In the Dark Places of Wisdom

Author: Peter Kingsley

Publisher: Duckworth Publishing

ISBN: 9780715631195


Page: 255

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This book brings the key evidence together and presents a new picture of Parmenides, the ancient Greek poet, as priest, initiate and healer.

A Guide to Prayer for All Who Walk with God

Author: Norman Shawchuck,Rueben P. Job

Publisher: Upper Room Books

ISBN: 083581226X

Category: Religion

Page: 448

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This book, the fourth in The Upper Room’s bestselling “Guide to Prayer” series, offers a simple pattern of daily prayer built around weekly themes and organized by the Christian church year. Each week follows this pattern: Affirmation Psalm Psalm Prayer Daily Scripture Readings Silence Daily Reading Reflection (Silent or Written) Prayers Offering of Self to God Blessing The daily readings are drawn from the history of Christian spirituality and feature such writers as Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Henri J. M. Nouwen, Sue Monk Kidd, Douglas Steere, Jan Richardson, Trevor Hudson, Wendy M. Wright, and many others. Beautifully bound in a leather-like cover, A Guide to Prayer for All Who Walk with God makes a perfect gift and a reliable companion for anyone seeking to deepen a steady life of prayer.

The Heart of Plotinus

The Essential Eneads Including Porphyry's On the Cave of the Nymphs

Author: Algis Uždavinys

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 1933316691

Category: Philosophy

Page: 279

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Drawing parallels with other traditions, U davinys emphasizes that Plotinus' philosophy was not a purely mental or rational exercise, but a complete way of life incorporating the spiritual virtues. Plotinus is widely regarded as the founder of the school of Neo-Platonism and this book provides an introduction to his teachings and an informative commentary on the Enneads. Also included is a commentary by Plotinus' leading disciple, Porphyry (c. 233-305 A.D.), on an enigmatic passage from Homer's epic, the Odyssey.

The Knowledge That Leads to Wholeness

Gnostic Myths Behind Jung's Theory of Individuation

Author: Robert Lloyd

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469102080

Category: Religion

Page: 263

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The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness is the first book to specifically illustrate how the major Gnostic myths underlie Jungs theory of individuation. It is a compelling and in-depth examination of a life-changing journey that begins with the author discovering the forgotten secrets of the Gnostics. These secrets are gradually unveiled as the author and his loyal dog, Gold, are initiated, each in their own way, to put the ancient knowledge into practice. Dr. Lloyd explores the esoteric side of Carl Jung and reveals the connections between Jungs pivotal theory of individuation, i.e. the journey to wholeness, and the powerful, visionary myths told by the pioneers of the psyche, the Gnostics. He details what happens to a person who is on the road to wholeness, how the person will change, and how a new divine-human identity will be born into the world as a result of undertaking this transformational odyssey. -KIRKUS DISCOVERIES Review - Did Carl Jungs principles of psychology have Gnostic origins? A Marine Corps Ph.D. explores the complex mystical possibilities. Lloyd splits his expansive hypothesis of the souls journey into three vital steps (preparation, undertaking and re-birth) in discovering Jungs path to wholeness. He credits Jung with saving his life by way of unlocking his imagination (the souls voice) and spiritual mindset. The author familiarizes readers with the Gnostic religious movement, practitioners of an intensely spiritual inner exploration, who believed that humans are not bound to experiences solely of the body and mind. His literary gift to Jung is these comparative ruminations, all exuding a great amount of imagination and provocative thought. Running parallel to the authors spiritually progressive interests is his adventuresome interaction with and imaginal dog named Gold, who discovers two seeds of knowledge. The first rediscovers the spark of divine life, whereby humans are one and the same with God, and the second amplifies Jungs individuation theory that the human ego must relate to the unconscious mind to achieve psychological health. Unerringly throughout his narrative, Lloyd grafts Gnostic myths with Jungian wisdom. He focuses on the psychic creator and king of the material world Demiurge in association with second-century Gnostic visionary Valentinus, whose tragic myth of Sophia tells of a restless female deity who travels outside of herself searching for wholeness rather than looking inward, and her ultimate repentance. Comparatively, Jung also writes of humans who restrict themselves to their five senses rather than tapping into the core strength of their imaginative visions where uncanny experiences might spring forth. As Lloyd (and Gold) survey principles of higher consciousness, the self, the transformative life-cycle process, and the concluding Syrian lyrical myth Song of the Pearl as they are juxtaposed against Jungs theories, the author also cites Gnostic challenges to contemporary religious beliefs as in the re-imagined genesis of Jesus of Nazareth. Most interestingly, Lloyd inserts Jung into his narrative to quiz his arbiters as to whether they have the desire to discover the mystery of their existence. Unfiltered hokum for some, but those who are open to it will find much-needed nourishment and direction for their searching souls. --Nielsen Business Media, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 646-654-7277 fax 646-654-4706 [email protected] Visit

Ioane Petrizi, Kommentar zur "Elementatio theologica" des Proklos

Übersetzung aus dem Altgeorgischen, Anmerkungen, Indices und Einleitung

Author: Ioane Petrici

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9060323785

Category: Philosophy

Page: 418

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Ioane Petritsi, a twelfth-century Georgian philosopher, translated from Greek into Georgian "The Elements of Theology "of the Neoplatonist Proclus (fifth century) and wrote a "Commentary "on the entire text, with a preface and a postface. Petritsi tried to prove the priority of the Proclean One over all other ontological hypostases, its transcendence and its omnipresence, together with the thesis that all things depend on the One, including even matter. In his "Commentary, "Petritsi also referred to other works of Proclus besides "The Elements of Theology, "as well as to many other ancient Greek philosophers. Although Petritsi s "Commentary "is an important milestone in the history of the medieval Christian philosophical interpretations of ancient Platonism, to date, this text written in Old Georgian has remained almost unknown for western scholarship. This is the first time that the complete text of Petritsi s "Commentary " is being published in a western language. The present book provides a German translation of the complete text, with an introduction, notes, indices and bibliography. Der mittelalterliche georgische Philosoph Ioane Petrizi ubersetzte im 12. Jahrhundert die "Stoicheiosis theologike "des Neuplatonikers Proclus (5. Jh.) ins Alt-Georgische und verfasste zu dem gesamten Text der "Stoicheiosis "einen umfangreichen "Kommentar," den er zusatzlich mit einem Prolog und einem Epilog versah. Petrizi versucht in seinem "Kommentar," die ontologische Vorrangigkeit des Proklischen Einen uber alle anderen Hypostasen ebenso zu beweisen wie dessen Transzendenz bei gleichzeitiger Allanwesenheit im Seinskontinuum. Zudem vertritt er die These, dass alle Dinge vom Einen abhangen, sogar die Materie. Dabei berucksichtigt Petrizi neben der "Stoicheiosis "auch andere Werke Proclus ebenso wie zahlreiche weitere Texte antiker griechischer Philosophen. Damit wird Petrizis "Kommentar "zu einer bedeutenden Schrift fur die Erforschung und das Verstandnis der mittelalterlichen christlichen Philosophie und ihrer Aneignung des (spat-)antiken Platonismus. Trotz seiner Bedeutung ist Petrizis Text von der westlichen Forschung bisher kaum zur Kenntnis genommen worden. Die vorliegende Ubersetzung ins Deutsche ist die erste komplette Ubersetzung dieses Textes in eine westliche Sprache uberhaupt. Neben der Ubersetzung bietet diese Ausgabe eine Einleitung, Anmerkungen, Indices und eine Bibliografie."

Hear the Ancient Wisdom

A Meditational Reader for the Whole Year from the Early Church Fathers up to the Pre-Reformation

Author: Charles Ringma

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621895785

Category: Religion

Page: 422

View: 5572

There is a hunger in the modern world for spirituality. One vast resource of spiritual wisdom comes from the pre-Reformation church--from the martyrs of the first centuries of Christianity, through the long tradition of monasticism, to the medieval Christian mystics. These are the deep wells of Christian reflection from persons such as John Chrysostom, Augustine, Benedict, Francis of Assisi, Bonaventure, Bernard of Clairvaux, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, and Julian of Norwich, to mention just a few. The spiritual insights of over seventy men and women of pre-Reformation Christianity are found in these pages. From these figures we can learn more about the practices of prayer and contemplation, a life of following Christ, the relevance of community, the challenge of asceticism, the movement of withdrawal and engagement, the love of God for God's own sake, living the gospel, sacrificing for the kingdom of God, the longing for union with God, the practices of justice, and a life of prophetic witness. For us, so embedded and shaped by the modern world, this ancient wisdom will come as refreshing water and as a breath of fresh air, with the wings of the Spirit and whispers of angels.

Medieval Mysteries

A Guide to History, Lore, Places and Symbolism

Author: Karen Ralls

Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc.

ISBN: 0892541725

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 1058

Journey into twelve of the world's favorite medieval mysteries and cross the threshold into the world of the High Middle Ages. From Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" to Umberto Eco's "Name of the Rose" to Dan Brown's bestselling "The Da Vinci Code," the medieval period continues to intrigue, inspire, entertain and fascinate many today. For the general reader and specialist alike, medieval expert, former Rosslyn Chapel museum exhibition curator and bestselling author Dr. Karen Ralls guides the reader through the key historical facts, legends and lore, affiliated places and major symbolism of each of these 12 popular medieval enigmas, providing a lively introductory portal which includes some of the lesser-known, sidelined or unacknowledged aspects of each of these enduring topics. The story of each subject comes alive as never before, providing a solid introduction for all readers as well as further suggested resources for teachers and researchers. Also included are photographs, a recommended reading section, maps, a list of the key major sites associated with each topic, and a full Bibliography. Topics covered include: King Arthur, Merlin and GlastonburyThe Grail Quest Mary MagdaleneThe real meaning of Black MadonnasThe Knights Templar, the Cathers, and Rosslyn ChapelMedieval Guides and TroubadoursHeresy and Heretics Let this book serve as your personal pilgrimage back to the High Middle Ages - a time of potent symbolism, occult knowledge, and spiritual quests.

The Rise of Ransom City

Author: Felix Gilman

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 1429987294

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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This is the story of Harry Ransom. If you know his name it's most likely as the inventor of the Ransom Process, a stroke of genius that changed the world. Or you may have read about how he lost the battle of Jasper City, or won it, depending on where you stand in matters of politics. Friends called him Hal or Harry, or by one of a half-dozen aliases, of which he had more than any honest man should. He often went by Professor Harry Ransom, and though he never had anything you might call a formal education, he definitely earned it. If you're reading this in the future, Ransom City must be a great and glittering metropolis by now, with a big bronze statue of Harry Ransom in a park somewhere. You might be standing on its sidewalk and not wonder in the least of how it grew to its current glory. Well, here is its story, full of adventure and intrigue. And it all starts with the day that old Harry Ransom crossed paths with Liv Alverhyusen and John Creedmoor, two fugitives running from the Line, amidst a war with no end. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Author: Peter Kingsley

Publisher: The Golden Sufi Center

ISBN: 9781890350093

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 591

View: 1720

Kingsley introduces the extraordinary mystical tradition that lies at the roots of Western culture. "Stunningly original, this book is momentous in its implications."--Huston Smith, author of "The World's Religions."

Sacred Places of Goddess

108 Destinations

Author: Karen Tate

Publisher: CCC Publishing

ISBN: 9781888729177

Category: Religion

Page: 425

View: 5730

Designed to present a diversity of places both sacred and feminine, this coffee table book is filled with photographs from every corner of the world. From the Middle East, to Europe, Africa, and the Americas, the images of feminine divinity presented in this work are as uniform in their beauty as they are diverse in cultural tradition.

Eating in the Light of the Moon

How Women Can Transform Their Relationship with Food Through Myths, Metaphors, and Storytelling

Author: Anita Johnston

Publisher: Gurze Books

ISBN: 9780936077604

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 5850

Teaches women to free themselves from eating disorders by finding the metaphors hidden in their own life stories

The Edinburgh Review

Or Critical Journal

Author: Sydney Smith,Lord Francis Jeffrey Jeffrey,Macvey Napier,Arthur Ralph Douglas Elliot (Hon.),William Empson,Sir George Cornewall Lewis,Henry Reeve,Harold Cox

Publisher: N.A



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