Master of Solitude

Author: Cherise Sinclair

Publisher: VanScoy Publishing Group

ISBN: 0997552980

Category: Fiction

Page: 316

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Master of Solitude: Mountain Masters & Dark Haven 8

The Masters of Solitude


Publisher: N.A



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Serving Humanity

Author: Alice A. Bailey

Publisher: Lucis Publishing Companies

ISBN: 9780853301332

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 514

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Service can be briefly described as the spontaneous effect of soul contact. This contact is so definite and fixed that the life of the soul can pour through into the instrument – the personality – which the soul must perforce use upon the physical plane. This book contains a comprehensive collection of quotations to stimulate thought and increase our understanding of service and its vital importance at the present time.

Fruits of Solitude

In Reflections and Maxims Relating to the Conduct of Human Life

Author: William Penn

Publisher: N.A


Category: Conduct of life

Page: 192

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The Myth of the Picaro

Continuity and Transformation of the Picaresque Novel, 1554-1954

Author: Alexander Blackburn

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469619873

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 277

View: 1847

This critical interpretation of the origins of modern fiction follows the transformation of the picaresque novel over four centuries through the literature of Spain, France, England, Germany, Russia, and the United States. Blackburn uses for the first time the resources of myth criticism to demonstrate how the picaresque masterpieces of the Spanish Golden Age founded a narrative structure that was continued by Defoe, Smollett, Melville, Twain, and Mann. Originally published in 1979. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

One Hundred Days of Solitude

Losing Myself and Finding Grace on a Zen Retreat

Author: Jane Dobisz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0861717376

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

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In One Hundred Days of Solitude: Losing My Self and Finding Grace on a Zen Retreat, American teacher of Korean Zen Jane Dobisz (Zen Master Bon Yeon), recalls her first solitary meditation stint in the woods. Luckily, this is not just a recounting of a winter's worth of cabin fever. Instead, Dobisz takes us into her cabin, and into her mind, as she tries--at least temporarily--to live a Walden-like existence. All the bowing and meditating and wood-chopping that is part and parcel of her retreat is hardly first nature, but the good-humored and tenacious Dobisz is able to adapt, and to relate her hundred days with moving insight and humanity. Her Solitude in fact offers us all a chance to commune with her and to look inside and rediscover our own grace.

The Zen Monastic Experience

Buddhist Practice in Contemporary Korea

Author: Robert E. Buswell

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691034775

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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Robert Buswell, a Buddhist scholar who spent five years as a Zen monk in Korea, draws on personal experience in this insightful account of day-to-day Zen monastic practice. In discussing the activities of the postulants, the meditation monks, the teachers and administrators, and the support monks of the monastery of Songgwang-sa, Buswell reveals a religious tradition that differs radically from the stereotype prevalent in the West. The author's treatment lucidly relates contemporary Zen practice to the historical development of the tradition and to Korean history more generally, and his portrayal of the life of modern Zen monks in Korea provides an innovative and provocative look at Zen from the inside.


Author: Johann Georg Zimmermann

Publisher: N.A


Category: Solitude

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On Solitude

Author: Michel de Montaigne

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141956615

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 144

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Blending intellectual speculation with anecdote and personal reflection, the Renaissance thinker and writer Montaigne pioneered the modern essay. This selection contains his idiosyncratic and timeless writings on subjects as varied as the virtues of solitude, the power of the imagination, the pleasures of reading, the importance of sleep and why we sometimes laugh and cry at the same things. Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives - and destroyed them. Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.

Society and Solitude

Author: N.A

Publisher: University Press of Amer


Category: Social Science

Page: 388

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The Smuggler

A Tale

Author: John Banim

Publisher: N.A



Page: 490

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Great Disciples of the Buddha

Their Lives, Their Works, Their Legacy

Author: Nyanaponika,Hellmuth Hecker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 086171864X

Category: Religion

Page: 412

View: 6566

A perennial favorite, Great Disciples of the Buddha is now relaunched in our best-selling Teachings of the Buddha series. Twenty-four of the Buddha's most distinguished disciples are brought to life in ten chapters of rich narration. Drawn from a wide range of authentic Pali sources, the material in these stories has never before been assembled in a single volume. Through these engaging tales, we meet all manner of human beings - rich, poor, male, female, young, old - whose unique stories are told with an eye to the details of ordinary human concerns. When read with careful attention, these stories can sharpen our understanding of the Buddhist path by allowing us to contemplate the living portraits of the people who fulfilled the early Buddhist ideals of human perfection. The characters detailed include: Sariputta Nanda Mahamoggallana Mahakassapa Ananda Isidasi Anuruddha Mahakaccana Angulimala Visakha and many more. Conveniently annotated with the same system of sutta references used in each of the other series volumes, Great Disciples of the Buddha allows the reader to easily place each student in the larger picture of Buddha's life. It is a volume that no serious student of Buddhism should miss.

Sweet Solitude

New and Selected Poems

Author: Leonard A. Slade

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438433468

Category: Poetry

Page: 148

View: 3792

New and selected poems on love, faith, and the African American experience.