IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10: The Official Guide

Author: Dan Volitich,Gerard Ruppert

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071775927

Category: Computers

Page: 752

View: 4034

The only authorized guide to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.1 Updated for the latest release of the software, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10: The Official Guide explains how to create, implement, and manage an enterprise BI solution. Maximize all of the new and enhanced features, including the powerful modeling, monitoring, and analytics capabilities. Build and deliver reports that foster informed business decisions and better results. Filled with real-world examples and expert advice, this practical resource is ideal for anyone working with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10.1--from administrators to end users. Monitor performance using dashboards and scorecards Assign user roles and privileges Provide a single access point to application-specific data via Cognos Connection Access content from Microsoft Office applications and mobile devices Collect and analyze BI data in an interactive dashboard with Cognos Business Insight Use Cognos Administration tools for system management Implement appropriate security measures Create BI reports with relational and dimensional data using Business Insight Advanced Use Report Studio to build dimensional reports and statistical analyses Identify and deliver mission-critical information using Event Studio Monitor business performance with Metric Studio Create, modify, organize, and publish a model in Framework Manager Ensure report integrity with Lifecycle Manager

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10

The Complete Guide

Author: Sangeeta Gautam

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780132724722

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 947

View: 5728

The only complete, hands-on guide to unleashing the power of business intelligence with IBM Cognos 10 - and earning Cognos certification! • •An easy read for technical and non-technical readers, packed with practical 'howtos' •Fully covers IBM's latest release of Cognos, today's #1 Business Intelligence platform. •Provides a complete solution implementation methodology and convenient templates for project managers. •Sample questions and exercises help readers efficiently prepare for IBM Cognos certification. This easy-to-use, hands-on book brings together all the information and insight IBM Cognos 10 professionals have been searching for. IBM Cognos insider Sangeeta Gautam thoroughly explains all five of Cognos 10's key capabilities: analysis, query, reporting, dashboards, and scorecards. Gautam shows how to use each feature, and walks through successfully planning and implementing an integrated business intelligence solution encompassing all of them. The first and only guide of its kind, Unleashing the Power of IBM Cognos 10 offers expert insights for implementers, administrators, and non-technical end-users. Readers who are pursuing official IBM Cognos certification will also find end of-chapter quizzes and hands-on exercises to systematically check their knowledge and help them prepare for their exams. Coverage includes: • •Understanding IBM Cognos 10 business intelligence. •Exploring IBM Cognos architecture and the IBM Cognos Connection. •Working with IBM Cognos' key 'studio' tools: Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Report Studio, and Event Studio. •Using Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced. •Developing Active Reports. •Using the Framework Manager development toolset. •Securing IBM Cognos environments and their objects. •Maintaining IBM Cognos BI applications. •Using best-practice methodologies to manage IBM Cognos projects from start to finish

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1 Handbook

Author: Dean Browne,Brecht Desmeijter,Rodrigo Frealdo Dumont,Armin Kamal,John Leahy,Scott Masson,Ksenija Rusak,Shinsuke Yamamoto,Martin Keen,IBM Redbooks

Publisher: IBM Redbooks

ISBN: 0738434817

Category: Computers

Page: 572

View: 6215

IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) helps organizations meet strategic objectives and provides real value for the business by delivering the information everyone needs while also reducing the burden on IT. This IBM Redbooks® publication addresses IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1. You can use this book to: - Understand core features of IBM Cognos BI V10.1 - Realize the full potential of IBM Cognos BI - Learn by example with practical scenarios This book uses a fictional business scenario to demonstrate the power of IBM Cognos BI. The book is primarily focused on the roles of Advanced Business User, Professional Report Author, Modeler, Administrator, and IT Architect.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio

Practical Examples

Author: Filip Draskovic,Roger Johnson

Publisher: IBM Press

ISBN: 0132656752

Category: Computers

Page: 278

View: 5488

Take your IBM Cognos reports to a new level: learn from advanced reports taken straight from the classrooms of top IBM Cognos instructors! • •Fully reflects the expert-level design challenges IBM Cognos report developers encounter most often. •A combined tutorial and cookbook that demonstrates real-world solutions and integrates the authors' personal experiences as IBM Cognos instructors. •Shows how to create 'consumer-friendly' reports, match reports to analysis, override data models, and use the newest Cognos 10 features. In this book, two leading IBM Cognos instructors show experienced Cognos users exactly how to take their reporting to the next level. Drawing on the best examples they've created in response to their students' real business challenges, the authors show how to design reports more effectively, prepare complex queries that run more efficiently, overcome common reporting problems, and generate more meaningful information. The authors share personal insights and examples from their unsurpassed experience working with hundreds of users of IBM Cognos reporting tools in multiple business roles and environments. Combining a step-by-step tutorial and 'cookbook' approach, they provide multiple reporting examples that professionals can easily adapt to their own requirements. Coverage includes: • •Creating consumer-friendly reports. •Understanding and utilizing the report hierarchy. •Knowing when and how to override the data model. •Mastering advanced reporting techniques, including new advances in Version 10

IBM Cognos 10 Framework Manager

Author: Terry Curran

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849685770

Category: Computers

Page: 186

View: 2104

Presented in a hands-on style, this guide presents you with real world examples to guide you through every process step by step.This book will be useful for any developer, novice or expert, who uses Framework Manager to build packages, but wants to expand their knowledge even further.

IBM Cognos TM1 The Official Guide

Author: Karsten Oehler,Jochen Gruenes,Christopher Ilacqua

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071765700

Category: Computers

Page: 704

View: 9709

The only official guide to building effective business solutions with TM1 from IBM Cognos IBM Cognos TM1: The Official Guide offers complete coverage of the 64-bit in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) engine. Based on the newest release, TM1 10, this official guide offers an advanced tutorial for TM1 concepts from a technical and a business point of view. The authors, members of the TM1 team, provide typical business examples and technical insights for building practical solutions, based on their own experiences. Emphasis is placed on teaching best practices and expanding skills to learn the more powerful capabilities of TM1. The book covers analytical processing, data entry, simulation, workflow components, and more. IBM Cognos TM1: The Official Guide: The first and only officially endorsed book on IBM Cognos TM1 Written by members of IBM Cognos TM1 team with combined experience of 50 years with the product Provides working solutions for relevant business problems Offers deep insights into the most powerful and undocumented capabilities of TM1 Explains how to build actionable business intelligence

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Author: Dustin Adkison

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849683573

Category: Computers

Page: 318

View: 9249

Written as a practical guide, this book will show you how to manage your reporting environment using IBM Cognos 10 and make the most out of BI tools within your business - taking a hands-on approach to stimulate learning and develop your understanding, If you are an IBM Cognos or Business Intelligence developer or consultant, have a basic knowledge of Cognos 10 BI and a good level of understanding of Cognos 8 then this book is for you

IBM Business Analytics and Cloud Computing

Best Practices for Deploying Cognos Business Intelligence to the IBM Cloud

Author: Anant Jhingran,Stephan Jou,William Lee,Thanh Pham,Biraj Saha

Publisher: Mc PressLlc

ISBN: 9781583473634

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 119

View: 6486

Business intelligence and analytics software enable businesses to analyze performance data in order to make better decisions through the use of cloud computing—an Internet-based model for convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. This book is a practitioner’s guide for successful evaluation and design for implementation of Cognos Business Intelligence cloud solution, for either Cognos 8 BI or Cognos Business Intelligence Version 10. With pragmatic and practical information about the best practices and guidelines, as well as specific software and configuration steps, this guide for solutions and IT architects includes detailed screen shots, code samples, and input instructions.

IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio Cookbook

Author: Abhishek Sanghani

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849680353

Category: Computers

Page: 252

View: 6452

Written in cookbook style, this book offers learning and techniques through recipes. It contains step-by-step instructions for Report Studio 8 users to author effective reports. The book is designed in such a way that you can refer to things chapter by chapter, and read them in no particular order. You will see a new fictional business case in each recipe that will relate to a real-life problem and then you will learn how to crack it in Report Studio. If you are a Business Intelligence or MIS Developer (programmer) working on Cognos Report Studio who wants to author impressive reports by putting to use what this tool has to offer, this book is for you. You could also be a Business Analyst or Power User who authors his own reports and wants to look beyond the conventional features of Report Studio 8. This book assumes that you can do basic authoring, are aware of the Cognos architecture, and are familiar with Studio.

IBM Cognos BI v10.2 Administration Essentials

Author: Khalid Mehmood Awan

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1782171797

Category: Computers

Page: 128

View: 2226

A practical and fast-paced guide, with step-by-step explanations to give you all the information you need to know the power of Cognos BI Administration. If you are a Cognos BI administrator or architect, this is the book for you. You must have basic knowledge of databases and business intelligence. You also need to be familiar with Cognos BI and must have worked in any section of reports studio, modelling or maps, to get the best out of this book.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition

Author: Ahmed Lashin

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849688214

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 364

View: 4247

This Cookbook contains step-by-step instructions for Report Studio 10.1 users to author effective reports. The book is designed in a way that you can refer to it chapter by chapter, look at the list of recipes and read them in no particular order.The Cognos 10.1 Report Studio Cookbook is for you if you are a Business Intelligence Developer who is working on IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio and wants to author impressive reports by putting to use what this tool has to offer. It is also ideal you are a Business Analyst or Power User who authors his own reports and wants to look beyond the conventional features of IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio.This book assumes that you are familiar with the architecture of IBM Cognos 10. You should also have basic knowledge of IBM Cognos Report Studio and can do the basic report authoring tasks.

IBM Cognos Insight

Author: Sanjeev Datta

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849688478

Category: Computers

Page: 142

View: 5148

This book takes a practical tutorial approach to teaching users the features of Cognos Insight. New and existing users of Cognos Insight who are looking to gain more knowledge about the product and Business Analytics in general.

IBM Cognos TM1 Cookbook

Author: Ankit Garg

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849682119

Category: Computers

Page: 490

View: 8366

Annotation IBM Cognos TM1 is one of the most popular multidimensional analysis tools used to build collaborative planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions, as well as analytical and reporting applications. This cube-based technology does fast number crunching at the server end and helps end customers move away from manual and tedious planning, budgeting, and analytics processes.IBM Cognos TM1 Cookbook is a complete manual to building and managing applications with IBM Cognos TM1.Every important aspect of TM1 is covered with the help of practical recipes, which will make you well acquainted with the tool and you will be ready to take on TM1 projects in the real world. Existing TM1 users and developers will also benefit from the practical recipes covered in the book.The book will start with a chapter focusing on fundamentals of MOLAP and dimensional modeling, which forms the foundation on which IBM Cognos TM1 is based. Thereafter chapters will be more TM1-specific, starting with an introduction on dimensions and cubes and how to create and manage them. Further chapters will dig deeper into TM1 objects and rules.Then we will learn the more advanced features of TM1 such as automating common processes using scripts, customizing drill paths, using rules for advanced modeling, converting currencies, modeling for different fiscal requirements, and more.At the end of the book, we will cover how to present data and reports, workflows, and TM1 application security.

Learning Qlik® Sense: The Official Guide

Author: Christopher Ilacqua,Henric Cronström,James Richardson

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1782173366

Category: Computers

Page: 230

View: 8721

Learning Qlik® Sense is for anyone seeking to understand and utilize the revolutionary new approach to business intelligence offered by Qlik Sense. Familiarity with the basics of business intelligence will be helpful when picking up this book, but not essential.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center 1.6 Programming Guide

Author: Hisham Abdel-Hafez,Sriram Balakrishnan,Jamie Caffrey,Eduardo Francellino,Sunil Mishra,Teresa Nascimento,Jayashree Ravichandran,Craig Scott,Nikolay Vlasov,IBM Redbooks

Publisher: IBM Redbooks

ISBN: 0738439339

Category: Computers

Page: 422

View: 8349

IBM® Intelligent Operations Center is an integrated solution. It provides a rich set of capabilities and line of business tools that business users with domain expertise and no technical background can use without customization. IBM Intelligent Operations Center also provides services and extension points that developers can use to extend the IBM Intelligent Operations Center standard functions and develop capabilities specific to the domain and client requirements. IBM Intelligent Operations Center includes an application-based programming model that supports all the interactions with the solution components. The programming model is based on industry standard Representational State Transfer (REST) and Java technologies. IBM Intelligent Operations Center includes a full set of REST and Java application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide a simplified development environment and make the platform easy to extend and customize for a large community of developers. This IBM Redbooks® publication gives a broad understanding of the IBM Intelligent Operations Center programming model and available extension points. Many of the chapters describe working examples and usage scenarios that demonstrate how to extend the IBM Intelligent Operations Center base platform. This book includes sample code that can be downloaded from the IBM Redbooks website. The target audience for this book consists of solution architects, developers, technical consultants, and solution administrators who will learn the following information: The options available to extend the IBM Intelligent Operations Center solution programmatically How to configure customizations tailored to specific customer requirements How to use the available configuration tools to configure the solution without requiring programming Readers of this book will benefit from the IBM Redbooks publication IBM® Intelligent Operations Center 1.5 to 1.6 Migration Guide , SG24-8202.

IBM ILOG Visualization Integration Scenarios

Author: Martin Keen,Hisham Abd El-Hafez,Christophe Jolif,Ricardo Machado Picone,Rob Sidhu,Da Zhu Tang,Emmanuel Tissandier,Byron Braswell,IBM Redbooks

Publisher: IBM Redbooks

ISBN: 0738435236

Category: Computers

Page: 312

View: 8174

IBM® ILOG® Visualization products allow you to create the most advanced graphical user interfaces for line-of-business applications, help users understand their data better, and react to a changing market faster and smarter. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes two IBM Visualization products: IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise and IBM ILOG Elixir® Enterprise. It provides detailed samples and scenarios covering how these products can be integrated with other IBM software such as IBM WebSphere® REST Technology, IBM Cognos®, IBM Mashup Center, IBM WebSphere Business Monitor and Business Space, and IBM WebSphere Dashboard Framework to provide Web 2.0 and Ajax visualization solutions. This book is targeted to application interface developers and programmers who develop highly advanced graphical user interfaces using IBM ILOG Visualization products with IBM Cognos, IBM Mashup Center, IBM WebSphere Business Monitor and Business Space, and IBM WebSphere Dashboard Framework.

Essential Business Process Modeling

Author: Michael Havey

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780596555153

Category: Computers

Page: 354

View: 2073

Ten years ago, groupware bundled with email and calendar applications helped track the flow of work from person to person within an organization. Workflow in today's enterprise means more monitoring and orchestrating massive systems. A new technology called Business Process Management, or BPM, helps software architects and developers design, code, run, administer, and monitor complex network-based business processes BPM replaces those sketchy flowchart diagrams that business analysts draw on whiteboards with a precise model that uses standard graphical and XML representations, and an architecture that allows it converse with other services, systems, and users. Sound complicated? It is. But it's downright frustrating when you have to search the Web for every little piece of information vital to the process. Essential Business Process Modeling gathers all the concepts, design, architecture, and standard specifications of BPM into one concise book, and offers hands-on examples that illustrate BPM's approach to process notation, execution, administration and monitoring. Author Mike Havey demonstrates standard ways to code rigorous processes that are centerpieces of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which defines how networks interact so that one can perform a service for the other. His book also shows how BPM complements enterprise application integration (EAI), a method for moving from older applications to new ones, and Enterprise Service BUS for integrating different web services, messaging, and XML technologies into a single network. BPM, he says, is to this collection of services what a conductor is to musicians in an orchestra: it coordinates their actions in the performance of a larger composition. Essential Business Process Modeling teaches you how to develop examples of process-oriented applications using free tools that can be run on an average PC or laptop. You'll also learn about BPM design patterns and best practices, as well as some underlying theory. The best way to monitor processes within an enterprise is with BPM, and the best way to navigate BPM is with this valuable book.

IBM Watson Content Analytics: Discovering Actionable Insight from Your Content

Author: Wei-Dong (Jackie) Zhu,Bob Foyle,Daniel Gagné,Vijay Gupta,Josemina Magdalen,Amarjeet S Mundi,Tetsuya Nasukawa,Mark Paulis,Jane Singer,Martin Triska,IBM Redbooks

Publisher: IBM Redbooks

ISBN: 0738439428

Category: Computers

Page: 598

View: 1971

IBM® WatsonTM Content Analytics (Content Analytics) Version 3.0 (formerly known as IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search (ICAwES)) helps you to unlock the value of unstructured content to gain new actionable business insight and provides the enterprise search capability all in one product. Content Analytics comes with a set of tools and a robust user interface to empower you to better identify new revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, detect problems early, and improve products, services, and offerings. To help you gain the most benefits from your unstructured content, this IBM Redbooks® publication provides in-depth information about the features and capabilities of Content Analytics, how the content analytics works, and how to perform effective and efficient content analytics on your content to discover actionable business insights. This book covers key concepts in content analytics, such as facets, frequency, deviation, correlation, trend, and sentimental analysis. It describes the content analytics miner, and guides you on performing content analytics using views, dictionary lookup, and customization. The book also covers using IBM Content Analytics Studio for domain-specific content analytics, integrating with IBM Content Classification to get categories and new metadata, and interfacing with IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) to add values in BI reporting and analysis, and customizing the content analytics miner with APIs. In addition, the book describes how to use the enterprise search capability for the discovery and retrieval of documents using various query and visual navigation techniques, and customization of crawling, parsing, indexing, and runtime search to improve search results. The target audience of this book is decision makers, business users, and IT architects and specialists who want to understand and analyze their enterprise content to improve and enhance their business operations. It is also intended as a technical how-to guide for use with the online IBM Knowledge Center for configuring and performing content analytics and enterprise search with Content Analytics.

Query Acceleration for Business Using IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator

Author: Whei-Jen Chen,Nigel Campbell,Martin Fuerderer,Frederick Ho,Holger Kirstein,Keshava Murthy,Ramanathan Sivaguru,IBM Redbooks

Publisher: IBM Redbooks

ISBN: 0738438928

Category: Computers

Page: 252

View: 5484

IBM® Informix® Warehouse Accelerator is a state-of-the-art in-memory database that uses affordable innovations in memory and processor technology and trends in novel ways to boost query performance. It is a disruptive technology that changes how organizations provide analytics to its operational and historical data. Informix Warehouse Accelerator uses columnar, in-memory approach to accelerate even the most complex warehouse and operational queries without application changes or tuning. This IBM Redbooks® publication provides a comprehensive look at the technology and architecture behind the system. It contains information about the tools, data synchronization, and query processing capabilities of Informix Warehouse Accelerator, and provides steps to implement data analysis by using Informix Warehouse Accelerator within an organization. This book is intended for IBM Business Partners and clients who are looking for low-cost solutions to boost data warehouse query performance.