The Journal of the American Medical Association

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Includes proceedings of the Association, papers read at the annual sessions, and list of current medical literature.


The Journal of the American Medical Association

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A Piece of My Mind

Author: JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association)

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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reflections and insights on health, disease, and healing Now in paperback for the first time, A Piece of My Mind brings together revealing personal essays that first appeared in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). These engrossing, moving vignettes--written by physicians, patients, family members, medical students, and others--offer a unique glimpse into the everyday experiences and relationships in the medical world. Baring their souls and opening their hearts, the authors share their most personal moments, stories, and observations. You'll hear from the intern who could not hide her emotions, earning reprimand from her supervisors but appreciation from her patients . . . meet an alcoholic whose indomitable spirit helped her defy all the odds . . . experience the heartbreaking comedy of a Monday morning HIV clinic . . . be inspired by the oncology social worker who found a new love of life during her own struggle with breast cancer . . . and learn from the physician who realized that by witnessing her patients' courage she became a better physician. Compelling, touching, and at times humorous, A Piece of My Mind offers a deeper understanding of physicians, patients, medicine, and the simple human act of helping another person. "These stories, based in science, are transmitted to readers . . . after filtering through a human heart . . . consistently succeeds in bridging science and the humanities." --William H. Foege, MD, Emory University

The Art of JAMA

Covers and Essays from The Journal of the American Medical Association

Author: M. Therese Southgate

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199753830

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The Art of JAMA, Vol. III contains selected covers from the Journal of the American Medical Association, with accompanying essays that explore the background of the artists and the circumstances under which the work was completed, followed by commentary on the work itself. Selected and edited by Dr. M. Therese Southgate, JAMA contributing editor.

Uncharted Lines

Poems from the Journal of the American Medical Association

Author: Charlene Breedlove

Publisher: Springer Science & Business

ISBN: 9780965187947

Category: Poetry

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Uncharted Lines is an anthology of the best 100 poems written by doctors, nurses, and other caregivers. Some of the poetry is tender, some thought-provoking, some surprisingly candid. All of the poems relate to human interactions with health and medicine, whether celebrating the birth of a child, reflecting on the inevitability of death, or expressing helplessness in the face of pain and suffering. As the editor puts it, this book is for "anyone who needs more language than that which appears on medical charts to understand and recover from an encounter with the medical establishment".

Ars Medici

The Journal of the American Medical Association of Vienna. Reviews and Abstracts of All Branches of Foreign Medical Literature ...

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Nostrums and Quackery

Articles on the Nostrum Evil and Quackery Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association

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AMA Manual of Style

A Guide for Authors and Editors

Author: Cheryl Iverson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Category: Medical

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A new edition of the style manual includes a broadened international perspective and up-to-date electronic guidelines, as well as information on research ethics and editorial independence.

Elemente der Sechsten Hauptgruppe

Sauerstoff (Einschl. Ozon und Wasserstoffperoxyd)

Author: Otto Liebknecht

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662287870

Category: Science

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House of God


Author: Samuel Shem

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The changing face of medicine

women doctors and the evolution of health care in America

Author: Ann K. Boulis,Jerry A. Jacobs

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801463501

Category: Medical

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The number of women practicing medicine in the United States has grown steadily since the late 1960s, with women now roughly at parity with men among entering medical students. Why did so many women enter American medicine? How are women faring, professionally and personally, once they become physicians? Are women transforming the way medicine is practiced? To answer these questions, The Changing Face of Medicine draws on a wide array of sources, including interviews with women physicians and surveys of medical students and practitioners. The analysis is set in the twin contexts of a rapidly evolving medical system and profound shifts in gender roles in American society. Throughout the book, Ann K. Boulis and Jerry A. Jacobs critically examine common assumptions about women in medicine. For example, they find that women's entry into medicine has less to do with the decline in status of the profession and more to do with changes in women's roles in contemporary society. Women physicians' families are becoming more and more like those of other working women. Still, disparities in terms of specialty, practice ownership, academic rank, and leadership roles endure, and barriers to opportunity persist. Along the way, Boulis and Jacobs address a host of issues, among them dual-physician marriages, specialty choice, time spent with patients, altruism versus materialism, and how physicians combine work and family. Women's presence in American medicine will continue to grow beyond the 50 percent mark, but the authors question whether this change by itself will make American medicine more caring and more patient centered. The future direction of the profession will depend on whether women doctors will lead the effort to chart a new course for health care delivery in the United States.

Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law, 2nd Edition [3 volumes]

An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law

Author: Gregg Lee Carter

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313386714

Category: History

Page: 1096

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Thoroughly updated and greatly expanded from its original edition, this three-volume set is the go-to comprehensive resource on the legal, social, psychological, political, and public health aspects of guns in American life. • 450 alphabetically organized entries, including 100 new for this edition, covering key issues (suicide, video games and gun violence, firearm injury statistics) and events (workplace shootings, the Virginia Tech massacre) • 102 expert contributors from all academic fields involved in studying the causes and effects of gun violence • A chronology of pivotal moments and controversies in the history of firearm ownership and use in the United States • An exhaustive bibliography of print and online resources covering all aspects of the study of guns in the United States • Appendices on federal gun laws, state gun laws, and pro- and anti-gun-control organizations

Risk and Society: The Interaction of Science, Technology and Public Policy

Author: M Waterstone

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401136343

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Life in the last quarter of the twentieth century presents a baffling array of complex issues. The benefits of technology are arrayed against the risks and hazards of those same technological marvels (frequently, though not always, arising as side effects or by-products). This confrontation poses very difficult choices for individuals as well as for those charged with making public policy. Some of the most challenging of these issues result because of the ability of technological innovation and deployment to outpace the capacity of institutions to assess and evaluate implications. In many areas, the rate of technological advance has now far outstripped the capabilities of institutional monitoring and control. While there are many instances in which technological advance occurs without adverse consequences (and in fact, yields tremendous benefits), frequently the advent of a major innovation brings a wide array of unforeseen and (to some) undesirable effects. This problem is exacerbated as the interval between the initial development of a technology and its deployment is shortened, since the opportunity for cautious appraisal is decreased.