Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions and Run Your Business From Anywhere in The World

Author: Jesse Krieger

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 161448628X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 194

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Make Money Doing What You Love, Even in Tough Times Lifestyle Entrepreneur is the result of having lived a non-traditional life. In my twenties, I launched five businesses and sold the last two. I have been in a rock band touring America, and I’ve been flown around the world as a professional dating coach. I have traveled to and lived in over twenty-five countries, learning the local languages while there. I feel very blessed to have friends all over the world, a family that loves me at home, and generally able to live the life that I’ve always dreamed of. But this book isn’t about me. It’s about you! If you take only 10 percent of the information and ideas in this book and put them into practice, it will change your life. I promise. Lifestyle Entrepreneur contains the essence of everything I’ve learned over the last ten years of starting businesses, traveling the world, and exploring the things I’m passionate about. Now I would like to share a blueprint for how you can do all of these things and more. Are you ready?

How to Succeed as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Running a Business Without Letting it Run Your Life

Author: Gary L. Schine

Publisher: Dearborn Trade Publishing

ISBN: 9780793164189

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 275

View: 1283

The unspoken entrepreneurial assumption is that every would-be business owner's goal is to build a Microsoft or Wal-Mart. Not so! A growing percentage of entrepreneurs are creating their own ventures with visions of freedom, independence and control over their lives as the primary motivations.

Martha Stewart

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Author: Sherry Beck Paprocki

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1604130830

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 135

View: 7926

Profiles the life and accomplishments of one of the world's most successful and influential businesswomen and arbiters of home fashion and dining.


Values and Responsibility

Author: Wojciech W. Gasparski,Csv Leo Ryan,Stefan M. Kwiatkowski

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412814820

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 317

View: 7625

Entrepreneurship is the capability to be an entrepreneur. Beyond that idea is an ideology that a person's business actions result in industrial growth or technical advances, making that person a leader in the economic world. The contributors to this latest volume in the Praxiology Series, now available in paperback, are united in claiming that resourcefulness is a characteristic of people who take effective action, and that effectiveness is dependent on good, ethical purposes. The wide-angle definition of entrepreneurship presented in this volume demands that people and organizations engage in more than simple self-interest, but also display awareness of the prospects for wider growth and advances resulting from their decisions. In a period of financial crisis caused by irresponsible behavior by eminent would-be "entrepreneurs" the significance of this perspective should be evident. The editors claim that growth, not stagnation, advantage, not decline, are irreversible traits of business activity. This is why the very concept of entrepreneurship calls for values and responsibility-even more than in the past. The contributors develop the idea of entrepreneurship from both theoretical approaches religious and practical, or applied perspectives. This inter- and multidisciplinary approach offers readers a chance to rebuild trust in entrepreneurship.

Agglomeration, Clusters and Entrepreneurship

Studies in Regional Economic Development

Author: Charlie Karlsson,Börje Johansson,Roger R. Stough

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1783472634

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 7390

Regional economic development has experienced considerable dynamism over recent years. Perhaps the most notable cases were the rise of China and India to emergent country status by the turn of the millennium.

Tourism SMEs, Service Quality, and Destination Competitiveness

Author: E. Jones and C. Haven

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781845930882

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 392

View: 5055

This book focuses in on the dominant role of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in the tourism and hospitality industry. It explores their impact on consumer perceptions of a destination, drawing on examples of small hotels, guesthouses, cafes and restaurants. It also highlights the challenges faced by SMEs to promote destination business growth - with discussion of competitiveness, quality and standards. With its entity-relationship model of a destination, this edited collection of international papers fully explores the dynamics SMEs. Case studies from around the world also puts SMEs research into a global context.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

How a Small Start Can Make a Big Change

Author: Cato Hoeben,Angela Neustatter

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783340019

Category: Career development

Page: 224

View: 5814

Finally, a book that proves there's a new way of having a career, whether you are in a job, unemployed, or retired. Why have one boring job-for-life when you can have several cool jobs-for-the-time-being. Companies and the civil service have long known the benefits of having multiple suppliers and changed their way of operating to capture these benefits. Its time that their work force realised the same thing and divided up their work into multiple jobs that benefit them. This book shows that the way to become a lifestyle entrepreneur is to start small and how to turn it into a business. It is a must-read for people who want to apply these same principles to their personal lives for careers that are rewarding both financially and personally. Anyone who would like to continue with the financial security of a job, or is in between jobs, will find the practical steps required to launch their lives into a new direction.

Entrepreneurial Finance: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious Entrepreneur

Author: Steven Rogers

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071591273

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 372

View: 4999

To start a successful business, you need a comprehensive toolbox full of effective financial and business techniques at your fingertips. Entrepreneurial Finance provides the essential tools and know-how you need to build a sturdy foundation for a profitable business. This practical road map guides you from crafting a meaningful business plan to raising your business to the next level. It offers potent methods for keeping firm financial control of your enterprise and insightful tips for avoiding the multitude of financial barriers that may block your entrepreneurial dream. Written by Steven Rogers, a leading educator at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management, this reliable guidebook covers: The dual objectives of a business plan and how to ensure that both are fulfilled Differences between debt and equity financing and how and why to use each Real-world methods for structuring a deal to benefit both the financier and the entrepreneur Valuation techniques for understanding what your business is truly worth Essential resources for finding the detailed information you need Entrepreneurial Finance clearly explains the inescapable rules of finance and business by using real-world examples and cutting-edge data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research project. It features up-to-date coverage of phantom stock, options, and the state of entrepreneurship in such countries as Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. This definitive guide is effective in today's business climate, with robust, no-nonsense coverage on everything from the new realities of revenue valuation and the growth of women entrepreneurs to the fallout from the dot-com boom and the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on corporate governance. Just because you're in business for yourself doesn't mean you're alone. Entrepreneurial Finance helps you create a long-term plan for achieving maximum profit.

Be A Great Entrepreneur

An inspiring guide to achieving success and fulfilling your business potential

Author: Alex Macmillan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444129104

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 300

View: 1213

There is no hotter topic than entrepreneurship in today's world of business and this is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to develop their entrepreneurial skills and fulfil their business potential. Containing lots of practical advice, it also features interviews with successful entrpreneurs who have a wealth of experience to share. Coverage includes the different types of entrepreneurial opportunity out there, how to maintain passion, persistence and personal drive and how to outskill your competitors. There is also a final chapter on how to maximise the value of your business for selling, should you decide to move on to other challenges or to retire. Written by a leading expert on entrepreneurship, this is a must-have for anyone looking to be the next Alan Sugar! NOT GOT MUCH TIME? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. AUTHOR INSIGHTS Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. TEST YOURSELF Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress. EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE Extra online articles at to give you a richer understanding of entrepreneurship. FIVE THINGS TO REMEMBER Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. TRY THIS Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.

Be a Brilliant Entrepreneur: Flash

Author: Alex McMillan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444140906

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 96

View: 688

The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Be a Brilliant Entrepreneur is a short, simple and to-the-point guide to getting your enterprise off the ground.. In just 96 pages, with help and advice from successful entrepreneurs, the reader will discover how to give fulfil their potential, maintain their passion and find success.

Soul Proprietor

101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Author: Jane Pollak

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780974622514


Page: 200

View: 7933

Lessons on Profiting from Diversity

Author: G. Moss

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230355056

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 278

View: 4580

Shows the strong business case for diversity and the deleterious effects of not allowing diversity to take root in organizations by providing a fascinating insight into the case for gender diversity in the professional services, marketing and digital arenas, and the way in which a diversity mindset can be fostered in organizations.

Contemporary Business

Author: Louis E. Boone,David L. Kurtz

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470531290

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 768

View: 2805

Contemporary Business 14th Edition gives students the business language they need to feel confident in taking the first steps toward becoming successful business majors and successful business people. With new integrated E-Business context throughout the text, it provides a new approach. Another addition is the "Green Business" boxes in every chapter to provide student's with more Green Business information. All of the information provided is put together in a format easy for all students to understand, allowing for a better grasp of the information.


Talent, Temperament and Opportunity

Author: Bill Bolton,John Thompson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136217908

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 1726

If you have an interest in things entrepreneurial and wonder if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, then this book is written for you. Authors Bill Bolton and John Thompson offer a unique focus, seeing everything through the eyes of the entrepreneur. This refreshed third edition is split into two fascinating parts. Part I builds an understanding of the entrepreneur as a person based on the key factors of talent and temperament - a unique framework for understanding and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities. The process of starting and growing a business and the infrastructure and environment in which the entrepreneur has to operate, are described in detail. Part II tells the stories of famous entrepreneurs including classic figures such as Henry Ford, through to social entrepreneurs and even anti-social entrepreneurs such as Al Capone! This insightful, empirically based, original take on the entrepreneur, and thereby entrepreneurship, provides students with a new and challenging way into the subject.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Finance and Business

Wealth Creation Techniques for Growing a Business

Author: Steven Rogers,Roza Makonnen

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071380812

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 340

View: 4564

Offers techniques for working within the rules of starting a business - and making those rules work for you. This book provides coverage of details including: Business Plans; Financial Statements; and, Money. It discusses differences between debt and equity financing and how and why to use each.

Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management

Author: Jack M. Kaplan,Anthony C. Warren

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470169699

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 418

View: 3521

Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management is the essential road-map for anyone interested in starting a new business. Years of teaching, writing, and launching numerous successful ventures have made Kaplan and Warren experts in the area of entrepreneurship. Revised and updated, the 3rd edition provides students with the cases, applications, tools, mindset, and inspiration to achieve their goals. Clearly and methodically, Patterns outlines the key issues, current thinking, problems, and solutions students will face throughout the course of their entrepreneurial careers. Coverage extends from developing an idea and business plan, finding financing, maintaining high profits, going public, and everything in between. Features A Real-World Focus: Conceptual material is linked to the plans, problems, and solutions that real entrepreneurs have encountered in their own businesses. A Clear Road Map for Success: The four stages of entrepreneurship?starting the venture, financing, implementation, and launching the business?provides the framework in which objectives, outlines, practical tasks, and checklists are incorporated. Opportunities for Practice via Exercises, Roadmap actions, and critical thinking questions give students chances to test, apply, and hone their entrepreneurial skills. Brimming with Insight: tips, tried-and-true methods, pitfalls to avoid, and other important considerations based on real life experiences. Extensive supplemental material: Additional interactive cases, demonstrations of financial techniques, sample business plans and sample legal documents are all available on the book?s website, making this a very comprehensive introduction to entrepreneurship. New to this Edition NEW featured case on real-life entrepreneur Wayne McVicker?s Starting Something. McVicker?s award-winning book is condensed into a 90-page casebook available for download on the student BCS. Follow the engrossing story of software firm-turned-dotcom powerhouse Neoforma. Paired with the text, this casebook gives the 3rd edition a more experiential approach! NEW real-world case studies: Even more new or revised examples have students confront the problems that challenge every entrepreneur?over 36 cases, mini-cases, and profiles! NEW ?Management Track? added: Based on the master case?s company, Neoforma, key management topics in entrepreneurship are addressed and explored in an academic context. Alongside the Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance tracks, this text lends itself to use in multiple courses! Greater emphasis on application: In four roadmap phases of entrepreneurship, students practice the skills required to start and build a company in today?s complex world.

Jetzt nehme ich mein Leben in die Hand

21 Coaching-Profis verraten ihre effektivsten Strategien

Author: Christine Koller,Stefan Rieß

Publisher: Kösel-Verlag

ISBN: 3641025338

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 3688

Nicht ohne meinen Coach: Von den Besten lernen Fahrstuhlkarrieren sind etwas Feines. Sie starten meist mit einem Praktikum und befördern einen in die Führungsetage des Unternehmens. Doch solche Traumszenarien sind rar geworden. Heute heißt es vielmehr, sich gut zu positionieren: als hochkarätige Mitarbeiter, die mit Know-how glänzen, sozial kompetent und offen für Neues sind und die Balance zwischen Arbeit und Privatleben nicht verlieren. 21 profilierte Coachs zeigen, wie jeder von uns das schaffen kann.

New Media Language

Author: Jean Aitchison,Diana M. Lewis

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415283045

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 209

View: 5652

Investigating how changes to the world's media have affected, and been affected by, language this book explores a wide range of topics looking at the important and wide-ranging implications of these changes on the world - and our world-view.

What Losing Taught Me About Winning

The Ultimate Guide for Success in Small and Home-Based Business

Author: Fran Tarkenton,Wes Smith

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684838796

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 6232

The ex-football star-turned-entrepreneur relates how his willingness to take risks has led to his success