Law and the Health System

Author: Lawrence O. Gostin,Peter D. Jacobson,David M. Studdert,David A. Hyman

Publisher: Foundation Press

ISBN: 9781599417301

Category: Law

Page: 1038

View: 416

"This casebook continues the tradition of the third edition of Law, Science and Medicine"--Page v.

Law and the American Health Care System

Author: Sara Rosenbaum

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781609300883

Category: Law

Page: 1413

View: 4772

This book examines the complex and dynamic relationship between law and the American health care system. It covers health care access and non-discrimination, the regulation of health insurance and the impact of national health reform, the interaction between law and the challenge of health care quality, and the role of law in regulating the health care marketplace. The book strives to link its extensive legal discussion to the broader policy and social context that ultimately shapes health care in America. With extensive discussion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act throughout, the book has been designed to serve both law schools and health and public policy programs. The authors also create regular update materials for adopters.

Health Care Management and the Law

Author: Donna K. Hammaker,Thomas M. Knadig

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 1284117340

Category: Law

Page: 830

View: 9206

Health Care Management and the Law-2nd Edition is a comprehensive practical health law text relevant to students seeking the basic management skills required to work in health care organizations, as well as students currently working in health care organizations. This text is also relevant to those general health care consumers who are simply attempting to navigate the complex American health care system. Every attempt is made within the text to support health law and management theory with practical applications to current issues.

Law and the American Health Care System

Author: Rand E. Rosenblatt,Sylvia A. Law,Sara Rosenbaum

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781566624817

Category: Law

Page: 1346

View: 8779

This law school casebook provides a comprehensive collection of material for investigation of law and the American health care system. Chapters are devoted to topics ranging from regulation of health care companies and providers to fundamental constitutional and bioethical questions regarding the relationship among patients, governments, and health professionals.

The Health Care Revolution

From Medical Monopoly to Market Competition

Author: Carl F. Ameringer

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520254805

Category: Law

Page: 253

View: 3447

Along the way, he explores questions about the acquisition, control, and loss of political and economic power in a book that provides an essential perspective on the politics and law behind health policy in the United States."--BOOK JACKET.

Law and the Mental Health System

Civil and Criminal Aspects

Author: Ralph Reisner,Christopher Slobogin,Arti Rai

Publisher: West Group

ISBN: 9780314145161

Category: Law

Page: 1320

View: 1164

Noted authorities, professors Ralph Reisner and Christopher Slobogin, interpret the legal doctrine relating to the regulation of mental health professions. Their analysis is augmented by coverage of relevant empirical and clinical literature. The relationship between society and the mentally disabled is also explored.

The Psychology and Sociology of Wrongful Convictions

Forensic Science Reform

Author: Wendy J Koen,C. Michael Bowers

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128027029

Category: Law

Page: 402

View: 7354

Wrongful convictions are the result of faulty or false scientific evidence in 50% of the cases. Defense counsel is often at a great disadvantage in defending against evidence based on science. Illusory Evidence: The Psychology and Sociology of Wrongful Convictions is written for the non-scientist, to make complicated scientific information clear and concise enough for attorneys and judges to master. This is obtained by providing case studies to simplify issues in forensic psychology for the legal professional. Increases the courts’ knowledge about areas of psychology that have been debunked, have advanced, or have been refined by the scientific community Covers issues in psychological forensics, namely: Profiling, Psychological Defenses, Mitigation, Eyewitness Testimony/Identification, Child Testimony, Repressed Memories, False Confessions and Moral Panic Trains prosecuting attorneys about the present state of the forensic psychology, to avoid relying only on legal precedent and will not present flawed science to the court Provides defense attorneys the knowledge necessary to competently defend where forensic psychology plays a part in a prosecution Arms innocence projects and appellate attorneys with the latest information to challenge convictions Uses case studies to simplify issues in forensic psychology for the legal professional

The Law of Attraction

Das kosmische Gesetz hinter THE SECRET

Author: Esther Hicks,Jerry Hicks

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3793492028

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 272

View: 8644

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - das Gesetz der Anziehung - steht im Mittelpunkt des Bestsellers THE SECRET und zahlreichen an diesen sensationellen Erfolg angelehnten Büchern. Jetzt gibt es endlich die Original-Lehre von Abraham zu diesem fundamentalen kosmischen Gesetz, vermittelt durch Esther und Jerry Hicks, auch in deutscher Übersetzung. Esther Hicks stellte diese Lehren in der Erstfassung der SECRET-DVD vor. Nach über 1,5 Millionen verkauften DVDs in den USA wurde der Film überarbeitet und Esther Hicks daraus entfernt. Das Geheimnis ist gar kein Geheimnis, sagt Abraham. Das Gesetz der Anziehung ist eine einfache und für jeden nachvollziehbare Wahrheit: Was wir aussenden, bekommen wir auch zurück. Unglück zieht Unglück an, Glück zieht Glück an. Wie diese einfache Erkenntnis das Leben verändern kann, zeigt THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Entdecken Sie auch das Hörbuch zu diesem Titel!

Entextualizing Domestic Violence

Language Ideology and Violence Against Women in the Anglo-American Hearsay Principle

Author: Jennifer Andrus

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190266414

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 232

View: 8416

Language ideology is a concept developed in linguistic anthropology to explain the ways in which ideas about the definition and functions of language can become linked with social discourses and identities. In Entextualizing Domestic Violence, Jennifer Andrus demonstrates how language ideologies that are circulated in the Anglo-American law of evidence draw on and create indexical links to social discourses, affecting speakers whose utterances are used as evidence in legal situations. Andrus addresses more specifically the tendency of such a language ideology to create the potential to speak for, appropriate, and ignore the speech of women who have been victims of domestic violence. In addition to identifying specific linguistic strategies employed in legal situations, she analyzes assumptions about language circulated and animated in the legal text and talk used to evaluate spoken evidence, and describes the consequences of the language ideology when it is co-articulated with discourses about gender and domestic violence. The book focuses on the pair of rules concerning hearsay and its exceptions in the Anglo-American law of evidence. Andrus considers legal discourses, including statutes, precedents, their application in trials, and the relationship between such legal discourses and social discourses about domestic violence. Using discourse analysis, she demonstrates the ways legal metadiscourses about hearsay are articulated with social discourses about domestic violence, and the impact of this powerful co-articulation on the individual whose speech is legally appropriated. Andrus approaches legal rules and language ideology both diachronically and synchronically in this book, which will be an important addition to ongoing research and discussion on the role legal appropriation of speech may have in perpetuating the voicelessness of victims in the legal treatment of domestic violence.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics

Author: Warren T. Reich

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780029259207

Category: Bioethics

Page: 1933

View: 6056

Safety in Museums and Galleries

Author: F. Howie

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 1483182797

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 196

View: 4859

Safety in Museums and Galleries is Special Supplement to The International Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship and it was originally conceived as the ""Proceedings of the Safety in Museums Meeting."" Its content is based on the meeting organized in 1985 by the Museums Association (United Kingdom), the International Institute for Conservation (IIC), and the British Museum (Natural History) to review the state of play regarding both approaches to occupational safety in museums. This book is organized into four main sections. The first section provides an overview of the legal and administrative background and discusses the developments in safety legislation in the United Kingdom in the 1970s and 1980s. The second section discusses the particular experiences met by conservators in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. The third section deals with the basic elements of hazard recognition and control. The final section covers access to health and safety information and approaches to safety training by professional organizations. This book will be of interest to museum curators and others interested in museum safety.

Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series

1965: January-June

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress


Category: Copyright

Page: 1394

View: 2981

Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)

The Law of Health Care Organization and Finance

Author: N.A

Publisher: West Academic


Category: Law

Page: 769

View: 8355

A spin-off publication of Health Law: Cases, Materials & Problems, 5th Edition, the text begins with an introduction to fundamental concepts affecting law and policy. The next chapter considers quality control in the health care setting. The following four chapters examine issues central to structuring integrated systems and the organization of health care institutions. It also covers the problem of health care access and cost control issues, with particular attention paid to the ongoing policy debate about the proper role of government and the nation's responsibilities to provide health care for indigent citizens. Examines legal oversight of private health financing, and looks at Medicare and Medicaid.

Law Books in Print

Books in English Published Throughout the World and in Print Through 1986. Subjects J-Z.. 5

Author: Nicholas Triffin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780878020300

Category: Law

Page: 521

View: 2600

Books in Series

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780835221092

Category: Monographic series

Page: 1756

View: 6596

Law, medicine, and medical technology

cases and materials

Author: Lars Noah,Barbara A. Noah

Publisher: Foundation Pr


Category: Law

Page: 1153

View: 9346

This law school casebook focuses on the regulation of medical technology. Encompasses not just legislative and administrative agency controls on the creation and use of such technology, but also less direct controls mediated through the systems of tort law, insurance, and intellectual property regimes, among others. This work is organized thematically rather than sequentially in reference to a product's life-cycle, and consider the many ways in which society attempts to manage the production and application of medical technologies, tracing the research and development process from laboratory to use in the treatment of patients.

Objective Legal Writing and Analysis

Author: Michael D. Murray,Christy Hallam DeSanctis

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781587789762

Category: Law

Page: 252

View: 3483

"The Murray and DeSanctis titles are designed for the current generation of law students whose familiarity and comfort with on-line and computer-based learning create a demand for teaching resources that take advantage of that familiarity and comfort level. Legal Research and Writing Across the Curriculum: Problems and Exercises applies writing across the curriculum and writing in the discipline principles to the study of law. It provides research and writing problems, drafting problems, and writing in the law discipline problems that will enable law students to develop the skills necessary to practice law. This book will give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in projects to create the type of writing that is produced in law practice. The problems and exercises are an entry into the legal discourse community. They will be focused on measuring a student's ability to produce accurate documents that serve the purposes of the problems presented within the context of a specific area of law. Part I of the book presents writing across the curriculum and writing in the law discipline problems in each of the first year law school subject areas: contracts, torts, civil procedure, criminal law, property, and constitutional law. Parts II, III, and IV provide research exercises and writing problems for each topic of a first year legal research and writing course, and track the content of the other three books in Murray and DeSanctis's interactive legal research and writing series. Part V of the book takes the writing across the curriculum and writing in the law discipline experience to upper-division law school subjects of remedies, copyright, right of publicity, and advanced constitutional law - first amendment. Whether researched and written by themselves or in small groups, the problems in this book will simulate the practice of law and introduce students to the legal discourse of a new discipline. They will afford students a realistic chance to master the concepts and skills necessary for law practice. Paired with the book is an electronic, computer-based version of the text that adds links to on-line databases and internet-based resources and supplements the text with pop-up definitions from Black's Law Dictionary. The electronic version of the text is searchable and highly portable, with internal and external navigation links, making them more valuable for use in class and out. The interactive text employs a layout that departs from the traditional, all-text casebook format through use of callout text boxes, diagrams, and color/border segregated feature sections for hypotheticals, references to scholarly debates, or other useful information for law students."--Publisher's website.