Beyond the hot seat

Gestalt approaches to group

Author: Bud Feder,Ruth Ronall

Publisher: N.A


Category: Psychology

Page: 256

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Journey to the Hotseat

Author: Naveen Mann

Publisher: Naveen Mann

ISBN: 1845492846

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 124

View: 5419

Journey To The Hotseat is a personal account of my quest to get to the 'most sought after seat in the country' as it is often referred to by Chris Tarrant, the host of the ever popular TV show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'. A lucky few manage to make it to the hotseat after one phone call, others manage it after several attempts and others, like myself, have to persevere for months and maybe years to even get close to that elusive prize. My purpose in writing this book is simply to share my experience with anybody who might be interested in reading about what it is like to be a contestant on TV quiz shows. It might also interest those who want to pick up a few tips on what is involved in preparing for such a challenge. Going one step further, I hope it will provide some inspiration to anybody aiming to achieve any kind of goal in life - the same principles can be applied to any human endeavour, be it a short-term task or a once in a lifetime undertaking.

Answering 911

Life in the Hot Seat

Author: Caroline Burau

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society

ISBN: 9780873516549

Category: Social Science

Page: 206

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Cool Mom on the Hot Seat

Author: Virginia Traver

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595344976

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 168

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An entertaining account of raising a family today.

Hot Seat

The Startup CEO Guidebook

Author: Dan Shapiro

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 1449360831

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 322

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What avoidable problem destroys more young startups than any other? Why is it a mistake to ask for introductions to investors? When do you play the CEO card? Should you sell out? Author and four-time founder/CEO Dan Shapiro tells the stories of dozens of startups whose companies lived and died by the advice in these pages. From inception to destruction and triumph to despair, this rollercoaster read takes aspiring entrepreneurs from the highs of billion-dollar payouts and market-smashing success to the depths of impostor syndrome and bankruptcy. Hot Seat is divided into the five phases of the startup CEO experience: Founding explains how to formulate your idea, allocate equity, and not argue yourself to death Funding provides the keys to venture capital, angels, and crowdfunding, plus clear advice on which approach to choose Leadership lays out a path to build a strategy and culture for your team that will survive good times and bad Management reveals how to manage your board, argue with your team, and play the CEO card Endgame explains how to finish a company's existence with grace, wealth, and minimal litigation

The Principal's Hot Seat

Observing Real-Life Dilemmas

Author: Nicholas J. Pace, Ed.D, author of The Principal's Hot Seat: Observing Real-World Dilemmas

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1610484746

Category: Education

Page: 178

View: 6945

The Principal's Hot Seat features video footage of aspiring who are challenged to think on their feet and respond to agitated teachers, angry students, and irate parents in a way that reflects their knowledge of the law, school leadership standards and their own styles. In addition to DVD, the book features background information and a complete transcript of the conversation, allowing for careful analysis of the principal's performance.

The Hot Seat

Love, War, and Cable News

Author: Piers Morgan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476750149

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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The host of "Piers Morgan Live" chronicles his career with CNN as impacted by such historical events as the defeat of Osama bin Laden and the tragic school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

Incident Command: Tales from the Hot Seat

Author: Rhona Flin,Kevin Arbuthnot

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 135192818X

Category: Transportation

Page: 306

View: 3059

Incident Command: Tales From the Hot Seat presents a unique examination of the skills of the on-scene or incident commander who is in charge of an emergency or major incident. Experienced commanders from the police and fire services, the armed forces, civil aviation and the prison service give personal accounts of their command experiences, discuss their dilemmas and the pressures they faced, and reveal the demands of leading under extreme conditions. They share intimate details of cases where their command skills were tested, ranging from industrial fires, riots, hostage taking, warfare, peacekeeping, to in-flight emergencies. Each case ends with lessons learnt and tips for the developing commander. Additional chapters present expert accounts of the art of incident command, incident command systems, competencies for command, as well as reviews of the latest psychological research into decision making and team work under pressure. The book is an essential compelling text that captures the essence of incident command by analyzing command experiences across a range of professions.

Earth in the Hot Seat

Bulletins from a Warming World

Author: Marfe Ferguson Delano

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426304347

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 63

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Explains global warming, discussing its current signs, its effect on climate and animals, and identifying efforts being made around the world to try to control it and minimize its impact.

Hot Seat

Theater Criticism for the New York Times, 1980-1993

Author: Frank Rich

Publisher: Random House Incorporated


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1050

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The chief drama critic of The New York Times shares a collection of three hundred of his finest essays on the American theater, accompanied by the author's commentary, reflections on the careers of notable figures, and a retrospective study of his reviews. 15,000 first printing.

The Hot Seat

Billionaire Book Club #5

Author: Nikky Kaye

Publisher: Nikky Kaye

ISBN: 1988673259

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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This cocky celebrity chef has a bun in the oven! Will he get burned? When cocky, carefree Silas Warner founded the Billionaire Book Club in his old restaurant, he didn't think they'd throw the book at him. Now he's back in town after a mysterious absence, and everything is different--especially with his ex-wife Maggie. Maggie has spent half her life looking after Silas, but no more! She's independent and proud of taking care of herself and her business. But she got swept up in a spontaneous, passionate encounter with her ex before he disappeared, she now has someone else to look after--in her belly! What will happen when the disgraced celebrity chef finds out he's got the proverbial bun in the oven? Can he get a second chance with the love of his life? Or will he lose them both when Maggie's pregnancy takes a turn for the worse? This is the final novella in the Billionaire Book Club romance series, but it can be read as a standalone. Hang on to your panties, because Silas Warner is temperamental and raises temperatures!

The Hot Seat

Author: Richard Woolcott

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780732278809

Category: Australia

Page: 336

View: 539

An account of world affairs - from Communist Moscow to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam and beyond - as seen by one of Australia's most successful diplomats.

Sitting in the Hot Seat

Leaders and Teams for Critical Incident Management

Author: Rhona H. Flin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 258

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Crisis management is an area of activity which has been propelled to the forefront of the management agenda as a consequence of a number of recent incidents. Increasingly, the responsibility for taking command in an emergency is being placed on senior managers in charge, not only of well-known high-risk sites such as oil rigs and chemicals plants, but also of places where the public have a right to expect to be safe. The bombings of the World Trade Center in New York and of Manchester city centre, and the Hillsborough disaster each called on the skills and courage of people in a suddenly high-risk and high-profile situation. These are internationally memorable incidents but every day there are non-routine critical incidents which call on the skills, and test the training, of emergency professionals and "ordinary" managers alike. How are they prepared for the task? How are they trained? How are they monitored? Increasingly, the responsibility of individuals who are required to take command in emergencies is no longer simply the domain of the military, police, and fire service commanders. Sitting in The Hot Seat examines the selection, training and assessment of individuals who are required to take the command role in an emergency. It presents latest developments from the emergency services, miltary and industrial experts. The emphasis of the book is on the individual manager or commander and his/her relationship with the team. Case studies, expert commentary and psychological research complete a comprehensive picture of the issues in public, and private organizations, the military, and the industrial sector. The Police, the Fire service, the Ambulance service, the Coastguard service, the Armed Forces, the Merchant Navy, commercial airlines, mining, chemical and petro-chemical industries, offshore oil companies, the nuclear and power industries, football clubs, major entertainment venues, hotels safety professionals and senior managers in all these organizations will find Sitting in The Hot Seat a rich source of knowledge and techniques.

Investigation - eine Modifikation der Hot Seat-Methode zur kreativen Gestaltung von "Death of a Salesman" von Arthur Miller

Author: Anne Seidenstücker

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640217039

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 12

View: 4223

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2006 im Fachbereich Amerikanistik - Sonstiges, Note: 1,0, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 4 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Obwohl dem Lehrer eine breite Palette an interessanten Methoden vorliegt, um den Literaturunterricht abwechslungsreicher für den Schüler und auch für ihn selber zu gestalten, schöpft er oft nicht aus dieser Fülle an Praktiken. Doch nicht nur jüngere Schüler sollten durch einem vielseitigen Unterricht interessiert werden, sondern auch Schüler eines Leistungs- oder Grundkurses. Brainstorming, Formulierung eines Briefe und Rollenspiele sind Methoden, die auch ältere Schüler begeistern und interessierter den Unterricht verfolgen lassen. Um das Drama Death of a Salesman von Arthur Miller abzuschließen, hat man die Möglichkeit die Kreuzverhör-Methode, eine Abwandlung der Hot Seat-Methode, anzuwenden.

Life on the Hot Seat

How I Matched Wits With Chuck, Alex, Dick and Yes...... Regis

Author: Lawrence Caplan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1403313113

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 136

View: 7972

In this funny true story, Caplan tells of his experiences on various game shows, the celebrity hosts he met, and the money he made.

Hot Seat

An Aidy Westlake Mystery

Author: Simon Wood

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781494778866

Category: Fiction

Page: 316

View: 6747

Things are looking good for Aidy Westlake following events from Did Not Finish. He's Pit Lane magazine's Young Driver of the Year, which has earned him a drive in the European Saloon Car Championship. But his good fortune ends at a race car show when he discovers Jason Gates, a mechanic from a rival team, with his throat cut. The murder sets off a disturbing chain reaction - someone is breaking the rules in the ranks of saloon car racing, on and off the track. What They Are Saying About Hot Seat: “Watch Aidy get into one jam after the next.” — Kirkus "You can't stop reading.” — Booklist “Racing scenes enliven the action as Aidy tries to extricate himself from trouble by trapping a killer.” — Publishers Weekly "High octane thrills all the way, with an especially exciting grand finale!” — Book 'Em Mysteries

The Hot Seat: In the Moment Discussions, Games and Activities to Get Your Teenagers Talking

Author: Johnny Scott

Publisher: Group Publishing (Company)

ISBN: 9780764465260

Category: Religion

Page: 51

View: 3627

Don't settle for ordinary discussion as you and your students travel to your next mission trip, summer camp or weekend retreat. Once your teenagers are in their seats, put them on the spot and reap the rewards of fun, unexpected conversations.

Landing in the Executive Chair

How to Excel in the Hot Seat

Author: Linda D. Henman

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 1601636733

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 7913

In today’s fast-paced, unprecedented, and unpredictable economy, many executives simply don’t know what to do. Conventional methods—which many never entirely be understood in the first place—often don’t work during economic upheaval. Executives, especially CEOs, need something better. They need a guide that identifies the roadblocks and points out the landmines. In her more than 30 years of working with hundreds of executives, Dr. Linda Henman has observed the critical elements of success, both for the new leader and the one who aspires to the next level of success. In Landing in the Executive Chair, you’ll learn how to: Avoid the pitfalls and identify a clear plan for personal and organizational success. Leverage the first months in a new executive position—that time of transition that promises opportunity and challenge, but also often brings a period of great vulnerability. Create a competitive advantage, set the right tone, make effective decisions, keep talent inside your doors, and establish credibility—all while navigating unfamiliar and turbulent waters. As organizations expand and grow, the skills that led to success often won’t sustain further development in a more complex, high-stakes environment. Present and future executives need more. They need Landing in the Executive Chair.