Spirou et Fantasio - Tome 14 - LE PRISONNIER DU BOUDDHA

Author: Franquin

Publisher: Dupuis

ISBN: 2800188022

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 64

View: 8262

L'inventeur d'une machine capable de modifier le climat est enlevé. Spirou et Fantasio partent à sa recherche.

Adventure Down Under

Author: Tome,Janry

Publisher: 9th Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849180115

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 46

View: 1257

When their friend the Count of Champignac requests Spiro and Fantasio to join him in Australia, they find Champignac murdered by greedy prospectors.


chronologie d'une oeuvre

Author: Franquin,José-Louis Bocquet,Éric Verhoest

Publisher: N.A


Category: Comic books, strips, etc

Page: 192

View: 6875

Il y a du génie dans l'art d'André Franquin mais celui-ci ne l'aurait jamais admis. Il aura pourtant créé deux des personnages les plus emblématiques de la bande dessinée européenne, le Marsupilami et Gaston Lagaffe. Il aura été l'un des auteurs mythiques de Spirou et Fantasio, celui de Modeste et Pompon et des Idées noires. Parce que c'est l'ensemble de ses livres qui témoignent de cette œuvre unique, le présent ouvrage propose de retracer souvent en sa compagnie, le parcours créatif de Franquin. Ainsi, chacun des albums qui le jalonne apparaît comme la pièce d'un même puzzle, la fresque d'une vie d'artiste.

Sophie - l'intégrale -

Author: Jidéhem,Vicq

Publisher: Dupuis

ISBN: 2800180145

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 224

View: 9592

Ce troisième volume des aventures de Sophie présente les histoires parues entre 1969 et 1972. Jusque-là, Sophie était la seule et unique héroïne du Journal de Spirou. Seulement, les mentalités évoluent et de nouvelles figures féminines s'installent dans les pages du journal. Natacha, la première d'entre elles, devient rapidement une icône. Cependant, loin de chercher querelle à ces nouvelles venues et de rivaliser sur leurs terrains, Sophie conserve sa fraîcheur et sa spontanéité naturelle dans des récits pleins de fantaisie. Sont réunis ici les albums "Sophie et le rayon Ka", "Sophie et le cube qui parle", "Les bonheurs de Sophie" 2ème série, ainsi qu'une fable de Sophie écrite par Yvan Delporte et une histoire des Chroniques de Starter : "L'oeuf de Karamazout".

Quatre aventures de Spirou et Fantasio

Author: N.A

Publisher: Editions Dupuis

ISBN: 9782800100036

Category: Bandes dessinées

Page: 69

View: 8104

Spændende og humoristisk tegneserie om vennerne Spirou og Fantasio's mange oplevelser sammen med bl.a. fantasidyret marsipulamien

Spirou & Fantasio -

The Clockmaker and the Comet

Author: Tome

Publisher: Cinebook

ISBN: 1849188513

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: N.A

View: 6525

Spirou and Fantasio are spending a few days at Champignac Castle, keeping an eye on the estate while the Count is away visiting family. One night, as they are preparing to watch a comet pass in the sky, Fantasio’s clumsiness causes them to lose consciousness. They awaken to the very noisy arrival of de Champignac aboard one of his strange machines – except that the old man claims to be not the Count himself, but one of his descendants ... back from the future!

Asterix Conquers America

The Book of the Film

Author: Goscinny,Uderzo

Publisher: Distribooks Incorporated

ISBN: 9780340653470

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

View: 8814

Gomer Goof

Book 2, It's a Van Goof

Author: Franquin

Publisher: 9th Cinebook

ISBN: 9781849183659

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 48

View: 2052

Gomer Goof is a master loafer. He's also a genius, if absent-minded, inventor. His laziness, his gadgets and his sheer bad luck create havoc at Spirou Magazine and drive his colleagues crazy - but he's such a likeable guy!

Gone with the Goof!

Author: Franquin

Publisher: Gomer Goof

ISBN: 9781849184090


Page: 48

View: 7529

Among all the things that make Gomer such a lovable rascal, there are two that are instantly recognisable: his car, and his goofophone. His old lemon, favourite target of the constabulary and every pedestrian's nightmare, is responsible for half the pollution in town '- as well as many of the more... exotic accidents. The rest of the latter are mostly the result of the terrible 'musical' instrument put together by Gomer stiff competition for the Trumpets of Jericho!

Vient de paraître

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Québec (Province)

Page: N.A

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Spirou and Fantasio Vol. 15

Shadow of the Z

Author: greg Franquin

Publisher: Cinebook Limited

ISBN: 9781849184199


Page: 64

View: 8449

The legendary adventures of reporters Spirou and Fantasio, their squirrel Spip, and Franquin's Marsupilami. The 15th title of a series as fundamental as Tintin - 75 years of the finest comic tradition!

The Marsupilami Vol. 3

Black Mars

Author: Batem Franquin

Publisher: Cinebook Limited

ISBN: 9781849184182


Page: 48

View: 4439

Readers of Spirou already know the Marsupilami - that lovable creature with the nature-defying tail. Here, in his own series, we follow the Marsupilami's life in his natural habitat. And his adventures are as funny as ever!

Corto Maltese: the Ethiopian

Author: Hugo Pratt

Publisher: IDW Publishing

ISBN: 9781631406966


Page: 96

View: 2307

Nominated for both the Eisner and Harvey Awards for Best Foreign Language Publication! When Corto Maltese arrives in the Middle East and Africa in 1918 the shifting sands and loyalties reveal colonial powers still battling for domination over each other and the indigenous people. The desert of Yemen, controlled by the fading Ottoman Empire, is the setting for "In the Name of Allah, the Merciful and Compassionate," where Corto meets Cush, the Danikil warrior with whom he establishes a close yet conflicted relationship. In "The Coup de Grace" the stubborn racism of an English commander of a small fort in British Somaliland leads to conflict with Cush and the Dervish army of Sayyid Mohamed, whom the British call "The Mad Mullah." The action moves to Ethiopia amidst inter-tribal conflict in "...and of Other Romeos and Other Juliets," as Cush introduces Corto to the mysterious and powerful shaman Shamael, who hears the voices of the dead and of devils. German East Africa is the background of "The Leopard-Men of the Rufiji," where Corto is engulfed in a dreamlike atmosphere that reveals how African justice operates outside the constraints of "white" law.