Image of the Indian

Author: Ronald Haycock

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 0889200009

Category: History

Page: 106

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The intention of this paper is to take a look at a representation of what Canadians were reading about their Indians over seventy years of this century. The purpose is to determine what view of the Canadian Indian writers were extending in the popular national magazines, and to suggest attitudes and changes in attitudes during these seven decades. It is hoped that this endeavor will not only suggest the shape and form of concepts of the Indians as they were portrayed for the Canadian reader but that the detailed content description of each essay, as well as the bibliography compiled will be of assistance to later researchers in choosing their material and in encouraging future studies on Canadian Indians.

Who is an Indian?

Race, Place, and the Politics of Indigeneity in the Americas

Author: Maximilian C. Forte

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802095526

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

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Who is an Indian? This is possibly the oldest question facing Indigenous peoples across the Americas, and one with significant implications for decisions relating to resource distribution, conflicts over who gets to live where and for how long, and clashing principles of governance and law. For centuries, the dominant views on this issue have been strongly shaped by ideas of both race and place. But just as important, who is permitted to ask, and answer this question? This collection examines the changing roles of race and place in the politics of defining Indigenous identities in the Americas. Drawing on case studies of Indigenous communities across North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, it is a rare volume to compare Indigenous experience throughout the western hemisphere. The contributors question the vocabulary, legal mechanisms, and applications of science in constructing the identities of Indigenous populations, and consider ideas of nation, land, and tradition in moving indigeneity beyond race.

An Indian to the Indians?

On the Initial Failure and the Posthumous Success of the Missionary Ferdinand Kittel (1832-1903)

Author: Reinhard Wendt

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag

ISBN: 9783447051613

Category: Religion

Page: 354

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Preface in German; abstracts in English and German.

Lives of Indian Images

Author: Richard H. Davis

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691005201

Category: Religion

Page: 331

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For many centuries, Hindus have taken it for granted that the religious images they place in temples and home shrines for purposes of worship are alive. Hindu priests bring them to life through a complex ritual "establishment" that invokes the god or goddess into material support. Priests and devotees then maintain the enlivened image as a divine person through ongoing liturgical activity: they must awaken it in the morning, bathe it, dress it, feed it, entertain it, praise it, and eventually put it to bed at night. In this linked series of case studies of Hindu religious objects, Richard Davis argues that in some sense these believers are correct: through ongoing interactions with humans, religious objects are brought to life. Davis draws largely on reader-response literary theory and anthropological approaches to the study of objects in society in order to trace the biographies of Indian religious images over many centuries. He shows that Hindu priests and worshipers are not the only ones to enliven images. Bringing with them differing religious assumptions, political agendas, and economic motivations, others may animate the very same objects as icons of sovereignty, as polytheistic "idols," as "devils," as potentially lucrative commodities, as objects of sculptural art, or as symbols for a whole range of new meanings never foreseen by the images' makers or original worshipers.

Indian Vision

spiritueller Roman

Author: Wolf E. Matzker

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3734732921

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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Stella reist nach New Mexico, um sich dort um das Erbe ihres Vaters zu kümmern, den sie seit vielen Jahren nicht gesehen hat und dessen Hippie-Gesinnung und alternativen Lebensstil sie ablehnt. Während der Zeit dort muss sie sich mit der Lebenseinstellung ihres Vaters auseinandersetzen, die sie allmählich mehr und mehr versteht. Ein spiritueller Roman über den positiven Spirit einer Generation, die nach einer Alternative zu inhumanem Kapitalismus, permanentem Krieg und exzessivem Konsumismus gesucht und diese auch gelebt hat. Peace, love and Understanding, das waren einmal die zentralen Werte. Außerdem lernt Stella den Geist der indianischen Weltanschauung, der heute irgendwie vergessen scheint, kennen und verstehen. Die Weltformel lautet: In Harmonie mit Mutter Erde. Ein spiritueller Roman über den Geist der Hippie-Zeit und das Wesen des Indianischen.

Indian Summer

Author: Peter thor Straten

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 3869318392


Page: 116

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Indian Cowboy

Die Nacht der Wölfe

Author: Brita Rose Billert

Publisher: TWENTYSIX

ISBN: 374071977X

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

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Er fährt illegale Autorennen, trinkt Brandy und raucht Gras. Ryan Black Hawk ist der King, mit allen Wassern gewaschen und die jungen Frauen liegen ihm zu Füßen. Doch als eines Nachts zwei seiner Freunde tödlich verunglücken, wendet sich das Blatt. Die Liebe Samantha Crying Crows gibt ihm die Kraft, für seine Ranch und die Pferde zu kämpfen. Der neue Weg des Indian Cowboy ist hart, steinig und weit. Lovely Books "Ein Schicksal zwischen zwei Welten. Spannend, realistisch und gleichzeitig berührend." Ameridian Research "Ein dynamischer und spannender Gegenwartsroman mit tiefgreifenden Charakteren."

My Friend the Indian

Author: James McLaughlin

Publisher: N.A


Category: Indians of North America

Page: 416

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Indian Ethics: Classical traditions and contemporary challenges

Author: Purusottama Bilimoria,Joseph Prabhu,Renuka M. Sharma

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754633013

Category: Philosophy

Page: 431

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Indian ethics is one of the great traditions of moral thought in world philosophy whose insights have influenced thinkers in early Greece, Europe, Asia, and the New World. This is the first systematic study of the spectrum of moral reflections from India

The Imam and the Indian

Prose Pieces

Author: Amitav Ghosh

Publisher: Orient Blackswan

ISBN: 9788175300477

Category: Egypt

Page: 361

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Here, For The First Time Is As Complete A Collection As Can Be Made Of The Prose Which Reveals That Relatively Unknown Amitav Ghosh: The Novelist As Thinker, The Man Of Ideas As A Writer Of Luminous, Illuminating Non-Fiction.

Indian Summer

Author: N.A

Publisher: epubli



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The Indian

America's Unfinished Business

Author: William A. Brophy,Sophie D. Aberle

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806114170

Category: History

Page: 256

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This report of the Commission on the Rights, Liberties, and Responsibilities of the American Indian brings the dilemma of the modern Indian sharply into focus. A number of prominent anthropologists, historians, government officials, and other competent researchers discuss the problems of the Indians and what should be done to help these first Americans enjoy the rights, exercise the liberties, and assume the responsibilities of citizenship. Their findings point up the fact that the Indian is, indeed, America’s unfinished business. Significant facts are related concerning Indian values and background, assimilation, and population, the meaning of a reservation, and the role of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Landmarks in Indian law are also considered, including the Indian Reorganization Act and House Concurrent Resolution 108.

Indian Administration (Sixth Edition)

Author: Maheshwari

Publisher: Orient Blackswan

ISBN: 9788125019886


Page: 666

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This edition of Indian Administration is completely revised and updated text. Chapters have been enlarged and rewritten. Fresh chapters have been added on Planning and Audit, making this the most comprehensive treatise on Indian administration today. This is a recommended text for undergraduate students of both political science and public administration.

Indian Political Thought

Author: Urmila Sharma,S.K. Sharma

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 9788171566785

Category: Political science

Page: 416

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The Book Covers University Syllabi In Political Science In The Papers Of Hindu Polity, Indian Political Thought And Modern Indian Political Thought Etc. Divided Into Three Parts The Ancient, The Modern And The Contemporary, This Book Analyses Indian Political Thought From Manu To M.N. Roy. In Order To Keep It Brief And Precise Only Selected Thinkers Have Been Included While Those Of Only Historical Importance Have Been Left Out. The Method Followed Is Construction Through Criticism So That Besides Knowing The Thought Of Eminent Indian Political Thinkers, The Reader May Develop An Insight Into Political Processes, Their Causes And Consequences. While Matter Has Been Drawn From Authentic Sources, It Has Been Narrated In Simple Language. A Balanced Holistic Approach Has Been Maintained In Controversial Matters.The Authors Have Left No Stone Unturned To Make This Book An Ideal Textbook For Students And Reference Book For Teachers.

Indian Economy Since Independence

Author: Uma Kapila

Publisher: Academic Foundation

ISBN: 9788171887088

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 854

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Revised annually, this collection of articles by India's topmost economists and experts presents a comprehensive and critical analysis of the country's economy since its independence in 1947.

Postmodern Indian English Literature

Author: Bijay Kumar Das

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 9788126902583

Category: Anglo-Indian literature

Page: 162

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Postmodernism In Indian English Literature Refers To The Works Of Literature After 1980. If Raja Rao S Kanthapura (1938) Marks Modernism, Salman Rushdie S Midnight S Children (1981) And Nissim Ezekiel S Latter-Day Psalms (1982) Mark Postmodernism In Indian English Literature. In This Book, Dr. Bijay Kumar Das Has Analysed Postmodern Indian English Literature Genre-Wise Poetry, Novel, Short Story, Drama And Autobiography. This Is A Critical History Of Indian English Literature In The Postmodern Period, Meant For Students, Researchers As Well As Teachers Who Seek An Introduction To It.

The American Indian

Past and Present

Author: Roger L. Nichols

Publisher: VNR AG

ISBN: 9780070464995

Category: Indians of North America

Page: 312

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This collection of 26 essays on native Americans covers every region of North America - including Canada - and each important time period. The essays chronicle the ways in which the circumstances of native Americans have changed since 1600, with an emphasis on events, issues, and progress in the 20th century.

Structure and Change in Indian Society

Author: Milton B. Singer,Bernard S. Cohn

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9780202369334

Category: History

Page: 507

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Recent theoretical and methodological innovations in the anthropological analysis of South Asian societies have introduced distinctive modifications in the study of Indian social structure and social change. This book, reporting on twenty empirical studies of Indian society conducted by outstanding scholars, reflects these trends not only with reference to Indian society itself, but also in terms of the relevance of such trends to an understanding of social change more generally. The contributors demonstrate the adaptive changes experienced by the studied groups in particular villages, towns, cities, and regions. The authors view the basic social units of joint family, caste, and village not as structural isolates, but as intimately connected with one another and with other social units through social and cultural networks of various kinds that incorporate the social units into the complex structure of Indian civilization. Within this broadened conception of social structure, these studies trace the changing relations of politics, economics, law, and language to the caste system. Showing that the caste system is dynamic, with upward and downward mobility characterizing it from pre-British times to the present, the studies suggest that the modernizing forces which entered the system since independence--parliamentary democracy, universal suffrage, land reforms, modern education, urbanization, and industrial technology--provided new opportunities and paths to upward mobility, but did not radically alter the system. The chapters in this book show that the study of Indian society reveals novel forms of social structure change. They introduce methods and theories that may well encourage social scientists to extend the study of change in Indian society to the study of change in other areas. Milton Singer (1912-1994) was Paul Klapper Professor of Social Sciences and professor of anthropology at the University of Chicago. He was a fellow of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was also chosen as a distinguished lecturer by the American Anthropological Association and was the recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award of the Association for Asian Studies. Bernard S. Cohn (1918-2003) was Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. He was widely known for his work on India during the British colonial period and wrote many books on the subject of India including India: The Social Anthropology of a Civilization (1971), An Anthropologist among the Historians and Other Essays (1987), and Colonialism and its Forms of Knowledge (1996).