Living with the Himalayan Masters

Author: Swami Rama

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 0893891568

Category: Philosophy

Page: 486

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This is a book of inspirational stories of Swama Rama's experiences and lessons learned with the great teachers who guided his life including Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore and more.

Living with the Himalayan Masters

Author: Swami Rama

Publisher: Manjul Publishing

ISBN: 8183227716


Page: 456

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This is a book of inspirational stories of Swami Rama's experiences and lessons learned with the great teachers who guided his life including Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore and more. "Buy this book for yourself. Each page is filled with joy and cheer. What I like best us that Swami Rama's message does not require us to transform ourselves, it teaches that we are already perfect." -- Judith Benn Hurley, author of The Good Herb, Savouring the Day and Healing Secrets of the Seasons "One of the great spiritual classics of all time. An insider's view of hidden adepts who live outside time and space as we know it, yogis and yogis who can't possibly exist- but do!" -- Linda Johnsen, author of The Living Goddess: Reclaiming the Tradition of the Mother of the Universe

Unter Meistern im Himalaya


Author: Rāma (Svāmī)

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783897674844


Page: 540

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Swami Rama of the Himalayas

Author: Rajmani Tigunait

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893891497

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 206

View: 4803

The biography of Swami Rama complete with over 300 photographs.

Happiness Is Your Creation

Author: Swami Rama

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893892463

Category: Self-Help

Page: 115

View: 4362

Inspirational teachings excerpted from Living with the Himalayan Masters that identify the causes of unhappiness and provide direction to keep centered and joyful.

At the Eleventh Hour

The Biography of Swami Rama

Author: Rajmani Tigunait,Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D.

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893892128

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 427

View: 9107

On the surface, this book is a biography of a great sage of the Himalayas who mastered the practices of yoga and brought to the West a system for understanding the mysteries of body, mind, and spirit.But like the life of Swami Rama, these pages go much deeper than a mere sequence of astonishing events. Through stories of the authentic and fruitful guru-disciple relationships Swami Rama had with both his mysterious master Baba Dharam Das and his own students, you will see how the precious stream of spiritual tradition is transmitted through the generations. These pages also serve as a guide to the more esoteric and advanced practices of yoga and tantra not commonly taught or understood in the West. And they bring you to holy places in India, revealing why these sacred sites are important and how to go about visiting them.The wisdom in these stories penetrates beyond the power of words. As you read Pandit Tigunait's tales of life with his master and see how a committed student actually draws knowledge and nourishment from his teacher, you will feel a few drops from the timeless stream of the traditions of the Himalayas planting themselves in your own heart.

Mystic Experiences with Himalayan Masters

Author: Dr. Sant Dharamananda

Publisher: Enlight-n-Scent LLC


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

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This exciting and fascinating book chronicles Dr. Sant Dharamananda's real life experiences with the great Himalayan Masters. Explore the spirituality and ancient wisdom from the perspective of a practicing monk. Santji's life has been filled with incredible mystic experiences that will open your mind to a wider world, and fill you with the optimisim, love, and hope. Few words can sum up such an interesting and exhilarating life, and you'll find yourself turning each page in fascination and wonder.

At the Feet of a Himalayan Master Volume 1

Remembering Swami Rama

Author: Prakash Keshaviah

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 8188157627

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 344

View: 3034

There are very few first-hand accounts available to us about living with a Himalayan Master. This book offers unique contributions on the inner development and external lives of those who lived around him. This book fortells of human potentials that may be available to us all, of a purpose to our lives, and of realms of inner development that can easily be overlooked in the pace and diversions of modern life.

Das Tal der unsterblichen Meister

Author: Aaravindha Himadra

Publisher: Arkana

ISBN: 3641136660

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 416

View: 5741

Ein Juwel der spirituellen Literatur. Im Sommer 2006 unternimmt der Seher und spirituelle Lehrer Aaravindha Himadra eine abenteuerliche Reise in ein unzugängliches, nahezu mythisches Tal im Himalaja. Dort trifft er die legendären Amartya-Meister, höchst verwirklichte menschliche Wesen. Sie sind die Hüter von geheimem spirituellem Wissen einer uralten Tradition, das sie dazu befähigt, die Begrenzungen des Todes zu überwinden. Unter ihrer Anleitung erfährt Aaravindha, wie die Naturgesetze ihre Gültigkeit verlieren; er reist durch die Zeit, macht Erfahrungen außerhalb seines physischen Körpers und gewinnt tiefe Einsichten in das ewige Wesen der Dinge. Dieses spirituelle Juwel entführt den Leser in eine Welt voller Wunder und tiefer zeitloser Wahrheit. Es zeigt, dass die urmenschliche Sehnsucht, nach Hause zu kommen, Erfüllung zu finden und zur wahren Größe unseres Seins zu erwachen, erfüllt werden kann.

The Himalayan Masters

A Living Tradition

Author: Rajmani Tigunait

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893892272

Category: Philosophy

Page: 181

View: 5619

Explores the lives of eight Himalayan sages.

Fearless Living

Yoga and Faith

Author: Swami Rama

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893892517

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 137

View: 8590

A sampling of Swami Rama's anecdotes on fearlessness, miracles of healing and the astonishing ability of the one-pointed mind.

Reiki, Yoga, Meditation & Yagyas:New Age Practices

Techniques for Living in the New Millennium

Author: Marc Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465315586

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 145

View: 5350

Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Yagyas, presents a case for practicing these ancient disciplines. While many people are meditating, some have had difficulties with meditation because they were not doing Hatha Yoga. It is essential to do yoga & meditation to obtain the best results. Reiki is useful as an added adjunct to keep the body healthy and also open the inner channels, often called the meridians or nadis. Yagyas are the third aspect of the yoga, meditation triangle. The purpose of yagyas is to strengthen ones spiritual connection to the Higher Power, however, yagyas effect all areas of an individual: the body, mind and spirit. These Hindu ceremonies can reduce problems even if youve had them for decades. This book provides practical tips about these disciplines and how they can help anyone achieve higher states of consciousness/Enlightenment in one lifetime.


Mastering the Basics

Author: Sandra Anderson,Rolf Sovik

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893891558

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 239

View: 4414

This book covers all aspects of yoga practice including postures, breathing, relaxation, meditation, lifestyle and fundamental philosophy. Provides two illustrated posture sequences and has 420 photographs.

Yoga and Psychotherapy

The Evolution of Consciousness

Author: Swami Rama,Rudolph Ballentine,Swami Ajaya

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893890360

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 332

View: 3765

Provides and in-depth analysis of Western and Eastern models of the mind and their differing perspectives.

Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita

Author: Swami Rama

Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press

ISBN: 9780893890902

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 480

View: 8791

Swami Rama's translation and commentary on one of the world's most sacred and inspiring scriptures.

Journey Home

Autobiografie eines amerikanischen Yogi

Author: Radhanath Swami

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783862642328


Page: 441

View: 6032

Spiritual Health and Healing

The Art of Living

Author: Vedantin Ping Luo and Dennis Hill

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426946236

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 236

View: 407

Spiritual Health and Healing means using spiritual concepts of different traditions to reveal the true purpose of life. As human beings, we live in the world with a sense of duty and responsibility to society, and at the same time we experience the ultimate spiritual beings within our physical bodies. When we are in harmony with the mother earth, father sky, and the entire cosmos, we experience the right relationship with all that exists in the universe and we then reside in peace, joy, love and compassion. There is no more suffering or struggle. Even when suffering or struggles do exist, they solely serve to remind us that we are human beings with a purpose to live and experience the beauty and love beyond everyday experiences. Spiritual healing is nothing magical or superficial. It is rooted in our everyday lives and an everyday, living philosophy. In life we experience suffering in many different ways. Spiritual healing teaches us the ways to connect to the cosmos and divinity through our body and experiences. These connecting agents serve the same function, and they are neither superior nor inferior to one another. The lessons in Spiritual Health and Healing are derived from different traditions and serve to bring us harmony within the human race, as well as to bring peace to everyone and to every place.