physics. Computer programmers, under the employ of the United States government, identify a method to provide their ancestors with information related to the coming industrial revolution. Their goal was to build the wealth of their ancestors, so that, by their own time, their families would have become financial dynasties. Their plan succeeds, save for certain unreasonable assumptions. They ignored that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The era of the One Percent begins, but the descendants of those that had benefited will not inherit wealth. In fact, those that benefited are determined to not be identified as frauds. This novel is about payback, and by both sides of the equation. It's a list, and a method of how the war we're all now witnessing, between most of the ultra wealthy, came to begin. A brief description of Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked A NASA, and NOAA sponsored project goes awry, and inadvertently creates a revised history of the world. The original goal of the experiment was sold as a benign investigation into the history of climate changes. Instead, corrupt intelligence officers overseeing the project had covertly ordered select programmers to supply their ancestors with the knowledge of how to profit financially, during the era of the industrial revolution. The ancestors of these corrupt intelligence officers, as well as those of their programers, became the financial titans of that era. Over subsequent generations, their wealth escalated to a point where they became known as the One Percent. Project managers retained a knowledge of the programmers previous stations in life, and became suspicious their instantaneous wealth might have been created by the project. Project managers, and programmers fought to preserve their preferred histories. Continuous attempts to reshape the past created a sequence of rapidly altered histories. Within only days of repeated revisions to history, little was left of the project's facility, or the programmers computer terminals. The product of their battling was a new unrecognizable history. A new non-industrial society had replaced all previous versions of history. The Medieval period in Europe remained for centuries. The Renaissance, and the Age of Discovery never took place. Instead, it evolved into a force of law governed through Medieval, and Papal Inquisitions. The western Americas became dominated by the peoples that migrated down from the Bering Straight. They continued their migration south, and east, across the Americas. The hypothesis of a Solutrean culture, and their migration west from Europe had been correct. They moved down through the northeast of the Americas. Their range extended further south, and then west, until these two peoples clashed over resources, and territorial domination. Field operatives dropped into the failing experiment, were caught within the new reality, and are seeking a return path. Additional intelligence officers had been sent, with instructions to attempt repair of all modifications to history. Some of the individuals, reluctantly pulled into the new history managed to adapt, and some became leaders within the existing tribal cultures. Preferring their new stations in life, and with little interest in a return, they are determined to maintain their positions. Knowledge of how to recover the original history now exists only within the minds of the programmers. They are among the few left alive known to prefer the original history. The chase of the corrupt intelligence officers, and their programmers, provides the name for the novel. If they chose to remain in the Americas, they face indigenous Asiatic peoples with a hatred of anyone with white skin, or a population of Nordic tribesman accustomed to killing anyone who isn't white; enslaving males, and imprisoning females. If they chose to reside in Europe, they face even greater danger. The officers, and the programmers possess full sets of unblemished teeth, and exhibit increased knowledge. These differences are not subtle, within a society governed by orthodox religion; the rules of the Inquisition, and by Papal Law. Being burned at the stake becomes a genuine possibility. Only a few, within the new history, want the programmers to survive. All who prefer the revised history wish them dead. There is not, anywhere on the face of the Earth, a government interested in the principals of Democracy. They live as low ranking members, within a population controlled by individuals, whose number is even smaller than one percent. Their role in society has been reversed.


Understand Hacking in a Day

Author: Jared A. Snyder

Publisher: Synesi Publishing

ISBN: 0999392646

Category: Computers

Page: 82

View: 8033

These days, it's all too common to hear about large corporations or government agencies falling prey to data breaches as a result of hacking. What is hacking? Why does it cause so much damage? How does it cause so much damage? In this book, I will explain everything you ought to know about hacking, and I'll do it in layman's terms you can understand. By the end of the day, you'll be better equipped to understand hacking and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of its folly because we will also discuss computer security, also referred to as cybersecurity.


High Tech Election Theft in America : 11 Experts Expose the Truth

Author: Abbe Waldman DeLozier,Vickie Karp

Publisher: Truth Enterprises Pub

ISBN: 9780615132556

Category: Political Science

Page: 217

View: 4295

Hacked! High Tech Election Theft in America presents to the American people the work of eleven experts on the issue of electronic vote fraud, stolen elections, and best solutions to the crisis. It explains how electronic voting has stolen our democracy, how elections in American have been privatized by large corporations, why the mainstream media is barely reporting it, and how imperative it is that Americans start TODAY to reclaim their elections.


Author: Tracy Alexander

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.

ISBN: 1848124155

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 9083

It was hard to remember when Dan starting hacking for real, but free cinema tickets were the first illicit results of a hack. By the time Dan is befriended online by the mysterious Angel he is keen for a new challenge, something so complex that it will test his skills to the limit. Things start to unravel when there is news of a missing UAV drone over Germany. Instantly realising he has gone too far, Dan desperately tries to halt the drone's path towards London - but Angel has other plans. And besides, once the US government gets involved, Dan's hands are full just trying to prove his innocence . . .


Book Three, The Murphys Series

Author: Holly Mortimer

Publisher: Butterfly Publishing

ISBN: 1533777225

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 7007

Nixon Things I’m good at: 1) Cracking encrypted code. 2) That’s about it. I’m Special Agent Nixon Rivers. My job was to fly to Ireland, gather intel and then get out. It wasn’t gather intel, fall for a girl, get completely distracted and then have no idea how to get out. I was in deep and the enigmatic and beautiful entrepreneur, Keeva Murphy was going to surely get me fired, or at the bare minimum, placed on the No Fly List for jeopardizing a year-long operation. Keeva I knew the minute I sat down beside him on the plane he would destroy me. I tried to keep my distance, I had a job to do after all, but the mysterious, sexy guy who hired me pushed all of my buttons, and not the good ones. Between him and my crazy Irish family, I was up to my eyeballs in chaos. Nothing good ever came from chaos, did it?


Author: Ray Daniel

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738751812

Category: Fiction

Page: 360

View: 9643

Aloysius Tucker vows vengeance when a hacker terrorizes his ten-year-old cousin online. But the situation goes sideways fast, threatening to take Tucker off-line for good. #TuckerGate Promising his cousin that he’ll get an apology from an Internet bully, Tucker finds himself in a flame war that goes nuclear after a hacker is murdered. Now more hackers, the whole Twitterverse, and a relentless bounty hunter agree on one thing—Tucker is the killer and he must be stopped. With death threats filling his inbox, Tucker battles Anonymous, Chinese spies, and his own self-destructive rage while chasing a murderer the online community has named the HackMaster. Can Tucker clear his name and build a case against the killer before the death threats come true? Praise: "Outstanding . . . [A] bloody but supremely readable outing."—Publishers Weekly (starred review) "This outing, despite some nasty revelations about cyberbullying, is the most upbeat of the [Tucker Mysteries]."—Kirkus Reviews "Lock down your social media accounts, put some tape across your webcam, and close your blinds before you settle in to read this, because Ray Daniel—like his wry, world-weary hacker protagonist, Aloysius Tucker—is damn good at what he does. Hacked is more than just a thrilling story—it's also a timely takedown of internet outrage culture, and a harrowing exploration of the very consequences of online bullying."—Chris Holm, Anthony Award-winning author of The Killing Kind


A Radical Approach to Hacker Culture and Crime

Author: Kevin F. Steinmetz

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1479816299

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 2663

Inside the life of a hacker and cybercrime culture. Public discourse, from pop culture to political rhetoric, portrays hackers as deceptive, digital villains. But what do we actually know about them? In Hacked, Kevin F. Steinmetz explores what it means to be a hacker and the nuances of hacker culture. Through extensive interviews with hackers, observations of hacker communities, and analyses of hacker cultural products, Steinmetz demystifies the figure of the hacker and situates the practice of hacking within the larger political and economic structures of capitalism, crime, and control.This captivating book challenges many of the common narratives of hackers, suggesting that not all forms of hacking are criminal and, contrary to popular opinion, the broader hacker community actually plays a vital role in our information economy. Hacked thus explores how governments, corporations, and other institutions attempt to manage hacker culture through the creation of ideologies and laws that protect powerful economic interests. Not content to simply critique the situation, Steinmetz ends his work by providing actionable policy recommendations that aim to redirect the focus from the individual to corporations, governments, and broader social issues. A compelling study, Hacked helps us understand not just the figure of the hacker, but also digital crime and social control in our high-tech society.



Author: Carmine Guerriero

Publisher: Guerriero Carmine



Page: 5

View: 6630

Secondo capitolo del famoso best seller che lo precede.


The Inside Story of America's Struggle to Secure Cyberspace

Author: Charlie Mitchell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442255226

Category: Computers

Page: 256

View: 5076

The spectacular cyber attack on Sony Pictures and costly hacks of Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and databases containing sensitive data on millions of U.S. federal workers have shocked the nation. Despite a new urgency for the president, Congress, law enforcement, and corporate America to address the growing threat, the hacks keep coming—each one more pernicious than the last—from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, the Middle East, and points unknown. The continuing attacks raise a deeply disturbing question: Is the issue simply beyond the reach of our government, political leaders, business leaders, and technology visionaries to resolve? In Hacked, veteran cybersecurity journalist Charlie Mitchell reveals the innovative, occasionally brilliant, and too-often hapless government and industry responses to growing cybersecurity threats. He examines the internal power struggles in the federal government, the paralysis on Capitol Hill, and the industry's desperate effort to stay ahead of both the bad guys and the government.

The Stingy Minion


Author: H. M. Marson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 147599785X

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

View: 7020

Educated by her imprisoned hacker father, and dumped on her grandparents’ doorstep by her distraught mother, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Carson brings big problems to smalltown Ellisville, Missouri. Rooted in a broken family and conflicted by her own awakening femininity, she fails to recognize that help is all around—a caring community, a musical prodigy named Jereme, and loving grandparents. As if family problems were not enough, Elizabeth’s curious nature finds more trouble. She brings her father’s hacking program, the Stingy Minion, back to life, and soon finds herself staring at a highly classified NSA blog site used by the president of the United States. Trouble escalates to danger when a power hungry investment firm tries to steal the Stingy Minion and threatens her life and the lives of newfound friends. In over her head, Elizabeth continues to hack and discovers a plot to attack Iran’s nuclear development sites. The world is on the verge of nuclear war. With hired thugs on her tail, only time will tell how long she and her friends will remain safe.


Author: M. G. Higgins

Publisher: Turtleback Books

ISBN: 9780606385855


Page: 72

View: 8224

For use in schools and libraries only. Look out! Your computer data is not safe. There are hackers who will steal it. Sell it. Or destroy it. The hackers are getting smarter. They leave little trace as to their identities. And there are dangerous consequences for individuals, corporations, and governments. Engage your most struggling readers in grades 3-8 with Red Rhino Nonfiction! This new series features high-interest topics in every content area. Visually appealing full-color photographs and illustrations, fun facts, and short chapters keep emerging readers focused. Written at a 1.5-1.9 readability level, these books include pre-reading comprehension questions and a 20-word glossary for comprehension support.


The Secret of Secrets

Author: Stephanie Connelley Worlton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780991458943


Page: N.A

View: 7442

NSA data analyst Samantha Perry never imagined life as an introverted computer geek could get dangerous, but when she digs a little too deep into a greedy blackhat's business, trouble comes right to her doorstep. Changing her identity and relocating nearly 2000 miles across the country are only the beginning of her problems. As she risks everything to try to close the case that turned her life upside down, she may end up putting a nail in her own casket. And if she doesn't, Seth, her hot new neighbor, just might. HACKED, The Secret of Secrets, Book 1 is based on the best-selling novella of the same name. It was originally published in the Sweet and Sassy Anthology Hidden Identities Collection and then on its own before being expanded into a novel.