Humanizing Research

Decolonizing Qualitative Inquiry With Youth and Communities

Author: Django Paris,Maisha T. Winn

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452225397

Category: Science

Page: 277

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What does it mean to conduct research for justice with youth and communities who are marginalized by systems of inequality based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, citizenship status, gender, and other categories of difference? In this collection, editors Django Paris and Maisha Winn have selected essays written by top scholars in education on humanizing approaches to qualitative and ethnographic inquiry with youth and their communities. Vignettes, portraits, narratives, personal and collaborative explorations, photographs, and additional data excerpts bring the findings to life for a better understanding of how to use research for positive social change.

A Responsive Rhetorical Art

Artistic Methods for Contemporary Public Life

Author: Elenore Long

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

ISBN: 0822986442

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 312

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A Responsive Rhetorical Art explores the risk-ridden realm of wise if always also fallible rhetorical action—the productive knowledge building required to compose and to leverage texts, broadly construed, for the purposes of public life marked by shrinking public resources, cultural conflict, and deferred hope. Here, composition and literacy learning hold an important and distinctive cultural promise: the capacity to invent with other people new ways forward in light of their own interests and values and in the face of obstacles that could not have otherwise been predicted. Distributed across publicly situated strangers, including citizen-educators, this work engages a persistent challenge of early rhetorical uptake in public life: that what might become public and shared is often tacit and contested. The book’s approach combines attention to local cases (with a transnational student organization, the Nipmuck Chaubunagungamaug, and the South Sudanese diaspora in Phoenix) with a revisable guide for taking up wise action and methods for uncovering elusive institutional logics.

Doing Youth Participatory Action Research

Transforming Inquiry with Researchers, Educators, and Students

Author: Nicole Mirra,Antero Garcia,Ernest Morrell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317604601

Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 8930

Doing Youth Participatory Action Research offers an unprecedented, in-depth exploration of the pragmatics and possibilities of youth-driven research. Drawing upon multiple years of experience engaging youth in rigorous, critical inquiry about the conditions impacting their lives, the authors examine how YPAR encourages the educational community to re-imagine the capabilities of young people and the purposes of teaching, learning, and research itself. Much more than a "how-to" guide for those interested in creating their own YPAR projects, this book draws upon the voices of students and educators, as well as the multiple historical traditions of critical research, to describe how youth inquiry transforms each step of the traditional research process. From identifying research questions to collecting data and disseminating findings, each chapter details how YPAR revolutionizes traditional conceptions of who produces knowledge, how it is produced, and for what purposes. The book weaves together research, policy, and practice to offer YPAR as a practice with the power to challenge entrenched social and educational inequalities, empower critically aware youth, and revolutionize pedagogy in classrooms and communities. For researchers, educators, community members, and youth who want to connect, question, and transform the world collectively, Doing Youth Participatory Action Research is a rich source of both pragmatic methodological guidance and inspiration.

Urban Youth and Photovoice

Visual Ethnography in Action

Author: Melvin Delgado

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199381348

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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The past decade brought forth a wave of excitement and promise for researchers and practitioners interested in community practice as an approach based on social justice principles and an embrace of community participatory actions. But, effective community practice is predicated on the availability and use of assessment methods that not only capture and report on conditions, but also simultaneously set the stage for social change efforts. This research, therefore, serves the dual purpose of generating knowledge and also being an integral part of social intervention. Research done in this way, however, requires new tools. Photovoice is one such tool - a form of visual ethnography that invites participants to represent their community or point of view through photographs, accompanied by narratives, to be shared with each other and with a broader community. Urban Youth and Photovoice focuses on the use of this method within urban settings and among adolescents and young adults - a group that is almost naturally drawn to the use of photography (especially digital and particularly in today's era of texting, facebook, and instagram) to showcase photovoice as an important qualitative research method for social workers and others in the social sciences, and providing readers with detailed theoretical and practical account of how to plan, implement, and evaluate the results of a photovoice project focused on urban youth.

Qualitative Health Research

Creating a New Discipline

Author: Janice M Morse

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131542164X

Category: Psychology

Page: 176

View: 3777

The leading figure in qualitative health research (QHR), Janice M. Morse, asserts that QHR is its own separate discipline—distinct from both traditional health research and other kinds of qualitative research—and examines the implications of this position for theory, research, and practice. She contends that the health care environments transform many of the traditional norms of qualitative research and shape a new and different kind of research tradition. Similarly, the humanizing ethos of qualitative health research has much to teach traditional researchers and practitioners in health disciplines. She explores how the discipline of QHR can play out in practice, both in the clinic and in the classroom, in North America and around the world. A challenging, thought-provoking call to rethink how to conduct qualitative research in health settings.

Humanizing health care

Author: Jan Howard,Anselm L. Strauss

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Medical

Page: 326

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Manual for Nursing Communication Observation Tool (NCOT)

Designed for Research and Teaching of Humanizing Nursing Communication Theory

Author: Bonnie Weaver Battey, Ph.D. R.N.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453518199

Category: Medical

Page: 100

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The purpose of this tool, the Nursing Communication Observation Tool (NCOT), is to assist you as an observer in collecting and analyzing data about interpersonal communications. It is patterned after the work of Robert Freed Bales of the Center for the Behavioral Sciences at Harvard University and designed for observing any interpersonal communication occurring in nursing practice contexts in which you, as a nurse, interact with your clients, peers, leaders, and colleagues of nursing and other health care professions.

Qualitative Evaluation and Research Methods

Author: Michael Quinn Patton

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 536

View: 703

Once again setting the standard for the field, the Second Edition of Qualitative Evaluation Methods reflects the tremendous explosion of interest in qualitative methods over the past decade. Thoroughly revised and updated, this new edition includes three new chapters on Theoretic Foundations of Qualitative Inquiry, Particularly Appropriate Qualitative Applications and Quality, and Credibility of Qualitative Analysis. Patton has also a completely updated literature review and citations section to reflect the mass of new research in qualitative methods in the last ten years. It will be of interest to anyone involved in evaluation of any kind.

Handbook of Research on Humanizing the Distance Learning Experience

Author: Northcote, Maria,Gosselin, Kevin P.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1522509690

Category: Education

Page: 530

View: 6098

Distance learning is becoming increasingly prevalent in educational settings around the world as it provides more flexibility and access to classes for students and educators alike. While online classrooms are proving to be popular, there is a significant gap in the personalization and humanization of these courses. The Handbook of Research on Humanizing the Distance Learning Experience features empirical research on promoting the personalization of online learning courses through presence, emotionality, and interactivity within digital classrooms. Highlighting best practices and evaluating student perceptions on distance learning, this handbook will appeal to researchers, educators, course designers, professionals, and administrators.

The Responsible Scholar

Ethical Considerations in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Author: Gérald Berthoud,Beat Sitter-Liver

Publisher: Watson Pub International

ISBN: 9780881351651

Category: Social Science

Page: 303

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Social Research

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social sciences

Page: N.A

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Includes section "Book reviews and notes."

Being an Academic

Author: Joёlle Fanghanel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136734732

Category: Education

Page: 152

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The role of academics in universities worldwide has undergone unprecedented change over the past decade. In this book Fanghannel explores concepts of what it means to be an ‘academic’ in the 21st century.

Humanizing Our Global Order

Essays in Honour of Ivan Head

Author: Ivan L. Head,Obiora Chinedu Okafor,Obijiofor Aginam

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802087362

Category: Law

Page: 214

View: 8400

Hunger, disease, poverty, environmental insecurity, illegitimate governance, civil war, and international conflict are only a few of the causes of today's global turmoil and gross human suffering. Written in honour of Ivan Head, foreign affairs advisor to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, past president of Canada's International Development Research Centre, and professor emeritus of International law at the University of British Columbia, this collection of distinguished essays addresses the imperative to enhance human dignity and protect human life by humanizing our global order and improving international relations - goals Professor Head strove for throughout his career. The authors argue that the search for possible solutions to these challenges, which has so far tended to proceed without due recognition of the needs, demands, and solutions that emanate from the geo-political South, must in future be conducted with alternate visions that take these factors into account. Each essay seeks to re-assess and re-imagine a specific topic that relates in some significant way to our current global circumstance in ways that advance the book's thematic. With essays grappling with such issues as Multilateral Environmental Agreements, the Use of Force, the Prevention of Civil War through Minority Protection, Common Heritage of Humankind, and the Civil Dimensions of Strategy, the volume deals with a range of diverse topics that are as crucial as they are topical.

Humanizing Child Developmental Theory

A Holistic Approach

Author: Eugene M. DeRobertis

Publisher: Eugene Mario DeRobertis

ISBN: 0595449247

Category: Psychology

Page: 264

View: 4854

Dr. DeRobertis has made a significant contribution to the field with his integrative self-development theory. It provides a seamless rapprochement of the psychoanalytic and existential-humanistic paradigms. This developmental framework emphasizes the necessity of both relational and depth psychological approaches to the mind in understanding self development, psychological health, and psychopathology. As both a practitioner and a professor, I draw heavily upon this important work in the training of psychotherapists as well as in my clinical work with children, adolescents, and parents. -- Shawn Rubin, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, Core Faculty, Michigan School of Professional Psychology, Managing Editor, Journal of Humanistic PsychologyFrom a fresh, holistic perspective, Eugene M. DeRobertis applies humanistic viewpoints in psychology to the study of child development. Unlike most child development texts that concentrate on the subdivisions of the child's personality, the observations and discussions here focus on the child as a whole. Drawing upon many schools of thought including American humanism, existential-phenomenology, psychoanalysis, neo-analytic theories, object-relations theory, self-psychology, and Gestalt psychology, Dr. DeRobertis opens an important dialogue to all teachers and students of psychology. Packed with illustrations, empirical findings, references, and key terms and concepts, Humanizing Child Developmental Theory delivers an overarching theoretical framework for putting developmental issues into context. A significant and accessible contribution to developmental theorizing, this groundbreaking text gives psychology instructors and their students a relevant and much-needed humanistic approach to child development.

Humanizing the Economy

Co-operatives in the Age of Capital

Author: John Restakis

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 1550924613

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 295

View: 9563

How the largest social movement in history is making the world a better place.