Photographer of Style

Author: Philippe Garner,Claire Wilcox,Robin Muir

Publisher: Skira

ISBN: 9780847844555

Category: Photography

Page: 336

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A lifetime of style / Anna Wintour -- Introduction / Susanna Brown -- I. Paris style: 1930s Paris - fashion, art, elegance and imagination / Philippe Garner. Electric beauty / Susanna Brown -- II. Couture fashion in the 1930s: The aura of glamour : couture fashion / Claire Wilcox. Mainbocher corset / Susanna Brown -- III. Stage and screen: From limelight to starlight : portraits of stage and screen stars / Terence Pepper. Marlene Dietrich / Susanna Brown -- IV. Horst and Britain: An English interlude / Robin Muir. Royal still lifes / Susanna Brown -- V. Fashion in colour: Horst's world in colour / Shawn Waldron -- Vogue covers -- VI. Nature: Patterns from nature / Martin Barnes. Kodak negative album / Susanna Brown -- VII. Travel: Middle-Eastern diaries / Horst P. Horst and Valentine Lawford. Persepolis Bull / Susanna Brown -- VIII. The male nude: Hard bodies : male nudes / Oliver Winchester. The classical torso / Susanna Brown -- IX. Living in style: Conversation pieces : interiors of Horst and Lawford / Glenn Adamson. The house that Horst grew / Susanna Brown -- X. Carmen : an interview / Susanna Brown.

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography, 3-Volume Set

Author: Lynne Warren

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135205434

Category: Photography

Page: 2042

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The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography explores the vast international scope of twentieth-century photography and explains that history with a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary manner. This unique approach covers the aesthetic history of photography as an evolving art and documentary form, while also recognizing it as a developing technology and cultural force. This Encyclopedia presents the important developments, movements, photographers, photographic institutions, and theoretical aspects of the field along with information about equipment, techniques, and practical applications of photography. To bring this history alive for the reader, the set is illustrated in black and white throughout, and each volume contains a color plate section. A useful glossary of terms is also included.

Icons of Style

A Century of Fashion Photography

Author: Paul Martineau

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606065580

Category: Photography

Page: 368

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In 1911 the French publisher Lucien Vogel challenged Edward Steichen to create the first artistic, rather than merely documentary, fashion photographs, a moment that is now considered to be a turning point in the history of fashion photography. As fashion changed over the next century, so did the photography of fashion. Steichen’s modernist approach was forthright and visually arresting. In the 1930s the photographer Martin Munkácsi pioneered a gritty, photojournalistic style. In the 1960s Richard Avedon encouraged his models to express their personalities by smiling and laughing, which had often been discouraged previously. Helmut Newton brought an explosion of sexuality into fashion images and turned the tables on traditional gender stereotypes in the 1970s, and in the 1980s Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts made male sexuality an important part of fashion photography. Today, following the integration of digital technology, teams like Inez & Vinoodh and Mert & Marcus are reshaping our notion of what is acceptable—not just aesthetically but also technically and conceptually—in a fashion photograph. This lavishly illustrated survey of one hundred years of fashion photography updates and reevaluates this history in five chronological chapters by experts in photography and fashion history. It includes more than three hundred photographs by the genre’s most famous practitioners as well as important but lesser-known figures, alongside a selection of costumes, fashion illustrations, magazine covers, and advertisements.

Horst P. Horst

Author: N.A

Publisher: Stern Portfolio

ISBN: 3570192954

Category: Photography

Page: 94

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Sophisticated, chic, decadent, brilliant?these words describe both the life and the art of Horst P. Horst. The premier fashion photographer, Horst delved into the worlds of style and celebrity with equal zeal, and his impact on those worlds will be felt for decades to come. Horst's taste for glamour and elegance, simplicity and perfection are everywhere in evidence in this marvelous array of photos which features renowned fashion spreads, as well as landscapes, flowers, and nudes. But the focus of this volume is the celebrity portrait, a medium in which Horst excelled, as he relished the experience of turning his many friends into subjects, and his subjects into friends. Pablo Picasso, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, Salvador Dal?, Katherine Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Steve McQueen, Mick Jagger, and Andy Warhol are among some of the unforgettable faces made immortal by Horst's unerring eye.

Am Anfang war das Meer


Author: Tomás González

Publisher: N.A



Page: 174

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Halbschlaf im Froschpyjama

Author: Tom Robbins

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644032513

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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An der Börse in Seattle stürzen die Kurse ab. Die Börsenmaklerin Gwendolyn Mati befürchtet, mit ihren nicht ganz sauberen Spekulationen baden zu gehen. Sie strapaziert all ihren Grips, um den Kopf aus der Schlinge zu ziehen, und wird in schicksalhafte Abenteuer verstrickt. «Der ‹Halbschlaf im Froschpyjama› wird Ihnen den Schlaf rauben, mindestens eine Nacht lang.» (NDR)

Fashion's Double

Representations of Fashion in Painting, Photography and Film

Author: Adam Geczy,Vicki Karaminas

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472519280

Category: Design

Page: 192

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Mere clothing is transformed into desirable fashion by the way it is represented in imagery. Fashion's Double examines how meanings are projected onto garments through their representation, whether in painting, photography, cinema or online fashion film, conveying identity and status, eliciting fascination and desire. With in-depth case studies including the work of Nick Knight and Helmut Newton, film examples such as The Hunger Games, music video Girl Panic by Duran Duran, and much more, this book analyses the interrelationship between clothing, identity, embodiment, representation and self-representation. Written for students and scholars alike, Fashion's Double will appeal to anyone studying fashion, cultural studies, art theory and history, photography, sociology, and film.

Story Teller

Author: Tim Walker

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783829606066


Page: 254

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The history of fashion photography

Author: Nancy Hall-Duncan,International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House

Publisher: Alpine Book Company


Category: Photography

Page: 240

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Marilyn Monroe

Author: Norman Mailer,Bert Stern

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836539432


Page: 272

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Female Chic

Thema Selection Die Geschichte eines Modelabels

Author: Gina Bucher

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783905929874


Page: 500

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Beaton Portraits

Author: Terence Pepper,Cecil Beaton,National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain),Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300102895

Category: Art

Page: 240

View: 2006

Presents a catalog to accompany the exhibition of Cecil Beaton's portraits.

Paris Patisserie

Backen wie Gott in Frankreich

Author: Murielle Rousseau,Marie Preaud

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783862449644


Page: 224

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Horst portraits

60 years of style

Author: Horst,Terence Pepper,Robin Muir,National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain),Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Publisher: Harry N Abrams Inc


Category: Photography

Page: 211

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Collects 170 of the twentieth-century photographer's portraits of actors, artists, models, royalties, and socialites, in a volume complemented by extensive notes on both the subjects and sittings and a complete chronology.

Le Corbusier und die Macht der Fotografie

Author: Tim Benton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783422071582


Page: 255

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Der geniale Architekt und Entwerfer Le Corbusier (1887-1965) erkannte die Wichtigkeit klarer graphischer Gestaltungskonzepte und sorgte dafür, dass seine Arbeiten bereits im Planungsstadium ausführlich fotografisch dokumentiert wurden. Anschließend kümmerte er sich dann persönlich um die Publikation zahlreicher Bücher, die unterschiedlichstes Material seines Schaffens einem breiten Publikum optimal aufbereitet zugänglich machen sollten. Denn gerade im Hinblick auf die suggestive Kraft der Fotografie, die er bei seiner Arbeit gekonnt einzusetzen verstand, war Le Corbusier seiner Zeit weit voraus. Der prächtige Band öffnet den Blick für einen bislang weniger bekannten, aber doch so wesentlichen Aspekt seines Schaffens.