How Parties Win

Shaping the Irish Political Arena

Author: Sean D McGraw

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472036122

Category: Political Science

Page: 290

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Studies Irish party politics chiefly from the 1970s onward within a comparative framework.

One Party Dominance

Fianna Fáil and Irish Politics 1926–2016

Author: Sean McGraw,Eoin O'Malley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351389947

Category: Political Science

Page: 198

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Fianna Fáil was for most of the 20th century the democratic world’s most successful political party. It dominated the politics of Ireland from 1932, when it first took power, until 2011 when it became a prominent electoral victim of the Great Recession. This book provides original research that explains how Fianna Fáil became dominant and managed its coalitions of support to maintain that position for eight decades. It gathers prominent political scientists who focus on a variety of factors including its ideological flexibility, control of state resources and the venue for decision making, the party’s leadership, its organisation and communications strategies. In addition the book takes a comparative approach to understanding the position of dominant parties in democratic countries, and uses empirical data to understand the sources of its support and decline. It is a book that will be of interest not only to scholars of Ireland, but also to those who wish to understand the sources of power of dominant political parties and the impact of the Great Recession on democratic politics. This book was originally published as a special issue of Irish Political Studies.

Politics in the Republic of Ireland

Author: John Coakley,Michael Gallagher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317312694

Category: History

Page: 424

View: 1780

Politics in the Republic of Ireland is now available in a fully revised sixth edition. Building on the success of the previous five editions, it continues to provide an authoritative introduction to all aspects of the government and politics in the Republic of Ireland. Written by some of the foremost experts on Irish politics, it explains, analyses and interprets the background to Irish government and contemporary political processes. It devotes chapters to every aspect of contemporary Irish government and politics, including the political parties and elections, the constitution, the Taoiseach and the governmental system, women and politics, the role of parliament, and Ireland’s place within the European Union. Bringing students up to date with the very latest developments, especially with the upheaval in the Irish party system, Coakley and Gallagher combine substance with a highly readable style, providing an accessible textbook that meets the needs of all those who are interested in knowing how politics and government operate in Ireland.

The Cambridge History of Ireland: Volume 4, 1880 to the Present

Author: Thomas Bartlett

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108605826

Category: History

Page: N.A

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This final volume in the Cambridge History of Ireland covers the period from the 1880s to the present. Based on the most recent and innovative scholarship and research, the many contributions from experts in their field offer detailed and fresh perspectives on key areas of Irish social, economic, religious, political, demographic, institutional and cultural history. By situating the Irish story, or stories - as for much of these decades two Irelands are in play - in a variety of contexts, Irish and Anglo-Irish, but also European, Atlantic and, latterly, global. The result is an insightful interpretation on the emergence and development of Ireland during these often turbulent decades. Copiously illustrated, with special features on images of the 'Troubles' and on Irish art and sculpture in the twentieth century, this volume will undoubtedly be hailed as a landmark publication by the most recent generation of historians of Ireland.

New Parties in Old Party Systems

Persistence and Decline in Seventeen Democracies

Author: Nicole Bolleyer

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199646066

Category: Political Science

Page: 250

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New Parties in Old Party Systems addresses a pertinent yet neglected issue in comparative party research: why are some new parties that enter national parliament able to defend a niche on the national level, while other fail to do so? This book examines the conditions for the survival and success of the 140, organizationally new parties that entered their national parliaments in 17 democracies from 1968 to 2011. It covers a wide variety of programmaticprofiles and performance trajectories. The book theorizes the interplay between the way parties are formed and the choices made by their founders and leaders, whose interplay shapes their evolution before andafter entering national parliament. This approach is substantiated empirically by advanced statistical methods assessing the role of party origin for new party performance combined with a wide range of detailed, in-depth case studies capturing how intra-organizational dynamics shape party success and failure.

The Oxford Handbook of Legislative Studies

Author: Shane Martin,Thomas Saalfeld,Kaare W. Strøm

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191019070

Category: Political Science

Page: 800

View: 5314

Legislatures are political bodies essential to democracy and the rule of law. They present social scientists with numerous intriguing puzzles, with far-reaching implications for our understanding of political institutions. Why, and how, have these ancient assemblies, established in pre-democratic times, survived the transition to mass democracies? How have they adapted? How do they structure such processes as budgeting, legislation, and executive oversight? How do their members get selected, and what consequences flow from differences in these rules? What roles do committees and political parties play in contemporary legislatures? What functions do legislatures perform in autocratic, semi-democratic or recently democratized societies? What explains the similarities and differences in legislative rules, powers and recruitment? What are the policy and other consequences of variation in how legislatures are organized and function? The 33 chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Legislative Studies, written by 47 of the most distinguished legislative scholars, provide a comprehensive and up-to-date description and assessment of the state of the art in legislative studies. Key themes explored include theoretical paradigms and methodological approaches to the study of legislatures, representation and legislative careers, internal organization, the role of parties within legislatures and the role of legislatures in policy making and accountability. The Handbook also explores the emergence of parliaments in historical and contemporary contexts, including new democracies and trans-national institutions.

American Sociological Review

Author: N.A

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Category: Sociology

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Includes sections "Book reviews" and "Periodical literature."


Author: Colin Crouch

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518785303

Category: Political Science

Page: 159

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"Postdemokratie": Dieser Begriff des Politikwissenschaftlers Colin Crouch wurde nach dem Erscheinen der Originalausgabe seines Buches zum Kristallisationspunkt der Debatte um Politikverdrossenheit, Sozialabbau und Privatisierung. Crouch hat dabei ein politisches System im Auge, dessen demokratische Institutionen zwar weiterhin formal existieren, das von Bürgern und Politikern aber nicht länger mit Leben gefüllt wird. Der polemische Essay, der in Italien und Großbritannien bereits als Klassiker der Gegenwartsdiagnose gilt, liegt nun endlich auch in deutscher Übersetzung vor.


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political science

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Die Mitglieder der CDU.

Eine empirische Studie zum Verhältnis von Mitglieder- und Organisationsstruktur der CDU 1971 - 1977.

Author: Wolfgang Falke

Publisher: N.A


Category: Party affiliation

Page: 272

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Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political Science

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Die Mitglieder der CDU

Author: Wilhelm P. Bürklin,Viola Neu,Hans-Joachim Veen

Publisher: N.A


Category: Germany

Page: 160

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The Spectator

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



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Das Marketing-Management der politischen Parteien

Author: Edgar Wangen

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3322885224

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 311

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The Statist

A Journal of Practical Finance and Trade ...

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Economic history

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